Adam Lambert, Train Added To Rays Concert Lineup

Baseball anyone?? Apparently if you are willing to sit through a baseball game with Tampa Bay playing, you will be rewarded with an Adam Lambert post game concert!!
I have a link that provides the information regarding Adams post baseball concert on September 18th. Here is a snippet but check out the rest…

American Idol” runner-up Lambert will perform Sept. 18 following the 6:10 p.m. game against the Los Angeles Angels. Lambert will be accompanied by Orianthi, the guitarist seen playing with Michael Jackson in the film “This Is It.”…“>

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  1. @Sue – you should also mention that Orianthi can also be heard accompanying Adam on FYE’s version of Sleepwalker – tho since the CD was recorded Monte has done a wonderful job on that solo.

  2. apparently Sue doesn’t follow baseball. The Rays are picked to win this year.

  3. The tickets are way more than I was expecting…do they really charge $155 for all their games??

    • not all of the tickets are $155. it depends where you sit. the lowest price is $18

      I live in Daytona Beach, CANT WAIT FOR SEPTEMBER!!!!!

  4. Many of the Florida Glambs have gotten their tickets and plan to attend. If anyone wants to join up with us, email me at and I will send you info on where we are sitting and staying. We also plan to meet for dinner on Friday night. I will get that info out as soon as I can. When this came out, the Florida Glambs went crazy, I had about 200 email exchanges within 30 minutes. Once we had our tickets ordered and room booked, I went to bed and my husband mentioned that we had never been to a major league baseball game. I had not even considered the ball game, only Adam, Ha! Ha! Oh, don’t buy the expensive tickets, they said the lower box seats are the best for seeing the concert stage.

    • LolaGlamb says:

      Wish I’d known that before I dished out 375 for 2 tickets! I hope I will be able to see ok from the expensive seat!

  5. Christine Douthirt says:

    So excited – got my tickets last night. We got lower level box seats for $60.00. Glad to hear they are good for viewing, didn’t know where the stage was going to be. We are also going with people we met and became friends with at the Idol tour last summer in Tampa. We are still friends – it’s great how Adam brings people together. I hope this doesn’t mean he won’t come to Tampa again on the summer tour!!!!

  6. $155.00? NO way

  7. Kathy Orton says:

    Just got my daughter and I tickets to see him. Does anyone know if there is any chance of meeting him anywhere on the property at an event like this? We were so disappointed that he didn’t make it out by the buses when they were in Tampa for the idol tour. Drove to Baltimore to see him on a whim and he didn’t come out there either : (

  8. glamaus says:

    How awesome to see ADAM and Orianthi together!

  9. ianaleah says:

    New Adam concert -in Minn.-June 11th at Shooting Star Casino Mahnomen Minn and Orianthi will open for him. Tickets start at $20.
    Got this info from Google new INForum site 4-2-10