Adam Lambert YLE Interview

May I introduce to you, make-up artist Adam Lambert. That is all I could pay attention to for most of this video, because I was too busy watching him to listen! Is it just me??
Once he was done though, he was signing condoms, and where did that come from? This definitely was one of those stranger than most interviews…


video via:adse1994



  1. adamita says:

    Hi Sue ! You found this too! Great that you put it here, I don´t know how to do it. Wasn´t it funny? I think it´s fantastic to see some different interviews. And he made very good smokey eyes::::: =)

  2. So cute. They were both multitasking, and getting a bit lost at times, he is such a doll.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Not hard to get lost with those eyes staring at you, lol!!


  3. Libraglam says:

    ADAM is so charming ! Adam, me too, i want smokey eyes too. Btw, he looks like Elvis in this video…

  4. Libraglam says:

    Btw, this is out of the subject. Could anyone shows me where i can get FREE software to burn video files to DVD (i already converted videos from YouTube to video file “flash video” format) . The software i have only converted to flash video format but will charge me if i want to burn to DVD. I tried a few on internet and the output came out with watermark – they called trial version because i was cheap and did not want to buy their software – hehehe) I remember not too long ago someone has brought this up , but i was so silly i did not write them down, now it is impossible to search on this site. Your pointers will be very appreciated. (Now i have some times and want to make my own ADAM LAMBERT DVD. I want it so Baaaaaaaaaad ) Thank you.

    • gran4adam says:

      This is from a request I had and Dianne Hill gave me this advice: You have to download AVS Video Converter. Just type that into your search and it should come up with a lot, choose one that is compatible for your computer eg Windows 7, Vista, or Windows 2003. Once you have downloaded this you will be able to convert video clips to MP3s, MP4s, DVDs etc. It is easy enough to figure out how to use this. Once you have chosen your video clips to convert and it has converted them, then a box will pop up asking you if you want to burn to a disk, click OK, and away you go. Good luck.

      • Libraglam says:

        Thank you Gran4adam for your quick response ! I will definitely try that ! Have a great week

        • AllaboutAdam says:

          You can also use FIREFOX as your browser rather than internet explorer… And Firefox has it’s own converter for a one time fee of $40… it’s great quality – i’ve used it for a TON of Adam vids that I put on my iPod or burn to a disc.

          • Thanks for the advise! I am getting HIGH SPEED internet tomorrow (!) – and want to do the same thing after over a year of sucky dial-up!! Can finally watch all the wonderful things you guys put up. My family wont see me for a week!! Luv 2 all.

  5. Fun interview, felt very relaxed and personal, a nice everyday chat between two friends, if you could imagine having Adam doing your make-up to be an everyday thing! I’m guessing it allowed him to be “himself” a little bit more by taking the focus off the interview and putting it more on making the perfect smokey eyes. How the girl could focus HER thoughts is beyond me tho!

    • After reading some of the comments, I agree that its obvious that he didn’t really want to do the make-up lesson, but got into it and then was determined to finish. Part of the reason I like him so much is that he is just so polite and probably didn’t want to embarrass this young girl. She was very unskilled as an interviewer, who really knows what this was all about to begin with, where she came from, etc. The part I enjoyed was just watching him up close for a few minutes, his concentration and gentle yet firm refusal to stop until it was perfect. She really did sort of babble a lot, but then so would I if I was that close. These sorts of “interviews” won’t be happening much longer. He’ll be beyond all this before we know it, no doubt.

  6. Ach, what a sweetie! I was doing my smokey eyes last night, I would have killed for his advice……

  7. EternalGlamNation says:

    I have to say that I think Adam looked annoyed at being asked to “do” this interviewer’s makeup and I don’t blame him. He’s not a makeup artist! Stop asking him to do your makeup. Do you ask female guests to do your makeup (since they obviously know how)? I just think this is entirely disingenuous and creepy. Adam is beyond beautiful but — news flash — you’re never going to look like him. I think Adam’s just being overly polite and needs to learn how to say no.

    That being said, I still enjoy seeing whatever he’s doing. Thanks, Sue.

    • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

      I would agree with you that the interviewer overstepped her boundaries and he was a little annoyed and then pullng out condoms to sign, oh please, but yes, it was interesting to see the focus that comes over Adam when he is working and also his ability to pick up accents was there as he read out the words. It was interesting to see but it shows us more of the Adam Lambert we know and love but also I hate to see him put in awkward positions like this because how long is Adam going to be so relaxed and free and easy in the face of this kind of intrusiveness. I could see him getting very testy in a few years and then have folks get mad at him for being testy and calling him a diva. Watching Adam with these people, I can see how you’d just get annoyed.

  8. most annoying interview for me….

  9. Yes I guess as an interview it was a bit annoying, still fun to watch tho. Still we know the answers to all her questions anyway, so it was a bit different,

  10. great tips from adam! now i know!

  11. Dianne Hill says:

    I don’t think he was annoyed. If Adam hadn’t wanted to do it, he would have said no. He said no in another interview (it may have been in Sydney) when someone wanted him to put eye makeup on a male radio DJ. I don’t think Adam would ever do anything he didn’t really want to do. I loved it when she said at the end “we have to stop now” and he said “no, I haven’t finished yet”, LOL. I loved this interview, I couldn’t stop watching him, I loved looking at his hands, he is so sweet and as Jan above said, we know all the answers to the questions anyway. I don’t think anyone has asked him something new in a long, long time.

  12. Golly, i envy this woman!

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  14. HE LOOKS SO SEXY DOING THAT:0) HE HAS THAT INTENSE LOOK ON HIS FACE THAT I LOVE;0) He is a perfectionist;0) It was a pretty silly interview

  15. Margie - Glamb #559 says:

    I think Adam was a little surprised and annoyed at first at being asked to do her eye makeup, but he seemed to relax and enjoy it after he got into it a little more. I always enjoy his interviews, but this one was a little bit different, I must say.

    And how did he do the makeup with her talking the entire time?? There’s no way she kept her eyes still. Don’t know how he did it!!

  16. Now there is a video out there where he is being interviewed and having his hand massaged at the same time. In a way it is funny but it more seems that interviewers are running out of ideas to do something special. Wonder why they don’t realize that with you can have a ball with him by asking him oddball questions. To be honest I love the interview where the woman says he gives good face, which sounds very close to another line btw and she asks him to give face about fart situations. I really enjoy his funny repsonse to this question so much more than people still asking him about the AMA’s and “losing” Idol.
    Either be silly or ask him about his tour, his music and heck maybe even about his next album!

  17. I just want to know where they get some of these interviewers. They are just so unprofessional and silly/stupid. If u knew you were going to be interviewing a STAR wouldn’t you prepare better questions and not be so amateurish…or was this a high school girl who never did an interview before…even an amateur high school girl would have been better…and another thing…she knew she was going to be on camera and that’s how she thought she should “do” her hair ??!!! Yikes !
    I think it’s disrespectful to not make yourself look good when doing an interview…especially of “beautiful” Adam….

  18. Robin Hatcher says:

    It was a good interview, I don’t think I would have been able to concentrate with him so close and touching me though. He is a perfectionist isn’t he, but that’s why we love him.

  19. earlzagurl4u says:

    I would N.E.V.E.R. wash my face again,,,,,,!!!!!!

  20. Glamitup says:

    In part one at 2:57 when his EYES intensify and just glare at her. Priceless! ( I was kinda imagining me sitting there) Also when he reaches up and takes her head in his hand! Omg! This interview made me want to practice my smokey eyes!

  21. Stephanie says:

    You could totally tell he was annoyed when first asked! Weird interview and she was annoying! Let’s all try to remember what and why we liked Adam from first meeting/seeing him! It’s the vocals and his performances and incredible musical talent people!!! Makeup skills? Really? Bring it back and let’s not get so caught up in all that crap! He is a musical genius not a makeup artist!!!

  22. Adam is such a Sweeetheart!~ <3

  23. grandjag says:

    I loved it when he said “What do you mean give it to you” then next he got very coy..this was a very different interview for sure. He looked so intense when he go into the eye makeup. That was really incredible. She was annoying but Adam was wonderful and just amazing to see the look in his eyes and the way he took over the interview.

  24. I just got back from a seminar, so I haven’t been on this site for days, and when I watched this video, all my longings for Adam was appeased. I can find myself being there with Adam, instead of this girl, and I’m the one he’s putting make-up on. I can see his face right in front of me….. OHhhh my…… I had a fill of his charm….. his lightheartedness…… his fun. I’m like his chum, and we’re like practicing putting on make-up, and just have fun, fun, fun. It wasn’t meant to be an interview, just have fun with your chum, be funny and be a little foolish. Up close, I could also see a younger Steven Seagal look in him. The video was like having a date with Adam, …… like a make-up date, and loving every minute of it. Thanks Sue, it felt like I just had a date with Adam.