Adam Lambert’s Aftermath Remix and On-the-Air with Ryan Seacrest NOW!!

***JUST IN!! Here’s Adam Lambert’s interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM just a few hours ago, courtesy of MJs Big Blog. Hint, to hear the full interview, just listen to Track 2. It starts with Track 1 and continues to the end.

Now, here’s the heart-pumping remix of Aftermath that will get you moving in the morning, at the gym, on the dance floor, behind the wheel of your car, etc.! This remix was done by up-and-coming producer Billboard. This is NOT the version Adam will sing on American Idol tomorrow night. Instead, we’re getting a beautiful acoustic version. This remix version will be available only through adamofficial.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Thanks for the news, Carol and remix! So glad Adam is doing my fave version [GNT!] on Idol! The remix is fun and upbeat, but still love his voice with minimum backup the most. I also noticed in the word, alone and in a few other places he eliminated the lower register note which I prefer. Hecan sing anything ,anyway , and it is always pleasing. Many will love this remix and I will buy it, but sitting on the stage, singing it with Monte can’t be beat. Perfection, and I am thrilled that the huge Idol audience will be reminded why they were so crazy about him and his magnificent talent. I always look for his picture in the opening credits and am so happy that Idol recognizes Adam’s loyal support and gratitude.The ratings will soar tomorrow! I can’t wait! Wish they would have Adam mentor again. He knows his business and was so constructive. Love seeing him on TV. He’s so likable and such a natural. He really is such a part of American Idol and I hope he will always come back as often as possible. There is no one like him!

  2. YES, YES, YES, YES ! I’m like Jennifer Lopez in AI saying this, but YES to all you said funbunn40. I will celebrate Adam’s being back in AI tonight. I just can’t wait. I seem like an adolescent again. He sets my hormones ringing and on fire. I feel like jumping up and down and clapping my hands.

    Maybe my kids will say, “Oh, my gosh. Whatever happened to Mummy ?” YYYEEAAAHHH !!! I feel like lighting some fireworks just to express my emotions and celebrate the occasion. Yeah, I just want to explode or something. I have these volcanoes and earthquakes deep inside. I’m ready to rumble, quake, and thunder, and explode. And indeed, THERE HE IS MY AFTERMATH.


    • Becky West says:

      i totally agree!!!!!!!! he makes me happy when i’m sad, gives me energy when i’m blah, and makes me laugh. so, so in love with Adam Lambert! He’s def the absolute best thing to come out of American Idol. 🙂

  4. Again, Thank you Carol ! Whoa ! What a beat ! This will soar on Billboard; the younger listeners like this kind of arrangement. I like anything that flows, wails, oozes out of Adam’s superb, ethereal vocal instrument. Also, this is for the Trevor Project, any teenager in despair might think twice, may be even dance, hopefully !!

  5. cant wait for thursday to see adam and here his singing – and the song AFTERMATH is fantastic – thanks for all the info –

  6. Gloria476 says:

    Cool remix…kids will hopefully think twice before doing anything drastic …This will become a hit however, I can’t wait until tomorrow night to see Adam on Idol and sing the accoustic version. I LOVE Adam’s voice!!!

  7. Lord he is so fabulous and love his voice……
    I am watching AI but so far I would not buy a ticket to see it….didn’t take me long to buy one when Adam was on AI and came to K.C….
    Thursday night will be great……….

  8. Well I hate to be the voice of negativity. I have bought everything he has recorded so far, except the
    stuff put out by that bootlegg group. However this is not my favorite. I like the original much better. I think this one, is not doing his voice justice. He is so much better than this one is showing. I hope it is a hit anyway.but its just not as good as he is able to do. In his defense however, I am not the biggest fan of his remixes. I like his beautiful lilting, flowing mesmerizing voice standing out on its
    own. I am particularly partial to the acoustic mixes. Him, Monty, and the gang only. I worship the
    ground he sings on however, so I will buy it anyhow.

  9. I haven’t seen him on TV or anywhere since his tour ended and God how I’ve missed him. I heard he was making another album. I can’t wait for that either. …. I wonder what he’ll wear tomorrow night…. It would be just fine if he wore his long to the floor coat. That was so beautiful on him. I just love, love , love his clothes. .. the guy has awesome style.
    I know whatever he wears it will be sharp to say the least. … didn’t he get the best dressed at the Grammys?
    Oh Thank God he’s back on TV
    I do like this version of Aftermath and I’d buy it but when he sang it with Monte my heart melt. I love his voice and how he sang it with guitar only. He is GREAT. …UNCOMPARABLE. …. i JUST ADORE HIM AND HIS VOICE.

  10. mary ann says:

    Ooooh…I miss Adam so much!!! Got to see him on Idol.

  11. I wanna check-in in a hotel, so I can watch Adam undisturbed. I just hate it when I was watching the other AI contestants tonight, and my husband would tease and stand in front of the TV and block my sight. I don’t know what I’d do when he’ll do that when Adam sings. Ha-ha! Poor, poor man.

  12. kat23mogan says:

    for those who are being negative…remember this is a remix for dance clubs…for young people…who are very into that…it is for charity…therefore you want to sale as many as you can…the buying public…for the most part is made up of young…teens and twenties…this is a kick butt remix…should do well on pop stations….that was the whole point…Adam shows his intelligence here…

  13. kat23mogan says:

    It is so funny to watch Durbin….Supposedly he says he is not comparing himself to Adam…not true…he was the one who brought this up….then sung A change is gonna come in Hollywood…Then dressed like him…(tail) last two times…Last night…after singing he sounded like a dub of Adam…when Adam would say it did not matter if he won…getting to top ten was a win….Think Durbin has read some of the media and the idol producers have…where people can see how obvious it is that Durbin is copying…I have nothing against him…other than this game he is playing and his crappy attitude in Hollywood…and last night did anyone notice that he seemed not to be bothered by his disorder…i.e. no twitching…miracle drug? His voice is no where near as good as Adam’s and tonight will showcase that….learn idols…this is how it is done…

  14. It’s amazing how you can change a song up; this has a nice dance beat. However, my preference is the acoustic version. I love the sound of Adam’s voice and he can sing just about anything. But it’s not solely about Adam’s voice; he’s the complete package.

    All the contestants are very good this year. I support James, and hope he goes far. Like Adam would say, it’s about the platform, which allows you to showcase yourself, not about who wins. James has had a lot of obstacles to endure in his lifetime, give him a chance. He will learn and grow from his mistakes, so what if he wants to be like Adam, that’s a great compliment to Adam.

    I wish all the contestants the very best, may they go far with their talent. America will be the final judge.

  15. When I click on the play button nothing happens!!!!! Any suggestions?? I need to hear Adam!!!!!!!!

  16. Love the beat to this aftermath….I love it……

  17. OMG…it’s happening to me all over again!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Can’t wait for tonight 🙂


  18. I love dance music and write it as well. I just don’t think that Adam’s slower-beat, emotionally-oriented songs translate very well to club mixes. I wasn’t too keen on the remixes of “What Do You Want from Me?” for the same reason, but I did love one of the remixes of “For Your Entertainment”, namely, because it was a dance song to begin with. In any case, it was fun to hear the mix, but it is the original version which really stirs the soul, I think.

  19. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    I love remixes!

  20. kat23mogan says:

    next concert for adam…they need to play this…man…would we not be jumping all over the place….yeaaaahhhhh!!

  21. kat23mogan says:

    they should make a video to this…just have kids…grooving singing…(lip synching)….all kinds of kids…teens…of all genders…races….orientations….just loving each other…would be absolutely awesome…

  22. Glamity58 says:

    The beginning freaked me out. Like he was singing off pitch. It got better in the middle and ended ok. It’s ok, but probably should be a little faster.

  23. Granny Gari says:

    I am waiting for Adam to be on American Idol tonight. He is my IDOL.
    Aftermath is fantastic, like ADAM.

  24. OMG… i LOVE THIS REMIX. Have replayed it at least six times and me and my grandchildren are dancing all over the place. Will get it as soon as i finish this. Adam you looked so FANTASTIC on AOL tonight. I really like how terrific you look without all the glitter and are just Adam. I let out a yell when you came on and my grandkids were teasing me on how happy I was to see you. But they all agreed you are better looking than Elvis and YOU CAN REALLY SING. I loved your performance on AOL and seeing the guys in your band. I sure hope AOL has you on as a mentor and also to perform again. Please make a video of Aftermath. I really think this song will get a grammy next year and wouldn’t it be a kick to get A music video award this year. Ryan Seacrest said it all when he introduced you. ” YOU set the bar for all the others” Aol is good this year and I am enjoying the kids…but done of them has the talent, singing voice or sexual presence that Adam has…especially that beautiful smile. Adore you Adam and can’t wait to hear and see more of you,,, I am so proud of you and love the message Afternath brings to all of us. I am an old lady and so many people make fun of the elderly. This song makes me happy and glad i am who I am and even tho I have wrinkles and grey hair I can still be who I am. dance .sing and silly. Thanks for reaffirming it’s ok for me to be who I am.. We LOVE ADAM

  25. kat23mogan says:

    Hi everyone….Please go to Ryan Seacrest top 40 website where you can email song request…Seacrest top 40 is broadcast on most major pop radio stations…request AFtermath Remix…help us help Adam raise money for Trevor Project….I strongly feel once the public hears this remix…they will love it…
    here is site:

  26. tweeterpie says:

    I’m a huge fan of the GNT version and the original too, but must admit that this remix is really growing on me and I can see the kids in the club loving it. I do agree that sometimes it doesn’t do his voice the most justice when they are electronically slowing it down but that’s the process they go through when remixing songs. However, I do really like the original vocals they came up with.It is done by chopping up the vocals already there and trying to create something new. They usually try to hear a word or phrase in the mixture and in this case they came up with a great one, “no more shame.” That is what you hear repeated in the beginning and throughout different parts of the song. At first I didn’t hear it, but by the second or third time, the words really stood out to me and now I think it is a PERFECT ADDITION to the song. I can totally visualize the kids in the club chanting “NO MORE SHAME, NO MORE SHAME, NO MORE SHAME!” while pumping their fists into the air and getting their groove on. Since this remix was done specifically for the cause of empowering gay,lesbian, transexual, and bi-sexual youths, I would buy it regardless of my feelings towards it, but I’ve decided that I LOVE IT. I just love it in a different way than the other two versions. That’s what is so adamazing about Adam, he can change up a song over and over again, and make up love each and every version. I miss him on AI, but was thrilled to see him on there the other night. Now, I’m just counting down the days until our next chance to hear him sing LIVE, and I’m also eagerly anticipating his new album.

  27. kat23mogan says:

    It is time to request this song at your radio stations via phone or online….here is info on main stations…get to work Glams….
    also go to adam’s official website and a fan listed all the major national stations and state stations….request away….
    Go Adam…love this song…