Adam Lamberts Acoustic Journey Continues

For those of you that simply cannot get enough, myself included, here are MORE acoustic renditions of Music Again, Whataya Want From Me (two versions), and Sleepwalker. I am aware that I re-posted Sleepwalker but it went with the other songs from that particular session so now they are all together! Plus, I enjoy watching them again and again so hopefully you do too!!


Music Again – Nova FM Client Suite:

Whataya Want From Me – Nova FM Client Suite:

Sleepwalker – Nova FM Client Suite:

Whataya Want From Me – Nova Studios Melbourne:

Nova FM Interview:

Nova FM Rapid Fire Questions:



  1. Dianne Hill says:

    These are just incredible. Oh I really do love Adam so very much. All of these just take my breath away and the quick fire questions, he is such a sweetheart, I love his honesty, he is so very special.

    • He is so in his element in Australia, he would love it here wouldnt he Di.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Yes Jan, he would love it here – in New Zealand as well as Aussie. He needs to come here to see us doesn’t he Jan, I really, really, really, really want to see him.

  2. Glenda #1946 says:


  3. retrogrrrl says:

    All these videos make me smile like an idiot, especially the rapid fire questions. He is so damn SEXY I love it all! You’re right Glenda, I’m never going to get anything done either because I have to have my Adam fix every day!!!

    • glamasia says:

      Same here. Haven’t done any work all day except surf from one Adam site to another. Well, there’s always the next day to….. watch more Adam ! LoL !

    • I love it. I start my day with Adam, end my day with Adam, and sing his songs, talk about him (in small doses since my house is a no Adam zone!), and think about him constantly. We are really nuts!!! I was at Indio concert and still can’t believe I saw him. He is a gift.

      The videos are no longer posted! Hope they’re on YouTube.

  4. wow fantastic videos thanks sue so much for keeping us updated i look every day for news on Adam and saw most things that happened in Australia because I am Australian. Now my friends are talking about him too before they just said who is he as I talk about him all the time. Now they are loving him too. Just love his voice and his interviews are so good to listen too. Loved how he got our Nat on sytycd all giggley. Keep up the excellent work following Adam. Hope he never changes as he becomes more famous and he will be a huge star with his looks, voice and personality.

  5. I’m so glad that Adam and the band have done these acoustic sets. They are awesome and I can’t wait to here them played live for us here in Florida. If Adam doesn’t announce his tour soon, I am going to lose my mind.

  6. k. morgan says:

    damn…none of the videos work for me…getting a terms of use violation….

  7. they didn’t work my side either! :((

  8. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Crap! I missed them!!!!

  9. awww they arn’t working it was they were removed due to a terms of use violation=(

  10. JoyousOne says:

    Well – I would have enjoyed them all but the videos have been removed already — geesh!

  11. BUMMER BUMMER, I WANT TO SEE ALL THE VIDEOS, AND CAN;T GET ANY!!!! Terms of Violation, or being copy righted, but they will show as UTUBES or something later. Thank you, to the people who try so hard to give us our ADAM fix every day, in the morning when I get up, and late at night, before going to sleep, got it bad!!LOVE ADAM!!!