Adam Lambert V. Kris Allen – One Year Later, Who is Taking it to the Next Level?

Kerry Kolsch is a strong supporter of Adam Lambert and has published many articles about him. I just discovered this one when I was investigating our Forum, which until now, has gone relatively undiscovered by not only our very active Glamb community, but also by Sue and me, the authors on this web site! I just came across this article that was linked in the Forum, and found it to be really good reading. There are a couple of typos in the linked article – a few forms that should be froms! I love the talk about what Kris had to face on tour, performing after Adam. But don’t worry, the gist is good; it’s not a slam on Kris Allen. While we’re waiting to get blown away from Adam’s Glam Nation Tour, the descriptions here about last summer’s tour bring back such good (and HOT!) memories.

Adam Lambert Has Emerged as the Star of Season 8 of American Idol and Who Won?

About a year ago Adam Lambert and Kris Allen stood on the stage and Ryan Seacrest announced that Kris Allen was the winner of Season 8 of American Idol. An American Idol victory can be a fast track to fame and fortune or it can be a pop culture blip that leads to obscurity. For Kris Allen the title became quite the burden to bear. There are high expectations placed on every American Idol winner but in Allen’s case he had the added weight of being the singer who defeated Adam Lambert in a singing contest.

Allen started his American Idol reign amidst the controversy that was described as Textgate. His home state, Arkansas, produced 38 million of the almost 100 million votes that determined the winner. Many of the votes came from Watch Parties sponsored by AT&T, a corporate sponsor of American Idol. Adam Lambert was chosen to be the water boy to put out this media fire and with dignity and class advised his fans that there was no issue and that they should move on. Little did Adam know that he was misled and Arkansas did change the outcome of Season 8.

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Adam Lambert is DEFINTELY the one who has taken the next step!!!!! He is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Desiree says:

      Adam is. Not only is he super hot and sexy but he has a beautiful voice and I think he is going to be around for many years. He did have more success than Kris. He really should have won Idol. I hope to be hearing more from him in days to come.

  2. Who is taking it to the next level…..Both of them! Seriously, why does this have to be an either or? I suspect both Adam & Kris would resent this presumption!
    This article is complete BS! Wow, why dont we start with some actual facts, rather than conjecture. First, AI/Fox certified the vote and confirmed Kris as the undisputed AI winner for Season 8 (see Fox/AI press release). According to inside sources as the votes started coming in, thery “werent close” from the beginning. Does that mean one is better than the other(no), it means that’s who america chose as their AI for season 8. Completely different styles….we should celebrate that…they do!!
    Adam definately garners media attention, that is his style! He is edgy, extreme, showy, glitzy & no stranger to creating controversy or buzz! He wants big glamour, costumes, lighting, smoke, dancers and prouduction. That’s who he is…& we love that! Does that mean he’s more successful? NO! It means he’s successful on his own terms.
    That is not what Kris would consider success for him. He is understated, humble, reserved & wants the focus solery on his music (not him)! Kris neither wants nor needs the camara & spotlight all the time. That is success on his own terms and he has achieved it. He has his FIRST single go platinum. He is also the FIRST AI Alumn to have their debut single hit top 10 on 3 different BB chart formats. He ranks in top 10 of Forbes AI alumn $$$ makers(adam does not). Good for him!! Does that mean he is more successful? No ….They are both successful. I suggest the self-riteous get over themselves a year later. Kris won AI8, both have amazing careers and the opportunity to create successful careers on their own terms & defined by their own choices!

    • Wrong webpage…

    • peachie says:

      i heard the voting issue of AI is not true. then why adam outsell kris’s album in that case he should sell more if many voted for him. the executives choose the winners and its pretty obvious they cant afford a gay winner. it also happens everytime they look at the personal character of the winner. look at crystal a single mom with dreads???? i dont mean hate but ADAM IS REALLY THE BEST! an international superstar. he deserves the title but its alright now for me because HE IS DOING GREAT!!!!!

    • When the voting started on the night of the final for the first three hours Adam phone lines were blocked especially on the East Coast. I had a telecommunication expert explain to me how this could be done. How many people could not get votes in for Adam? Some voted for 4 hours only to get 10 votes in. One AT&T customer complained that her phone was just dead and she had to go to a neighbor for an emergency call. I have the marketing data that proves without a doubt that Kris was more popular with the most likely Idol voters in one state, Arkansas. It was a big mistake for American Idol not to admit that the rogue AT&T executive Matt Jordan skewed the vote. Jordan is no longer with AT&T and works for UCA where the cheating took place.

      Matt Jordan’s Experience
      Director of Athletic Marketing
      University of Central Arkansas
      (Educational Institution; Higher Education industry)
      July 2009 — Present (1 year )
      Corporate Sponsorships & Game Day promotions
      Sr. Marketing Manager
      AT&T Mobility
      (Public Company; T; Telecommunications industry)
      June 2000 — July 2009 (9 years 2 months)
      Manage corporate sponsorships for AR & OK
      Diversity Marketing
      Youth Marketing
      Corporate Event Planning
      Matt Jordan’s Education
      • University of Central Arkansas
      BS, Health Science , 1993 — 1997

  3. PaulaGlam says:
    • I so love this performance! I have seen him twice and have 3 more upcoing shows. I so hope that his tour is not overproduced as I really love when Adam gets into his music. I worry about it being ovr choreographed. We’ll see! I will still be over the moon to see him perform, but I’m just saying I really love it raw!

    • Paula thank you that was YUMMY!!!!!!!

    • retrogrrrl says:

      LOVED the tongue in the camera part, and did you see Monty and Tommy just totally rockin’ the f*** outta that song? Whole Lotta Love is so sexy for Adam, I really hope he does it on the GlamNation tour!

    • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He knows how to get the crowd worked up, even watching the video gets me worked up, he is just such a phenomenal performer, so much passion!!!!!!!!!!! Adam Baby you are the best.

    • KO's smiling says:

      oh. my. god.

  4. Listen, no one can top the performance ability of Adam nor his voice. He was cheated out of the win for American Idol last year just as Crystal was this year. Did you here Lee try to sing the last night? He was horrible. Granted, he looks good but that just doesn’t count with me.

    • Nah – Crystal did the same thing every night – sung the same sort of song, hid behind the guitar and the mike – I was so pleased she didn’t win – there is no international appeal in her – she comes across as a hippie busker – she started like that and only in the final show did she show anything different. Lee at least grew and evolved and has a different sounding voice.

  5. Thanks for finding this article and posting it here so we can all read it.

    I didn’t get to attend the AI Tour Season 8, but I’ve watched many of the performances on You Tube. Adam’s performance is a tough act to follow. He looked and acted every bit like a pro.

    I loved it when he took his jacked off and revealed bare arms. I had never seen so much skin…LOL! He was always dressed very conservatively on the show, and when he did wear a low cut shirt, he paired it with a jacket. And Adam can dance. He has those moves that you learn in dance class, and he displayed some of those moves on tour.

    Yep, I’m sure Kris must have felt very uncomfortable following Adam’s act during the tour. I like Kris Allen, but it has been very obvious that the wrong person won.

  6. adam it always been u never him always u friend of minds love is where i stand

  7. LolaGlamb says:

    This is water under the bridge. Why dredge up the old Kris vrs. Adam garbage? What’s done is done. None of that mattered a whit when it came to Adam’s career, and Kris is Adam’s friend. Our boy is well on his way to being an international superstar. Drop it, please! Two decent, great young men, one a superstar, one with a meaningless title, but doing nicely. OK?

    • Excuse me? Meaningless title? AI title is quite dignified, it means they can sing and a role model for younger kids. Have you noticed that Adam lambert is not invited where kids are present you know why? He curse so much

      • LolaGlamb says:

        KA-No, I hadn’t noticed that. Just where is it that Adam has not been invited? Could you share that with me? He was welcomed at an elementary school when he delivered music supplies he had raised money for through his charity, and he performed with the kids there. He was welcomed at the MET, a school for the performing arts which he himself attended as a child. He will be performing at state fairs, like Kris. Do they now ban children from state fairs? Or will they only ban them from state fairs where Adam will be performing?

        Truly, there are bashers in both fan groups who should give it a rest. When I said the AI title was meaningless, I only meant in terms of insuring a career. Obviously, it is quite meaningful to Kris, and I am happy for him. He is a great guy, except for his bias against ‘old women dancing’, of course!

      • peachie says:

        im sorry are u an adam fan? adams superstardom is not characterized by performing with kids….

  8. Wow!! A year later and you write up this shit? What for?

    I used to call myself a fan of Adams, but no more. I think he’s really gifted, but he comes with too many garbage fans(not all of them). I quit calling myself a fan many months ago when so many of you so called supporters kept going on and on with your campaign to “make Kris pay”. If you are listening to what KK has to write/say then you’re as delusional as her. Kris sure doesn’t deserve this treatment.

    I will continue to enjoy Adams music, but I will enjoy Kris’s as well.

    PS: Just a friendly heads-up. I know a number of people who have already dumped Adam altogether as a result of some of his fans actions. It really is time to put it to rest and just enjoy.

    • why don’t you go check out Adam’s videos on utube and count all the Kris( garbage fans) on there talking there trash about ADAM !! ( if the can’t stand the heat ,get out of the kitchen !!!!)

      • I’ve seen all of Adam’s videos. I happen to think that the trash talk by ANY fan is uncalled for. I don’t understand the WIN mentality I guess, and I really don’t understand why it’s so important. Adam is doing just fine.

        What Adam supporters should throw their energy behind is the nasty gay bashers~not doing and saying whatever possible to make Adam look better than Kris(that shows a disrespect for their friendship) and Adam has already been vocal about his feelings about fans trashing his friends and peers. The gay bashing is horrible, but we need to recognize that all the bashers are not Kris fans. There would have been gay bashers even if Adam had won, maybe more.

    • Why would anyone quit being a fan of an immensely talented artist just because of some of the fans? I love Adam and know many of his fans – we’re all shapes and sizes and personalities. I agree – some of them carry their “passion” to the extreme, but I have made some good new friends who are POSITIVE and not Kris bashers. In fact we went to Fantasy Springs – the experiece of a lifetime – and are going to six (and counting!!!) of his concerts this summer. Can’t wait!!!!!!!

    • peachie says:

      u go to kris site i wont bother to go there to slam kris. no hate please

    • It is interesting that you call me “delusional” when I am without a doubt the journalist with the most expertise on the matter of American Idol voting. What exactly is my delusion? The millions of votes coming from Arkansas are a fact. You will never see AT&T going after me on my claim. In fact no one can get AT&T to talk about the Arkansas votes at all. Your “make Kris pay” statement is false because it is Adam who was cheated not Kris. Kris got Adam’s title, Adam’s paycheck, and Adam’s winner’s perks. Adam would have had momentum because of the win that would have increased his music sales like Kris did in the beginning. Adam’s win would have been a victory for the LGBT community as well. The world falsely believed that Adam lost because he is gay. I do think Kris was a victim of the Arkansas cheats because they have put him in an awkward position. Adam’s fans are not deserting him. He has the best fans in the world. You are obviously Kris’s fan so identify yourself correctly.

  9. ianaleah says:

    Arkansas only has about 8 million men,women,children,babies total population, so if they voted 38 million of the total 100 million and the other 49 states voted the remaining 62 million -then there is something wrong with the vote results. No surprise. Nope. No surprise. And I will never forget the first words out of Kris’s mouth “Adam deserves this.” The truth.

    • Of course you don’t know Kris Allen, he is humble and content. He even said that he did not expect to win but would like a career as a musician. Do you honestly believe he would boast that he likes to win? You Adam lambert’s fan has so many hormones, take a chill pill and move on! Like what you said Adam lambert made it, just be happy for him. And live Kris Allen out of it

      • MITCHIEFOREVER says:

        Get out, KA! Go to your own “obscure” site and complain to your heart’s content. TROLL!!!

  10. disgusted says:

    yep, this is a total load of crap. I’m with Yvonne on this one. and frankly, ianaleah….you are far beyond dilusional if you can convince yourself that the little state of AR voted over 50million times for kris allen with the whopping population of actually 5 mln people!! CA has almost 40 mln population. Duh! do the freekin math….America voted Kris the legit AI for season 8….so what! Both are successful, both have their place, both love and respect each other. You people are just bitter and have done Adam no favors by your childish behavior. It only serves to perpetuate the impression that he is a diva! This may work in the international market but most Americans dont really like that attitude in the stars or the fans….ask Kanye?! Ianaleah, Kris felt that Adam deserved to win as much as he did, & Adam is quoted as saying the same thing…..its unfortunate you are so bitter and cannot accept the MUTUAL respect these two have for each other-despite their obvious differences!! Come out of the bitter barn and play in the hay!!!!! THE TRUTH!!! Pun intentended

    • peachie says:

      sorry this site is only made for ADAM LOVE! just accept the truth because its very simple its all about singing and artistry. anybody who can surpass adam on that matter???? please tell….

    • Arkansas has under 3 million residents. In my book I describe how the 3,000 people at the UCA stadium generated millions of votes. Some were using five or more phones and power texting, ten, twenty, or even 100 votes at a time. Two boys were able to generate 250,000 votes. They had voting teams competing for prizes. You would not be amazed if you saw the pictures of their voting frenzy in my book “American Idol Vote Scam.”

  11. Sigh! Adam has been so happy lately why is this subject being rehashed? Adam is starting his own tour w/fellow alum, Allison (whom he loves), Pink just sang WWFM in Germany & remarked how he sings it better & it is his song now, he gets plenty of love & attention from the media (ok, some radio stations are being buggers about putting IIHY adds on, but hopefully that will change soon, he was blessed with an amazing voice, amazing charisma, a great imagination, great looks (tall & gorgeous), knows how to wear fashion, etc. That is what his fans should concentrate on & leave Kris Allen out of the picture. They no longer need to even be in the same sentence…S8 of AI has been over for a year now, in fact, there is a “new idol”. I don’t know about anyone else here, but so looking forward to his tour!

    • retrogrrrl says:

      Well said Bobbie!

    • peachie says:

      yes leave kris allen out of the picture they are making their own careers. let others who want to talk about hi talk about him and never connect him to adam

  12. We just need to support ADAM to become an international superstar! Americans are so damn conservative.

  13. They say that you may not remember exactly what was said, but you will always remember how a person made you feel. Well, I have been the unfortunate recipient of some very mean spirited comments by Ms. Kolsch and therefore if and when I read anything she has authored, it is with a large grain of salt. Sadly, this has affected my relying on her credibility at all. She will not hesitate to tell a person how worthless he or she is, in her estimation.

    • Kerry Kolsch has been banned from AO for while now for exactly the reasons Anne mentions here.

      • I have never told anyone they are worthless. I have strong opinions and I have disagreed with people, but they should not take it personally. Anytime people support my point of view they are accused of being me. Others use my name and post Adam hate. I am not responsible for all of the dialogue attributed to me. I am not the only person in the world that knows how Kris won. American Idol voting was down by about 50% this year and I believe it was because Adam lost unfairly. As far as being banned fro Adam Official, I do not believe that that is true. I stopped gong to AO a while ago because I like the British fan sites better. I think that AO is dominated by a bunch of little girls who think Adam and Kris are going to run away together and have a baby. I do no begrudge them their fantasy but attacking my book for that reason is unfair. I understand that Adam works for RCA and although Kris is signed with Jive the same people own them. RCA is protecting the legitimacy of Kris’s win. When a author takes on corporate interest as I have there is blowback. RCA does not want this book promoted there. Hell, RCA will not make public the total worldwide sales of Adam’s album and singles. I choose not to go to AO long ago. I was not banned for being mean.

  14. adamisamazing says:

    Thank you for the article. I found it very interesting. Appreciate you posting it. Anything about Adam – past or present, is appreciated.

  15. You Adam lambert’s fan are so ignorant…. One word $ Kris made #10 in the AI forbes list. Where is Adam? I don’t care whether his album is platinum or gold in UK, the fact is Kris Allen made more money than him. Besides, Adam has been performing for so many years and kris’s first year so shut up already. For those people thinks AR cheated give it a rest, AI has a third party administrator to validates the vote. Any discrepancy they would know. Adam is not what you think he is. He has been around the corner of Hollywood but was not succesful. If he was that talented, he really don’t need AI, but of course that was not the case. In his sake, leave Kris alle alone and give him the respect he deserve.

    • I don’t understand why Kris Allen fans are on an Adam Lambert forum complaining about Adam’s fans and telling us to shut up. Let Kris know how much you love him and are his biggest fans on his forums. I am sure you will be very appreciated there. I am sorry that Yvonne has turned away from being an Adam fan because a few fans get carried away. As we have seen on the subject of this forum, Kris and Adam have some OTT fans.

      Being an fan of Adam’s is a lot of work but he is so very much worth the time. I spend a lot of my time voting for Adam to keep his name in front of the media so he will possibly be played more. That reminds me, I need to vote in the MuchMedia Video Awards. Adam is up for Fave International Video as well as performing.

      A year after the end of AI8. Our man has come a long way and showed what a kind, gentle, giving, strong, intelligent, loving, honest, (I could go on forever), man he is. He has shown how he can take a song we have heard a hundred times and change it up once again into a new masterpiece. Adam has three music videos (one for the final song of a movie) out which had our jaws dropping on the floor for all of the visual treats. A fourth one is about to be unveiled which I am so very excited to see what he and the director have come up with. We have been given a few peeks to whet our interest even more. Our man is a magical showman who has us even more captivated a year later.

    • peachie says:

      sorry? who made more money??? and who will be extremely rich in the future because of talent????

    • @KA No one knows how votes are calculated. AI will not even tell people if power text voting is “block voting”. There is no transparency in Idol voting. Hell we do not even know the vote margin for the final last year or the vote total for the final this year. Your reliance on the Telescope, Inc. is misplaced. The year they took over Ruben won in another big vote scandal. How would Telescope know how many votes were cast on phones given away by AT&T? You are the one who should give it a rest.

  16. I don’t know where I should put this, but I’m just gonna put it here.
    There’s a nice short interview on Finnish tv-show. Adam is so sweet, as always. And pretty good speaking Finnish!=)

  17. yes, it’s been a year, but to tell the truth, I still get piss-off !! when I think about it .thats why I don’t think about it ….but what really gets me is how they try make US Adams FANS ,out to be evil , bad & crazy !! like we are stalking Kris and his fans!!PLEASE, the only time I ever said anything to one,was while they were on ADAMS SITE !!OR VIDEOS ,BAD MOUTHING HIM !!!! ( all the time ) if they don’t like Adam !! STAY AWAY!!! if they don’t like Us!! STAY AWAY !!! as for me I think Adam as AWESOME FAN’S !!!! as for Kris (don’t know) I’am not his babysitter, I’AM ADAM’S!!!!!!

    • Maryann, as an Adam supporter who supports Kris as well, I DID follow both of them and read comments on both of these young men on various sites so I can say this. There were nasty comments being made on both guys sites and articles, but there was a big difference when you looked at where the talk was coming from. On Kris sites and articles any nasty comments came almost always from a disgruntled Adam fan. On Adam’s sites and articles the nasty comments were split between Kris fans and anti-gays. On the whole I found Kris fans were more respectful of Adam than Adam fans were of Kris.
      Just my opinion but I did watch it pretty closely.

      • peachie says:

        yvonne u just stay away from here if u r disguising stay away from here. u wont be appreciated i hope u r more of a kris fan so if ur not saying good about adam ur a garbage here. sorry.

        • @preachie, I’m not sure what your problem is here. I’m stating my own feelings about the above posted article which I have every right to do. In case you missed it I no longer call myself a fan. I am simply a fan of good music, which both Adam and Kris have given us. I will continue to follow them on the net and I will post where ever I please. Feel free to not read my posts.

          • peachie says:

            this site is only for adam love. im a great adam fan and i wont get silent if anybody is saying not good about him i hope u wont bother to be here. ur a fake fan.o to kris allen site. i said its very simple adam is robbed of the title because i know that is a singing competition. but good adam is doing great internationally seldom idols go international is it???

            • peachie says:

              hope u will change ur mind when adams glam nation tour starts. he will be all over media and lots of people uploading his videos, or u will get pissed off ha ha ha ha

  18. AI season 8 is long over and it is time to move on past the reason this article was written. I think they are both doing really well in ways that suits their personalities. I hope they will both be around for a long time. This article feeds the animosity that continues between Kris’ fans and Adam’s fans. I know there is a lot of anger out there about the voting, etc. I know I will always have questions but it is over. Kris is not the one who did anything wrong so I will not wish him ill in his profession. I am over Adam Vs Kris.

    What I am not over is how Adam has to struggle to get his music played on-air. How much power CUMULUS (sp) has. If they had let their stations add Adam a lot sooner, who knows how close to #1 WWFM would have climbed. He has fought his entire career so that has tempered him.

    I am also upset about all of the haters out there. When a new video or article (hopefully sans any Kris remarks) shows up, generally the first ones there are the haters who have no lives other than to troll all things Adam and be vicious. I do hope that Adam’s fans are not trolling other sites spewing hate. It is time to focus on the person you like to listen to, follow and let go of Adam Vs Kris. Love is so much better than hate.

    On a lighter note, I was just listening to an old interview and Jeanette was mentioned. Here is the addy, and enjoy how lovely Adam is.

    • Rhosan,
      Re: Adam’s struggle to get his radio add ons, I couldn’t agree with you more. Clear Channel came on board late with WWFM, FYE was treated like poison, altho it did make it re: the dance genre. Cumulus has been a real a**hole. I’m not sure if they did add WWFM & if they did they never played it much (from what I have read). I fear US radio will be a problem for a while cuz they seem to hold a different standard for him (being a sexual gay guy) than they do for straight artists. FYE is too sexy but Woohoo & Rude Boy & many others are just fine. Fever will never be released to radio, imo, cuz of the “male” pronoun & yet straight men can duet on a love song & everything is just peachy. I’m pretty sure US radio would be quite happy never to play Adam but of course they have to try to appear unpredjudiced for fear of backlash but they continue to play games. And then there is one more thing..Adam can really sing which from some of the radio I hear isn’t a necessary talent when recording a song. Autotune is some of the current overplayed singers best bud! And actually, Adam sounds better live than recorded cuz he’s able to entertain as well as sing! His voice is so powerful it just fills a room!
      I hope when he becomes very successful internationally that the radio here will be more open minded & less fearful of playing him in a more “generous” fashion! I mean, in Germany WWFM got to #1 & stayed there & is now #2! Canada loves him alot, he’s doing well in many parts of Asia, Australia loves him & hopefully when he goes back overseas after the GlamNation tour, he’ll be able to do some concerts & really make an impression. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!

      • I am excited to be going to two of his shows this summer. I was surprised and pleased to have Adam coming to Boise, Idaho. I was afraid the state was too conservative to attract him. The radio station here seems to have more of an anti-American Idol thing happening. Adam did get some decent airplay for a while then nothing. I hope as his tour starts and his newest video comes out, that he will start to be played again. Requesting as always.

  19. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I think the more interesting aspect of the Kris/Adam thing is Kradam and all the love between the two–where is the news on that front?!?! Adam said it first and he said it right; he and Kris are very different artists who appeal to completely different audiences. Both are doing quite well to my knowledge, each in their own way, so what’s the big deal. Isn’t there something else to talk about? Anyone know if they’ve caught up with each other recently, any interesting Kradam type vibes? Come on, you know we ALL want to know. You think Kris could be, you know, brought to the other side??? Maybe, maybe not….yeah, he’s married, but he and Adam are sooo sweet together. Really let’s talk more love, forget who is better than who. It’s so much more intriguing!!!!

    • I love Kradam. I still love to go watch the vids of the two of them together. One of the highlights of watching the videos of the AI tour was the finale and Kris and Adam would do a little dance or something together.

  20. cookeejar says:

    Personnaly I don’t go to ka sites so i am surprised to see ka fans commenting here. I am a staunch Adam fan and imo I think that with Adam’s style of performing he is better off( in the long run) not being so constricted as a AI winner must feel, His over the top style is just so much more appealing to me. Can’t wait to see him this summer!!

    But anyway, It is all about the love!!

    • I also don’t understand KA fans coming here. This is an Adam Lambert fansite.
      If I strongly disagree with an Adam fan here it is sometimes already challenging enough not be become engaged or wrapped up in ego stuff about wanting to be right etc.
      I really prefer Kris’s fans to stay away if they come here to poke into a fire and honestly I wasn’t happy with this thread at all.
      I am signing off on this one.

      • I don’t think as many Kris fans would be here if the article was not posted “Adam Lambert vs Kris Allen”. It appeared on Kris’s news feed when googled. I for one would not be coming to this site for news, and only noticed this article when looking for concert news for Kris. I usually get my Adam fix(news) elsewhere.

        So no, you are not being stalked by rabid Kris fans, but with an article that starts off like this one you have to expect it will draw in some defenders. Then quote Kerry K and it’s game on all over again.

        UGH, much as I love my Kradam I am starting to loathe seeing Adam and Kris mentioned together at all. It never ends well and neither of them deserve it.

      • You ought to tell the editor to delete kris Allen’s name from his article. Do you really think I am interested in googling Adam Lambert? Absolutely not!!!!

        • peachie says:

          go googe kris allen its not our lost so pity of u because u cant take that adam is the most popular and talented of season 8. ha ha then what it makes to go international? what shoud an artist possess???? duh! ha ha ha!

          • @preachie, you do not understand. I *WAS* googling Kris when this site and article came up on *HIS* newsfeed. That is how I got here. I am NOT a Kris fan even though I like his music. That is possible. I am not an Adam fan, but I think he’s mega gifted. That is possible.Please don’t take every negative comment a a slight against Adam. Some things just need to be said, and they may be hard to hear but they are not meant to be mean.

            • peachie says:

              i suppose somebody like u wont come over here to say nasty things about our boy. dont find any kris allen concert here, or does he hve one? well ask the media why they put much interest on adam! why do u think so????

  21. Sometimes I wish Carol, Sue could set up “parental controls” on this site. No Negativity Allowed! With so many wonderful things happening for Adam, it is a shame that this kind of garbage keeps rearing it’s ugly head.

    • peachie says:

      this site is not intended for people who doesnt like adam go to where who u like.

    • Adamisamazing says:

      I agree. I haven’t ready so much negativity before. I love Kradam, and thought it was a perfect example of two diverse people getting along well. We need more of that positivity, peace and harmony rather than this negativity that is being written in these postings. This is the first time I’ve read such disrespectful posts. If you’re not a fan of Adam’s for whatever reason, this is not the place for you.

  22. I was an Adam fan all last season (Grandmoms for Adam) and found it very weird that I got my text response that my 100 texted votes went through the following afternoon!?!?!? I took my granddaughter the Idol Live show last summer. She was SO excited to see Kris. But once she saw Adam’s set she was totally in love with him, insisted that we take back the Kris poster and get one of Adam. So now we listen to him in the car, know all of the words to all of the songs, including the extra four tracks on the Japanese FYE. She understands that he is gay and screams “I want him to be my brother!!!” Too funny! And I agree with all of you Crystal fans out there. What in the heck did ANYONE see in Lee???? But she will probably do what Adam did and sell triple the number of albums compared to Lee.

  23. Shirlee says:

    KRIS WHO ???????????

  24. peachie says:

    in our country philippines nobody knows kris allen but even my small nieces knows adam huh!

  25. Thanks for the comments on my article. As many of you know I wrote a book titled “American Idol Vote Scam”. It is an expose on American Idol voting. It is not just about what happened in Arkansas. I identify the inherent flaws in the voting system. Because I wrote this book I have come under great personal attack. I have been accused of slander, but not by the people I wrote about who know I am telling the truth. My writing has been belittled, my book hacked and pirated. Changes were made with spelling and grammar errors added and it was placed on the Internet for free downloads. I believe these same people also have Adam’s album up for free downloads. I never expect such a reaction over a book written about a reality show.

    My detractors have a variety of motives. Some may be from AT&T. Some are Kris’s fans that will not admit that Kris won unfairly. There is no doubt that the millions of votes generated in Arkansas changed the outcome of Season 8. It only takes 10,000 votes from 3,000 people to achieve 30 million votes. I know what happened because I have actual photographic evidence and it’s documented on film by Fox 16 the local Fox station.
    Some people are fans of both Adam and Kris and believe that their friendship is more important than the truth. I am one who mourned the story of their friendship in spite of diversity when the events in Arkansas made their friendship impossible to sustain. Adam had to realize the vote was not right by the beginning of the Idol tour when the majority of the fans were there to see him. Kris knows how he won and Adam knows how he lost. Adam is very evolved but I am sure it eats away at Kris. There will not be public disharmony between the two but the Arkansas cheating is a big elephant in the room. They have not socialized since the tour ended last year. Every meeting has been because of mutual appearances, not because they arranged to get together. The intent of this book was never to come between Adam and Kris but to expose a voting system that is ripe to be gamed. Millions of people voted and were deceived because they believed they were picking the winner. This “friendship” will never be the same book or no book.
    Had Kris placed where his talent landed him on American Idol he would not be constantly compared to Adam. It is his fate because of the implausibility of his win. When these comparisons are made it implies that Kris should not have won because he does not compare well to Adam.

  26. smart ass says:


  27. Lambertini #520 says:

    I have to thank Paula Glam for posting that video! Hoooooooooooooly Coooooooooooooow!! A million thank yous and a million thank yous to Adam for being other worldly!!!!!

  28. I think it makes perfect sense that America voted for the safe, non-descript vanilla dude…

  29. i thought adam won in AI season 8. i don’t really know the guy named allen :DD