Adam Lambert vs Freddie Mercury – Hardcore Match!

Evidently there is a war going on between fans of Freddie Mercury and Adam Lambert over Queen’s choice of having Adam sing with them. I’m sure it’s none of you, right? Absolutely ridiculous, if you ask me! I don’t even know what Freddie’s fans could be upset about. Adam would be the first person to have Freddie sing, if he could. So would Queen’s fans rather they never heard Roger Taylor and Brian May sing live again? Now THAT is something to be upset about!

Queen has announced that not only will Adam be singing with them for Sonisphere at Knebworth Park on July 7, 2012, but also on their Moscow performance on June 30th. In the Roger Taylor interview we published in a previous article, where he mentions that Queen will do a warm-up gig in Moscow, I thought immediately that Adam would be singing with them. How could they not have a lead singer? And if this is a warm up to London, then they’d have their London singer warm up with them. I think a lot of times when announcements aren’t made immediately, it’s just a matter of the two business camps finalizing the details. It seems crazy on the outside, but until everything’s decided, like money, percentages, lodging, etc, no announcements can be made. I have no inside information on this, it’s just what strikes me as obvious.

In the following hilarious video, we get to see Adam and Freddie duke it out. This is what our children have been spending hours doing, when we think they’re doing their homework! If I’d have known it could be so entertaining, maybe I would have jumped on a controller! 🙂

Thank you to Gregsynthmovies for this physical CGI battle between the two. It starts at about the 7th minute. You may need to click on the YouTube button to watch. If so, come back to this site and watch the next one here!

And now for something that really matters! Thank you sandrativadar for giving us a magnificent sing-off between the two vocalists! 🙂

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Freddie wrote and arranged all or most of his songs. His body of work is incredible. Adam has 1 cd with limited success. I’ve not heard anything by adam outside of mad world that will stand up over time so far.

    • Dear Jim, is it the number of CDs that matters or finding a voice that can do justice to Queen’s portfolio. Lambert is at the beginning of his career. He is about to release his 2nd album on which he was a writer for most of the tracks, and for which he is also the executive producer. I think that you noticed Mad World should illustrate to you that there might be more to come. There will never be another Mercury. But this a Lambert now. He is respectful of the honor that Queen has bestowed on him. He is a talent gaining international acclaim. He might just surprise you if you give him a chance. Of course, we could just put Mercury’s music in a vault. What a loss to all of us that would be. I’d hate to lose Mercury’s portfolio. Shouldn’t it be able to enjoy continued recognition and play? I respect your loyalty to Mercury. What better way than to respect his bandmates who believe they have found another talent worthy keep the legacy of great music alive!

      • I like adam and hope he does a good job with the Queen songs. I just shake my head when people want to compare him to Freddie though. Mercury was fairly good muscian (piano,guitar) as well as a singer song writer. I like Adam when he is more Rock N Roll but less when he is poppy/dance music(very forgetable to me). Adam does have great range but I don’t hear it n his latest single. Hope working with Queen rubs off on him and he re-focuses on the Rock direction. Example some of Bowies Stuff after Ziggy was over produced and boring but Live versions of those songs were terrific. Same for me with Lambert Live he’s awesome but some of his recorded stuff is very average and does not capture his live performance vibe.

        • kat23mogan says:

          You obviously have not listened to FYE. If you had …you would note that there are tracks on that cd that are not pop…Soaked….Broken Open…Sleepwalker (a kick butt rock ballad that when he does it live is just mind blowing), Can’t Let You Go, Sure Fire Winners (similar to the sound of We will rock you…showing Adam’s love for rock glam bands like Queen…I hate it when people judge Adam by the songs he had out in pop charts…and do not listen to his whole cd….Adam has never claimed to be a rocker…did not on Idol and he is doing what he likes…Next time you make comments…stop and listen to his cd…go to Youtube and listen to his live performances of the songs I mentioned…add to that Music Again…and you will see what I mean. The money in the music industry is in the pop genre…like it or not…you want your name out there and want to make money…then you need to do pop…and on the side do some other genres…which is what Adam is doing. His next cd is suppose to be a blend of Funk, Pop and Electronic…stretching boundaries into a new style…that is what Adam is about…he is not a copy cat…Those who are fussing about Queen picking Adam need to really get over themselves…Queen wants him there…and they are the experts…what us amateurs think matters not…If he is good enough according to the band…then that is all the explanation needed.

    • Jim, you are totally correct about Freddie. He is one of a kind. I’m a huge fan. There will never be another Freddie Mercury. Now about Adam–mentioning Mad World tells me you haven’t kept up with Mr. Lambert. He did have a CD that went gold and platinum in dozens of countries; he had a 120 concert sold out world tour. He earned a Grammy nomination for What Do You Want From Me, and he will hopefully drop his next album in April. Already released from this album is Better Than I Know Myself, a song charting all over the world.

      Adam is just beginning his career. Freddie’s unfortunately was cut tragically short, and he will always be missed. Freddie had a great gift, and we were fortunate that he shared it with us. I believe Adam is also tremendously gifted. I attended several of his concerts, and he is the best onstage performer I’ve seen for decades. It’s something you can’t discern by watching a video. He owns the stage.

      Brian said Freddie would have liked and appreciated Adam. I hope the rest of you can as well.

  2. Here’s my take…there is no need to compare Adam to Freddie, they are 2 different people. What is important is that Brian and Roger obviously feel some chemistry with Adam possibly similar to what they felt with Freddie. Adam is not trying to take Freddies place and I’m sure that’s not the intention of Brain or Roger. End of story. If you don’t like it, don’t listen and don’t complain. If you like it, enjoy.

  3. BelindaM says:

    It’s not mostly fans of Freddie. It’s mostly fans of other former Idol contestants and fans of impersonators ………………… ahem …………… sorry, I mean other singers who their fans thought were in with a chance of singing with Queen. They pretend to be Freddie and Queen fans but very clearly know so little about him and the band that they give themselves away for what they really are.

  4. JanusJanis says:

    It took Queen years to become a popular band. They had many, many failed attempts at having a hit song and album. Adam has just started his career and already has sold over a million copies of his 1st cd. If you take a listen to Adam with Queen at the EMAs it is astounding work. Adam is not trying to mimic Freddie in anyway and his humbleness and talent make him really the only choice to front Queen. As many have said, including Brian May and Roger Taylor, Adam was handpicked for the job because of his extraordinary vocal talent. And if you know anything about Freddie Mercury and what a prima donna perfectionist he was (and I do love him but he was a piece of work) and the number of men he, uh, took up with, you would realize that Freddie would love Adam for his voice, his sexual orientation, and his stage presentation.

  5. Give Adam time….Freddie wasn’t big in the USA for quite some time! BTW, if Freddie was still with us, he’d be 65 years old…now that would be an unfair match!

  6. Give him time Jim,
    I love that Freddies music is living on through a great vocalist , there are plenty of Freddie impersonators, this is not what Adam is about he puts his own unique stamp on them, and doesnt try to copy Freddie but to honour him.
    Do you like Adams voice? Then give him a chance.

    • Love his voice Live and when it is not poppy Dance Music. he has great range, but some of his song choices leave me scratching my head.

      • Mary at the Lake says:

        Oh, Jim!! : ))
        I read your comments over several times and here’s the thing: I just really want to submit a few thoughts for your consideration. Adam is singing with Queen for a few performances, so far. As he has repeatedly said, he is not trying to “replace” Freddie. He is not trying to be Freddie. In a nutshell, he isn’t Freddie, he’s Adam Lambert, a pretty special human being and singer/performer in his own right who is just really coming into his own in the music world. He doesn’t compare himself to Freddie. He does however wish to honor Freddie, and is in turn, honored to do so. His separate career as a singer, his own music, really has nothing to do with Queen or Freddie, other than the invitations to sing with the band.. And Freddie is one of Adam’s “idols”. When he performs with Queen, you can bet he will use his amazing “rock” range and voice to the fullest…which he did in the EMA performances, and in my opinion is what really counts here. He also has the ability to command the stage. I would really hope you will give him the chance to sing with the remaining members of Queen with an open mind, and take it for what it is, the new “voice” honoring the “voice” of the past that was sadly stilled by death. Most importantly, Roger Taylor and Brian May sure seem to think he’s a darn good “fit” with them and they have great respect for Adam and his voice. They have said they are in AWE of him. I think that’s the most important thing of all, that THEY feel he is worthy. They don’t seem to care that he doesn’t play instruments or doesn’t have years of hit music behind him (..yet..): they just want him to sing, nothing more. After being with Freddie for all those many years, I would think that their “blessing” alone would be enough for us to just go with the flow and take it for what it is: honoring Freddie’s memory and his music, by keeping it alive.

        Its interesting to me that you say you don’t understand why people would compare Adam and Freddie and then you immediately mention, for instance, the fact that Freddie played instruments, etc., and therefore would seem to imply that he was better than Adam. In that frame of reference, I suppose Freddie “wins”, if that is the scale upon which you judge excellence in music…Or the fact that Freddie has a vast body of work, and Adam does not. I don’t see that being relevant to the conversation at hand, because Adam hasn’t had time to do so. Give him 20 years and then see what you think. But as the saying goes “Apples and Oranges.” Adam’s greatest “instrument” is his glorious VOICE, and I think that is what we are really talking (or should be talking) about here. (BTW, he did take piano lessons as a teen but decided to concentrate on his voice.) I see them as two men with two great and rare voices, different but both powerful and with a wide “range”. Both fabulous in their own way.

        I have always been a big fan of Queen and I am now a huge Adam Lambert fan ; )) , quite literally ever since the moment I first saw him on Idol. I agree that his Idol rendition of “Mad World” was very very good, but I would have to disagree that he has nothing else that “will stand the test of time”. And technically, “Mad World” was a live performance: he has many many other live performances that are fabulous as well. I do totally agree that he is at his best live, and that is where he shines the brightest, but I love his recordings as well. His ability to reinvent his music with each performance is a wonder to behold. I believe his live performance at Fantasy Springs Feb. 2010, “Whole Lotta Love” is a prime example: If you have never seen this one, take a look. I was there and am still in awe of his vocals in this one, which he practiced in his car on the way to the venue. Unbelievable. It stands the test of time with me….

        His new music, most of which we have not yet heard, has gotten rave reviews from those in the music industry who HAVE heard it. His first album was put together in less than two months, while he was on the Idol Tour, and it was pretty darn good in my opinion. “For Your Entertainment”, the album, just went Platinum in the US, meaning it sold 1 million plus, which is nothing to sneeze at. Just think what he will do with the year plus that he has had to put together this new one. He’s had the luxury of 3 years of experience post-Idol to define himself more as an artist and I’m guessing you will be pleasantly surprised this next time around.

        Freddie was amazing and irreplaceable. Adam is also amazing and just at the beginning of what I have the feeling will be a fabulous, and perhaps iconic career as well. And I have to say that I would personally give just about anything to be there at Sonisphere UK to see and hear Queen and Adam honor Freddie and his legacy of music. Love Queen, love Adam. And I seriously hope those who are lucky enough to be there will enjoy each and every second of it, without feeling the need to judge or compare.. And last and not least: you can’t please everyone.. but I’m betting they WILL please most…. : ))))

        Thoughtfully and respectfully submitted,

        • mandytwo Glamb #616 says:

          WOW!!!! Thanks for putting WLL improved version in your comments. I had only seen the one that was first put on youtube where his head was cut off most of the time and the sound was not very good. I agree to your comments to Jim. Sometimes his comments are so negative I wonder if he just likes to aggravate Adams TRUE fans. Hopefully I am wrong but once again thanks for opening my eyes to the improved version of Whole Lotta Love.

          • Not trying to agravate anyone, just speaking my mind and some what puzzled by the over gushing of sillyness by some fans. i am a fan in general of Lambert(mostly the live stuff). The term true fan to you means no objective opinion on his music/choices? I think he has an endless amount of talent just not sure electro/pop is the best use of it in my opinion. I’m sure the Queen colaboration will be more my taste. I was expecting more of a zodiac type Adam(more my taste I guess). Like Bowie, Kiss, HEART, dEVO, beatles, etc I don’t have to like everything they do or direction they take to be a fan.

            • mandytwo Glamb #616 says:

              Happy to hear your opinion Jim… I just happen to like all his work. I love all the cuts on his CD and do enjoy him more live as you do. I too think he will rock with Queen and can’t wait to hear it. Only wish I could be there.

  7. I dont get it???? Dear Freddie is demised! Adam is NOT!! who better to pay homage to Freddie than someone like ADam… any of you have any other choices?? Living ones that is??

    • mandytwo Glamb #616 says:

      I agree with you..Adam is not trying to replace Freddie he is showing his respect for the man. If Brian May and Roger Taylor have chosen Adam there should be nothing to contradict their choice. They tried Paul Rogers the lead singer of Bad Company who is great with Bad Company but was terrible with Queen. Give Adam a chance and we will all be happy with the results. He is his own man not trying to be Freddie.

      • Paul rodgers does not have the range Freddy had and stayed within his range which was OK I guess. I’m sure Freddy would like Adam’s voice when he was Rocking it out, not so sure about the Dance stuff though. Freddy did a wide range of music styles in queen and that’s what seperates Freddy/Queen IMO from Lambert after Idol on CD. Live he is very cool and some what raw/sexy/rocking it. The stuff on the last Cd was lacking for me for the most part. but i like those same songs Live and Zodiac show stuff was really cool too.

  8. So have dropped in to comment for the first time in a couple of years.. all because I saw this topic…
    IMO this is one of the most exciting things that can happen for Queen and Adam fans.. Having been to 4 Queen concerts I have to say yes it was about Freddie, but it was also about the band… Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. Freddie would break so that we could hear the talents of these other guys… they are all talented musicians and their music should never be allowed to die and thankfully I have passed my love of Queen onto my 2 sons.
    Roger and Brian would not have asked Adam lightly.. they knew he could sing Queen music before he was on idol. There’s an interview somewhere where they say they had heard of him.
    Their previous choices were great stand ins but those guys were not anywhere near as vocally gymnastic as Adam. He will do Freddie proud by not being Freddie but himself and I for one cant wait.. It would be awful if they used someone who sounded just like Freddie… I’ve been to Queen Tribute concerts as well and although great for memories and to lose oneself in I’d rather see the real thing…
    And if it meant a world tour for Queen with the possibility of Adam fronting them I would pay just about anything to be there…

  9. Barbara says:

    I’m really surprised at the level of animosity against Adam for agreeing to sing with the remaining members of Queen. I was a huge Queen fan and to have someone as talented as Adam to join
    them on stage and sing Freddie’s songs, it was an indescribable feeling that I can’t really put into words. From what I’ve read, it appears that Freddie’s hardcore fans prefer to leave his memory alone and let it die than have anyone sing his songs. It seems very selfish to me but to each his own. Adam has agreed to perform on Brian’s and Roger’s invitation and they just have to accept it. They might not welcome the idea but all I have to say to these people is, it’s their loss. Adam is the nightingale of this era, a talent like him rarely comes by. Up till this day, a lot of fans and people still don’t understand just how talented he is. Adam is the only person on this whole planet that can sing about just any genres and make it work! He is a force to be reckoned with in the years to come!

    • Barbara, it is so true that people have a preconceived notion about Adam. They have no idea of this treasure that we have and I have found myself encouraging co-workers, family members and acquaintences to at least go to youtube to hear Brigadoon first. That way there is no doubt about his talent. From there, interested people can go on to the “breathier” and “sexier” performances. But first, he needs to establish his talent (creds) in order to get the uninformed marching to our tune. Don’t you agree?

      • Lila - Glamb #3 says:

        I hear so many people dying over Brigadoon, but I hope people realize that it only resonates with a certain demographic. It’s not going to “turn” everyone.

  10. cory-coralys says:



  11. Freddt Mercury was a wonderful singer and will always be missed by his fans. I am a new fan because of Adam Lambert singing with Queen on American Idol. I you tubed Queen and found Freddy. I have bought alot of their cds and have you tubed what i could of Freddy singing. That said I also love Adam Lambert. He is a great voice also and would be missed by his fans the same way you miss Freddy. He is only honoring Freddys memory..He sang Freddys song Bohemian Rasp. on his try out for Idol before he even knew Queen because Freddy is one of his idols. He made alot of people love music again and also love Queen. Today Meatloaf said Adam was 1 of 3 people who could sing in overdrive. Maybe if you listen to Adam you might come to like his singing just like alot of us love Queen and Feddy now. Please give him a chance and realize he is Adam Lambert ..a person who I hope becomes famous in his own right like Freddy did. Thank you this is chineseglitter a glambert who loves Adam and Freddy both.

  12. I love Queen and Freddie Mercury! and i don’t compare Adam Lambert to Freddie; but i must say; I love Adam Lambert; and it doesn’t matter what he sings it could be the alphabet, I will buy it!!; eventhough i admire Queen and Freddie very much ; i had never bought any of their cd’s; or lp’s.
    But I also think is an honor for Adam to sing with Queen!

  13. glamity58 says:

    How can true Queen fans have issues with this? They’d rather the music just die? Yes it gets radio airplay, but maybe more music can be sold and more radio airplay can still come. Freddie will never die then. I’m sure after American Idol, Queen sold some records. 30 million people watched that. Did Queen fans complain then? That money doesn’t go to Adam. They’ve had other people sing with Queen and that was ok? And they weren’t nearly as good as Adam. Adam is brave to do this because the vultures are out and rediculous. Adam is not like Freddie. There are tribute bands who sound just like Freddie. They haven’t recorded tons of albums either. But that is ok?

    Take it from a “true” Queen fan in her 50s, one, two or three concerts is a tribute to Freddie and nothing more. I am so sick of it all. I can’t imagine Freddie wouldn’t be pleased with this. It’s just a few sets with Roger and Brian. They are hurting his memory to me. How can the music snub this great singer so much. I’m sick of hearing Britney, Bieber, Perry, Madonna, the list goes on. Give this guy a chance.

  14. Adam sings from his heart-just like Freddie. They both have that intangible magic on stage. Beethoven’s music is kept alive because, as Keats once wrote, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Thank God that Adam’s incredible voice is keeping Freddie’s music alive !

  15. Freddy Mercury was and will always be in my heart as the most talented vocalist and composer that ever lived.My heart broke when he passed away. Then I saw Adam from his first audition to the finale of American Idol, his wonderful renditions of covers, a voice that gives you goosebumps, his range unbelievable. I dont even think of who is better, they are not the same, but I will have to say, in my opinion, Freddy Mercury and Adam Lambert are the 2 best vocalists and entertainers ever!! And I for one am thrilled that he will be singing with Queen, its a dream come true for me!

  16. the1gypsyqueen says:

    Adam is only LOANING his voice to Queen for the memory can live on and to breathe life into Queen once again. Do the haters hate Elvis singers too?

  17. haruhiko6231 says:

    I am 36 years Queen fan and confident to deeply core Freddie Mercury fan from childfood.
    I had a same mind of Q+P performance moment, really to say big thank you to Paul to sing wonderful Queen songs. Because Brian, Roger and Paul gave the chance to show the performance to younger and new Queen fans in the world. That show was never realized if nobody to sing songs!!
    So I fully welcome to Adam to sing Queen song and want to say a big thank you to him too!
    I also like his song but wishing to him and Queen to perform early Queen songs if possible.
    Those songs were never perform by Paul Rodgers. Everybody know the reason right!!
    This is the great gift from Brian and Roger to all Queen fans that is why he invite to Adam for the vocalist. Queen show thier 40 years history with Adam.
    I really look foward to seeing the show!!
    That is fantastic!!

  18. Wow,this is unreal.What is this comparing thing?You know,Adam has had soooo many bumpers in his career,thanks to negative people who for some reason think they have the rite to judge other people,and to crazy radio personalities who refuse too play his music! No,lets play Katie Perry over and over again.Ever hear her sing live,she cant hold a note to save her soul!
    Adam is taking on a challenge here with Queen,because of other peoples negativity.Something that is going toooo be the best concert ever,and be a joyous a memorable experience(in the name of Freddy Mercury)There should be no challenge here ,just a wonderful chance for the best singer in the world to do Freddy mercury and Queen justice.I for one am going to enjoy and listen to Adams angelic voice.And as far as some of his POP SONGS,apparently that’s all there playing on the radio.Hes got to get on there some how! Great move on Adam and his teams part .Go get um Adam! We all love you and know it is your time to shine!!!!!

  19. kat23mogan says:

    Please vote for Adam’s BTIKM video on VH1….easy to do…you can vote 20 times a day…let’s get him in top twenty

    • mandytwo Glamb #616 says:

      Just watched VH1 countdown and Adam is #17. I have been voting 20 times a day and trying to get his Video to number 1. Keep on voting!!!!

  20. Oh yea nay sayers of the world, Adam is not trying to BE Freddie Mercury, no one could do that. He is only honoring one of the most gifted and talented performers who ever lived. We are sure that Freddie is sitting somewhere saying “don’t you petty whiners in the world have anything better to do than try to beat up on this performer who litterally knows a top choice performer when he hears one and only wants to pay tribute to what he grew up with”. Why try to block his attempts????? Duh!!! Adam, so far is the best choice we have heard to pay tribute to this GREAT man, so stop your whining and enjoy the music!!!:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love both Adam and Freddie 4-ever and a day, Rita and Donna 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. It’s always sort of strange when fans act like babies over who is better, who has the right to sing, to perform with, etc. Especially when one of the stars departed this world long ago and is literally up in the night sky-a brilliant star.

  22. Freddie is looking down and smiling, because he knows Adam is the best choice to honor his memory.

  23. ianaleah says:

    OMG! all this decades later, when I see or hear Freddie, I ache, miss him. So strange to be affected like that from a singer and I live Brian Mays – also a fantastic singer/guitaritst.
    I got the chance to hear Adam sing with Queen at the EMA before the performance of those 3 songs were removed from youtube for copyright violations. Magnificent to hear. Adam was fantastic. Lucky those people who will attend the Queen events with Adam singing. I certainly hope some videos come available from them. Wow! That would be wonderful.