Adam Lamberts Acoustic “Mad World”-Radio Showcase-Marble Bar in Sydney


THIS IS AWESOME!!! This is a version of Mad World that I have NEVER heard before. Unfortunately it gets cut off before it is over, but you’ll love what is there, trust me…











  1. Love this guy sooo much!!! I’m under his spell…..

  2. Love how he sings this song acoustic and regular cover. Although this version has a kind of Indie influence 😀 …Hope that he adds this song to his next album!

    • It sounds kind of close to the original version by Tears for Fears. But Adam’s flare is much better of course:)

    • Becky West says:

      I agree, I hope he does add it to his next album!!!!!! This is SICK!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Wow – this is really fantastic. I love this version!! Thanks so much for being on top of things and being so quick to post new things about Adam. I know I can always count on this site.

  4. Glenda #1946 says:

    Thanks again you guys!!!….great version of this song. He is the most charismatic person EVER. Don’t care what he sings, what he wears he just has star quality and there is so much more to come and I CANNOT WAIT!!….

  5. KO's smiling says:

    WOW! Thank you for this version! It’s so funky and fun. 🙂

  6. Annsuperfan Glamb #401 says:

    Wonderful, beautiful, talented ADAM! I love this website, thankyou so much for all of the great links! I’m going to both concerts in Canada, are any other Glambs going to be there? I agree that Indio seemed a bit “tame”. Adam can taylor his performance to fit his audience, maybe meeting his darling “oldest fan” cooled him down a bit, but it was still awesome. I love what he is doing in Australia, can’t wait for Canada!

    • I’ll be at the Richmond concert. I had to get a ticket through a broker but I’ll be there. I did manage to get one ticket for the Coquitlam show (after buying the other ticket), but I gave it to a friend who is as obsessed as me but can’t afford to pay the broker price. I hope he is less tame for us (I wouldn’t say this out loud, but I think he might think we Canadians like it a bit raunchier than our lovely neighbours).

  7. I am just blown away, blown to pieces. If I didn’t have a husband and two daughters I would travel the world and sing and dance with Adam.
    We are seeing a true artist at work here, heart and soul connected to his emotions and his deepest desires and we have the great honor of watching him grow and grow every day. Getting him out of the USA is serving him well.
    Monte and Longinue, how amazing are these guys, so steady and so supportive. I loved Longinue on the hand drums, he looked fab with his braids flying around and all his tattoos showing.

    • Hi Irene, yes thats what I would love to do to if I was on my own, still thank goodness for the internet. Just imagine how opoular he is going to be after the UK, Japan, and Germany have been exposed to Adams talent. It great here at the moment knowing he is much closer to us in NZ also a bit frustrating.

      • Hi Jan & Irena (and all Adam fans), I’m married with 2 kids too or I’d go running all over the world to see him as well, he’s such an entertainer, never been so obsessed with a singer before!! I know how frustrating it must be for you Jan in NZ but it’s killing me at the moment because he’s in Melbourne (which I’m in) but I have no idea where he is or where he’ll be for the next few days! Hope this site can let me know what he’s up to because all he said on twitter was hello Melbourne! Helpppppp XOX Lucy.

    • Jane Parker says:

      Amen Irena!
      I would be too.

      Hope to talk to you soon! I am trying to stay well! Will be in touch soon!

  8. Longineau and Monte seem like such kind, sensitive people.
    Love the pic of LP looking up in the 3rd last picture and the dreads
    and the tender expressions from all of them.
    Good choices picking the band!
    I love all of Adam’s looks, but the most natural ones with
    hair down and little makeup seem to radiate his charisma the most..
    ps. Yes, I am going to the Richmond concert, yahoo!!!

    • Did you see the WWFM acoustic version? This is our boys at their finest. I love that he is such a cameleon (sp??). I hate to wish March away because it’s such a beautiful month here in BC, but OMPG it can’t be April 9th soon enough. See you then Adamfan. WooHoo!!

      • Lila - glamb #3 says:

        I love how he’s mixing up “old” songs! He already mixed them up once, but here he is mixing them up AGAIN to make them extra fresh. What an artist!!!


  10. Stephanie says:

    WOW! What an amazing voice. Love all of his acoustic versions, can really hear his gift. Where has Tommy been? Did he not go to Australia with them?

    • Nope, he stayed home. Not sure why. Follow him on twitter and all he’s been doing is watching Rambo (1, 2, and 3) lol. Tweeted him to ask if he was going on any other part of the Int’l tour but he didn’t tweet back.

      • adamfan says:

        I read somewhere that Tommy had a passport delay because
        of something in the past, but that they are getting it sorted out.
        (not sure if that’s true or not..) Yes, we miss the back lean.
        Yes, jnellie, only 32 more sleeps!! In ompg, is the “P” standing
        for plucking? ha ha

  11. glamitup says:

    Always changing it up! That’s our Adam! Love him more each day!

  12. Thank you Sue for posting ..Great Job!

    Adam always surprises us and i love it!

  13. Love this version with bongos. Does anyone feel like getting up and doing the cha-cha to this? I’m digging the cute hat!

  14. grandjag says:

    Love this,,love it,,have to get out my bongos…this is great..more

  15. Samantha Rosalie Cannon says:

    I like the Indie vibe he did on the song.

  16. Darlene says:

    I love this! Thank goodness for those who share him with us on the internet. I just get enough of him. I agree with the one comment, if I wasn’t married I would be following him all around the world. I think he is amazing at any song that he sings. His band is awesome, too. Why didn’t Tommy go with them?

  17. The highlight of my day is coming home after work and checking to see and hear what Adam is up to next. Thank you so much Sue, for keeping us so connected to our wonderful Adam. What an amazing artist!!! I love him sooo much and all he gives to so many around the world.
    The first time I saw Adam wear that cap was way back in the Idol days and he and Kris were interviewing each other using a water bottle as a mike. I remember thinking how beautiful his face looked with that cap on —sexy even-but then again he looks enticingly so, in whatever he wears!!!!

  18. LolaGlamb says:

    I think the hat make him look like the little boy next door…but sexier! I do love this version a lot. As far as the Indio concert being tame, that was the vibe, and I loved it. Nothing can top for me his acoustic WLL at Indio. I’m trying to find an online mp3 download. FYI, when I do something like download otherwise unavailable songs from the internet, I like to find some way to return the gift, whether it be buying another FYE as a giveaway, or Donors Choose.

  19. amazing!!! I can’t breathe! Help!!!!

  20. Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:



    • TexasGal says:

      Hi Sherry – I’m an original, #118. I visit often, just don’t comment everytime. I miss seeing comments from the other gals too. Don’t know where they are!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Sherry, are you STILL not getting any emails?? Maybe when our site crashed it messed it up… please let us know!!


  21. Love it and he looks fabulous & sexy as always!

  22. peggy#543 says:

    Adam looks fab…and i love the pictures and the song sung that way….He is really talented…I watched Jay Leno last night and he had Simon Cowell on and he said I feel that Adam should of won…To me he will always be the best singer AI has ever had….Love to listen to him…..

  23. Miss Molly says:

    Is he in a coffee house?? Lots of chatter going on in the background.

    • HI Miss Molly…The Marble Bar Is a place where you go to chill out over a few drinks. It’s made from marble and used to be the….. ‘Adam’s Hotel’ until 1968 when it was dismantled & built inside the Sydney Hilton. It’s an Australian Icon & I used to spend many a Friday night there with my friends.
      It’s very classy…just like Adam.

      I would also like to say….. how much I enjoyed this rendition of Mad Worldand and….. how much I love this man.

      Love, Yvonne (Austalia)

      • Ha! … left out the ‘r’ in Australia.

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Yvonne, thanks for being the “australian representative” to describe to us different sites and the radio stations, and djs, etc…good job!!

  24. sun-n-stars says:

    Thank you for posting this Sue. I love this new version of the song. Just love listening to him. Have a great day!

  25. k. morgan says:

    He is so amazing. When he does this upbeat kind of soulful, jazzy rendition of songs he really gets into the note changes and does a lot of up an down…many artist can not do this. When asked, opera singer trainers said that what makes him unique is his ability to go from a normal tone to falsetto without a break…that they say is rare…This man, as Randy said, can sing the telephone book and no one would care, it would turn out beautiful no matter what. Love it. Wish is was complete song and someone would post other songs from the bar.

  26. Jane Parker says:

    Awesome, he is just awesome!
    This has made me smile today at work!!!

    Thanks Sue!

  27. He is just amazing on how he can change the song. I love it!!!

  28. Scootersmom says:

    I like the uptempo beat twist Adam put on this song. However, can’t help but miss Tommy. Does anyone know when Adam is returning to the US? He’s become an addiction to me. The first thing every morning is to open up my emails and see what he’s been up to. On days when there is nothing about him, my whole day just drags by.

  29. Adam truly is great in his artistry in music. Every time he sings live it’s always different. And that’s what I love about him. Versatile. Unpredictable. Fearless. Always original. Just love him.

  30. Adam is so creative, he is the real deal when it comes to talent. Great bandmembers too. Wonderful young man. I love this kid.

  31. Ima Ramorah says:

    are you still giving out GLAM#’s?

    I had a hard drive fry and took out all the A.I. / Adam music I bought I’m soooooo mad.

    At least I-tunes gave me FYE back.. i-tunes you rock.

  32. Susan W says:

    I too adore Adam but I have to say that watching Longineau on the drums always touches me in some way. In this vid, he really touches my heart. He looks for all the world like he doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks, just the music. My brother was like that. He loved music and he would get so into it that the whole world fell away. He played the guitar also but on the drums you could really see his soul. We used to sit and write all kinds of songs. I’m good with words but can’t sing or play a note. He was good at singing, playing and writing. I’ve thought about trying to get some of my lyrics to singers such as Adam but feel nobody would take me seriously though I’ve been told how good they are. For me though it isn’t the be all end all. My brother couldn’t live without the music. It was part of the fabric of his being. He never was in the right place at the right time and it just never happened for him though. In September of 2006 things built up in his life so much (part of that due to his ex wife) that he stuck a hose in the tail pipe of his car and took his own life. It still hurts but time lessens most wounds a little. I’m just glad Adam and the guys in his band have made their place in the music world. They know who they are and they aren’t afraid to just be themselves. I think that is awesome. Love Monte too. He is awesome and yes I miss Tommy in these vids too.

  33. O kay – now I’m totally mesmerized. by Adam Lambert. Monte and Long. are great – just now really noticing them because of T’s absence. They are so talented –

  34. marsue1995 says:

    I love ADAM too. Can’t seem to find where to watch the VH1 Unplugged Weds. Anyone know??? Probably been on this post before but I didn’t catch it. Thanks for the help!

  35. Stephanie says:

    Whenever a favorite singer of mine takes a song and spins gold with it the very first time, I have a difficult time hearing them doing it any differently. THIS is an exception. Adam is so versatile and he always stays true to the song, no matter how he may tweak it. That had a really cool vibe and beat.

  36. Ninalatina9 says:

    Wow! Sexy Adam did it again! He can sing no wrong! I can’t get enough…..

  37. JoyousOne says:

    Pure Awesome!!!! Adam never ceases to amaze — he can sing any song, any way and has so much feeling and talent. He sells the song with his voice, look, expression, body language and just shear charm and charisma – he’s the real deal. And … his band is super too. They all compliment each other. I’m so glad I was introduced to this young man back towards the end of IDOL — it’s about the only time I really got into that show and probably the last time as I don’t think there will ever be anyone like him around for a long, long, long time if ever again.

  38. Dear Susan W.
    I’m so sorry for your brother’s untimely death. It sounds like he truly lives on in your heart——and Adam keeps you connected to the beauty of his music and his soul. Maybe you can think of him playing his drums as he smiles down at you -and Adam.

  39. mmagiemay says:


  40. man, that voice is believable! this is definately one of the best original songs i’ve ever heard! it shows the power and range of his voice.. something i’ve missed on his new album (where his songs seem to be wearing him instead of him wearing the songs). i love being able to just hear his voice and be able to enjoy it on every level. and he’s got many levels! wow! he is just so captivating. so radiant. i could watch this all day long! thanks so much for posting!

  41. Amazing doesnt cover it……just reason after reason for me to love this man……….

  42. grandjag says:

    love this version …wish the complete song had been to watch Adam sing this and feel the music when he sings..just love it!

  43. hank you Sue for posting ..just love this version….

  44. Thank you Sue for posting ..just love this version….

  45. Sorry I meant Thank you missss the T