Adam Lambert Tour Updates

I am sure alot of you were busy with all the pre-sales that went on this morning. I would love to hear your experiences, did you get good seats, ok seats, or nothing at all? I am hoping that everyone got at least some ok seats… and here is the list of updated venues/dates so that some of you might have another chance:


Date: Sat, 2010-09-04
Location: Rockford, IL
Venue: On The Waterfront (Glam Nation Tour)

Date: Fri, 2010-08-20
Location: Cohasset, MA
Venue: South Shore Music Circus (Glam Nation Tour)

Date: Thu, 2010-08-19
Location: Hyannis, MA
Venue: Cape Cod Melody Tent (Glam Nation Tour)

Date: Tue, 2010-07-20
Location: Seattle, WA
Venue: Showbox SoDo (Glam Nation Tour)

Date: Sat, 2010-07-17
Location: Denver, CO
Venue: Paramount (Glam Nation Tour)

Date: Mon, 2010-07-12
Location: Chesaning, MI
Venue: Chesaning Showboat Music Festival

Date: Sat, 2010-07-10
Location: Louisville, KY
Venue: Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts (Glam Nation Tour)

Date: Fri, 2010-07-09
Location: Cleveland, OH
Venue: Allen Theater (Glam Nation Tour)

Date: Tue, 2010-07-13
Location: Lansing, MI
Venue: Common Ground Music Festival

Date: Sat, 2010-07-03
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC (Glam Nation Tour)
Venue: House of Blues



  1. mmagiemay says:

    I was able to get one for the Milwaukee show. Excited to go. Don’t think its a fabulous seat, but am happy to be going and with all the other fans!!! Can’t wait to see you Adam!

  2. I purchased 4 tickets for my family for Milwaukee…it wasn’t easy. Some of the info wasn’t that clear. We weren’t able to purchase on line, only the website. I am so grateful since I was unable to get to Mystic Lake casino. We’re on the main floor, right center but back in the double numbers. Still, he’ll be there, I’ll be there…Yippee!

    • Mystic Lake tickets seemed impossible to get and they were. 🙂

    • Andrea says:

      I have 2 seats, KK, for Mystic if you’re interested. I bought the two and then my friend tried to improve our seats and also bought 2. Let me know…we can meet up after I get the tix at Will Call…

    • We might have 1 ticket to Mystic Lakes available. It’s a bad seat, but it’s a ticket!

  3. I am so happy to see a Seattle date on here for those of you who have been waiting so patiently.

    We need to keep a great love exchange going between us and Adam and the band and nourish their spirits like they do with ours!!!
    This is seems like a jampacked schedule and I am sure this is not all…..

    • Mary H says:

      Thanks Irena, for keeping us Seattle fans in your thoughts. I am SOOOO happy to see this Seattle date, although I must say the venue is a little disappointing as it is a stand-up general admission venue (saw David Cook there last summer) and it will most likely be a riot scene!!!! OMG!!! First of all, get the tickets, second of all, get there really EARLY to get in line the day of the event. (Hints for all of you Seattle people…) Going to have to plan my strategy now, thats for sure! Just checked my work schedule, at least I’m off that day!! WooHoo!!! Now to see if I have a presale notice from the venue, since I have purchased tickets from there previously. YAY!!! Its also my son’s birthday, who is a fan, so will be taking him as well. So much to do!!!

      • LvAdam says:

        Finally! something in the northwest! When and how do we get tickets? I’m still hoping for Portland but I am also going to buy seattle tickets as soon as possible……..I am NOT MISSING this tour!!!!!!!!!

    • JEANENE says:


      • Mary H says:

        Showbox Sodo is a venue just south of Safeco Field (Mariners). Had hoped for the Paramount Theater but just happy he’s coming at all!!! Now to get tickets…..

        • nicandace says:

          Really hope i can at lease get the ticket and will head down to Seattle at 6am in the morning! Vancouver to Seattle will take like 3 hrs drive at least…

          Hi, Mary H,Thanks for the hints! what time do you think it’s really EARLY? i really need to plan this!

          • Not sure exactly what time “really early” is, but when seeing Adam is involved I suppose there could be a few hardy souls that will show up MANY hours before the start of the show (8:30p.m.) to get in the door first. I’m still planning that strategy……..Just another hint about Vancouver to Seattle: when I drove to Vancouver for River Rock from north of Seattle, the border crossing itself took an hour up and two hours down, but was a Friday afternoon and then Sat afternoon. Also the Tunnel south of Vancouver caused me huge delays due to the time of day. I was sort of clueless about that! Also, plan for traffic going south into Seattle in the afternoon. And if there is a Mariner baseball game….oh boy!…, since the Showbox Sodo is about two blocks directly south of the baseball stadium-parking issues! (Just like any city) Another thing you might do is to check to see if there is a home game and what time it starts. Some mid-week games start in the afternoon, others start at 7 pm. There are many places to park, just get there early. The more I think of it, drive down and arrive at least early afternoon, find a parking place, and then find somewhere to have an early dinner,lots of places within walking distance!
            Not to scare you, just things to be aware of the day of event!!! Been there…. Good luck on getting a ticket by the way, we’re all in this together!

            • By the way, to any who are going to this venue, there is a parking lot directly across the street . Not huge but convenient if you can get in. Also fair amount of street parking, and other lots as well.

            • Just checked the baseball schedule: home game (of course!) against Chicago at 7:10 pm, so be aware! Definitely plan to arrive several hours before that if you can. They aren’t doing too well this season, so may be a little easier to find parking 🙂

              • nicandace says:

                Hi Mary,

                Thank you sooooooo much for your advices. I very appreciate it!

                OMG i cant belive i actually got the tickets!!!! i m super excited!! Hope to see you there TOO!!!!

  4. Me again. Misspoke…I mean’t that I wasn’t able to purchase by phone. Sorry.


  6. brooke says:

    wish adam was coming to canada 🙁 maybe his next tour….

  7. GerryinNJ says:

    There also was an announcement this morning for Bethlehem, PA, but by the time I got the message, within an hour all seats within the front sections (about 50 rows) were gone. I didn’t want to sit a hundred yards away since I get better views on this site, so I didn’t buy the tickets. This is the THIRD announcement (others were Sayresville, NJ and Atlantic City, NJ) that were sold out before I could access the sites. The others had NO tickets left.

    • mbrenn says:

      I know! They were selling like crazy! Did get the last few tickets in the VIP section, but feel lucky just to see him live and am so glad that he sells out these shows so quickly! Go Adam!!

    • Impossible!!! Had several presale times. Went on exactly as stated. 1 minute past 10:00 they were gone. Public sale time. Same result. Tried the same venues that you did plus I tried 2 dates in NYC. I don’t understand. WHO gets the tickets?????????

  8. Ellie Parchini says:

    I’m patiently waiting for tour dates for Texas. I hope us Texans won’t be disappointed.

    • i hear ya ellie i live in oklahoma where do u think in texas since he wants a smaller venue

      • Hey Lisa,
        Guess who???? Bridget’s Mom. Hope you get your tickets girl, as I know how much your looking forward to seeing Adam. You know I have ours and the sorry tale of buying them.

  9. Would really like a N. Cali site like Sacramento or San Francisco. Can’t fly and Costa Mesa is a 10 hour drive. But if he doesn’t come up my way, I’ll be happy checking out the various videos from the fans.

    • He’s coming to Thunder Valley casino in Lincoln, CA which is 30 min from Sacramento. The casino has confirmed it. Tickets on sale May 22nd. Follow them on twitter – @thunder_valley for updated information. AO doesn’t list it on the tour schedule yet. The concert will be outside in their parking lot not in the casino, all ages welcome. They haven’t confirmed what kind of seating yet, though I heard bleachers. I hope not!

    • Libraglam says:


      There is good news:
      There will be one near Sacramento, at “Thunder Valley Casino” (city :Lincoln) on July 24th (Sat) (You can browse the web to find the casino website) However, I called the casino and they said that the concert will not be posted until May 8th and the tickets wont’ be selling until May 22. Also go to Adam Official website, go to “Forum”, then select “Tour talk – West Coast” , they are updating info about that concert and which website to buy tickets. So keep checking on that site. I also plan to go there too. I live in San Jose and can’t wait to that day. It will be only 2 1/2 hours drive.

      • Mo-Ski says:

        Cant find forum anywhere on the official adam lambert website….maybe the Canadian site doesnt have it??!!

      • I hear ya, I’m from SJ also, I may just have to take a ride to Thunder Valley. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Adam.!!! I wish he would come to sj.

  10. Any idea if Adam is coming back to Vancouver, or anywhere in western Canada?

  11. kat4adam says:

    So excited I’m going to both nights in Costa Mesa. The 1st night is level 2 orchestra but the next night is way up. Hope it’s okay seating. Not much of a choice. It’s all going to be a big party anyway!!!
    Went to the summer tour last year and we all had fun!
    I loved everything about his performance especially when he took off his jacket and just had the vest on! Can’t wait til JULY!!!

    • Glad you got tickets. I wasn’t as lucky 🙁 I was on Ticketmaster before 10:00am, had the presale code, but to no avail. The only seats available were Section 3, Row X

  12. Mo-Ski says:

    Does anyone know when the Seattle tickets will be going on sale?

    • Just go to the web site of the venue and get the phone number.
      2. Call them 2 find out when the tickets go on sale 4 the public. AO (ADAM OFFICIAL) usually holds the pre-sale the Wednesday B4 the public sale. It’s usually @ 10 am.
      3. Make sure U R signed up on AO to receive email updates.
      4. Then between 9:30 & 9:55 am on that Wednesday go 2 UR e mails & get the code.
      5. Then go to AO under events and look for UR Venue. click on the tickets icon and it will direct U to the site conducting the presale of tix.
      6. Just follow the instructions from there.
      7. Continue 2 refresh & retry until U get a tix.
      Good luck & happy glamxiety! Note: Just remember 2 BREATHE!
      Hope that helps!

    • Mary H says:

      Just saw on AO that pre-sale will be 5-12 (Wed.)

  13. Sheila Glamb #500 says:

    For people out there that have a little money, there are PAGES of tickets for Adam concerts on eBay.

    I know I can’t afford them, but if you can, some of them were not too bad. (Price wise I mean)

    I have tickets to Milwaukee and Mystic Lake. Both places my seats are not GREAT, but not too bad. I felt VERY LUCKY to get the ones in Milwaukee today. It was a nightmare.

    Anyway, I’m sure you guys probably know that already, but those brokers post Adam’s tickets all over the place if you can afford the prices. Just thought I would throw that out there. eBay, and and of course StubHub.

    • Libraglam says:

      StubHub is a rip-off …. unless you are trying to get tickets at the last minutes then that site always have tickets for you (with a marked up price). I saw people listed selling tickets or exchange at Craig List (go to the one at your area).

    • Mary H says:

      So frustrating for people, have been through this situation with two other concerts of Adam’s, particularly River Rock. Couldn’t get anything at all there, either pre-sale or day of sale. Scalpers bought out a lot of tickets. Resisted for awhile but ended up paying more than twice face value on Stub Hub. Did get good seats and just bit the bullet and paid the price. Its really terrible that this happens but he is just a SUPER HOT COMMODITY (don’t WE know it!!!!) so people in the know will buy up tickets to resell because they know they can! I guess some venues will prevent this, but not all. I know I bought tickets for my granddaughter (yep , I’m a young at heart grandma) to see Miley Cyrus last year and they had paperless tickets, meaning you had to be there with ID and credit card in order to gain entrance to the show. Not convenient at all for me as I didn’t want to go, (sorry Miley!) but instead sent money to her and then someone else who was going bought the tickets and went. Keeps the scalpers from making money and keeps the ticket prices at face value. We’ll see what happens with the Seattle show, at least all tickets there give you an equal chance in this case (general admission) to see him, although being a shorty doesn’t help. Have to bring stilts I guess! I also don’t see this show as officially announced yet, but just signed up on Adam Official to get the pre-sale code, etc.. What I won’t do to see Adam! Its a lot of work!!! But, believe me, its worth it!!!

      • retrogrrrl says:

        I hear ya Mary, I paid over $300 bucks for my ticket to the Red Robinson show but luckily I was close enough to the front (3rd row) that I got to stand in the pit area 2 gals back from the stage barrier! It was definitely worth it but Showbox Sodo will be General Admission I’m sure which means get there super early and first come first serve for a spot in the front! I’m 49 but will brave any “pit” for Adam, just hoping I will hear about tickets before they sell out again! My email is & I live in Tacoma. PLEASE Let me know if you hear ANYTHING! That goes for you other Pacific NW Glambs too!

        • Mary H says:

          Will do. By the way LOVED the Vancouver venues, River Rock was awesome, wish Seattle had a place like that. I’m kind of hoping that he will show up there again in the near future, I’d head up there in a second. I live about 35 miles north of Seattle so its just a short drive to Vancouver for me. I am dreading the craziness that will ensue the moment the Showbox Sodo tickets go on sale. Instant sell-out. We “northwesties” are an intense bunch, apparently, (probably because we are so far away from everything else!!!) and we’ll do our best to be there, even if the venue leaves something to be desired. Not a fan of general admission. Yep, just have to get there really early to line up, except that I have a feeling a lot of other people will have the same plan!! I’ve looked on Stub Hub at some of the other Glamnation tour venues and some of those tickets are staggeringly expensive. Wonder if that will happen here as well. Have to get four tickets……Could get expensive! Oh well, thinking positive thoughts……

  14. LuvAdam476 says:

    I’m still waiting for an Oklahoma date. Tulsa at the Brady Theater would be great!! Or the Performing Arts Center in Tulsa.

    Getting antsy…..going thru withdrawals…..need to see Adam in person again. Saw him on Idol Tour last year!

    This Glam Nation Tour is going to be the BEST EVAH!!!!!


  15. i couldn’t get any tickets for the casino in Connecticut…r they all sold out or can I try something else..???

  16. I couldn’t get any tickets for the casino in Ct either…..i’m hoping to get some when the general sale tickets become available on Saturday…its so frustrating!

  17. Susan W says:

    At least you guys were able to get tix for Milwaukee. I had trouble online as well and finally called the box office. By the time I got though all of the tickets on the first level were gone and they couldn’t give me 2 seats together anywhere. I ended up not getting any.

  18. couldn’t get presale:)Hoping for general admiss:)On fri we will see what happens:) Has anyone heard any inside info on A possible venue or possible date for Atlanta show:)

  19. DNSowles says:

    I sooooo wish Adam would come back to Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids Michigan where he was with the Idol Tour. Bet he would sell out the place!!!!! Hope they would turn down the painfully loud speakers though.

  20. Lee/Saline says:

    Thanks, Sue, for this topic. First, let me say I love Adam, I’m 67 years young, and I’ve never ordered tickets or much else online. I read about how hard it was to get tickets and panicked. Last Wed. morning at 9:30 I went online and bought one ticket for myself through one of the intermediary sites that still had Adam tickets. After not getting to see him last year I was ready to fly somewhere and stay in a hotel if that’s what it took. So when I saw the cheapest ticket price of $109. I didn’t blink. The Omni in Toledo, OH is only 45 minutes from home. But then the $19.08 to the intermediary and $15 for mailing added up to $143.08! By now I was in shock, but went on with the purchase for GA (general admission) . I later found out that Orianthi wouldn’t be playing there.
    Well, at 9:50am or so I checked my email, and there was my password from Adam for presale tickets. I followed the link, and the same ticket was now a total of $44.25. Still in shock, I bought it thinking I could resell the first one or take a friend. So now I want to alert fans to wait until they get their email. It does work. I guess you have to be on time though.
    Yesterday, I waited for my email until a few minutes after 10 am, got the password for Adam’s concert in Royal Oak, MI and ordered one ticket for $47.15. It is still general admission, however Orianthi will be there, and it’s only 50 minutes from home. I wish I knew someone to hook up with at the venues.

  21. Beaglewoman says:

    After reading some of the posts I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to get tickets to Mystic Lake. Not sure of the exact location of seats but I think it’s the front left section. From what I have been told from others who have gone to concerts there is that there really isn’t a “bad’ seat…… I am so looking forward to this!!!!

    BW [Glamb 611] 🙂

  22. k. morgan says:

    Just a sidebar here for all my co-Adam fans….Adam is paving the way whether he knows it or not….So far two well known artist have come out of the closet so to speak…of course Ricky Martin…and now the country music singer…can not think of her name…Heart breaking article about her seriously considering killing herself on MSN’s entertainment page….She literally had a gun in her mouth…She talks in great detail about the country music conservatives and how they harassed her and made her keep quiet…but she is now out….Said she feels free at last to be herself….
    Adam – you may have not wanted to be a hero…but you are becoming one…to all those suffering in a world that makes them hide….Truly you are an inspiration by being yourself…being proud of yourself and being honest…That is why I love this so talented man…

  23. Razmatanian says:

    I’m thinking that if LibraGlam is going to make it from San Jose to ThunderValley in 2-1/2 hours, I need to know when she’s driving so I can stay out of her way! So happy Adam is FINALLY coming to Northern California and I’m determined to see him, even if from a distance.

    • Remember she is driving to THUNDER Valley!

      I love all these emails exchanges about the excitement of seeing Adam Live! I am still in shock, sort of, that my husband will go with me to the Charlotte concert. He knows how much I adore Adam and sometimes he gets uncomfortable about it, I mean I am intense when it comes to Adam. A good friend of mine pointed out that it takes a special man to be ok with his wife being passionate about another man….and this is true so I have been looking at my husband with more appreciation! Guess eventually it will all come back his way

    • Libraglam says:

      Hehehe…..Razmatanian, i am not that bad driver.. (Adam’s heat may have a little effect..) Well, from Milpitas-San Jose to Sacramento is only about 140 miles……i normally drive 70mph, but ususally the traffic near Sacramento is VERY BAD esp. in the morning and in the afternoon when people is going home (funny is that it also happened during weekend)…talking about stucking in traffic up to an extra hour or so…..(so i usually started about 80 mph then slow down when i reach the capital…(lots of cops there too).. Now, (thanks to you) you remind me of probably leaving much earlier to beat the traffic near Sacramento and also find my way to the Indian Reservation where i had never been there before.Then …..find parking lot…there will be about 4,500 people (if the seats will be sold out)

      I am thinking of looking for a bumper sticker “I love Adam Lambert”. If you see someone on the way who drive 80mph with that bumper sticker….that’s me !! :-)) All because of Adam’s heat.

      Yes, i will leave “very” early this time, hope to see you guys over there (if i can get tickets)

      • Libraglam says:

        BTW, i found these photos of indoor and outdoor of ThunderValleyCasino in their website:
        (Click the little boxes at the bottom to see inside the casino)

        Since the Arena is not built yet, i guess the amphitheater will be built in the back ?
        I saw out door amphitheater before with huge amplifiers sounding systesm …i am sure
        it has to meet all the qualifications of “Glam Nation Tour” concert. They told me that
        Orienthi will be playing with Adam. I think Allison will be there with Orienthi too. too bad
        the person i talked to on the phone never watch AI (they don’t know anything)….so can’t
        ask much.

  24. I’m still hoping he comes to San Diego, but its not looking too good

  25. I got standing room only tickets to see him in Indiana. Why is he not coming to Chicago?

  26. I got tickets for the Omni at Toledo, Ohio concert. I thought general admission was seating…but not so…it’s all standing!!! Ugh!!!! I wanted to sit and listen Adam…and take pic’s. It’s going to be frustrating!!! I’m too old to stand in line and stand and listen for many, many hours! And yet alone have to go to the restroom….. I wish all of his concerts were assigned seating…it would be well worth it!
    So my request to Adam and his promoters…please have all of his concerts with seating options….please. Make the experience a REAL, ENJOYABLE pleasure!!!

  27. I got tix for Atlantic City & now Musikfest too! I still can’t believe he will be less than 50 miles from my house!!! Yay! This will be my 1st & 2nd times of seeing him live!!! Can’t wait …

  28. Was thrilled to hear about the Seattle date, but disappointed in the venue. What are people who are disabled or elderly to do if they cant stand for hours in a line to get in and then cant stand (or see if you are vertically challenged!) during the concert, hoping not to get crushed? Oh well, I will rely on our ever faithful Sue to send a snippet or two for viewing from the GlamNation tour. Luv to all!!

  29. I was able to get 2 tickets to the Milwaukee show right before 6:00 tonight but they are not together. It was from Adam’s website. They weren’t on sale thru ticketmaster yet just thru the Riverside Theater website which was connected to Adam’s site and directed me there. It was actually very easy. Tomorrow is is thru Ticketmaster.

  30. I wonder if it would B possible for the mediator of this site 2 educate all R Glamily on how 2 get tickets so that they DON’T get taken? I get so upset 2 see R Glamily get taken advantage of! Especially those of us that don’t know the ends & out of this process. I have been in contact w someone who is in the know of the workings of this stub hub & ticket master racketeering. It is a disgrace the way they R taking advantage of our dedication for Adam! If we could avoid ALL the Stub Hubs & Ticket Masters of the world. Then when they get stuck with all those tickets it will eventually make them chg their tactics orf maybe even put them outta business. (Wishful thinking) U can twitter @FoxVegas & she can update U on their scams! I’m sorry 2 say that it’s gonna get worse! Ticket Master just united w/ another powerhouse ticket resale vendor and they R gonna have a monopoly! We HAVE 2 do something @ it if we don’t want 2 have 2 pay triple (or MORE) the orig. cost 4 a ticket. There is power in numbes guys! It’s up 2 us 2 do SOMETHING @ IT! BTW Stub Hub had a ticket 2 one of the venues for $2,900! It was orig. a $30 or $40 ticket! Now what R we gonna do @ it?

    • Thanks for your very detailed info re getting the concert tickets from AO and how that works (in response to Mo-Ski above). This concert thing is nuts and for those of us not used to having to literally fight to get tickets, every little bit of help is appreciated. I just this week registered with AO and will follow your instructions to (hopefully) get tickets. In the past, my limited concert ticket experience was to simply go to the venue or Ticketmaster and buy tickets. Period. No big deal. With Adam “fever”, it’s a constant source of “glam-xiety” and frustration. Last year, before the Idol tour, I waited around, wondering if I really wanted to go (Duh!). Now, I wait with everyone else here, for word of the next concert that I can somehow attend. So, you are so right, there are many people who know there are those of us who will do whatever it takes to get tickets when the venues are “sold out” in minutes, which is crazy. I was really nervous to even consider Stub Hub as a ticket source, but since I could afford to pay a little more for tickets, I just went ahead with it, was worth it to me, but it really isn’t fair in the long run, and is getting worse. The tickets I got for River Rock came from a man in Marina Del Ray in CA, obviously bought by someone just to resell to someone like me and a friend who were desperate to go. I too looked at Stub Hub just out of curiosity and some sellers are truly out of control, and perhaps a little bit delusional, with the re-sale prices of some tickets at many of the Glamnation Tour venues. I saw some for over $4,000. We know Adam is fabulous but yikes! Some tours are going to “paperless” tickets to keep this sort of thing from happening, but probably in a limited way. It’s a real dilemma for us fans. The chosen Seattle venue is fairly small which will make it even harder when it comes getting tickets here. Not sure what I will do if I can’t get tickets through the AO source. Remains to be seen… Keeping the faith in the meantime! Thanks again.

      • Libraglam says:

        May I ask….since i am not familiar with paperless ticket….What is the benefit of “paperless” ticket vs the hard tickets? thanks.

        • “Paperless” tickets require the presentation of Credit Card of the original buyer of the ticket(s) at the venue at the door in order to get into the performance. It makes it much more difficult,(if not impossible) for people to sell tickets on Stub Hub,E-Bay etc.. Suppose they can still figure out a way of selling tickets to others for higher prices, by being present with the buyer at the venue, but it definitely makes it much tougher. For instance, elsewhere I mentioned the tickets I bought through Stub Hub (because of the quickly sold out status) for River Rock in Vancouver last month came from a buyer in Southern California and I live in WA state. If it had been a paperless ticket event, that wouldn’t happen, in all probability, logistically speaking! The name of the purchaser on the “ticket”(s) must match the name on the credit card. MANY of the tickets to that concert were bought by people who were buying them to resell. Smaller venue, not many tickets to begin with.Those people KNEW they could sell the tickets for more money because Adam is so able to sell out his performances and there are those of us who are willing to pay more to see him, as is true of many other performers. The “paperless” process has some disadvantages as well, you can’t just buy tickets as gifts and not be there yourself, without trusting them with your credit card for instance, but at least makes it much harder for scalpers. I ran into this situation last year buying tickets as gifts to a concert so thats how I know about it. I just sent money and let them figure it out! Hope that helps.

          • Also want to be clear that I only went the Stub Hub route after trying both the pre-sale and general ticket sale and being aced out both times. Actually had three of us on the task, no one had success. Both sales sold out in minutes. Paperless tickets would have increased our chances of success but would not have guaranteed our scoring tickets either but would have kept the price down. Really wanted to see him at this great venue. And, to play the devils advocate, my friend and I very well may not have been able to go at all if we hadn’t gone the re-seller route (SO glad we were there). Who knows. Its really a tough dilemma from an ethical point of view.

            • Libraglam says:

              Thank you Mary ! Now that makes sense to me ! I learn something today !! That’s smart of having paperless to avoid “black market”….but if ticketmaster or stubhub had an agreement with entertainer 19 to let them buy/block a number of seats then that is another story right? Thank you Mary again for quick response. I like this fan site so much. Everyone is so helpful and give quick response. Have a great week.

  31. Christina Nielsen says:

    Hey! Does anyone knows if Adam planning on going on tour to Europe? And does anyone knows where it is possible to buy a DVD contaning his perfomences in Idol? Please let me know to my email:

  32. Mary H…It just breaks my heart 2 see our glamily getting scammed! I’m not sure the answer, but there R enough of us 2 certainly make some noise! FoxVegas on twitter has written one letter 2 Entertainment19 and those that have clout concerning Adam. I think she got @ 100 signatures. But it’s becoming real now that it is in R face with the tour venues selling. I believe she is gonna do another letter. If we let others know @ it then I think we can get even more signatures. We just need 2 spread the word. Feel free 2 DM me on twitter @adamitisnky or @FoxVegas and we will keep everyone informed. I believe that there is something that can B done @ it. In some Cities it is illegal to scalp tickets. But I believe it is initially up 2 the entertainer to take a stand on it & offer paperless tickets like Celine Dion, Miley & some others have done. Godd luck 2 U and all our Glamily on getting the tix @ the original price.

    • Mary H says:

      I believe I saw an article not long ago in Rolling Stone magazine and elsewhere about this problem, with Ticketmaster becoming such a huge monopoly. I think there is a lot of concern out there in general. I’m guessing we’ll be hearing more about this in the near future.

  33. adamisamazing says:

    Does anyone know if there will be any additional dates? I live in Arizona and am anxiously waiting to hear if Adam will be coming here. Of course I would be willing to fly to CA or NV. Just in agony wondering if I will even have an opportunity to see him. He has many fans here, and I am an Adamaniac – just can’t get enough of this remarkable person.

  34. Paula Jensen says:

    Same experience as most of you. I wanted to attend the Myrtle Beach, SC concert as well as the Knoxville TN concert. On Wednesday, the day of pre-sales, I was ready with two computers and two phones. (home and cell) I got my code at 9:55, and right at 10:00a.m started hitting “buy tickets” and simutaneously dialing the box offices. I got through to Myrtle Beach, and got the two tickets I wanted. It’s standing only, so there was no worry about bad seats. Then by 10:05 I was trying to get tickets to Knoxville, and they were sold out. I was so bummed since this one is closest to where I live. (outside of Huntsville, AL) So I patiently waited for two more days until they went on sale to the public. I was ready at 10:00 with both comps and phones. At 10:01 the first seats that came to me were at the very back row of the balcony! Worst seats in the house. I left it up on the screen (it gives you 10 mins to complete purchase)and kept searching on the other comp and trying the box office by phone (never got through on phone). By this time, I wasn’t getting anything good, and eventually NOTHING….so I figured I better buy the balcony ones before I lost out completely. So I did. Oh well….I am happy just to be going, but it was a bit disappointing. Especially when I looked on “stubhub” and saw that the scalpers were out in full force and tickets were going for around $350 a piece! Made me so angry. I couldn’t afford that high price, so I kept my tickets. I do have the possibility of getting two tickets from a friend who bought extras. They are balcony, but front row. That’s at least better. My fingers are crossed. I wonder if I can sell the back row balcony seats????? Think anyone wants the worst seats in the place?? lol Adam is worth all the craziness!!!! 😀

  35. tuthfairy says:

    For those of you who are using websites like to buy concert tickets for Bethlehem PA – stop. The tickets showing on these websites are double or most times more than double the price. For example: there are over 1000 lawn tickets left for $25 each and some seats left in the “reserved” sections (which is sometimes called the E zone on these websites) for $37 each. The VIP tickets that people want hundreds of dollars for sold directly from for $43 each. Isn’t this a form of scalping? I thought scalping tickets was illegal?

  36. patricia Pearce says:

    Dear Sue,
    I’m computer illiterate. I desperately want to see Adam in Raleigh, NC Aug. 28th but am afraid tickets will sell out within minutes. I sleep in the daytime so am hoping you will help me by finding a fan in the Chapel Hill, NC area who is buying this Friday June 4th either at the box office or online, one who will may drive my car so we can go together. I’m old enough to be Adam’s mom, but am very young at heart. Will be wearing my sequined ball cap , silver sequined scarf and will be going nuts. I’ll try not to break anyone’s eardrums as I’ll scream for him as I did for Elvis when I was a little girl. If anyone gets this and can forward it to Sue I’d be very grateful. She may share my e-mail address and I’ll send the money to the person who will hopefully buy tickets Friday and go with me in August. Pre-parties are a bonus. Meeting Adam would be heart stopping 🙂 Thanks in advance.
    Lynne Pearce
    114 North Haven Drive,
    chapel hill, nc, 27516.