Adam Lambert To Perform At The Shooting Star Casino, 6/11/2010

OK people, get your calendars out because Adam is heading to Minnesota!!
For those of you that were not able to hit The Fantasy Springs concert, maybe this is a little closer and doable for you. There is still time to plot out your travel plans as the tickets do not go on sale until May 10th. I have included the info from the site, but also the link for ticket prices etc.
Let us know if you are going!! Good luck to all buying tickets, I hope our fans get up close and personal!!! Don’t forget, we will expect pictures and videos!!

Event Info:
Adam Lambert
Friday 6/11/2010 – 8:00 PM
With special guest, Orianthi
Hit single, “According To You”

~After a meteoric rise to the top 2 of American Idol last year, the glamorous Adam Lambert has kept audiences entertained with his incredible voice and even more incredible stage shows. With his new big hit, “Whataya Want From Me,” Adam has been wowing the television waves and radio waves. You will be blown away when you to see this rising star on the brink of what is sure to be a long and exciting career.
Shooting Star Casino
777 Casino Road
Mahnomen, MN 56557-7902



  1. I got a Google Alert to an article on a North Dakota blog about this back on April 2 – but I dismissed it as “couldn’t POSSIBLY be true” because it said “Tickets are $20, $25, $35 and $45.” I was like, NO WAY! Now I see the Shooting Star website says the same thing – and all *I* can say is, ARE THEY NUTS?? Adam Lambert for $20??

    Clearly those people have NO IDEA what they’re in for!! LOL I can’t even believe 19 wouldn’t alert them – or would even LET them charge prices like that! I don’t care how many seats they have – that just makes no sense at ALL!!

    • It is crazy I agree…. All I am hoping is that he will get paid enough. I think certain venues during his promo tour didn’t charge very much either. Probably the Marble Bar in Sydney was for free….. and that was one of my favorite performances.

      I am happy to see he is making his way East!

      • We (the Milwaukee group) are 10 hour of driving time away from the place, where the concert takes place, but we are flying in! For the price that we are paying for airline tickets we could have gone to see him anywhere in the US, but we are crazy enough to go to this venue in a small town with population of 5K people. The venue is 1,500. So, see you there!

        • Olga, where are you flying to? Is there an airport near the Shooting Star Casino? The venue is 1500. Are you spending the night or nights there at the Casino? Do you know when Adam arrives? I’m, full of questions I know but I need to see Adam.

          • Tutupat, you are in the right place! So funny, we all feel like that! We are flying to Fargo, ND, it’s the closest small airport 1.5 hours of driving time from the casino. Courtesy of one of our proactive friends we have a room reserved in the casino for the night of the concert. We arrive in the morning of the concert and leave at 11 am the next day. Let me know if I can provide you with any other info.

  2. Although we may not think so, Adam is relatively new to audiences in this country and still has to pay his dues like so many other artists. Give him time and he will be the the biggest draw to many more people, not just Glamberts and people like me who don’t belong to any particular fan club. When that happens we’ll be lamenting the huge ticket prices.

  3. I want to go so bad, it is still an 8 hour drive for me, but he is so worth it. I need to find out more information, like the size of this place. Anyone from Wisconsin going?

    • I drove over 8 hours to see him perform at Fantasy Springs…by myself… and I can’t describe how much fun it was! Met sooo many wonderful people and had the time of my life! I so wish I could go to this concert since I’m in California it’s too far for me this time, but…I think you should definately go! Adam is mesmerizing live in concert! 🙂

      • Trish! We are from Milwaukee and we are flying in. Driving to this “middle of nowhere on the border with North Dakota” is a challenge. Where do you live? We are flying to Fargo, ND the day of the concert. It’s 1,5 hours away from the casino.

        • I’m from Milwaukee as well, but I was thinking of driving. The prices of the flight seems a little expensive for me, and driving should be cheaper. I was wondering what prices you were finding for airlines? (I’d love to fly just to save the time, really, but I don’t know if that’s possible for me. 🙂

          Adam playing in MN is just amazing. I’ve been geeking out all day, and dragging all my friends into it too. *grin* I can’t wait!

          • Well, these are little commuter jets as there is not much traffic going that direction. We found AA for around $350. And truthfully, if you choose driving it all ends up to approximately the same cost: the extra travel time (20 hours = 10 there and 10 back), extra day off work, you’ll have to spend 2 nights in the hotel instead of 1, unless you want to be very tired at the concert after the longest drive. So, if you add the cost of an extra night in the hotel, plus gas money, plus the fact that you’ll add milage and wear and tear to your car, plus you’ll have to pay for more meals while there, it all ballances out to the amount that you could have spent if you fly in. Just food for thought. I first thought that driving would be financially preferable for me, but then girls convinced me otherwise. So let me know what you decide and let’s plan on meeting at the concert! We’ll have our own Milwaukee reunion!

            • How fun is this?! Trish I remember an email from you early on to be part of our Wisconsin group but then Jeanette chose to leave the site, & our WI group per say kind of never took off…however, Olga, myself, Jeanette, & Mary D have bee tight knit since the AI concerts in Aug/Sept in Milw / Madison & we have monthly get-togethers…it’s been so awesome & I know any Adam fan is always a welcome addition to our “family”! That goes for you too Kaavya – where in WI do both of you reside? let us know so we can be in touch for the concert & otherwise 🙂 as for Olga my girl (of the Olga & Jill Oprah Adventure story fame :), YOU realy got the “justification” down pat for the financial piece of our MN adventure ~ it’s amazing ladies what you can come up with to have to negotiate / convince your husbands that this is money well spent! But from experience, the energy & experience of being in Adam’s presence & to hear his magically gorgeous voice, & let him entertain us…that my friends you can’t put a price on – cuz it’s PRICELESS & will change your lives forever ~ blessings, Jill 🙂

  4. joyce halleman says:

    I have been to a lot of concerts at casinos they do not charge much for the entertainment because they are a drawing card for gambling. He is my favorite they will make good from him plus he said he liked to sing to smaller crowds he is very smart start smaller end real big.

  5. THANK YOU in advance for good pictures and videos. Would love to see Adam too!

  6. I am from North Dakota and I was beyond shocked upon hearing that my ‘idol’ was coming to the Shooting Star Casino. It was announced April 2nd, and even then I thought it was an April Fool’s joke. I went to the casino’s website AND called – yep, he’s coming. I booked my room immediately and I am biding my time till the tickets go on sale. I am excited to shop for my glamwear to wear to the concert : ) What other artist out there makes you want to be part of the event ?? I’m ready to be entertained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sheila Glamb #500 says:

    Trish – I am going from Wisconsin, Where do you live? I live in Elkhorn?

    • Are you driving? We are going too. We booked the rooms in the casino. The front desk said that the rooms fly since the information about Adam hit the web.

      • I am driving there with a sister and I have a sister in MN that I was going to visit or take with us – she hasn’t decided yet. They like Adam, but not obsessed like me 🙂 I live in Central WI. AAHHH I know I need to book the room but I can’t decide that fast-if i want to go, I assume he’d be closer at some point. I better figure this out ASAP LOL

        • Yeah, he will be. But when? If it was forseeable future, some information would have leaked out somehow. He said that he has 6 or 7 days around US planned, that doesn’t guarantee that the location will be any closer. And it definitely will not sooner

        • Trish & Sheila – Great to hear you have started to figure out ways to “get there” – again as I mentioned in comments further up, it will be oh so worth it!! I’m so excited it appears we could for certain have a WI glam meeting once we get there – I know me, Olga, Jeanette & Mary would love to meet both of you & also Kaavya from WI also mentioned above! yep, we’ve got airfare, room….just praying & thinking positive that on 5/10 when tickets go on sale – that via divine intervention we will be able to get them!! kind of like putting the cart before the horse – ya think?! But that’s what happened with Olga & I when we went to Oprah not knowing if we could get in to the Adam taping, & some ONE – a power greater than us…not only gave us the opp – but included tons of “bonus” experiences we couldn’t have even imagined. the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING, faith, trust, & belief that with God all things are possible…and when it comes to Adam – exciting things happen – friendships develop instantaneously, & life is better because of the impact we have on each other’s lives…RELISH in every precious minute ~ blessings, Jill 🙂

          • You guys are right, what am I waiting for?! Looks like most of the rooms are booked already in the casino/hotel, so I have looked elsewhere, but they are 25 minutes away. No longer going with sisters (stupid family reunion that week lol) but taking 2 friends and doing a road trip. They aren’t really big Adam fans, but they know it will be great. I would love to meet up with all of you also!! I have met Jeanette before on the AI tour in Madison. I also hope I get tickets – I hate playing this waiting game. I have only gone to 1 concert in my life and it was the AI tour. What do i need to know? Does he meet/greet before or after? Will people be meeting ahead of time to talk about Adam? I know about positive thinking, I am 36 year of cancer survivor (2 years in remission this month) and all I want to do is meet Adam Lambert! (he didn’t meet/greet in Madison). You are right Olga, something about his tour dates/places would have leaked by now. Thank you guys for giving me that little push!! I know I won’t regret it!

  8. marsue1995 says:

    I am hoping to get tickets and come from NW Montana, about 20 hours away. I would have like to have gone to the Canada concerts and they would have been closer but couldn’t get tickets. Better luck this time. Already have reservations so cross my fingers. Have got to see Adam live. Love him!!!

  9. patricia Pearce says:

    As a pre teen I screamed my way through the Elvis years and insisted no one would ever be as exciting as he was in my lifetime. Adam has proved me wrong and I love this young man not only for his exquisite voice, his “rock god” performances, his style but primarily for his kindness, his intelligence, his wit and the loyalty his has for friends as demonstrated in the FYE booklet.

    Now I must offer a criticism about decisions being made to have him perform in casinos where “once upon a time” singers are put out to pasture when their days as headliners have passed them by. They are offering bargain basement prices for a brilliant high carat jewel. Buyers will begin to wonder if their is a flaw in the diamond if it is not being presented in the very best showcase for the price it is really worth. I was visiting a small town where top artists were paid huge fees by the council so the people could celebrate their bicentennial by being entertained for FREE. The park was nearly empty. They’d have paid $120 to see these same performers in an arena, but their importance was diminished because they allowed themselves to be put on a clearance rack so to speak.

    I saw it firsthand and I’m terrified that this beautiful, gifted Glambert who could sell out stadiums is being damaged by management decisions. I believe they’re doing this because of AMA and are sending out a strong message that they don’t believe Adam can sell out a large venue. Pretty soon the people will start looking for the “flaws” that management must be seeing and will stay away in droves because they “sold him short for $20”. Please print this as I am pretty computer illiterate and don’t know how to access most sites. I worry about him as I worried about my own children.


    • Patricia – That’s exactly the point I was making in my post above. Bargain basement prices are NOT necessarily a good thing. If you look at the Shooting Star website – the other acts they have scheduled have higher prices. The country singer, probably a bigger draw in that area, is $45 – 75, but how far will people travel to see him?

      I understand that prices are low because of the location of this casino – and granted – Adam probably won’t draw a lot of locals lol – but I still say – THEY’RE NUTS! With only 1500 seats, and people reserving rooms before they even know if they can get tickets – and people driving AND flying in – you just KNOW when tickets go on sale on the 10th they’ll be gone within hours – as fast as they can answer their phones!

      Could 19 have FOUND a more out of the way place for Adam to perform? It’s great that they want to get him into the Heartland, but this one is carrying that too far! Small stages make a lot of sense – they’re more personal – but small is 5000! This venue isn’t big enough for him to put on the tour shows with dancers he’s been talking about – it’ll clearly be only him and the band.

      I live in a small town in Michigan (about 20,000) but this is a HUGE area for bands. Big names have come from here over the years. Hell, Madonna was BORN here! We have semi-big name bands come in here pretty regularly for some of our festivals – we have lotsa festivals here – but no one will get into one of em for under $45. If you calculate the average price at $35 and multiply that by 1500 seats – the MOST they can make is $52,500 – GROSS! What are Adam and the band getting paid? That’s not enough for them to roll out of bed in LA for, let along trapse all the way out to the middle of nowhere and actually perform! I don’t care HOW early it is in his career – this is a BAD move!!

      • Annie Mae says:

        I’m goin!!!! My lake cabin is 30 minutes away. One thing that I read that is bugging me… PEOPLE FROM NORTH DAKOTA AND MINNESOTA AREN’T HICKS! DON’T underestimate the locals here. There are A LOT more people interested in Adam than you think. Infact, there is said to be alteast 100 people who plann on standing outside the venue on the day tickets go on sale, including ME! You non locals have got major competition. Good luck!

  10. Peggy Glamb #543 says:

    My daughter and I are coming from Missouri and we just booked our room for Friday and Saturday night…They told my daughter they only had 2 rooms left for Sat. now…..We also hope we can get tickets, but she said they was standing room, and the casino pays the entertainers….We go to concerts all the time at Terribles in Iowa and meet and greet all, and that is how we found out they have a price and the casino pays them…..We are hoping to get tickets…..

    • Why so many peole would stay for Saturday? Is there something going on that we are not aware of?

  11. Hi everyone, as I see more concerts coming up, and read comments about how much people would like to go but can’t afford airfare, etc. I’m wondering if we could find out who lives near us or on the way, that we could set up some car pools. I so wanted to go to one of the Canada concerts, but am providing childcare for my grandchildren, and the backup sitters are on vacation!
    I live near Seattle WA. I’ll have the summer off as DIL is a middle school teacher, and would love to go to anything from mid June on. I’m also thinking of Florida Sept 18. If people are interested, and want to send info via e-mail, I would be happy to coordinate.

  12. Caroline says:

    I am SO excited that Adam will be coming to MN again! I went to the AI concert last year in hopes of actually meeting him at the meet & greet however, he was one of two who did not come out to sign. I was heartbroken to say the least. Shooting Star is a much smaller & more intimate venue so I hope ghat means a greater chance on meeting him! I contacted the venue. $45 is for the first 1-8 rows and go on sale 5/10 as mentioned. They are anticipating being so our w/i a very short time as they should be. It is about a 3 h&r drive for me. I also checked on room rates and they were $70-$110. I will be there come hell or high water!


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