Adam Lambert Tracks of my Tears – Motown week – VIDEO High Quality PLUS Sexy Photos

Watch Adam Lambert’s performance during Motown of Tracks of my Tears in high quality here (MP3 also available). Sexy pictures below video. ANOTHER HOT PERFORMANCE BY ADAM LAMBERT, BEST OF THE NIGHT!!


Adam Lambert in his suit
Adam Lambert with his classy looks
Adam Lambert... you SEXY man
Adam Lambert posing with his expensive suit
Adam Lambert American Idol Picture
Adam Lambert suits the elegant looks


Finally fans, we’ve been waiting for Adam to show his softer side and his lower register. Amazing, Incredible performance of Tracks of My Tears by Smokey and the Miracles. Simon has predicted Adam or Danny as his favorite and after last week’s comment Simon is on Adam’s side again. Simon said Adam looked like a star on stage. All us fans on the chat room went crazy when he performed tonight.

Studio version, more videos, interviews, screenshots… ALL UP HERE SOON. KEEP CHECKING BACK!

Here are the performance for tonight (thanks again MJs):

Matt was really good–he started at his piano, got up and worked the stage a little bit.

Matt Giraud – “Let’s Get it On” by – Marvin Gaye

Kris Allen – “How Sweet it Is” by – Marvin Gaye

Scott MacIntyre – ”You Can’t Hurray Love” by – Supremes

Megan Joy Corkrey – “For Once in My Life” by Stevie Wonder

Anoop Desai – “Ohh Baby Baby” by – Smokey Robinson and The Miracles

Michael Sarver – “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” by – Temptations

Lil Rounds – “Heatwave” by – Martha and the Vandellas

Adam Lambert – “Tracks of my Tears” by – Smokey and the Miracles

Danny Gokey – “Get Ready” by – Temptations

Allison Iraheta – “Papa was a Rolling Stone” by – Temptations


  1. Perfect.

  2. Jim Frimmer says:

    What a tender, sweet inspiring performance. This artist has it all!! I can’t imagine this guy not winning American Idol this year. Even if he doesn’t win, I can’t believe that record executives are not scrambling to sign this guy. HUGE, HUGE talent!

  3. I knew once he sang a ballad this competition would be over. Nicely done, Adam!

  4. DarkShadowsAbove says:

    Loved it, loved IT, LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! My favorite performance from Adam. He is a truly wonderful thing. Plus those pictures… I think I’m drooling.

  5. Milwadamfan says:

    The studio version is perfect, as always! I’m in awe every single week.

  6. Beautiful job!

  7. He must be a Robbie Williams fan, judging by the tattoo on his wrist.

  8. I DEFINATELY enjoyed the version performed on AI better than the studio version. Why the change? It was so incredible – I’ve never been moved so much by a performance! Love you Adam!!! I cannot wait to buy your CD!

  9. Wow – I screwed that one up – I meant to write this about Ring of Fire. I actually enjoyed the studio version of track of tears more than the one on AI! Sorry for the confusion! But either way, you’re incredible Adam!

  10. madelinetan says:

    I like the choice of all his songs he chose! All of the songd shows the range of his beautful voice! ADAM LAMBERT ROX!

  11. Brought tears to my eyes……Adam’s got this in the bag….I couldnt even get through to vote tonight!!

  12. Adam is such an amazing, well rounded artist. he’s a fantastic singer, but he’s also the most entertaining performer that the show has ever had. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good singers competing with him, but being a good singer will only get you so far in the world. Adam, on the other hand, has so much more. He’s not someone that just blends in with the crowd. I really hope he does well and makes it into the finals. At this point I really don’t think he needs to win American Idol to have a career in music. But I still hope he does. 🙂 Love you Adam!!

  13. we are definitely watching a legend being born
    even smokey himself gave adam a standing ovation
    he’s brilliant
    (and very sexy. ;] )

  14. If Kurt Russel and Elvis had a baby, Adam would be what came out! Hahaha!!

  15. adam.lover says:

    whoo forever love Adam…

    i’ll die for you!! your HOT BABY!! YOUR HOT!!!
    love it!!

  16. Adam Lambert is so awesome. he can sing so so well please everyone vote for him he deserves it because he is the clear best. he is out of everyone in american idols league. it is AMAZING

  17. Love those pictures!! He looks very sexy and fantastic in suits! Loved the performance too. Almost made me cry. It was wonderful! The studio version is very cool too. Listen to it a lot.

  18. Ellen Tobin says:

    I can’t find Tracks Of My Tears by Adam. Could you send to my email:

  19. Ellen Tobin says:

    I love Adam’s Hot Elvis look.

  20. just look at it and I fell in love that you’re very beautiful Chicoa the truth that every time I look I fall more more more good kisses I love you

  21. hi tank you

  22. tanku


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