Adam Lambert to Appear On Glee!!

EDIT: Sorry folks, this turned out to be a rumor. Adam tweeted around 8 PM PST last night: Glee guest star rumor: it’s a rumor. Sorry guys.

Never trust the National Enquirer Kellie!!


One of the hot rumors flying back and forth on the chats has been about Adam appearing on Glee. Here’s the first word of any confirmation about it. The reporter here is using the National Enquirer as her source.

Kellie Rasberry, reporting on the Kidd Kraddick In the Morning Show, says that Adam will play a mentor for Kurt, the gay character. I can only imagine the positive impact this could have for everyone. By being the first performer to be completely out-of-the-closet from the beginning of his career, Adam has already begun to change the tone of America.

The Glee episode is not scheduled to air until after the next American Idol season ends, which is in May.

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  1. OMG i havnt watched Glee yet.. BUT I WILL NOW. Its going to snow (kinda) in Florida 😮

    • Off subject but…..

      Here is a contact I picked up when Donorschoose was in the forefront. I believe its still a good contact at 19.

      Let’s all email and request Adams concert for as soon as possible!!

      I posting this contact everywhere, so you’ll see it again I’m sure. Pass it on!!!

      Let’s rock it and make it happen!!!

    • My daughter (who is openly gay) say that I should be watching Glee. She says it is really good. Guess I should watch so I will know what is going with the characters! 😉

    • sue wilson says:

      You should watch Glee. its awesome. since you love Adam you will love Glee. I’m in Fla too (daytona beach) and i saw the snow prediction too. where are you at?

      • AdamAddict says:

        Yes,yes,yes,GLEE is reeeeeeeeeally goooooooood!!! Trust me,thanks to Cindy for recommend it to me. They going to show the series here in Malaysia soon.Better watch it again 😉 I love that series!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so freaking happy to hear this!!!!!!!!!! Adam is going to be super awesome!!!!!! Congrats Adam!

  3. Twisted Sister says:

    IT’s a rumor confirmed right now by Adam

    • Its so nice Adam clears these rumors up. How does all this crap get started? Oh yeh, someone just opens their mouth. Always a pleasure to hear from Lover Boy himself!

    • I don’t believe anything lately unless it comes directly from ADAM’s mouth!!!! So, good for ADAM letting us know it’s a rumor! He loves us and wants to keep up updated as much as he possibly can!

      • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

        Good for you jaberone!! I don’t either! Too much BS going around! We should keep an eye ane ear on ADAM’S tweets!!

  4. Personally I question any rumor that sites National Enquirer as a source.

    I hope its true. I love Glee. I think I started watching it during season 8 because of the buzz about it being a natural for Adam. As it turns out it is super cheesy fun. I am the first to want to see Adam everywhere but I’m not convinced that would be the best venue for him.

    It plays too much on stereotypes. Adam deserves more time with his own career first. I just need to learn to be patient. (Did I just say patient)

  5. Dam Adam Tweets……………..


    Glee guest star rumor: it’s a rumor. Sorry guys. 20 minutes ago from Echofon

  6. the second i heard National Enquirer…. all credibility was lost. ha

  7. hi.he said the oprah defenetly true what does it mean?

  8. This is Negative Neil’s (Adams Brother) response to the Peggy Noonan article about Adam.
    Below Neil’s article is Peggy’s article.

    On Ms. Noonan
    JAN 5TH
    Posted by negativeneil in Dear Republicans,
    Peggy Noonan’s article: The Adam Lambert Problem

    Dear Peggy Noonan,

    I think you’re a pretty sensible person. As a 20-something political product of the George W. Bush administration, I usually have a knee-jerk reaction to Beltway conservatives simply because none of you spoke up as he radically diverged from Reagan’s conservatism. During the 2008 campaign, I fully expected conservatives to line up behind Sarah Palin even though she embodied a continuation of Bush’s personality politics, and for the most part they did (maybe even while holding their noses a bit).

    You didn’t, though, and I respect you for that. Unfortunately, you didn’t have the fortitude to say what you really felt on television, instead inciting scandal by telling the truth only when you believed you were safely disconnected from your microphone. Setting that aside, though, I don’t believe you to be particularly cynical or calculating.

    But this article of yours stinks. It’s not just because I have a personal bias, or a fraternal instinct to defend the guy you’re attacking. It stinks because it reflects exactly the moral degradation of the American character that you’re accusing others of. Let’s break it down, shall we?

    Adam Lambert, in an act of offense and poor taste performed some lewd acts on television, and children were watching
    The parents of these children are simply exhausted by constantly shielding them from the modern vulgarity of television.
    Lambert’s “creepy musical act doesn’t matter much”, but he represents a certain type of selfish personality that is infecting the public sphere a la the Salahis and Octomom. They do what they want at the expense of everyone else, just like the financial sector, and it is frankly exhausting the American heart and mind.
    Given this new, vulgar strain of public persona you assume that we’re degrading culturally, and that the moral fiber of America was softer and stronger 50 years ago than it is today.
    Please, correct me if my summary is inaccurate. Allow me to respond:

    Perhaps what offends me most about your article is the subtext that Adam is somehow raping our minds. That his lewd acts are creeping into our homes and that we’re powerless to fight back, that we cannot simply turn off the television. He’s some ghastly, sexual monster creeping out of the static in a true life Poltergeist or The Ring. You define this characteristic as a selfish desire to impose upon others and profit from others’ defenselessness. To your credit, Peggy, you accurately assign this personality to the people responsible for the financial crisis as well.

    Yet you state at the beginning of your article that this selfishness we see all around us is perhaps more (if not equally) offensive in our entertainment personalities than our political ones, and that’s what I cannot abide. As a parent, which I thankfully am not, I can change the channel, but I can’t flip a switch and change my stock portfolio or turn up the volume on my 401k.

    You think that I consider the entertainment media and political sphere equally in my life. That is offensive. My elected officials are robbing my future children, allowing their oceans and air to become toxic sludge, and you think I care MORE that my kid might see a scantily clad woman or a man on television? Peggy, this is the problem. You think that “faux oral sex” is horrifically, irreversibly imprinted upon the fabric of American culture and that that is somehow worse than the financial and environmental destruction of American culture. It’s simply staggering that you, and many conservatives, think like this.

    On second thought, I just re-read your article. You kept a straight face while pining for the simpler, happier time of 1960? Fifty years ago, the moral fiber of this country was stronger you say? The Civil Rights Act wouldn’t pass for another 4 years. Women were but a shadow in the work place. Let’s not forget about the shreds in our moral fabric back then. I’m certain those times were more egregious than the present incursions upon your puritan borders.

    Do you want to have a discussion about moral and cultural degradation? Why a considerable swath of the American moral fabric believe that healing the sick is not a human right despite their religious texts stating that it is? Or maybe the fact that I can’t convince half this country that torturing someone to death is not what our country is all about? This culture war sideshow you and your ilk have been peddling for years is simply tired. Maybe you’d like to talk about that instead of having one’s world shattered by someone throwing flaunting their sexuality.

    This is why Americans don’t think we’re on the right track: our moral compass has simply stopped pointing the way and you are part of the problem. Our moral code isn’t being desecrated by people like Adam; it’s being dissolved by people like you focusing attention on things that simply don’t matter. Talk to me about torture, habeus corpus, the wars in Afghanistan and our involvement in Pakistan. Give me a conservative solution to our banking and healthcare problems and shut up about the TV show you watched last night. Or would you rather me conclude that you simply have nothing useful to talk about because your party’s agenda just ruined the last decade?


    The Adam Lambert Problem
    “Wrong track” poll numbers aren’t just about the economy.

    The news came in numbers and the numbers were fairly grim, all the grimmer for being unsurprising. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll reported this week that more than half of Americans, 55%, think America is on the wrong track, with only 33% saying it is going in the right direction. A stunning 66% say they’re not confident that their children’s lives will be better than their own (27% are).

    It is another in a long trail of polls that show a clear if occasionally broken decline in American optimism. The poll was discussed on TV the other day, and everyone said those things everyone says: “People are afraid they’ll lose their jobs or their houses.” “It’s health care. Every uninsured person feels they’re one illness away from bankruptcy.”

    All too true. The economy has always had an impact on the general American mood, and the poll offered data to buttress the reader’s assumption that economic concerns are driving pessimism. Fifty-one percent of those interviewed said they disapproved of the president’s handling of the economy, versus 42% approving.

    But something tells me this isn’t all about money. It’s possible, and I can’t help but think likely, that the poll is also about other things, and maybe even primarily about other things.

    Sure, Americans are worried about long-term debt and endless deficits. We’re worried about taxes and the burden we’re bequeathing to our children, and their children.

    But we are concerned about other things, too, and there are often signs in various polls that those things may dwarf economic concerns. Americans are worried about the core and character of the American nation, and about our culture.

    (image of Adam)

    It is one thing to grouse that dreadful people who don’t care about us control our economy, but another, and in a way more personal, thing to say that people who don’t care about us control our culture. In 2009 this was perhaps most vividly expressed in the Adam Lambert Problem. More on that in a moment.

    America is good at making practical compromises, and one of the compromises we’ve made in the area of arts and entertainment is captured in the words “We don’t care what you do in New York.” That was said to me years ago by a social conservative who was explaining that he and his friends don’t wish to impose their cultural sensibilities on a city that is uninterested in them, and that the city, in turn, shouldn’t impose its cultural sensibilities on them. He was speaking metaphorically; “New York” meant “wherever the cultural left happily lives.”

    For years now, without anyone declaring it or even noticing it, we’ve had a compromise on television. Do you want, or will you allow into your home, dramas and comedies that, however good or bad, are graphically violent, highly sexualized, or reflective of cultural messages that you believe may be destructive? Fine, get cable. Pay for it. Buy your premium package, it’s your money, spend it as you like.

    But the big broadcast networks are for everyone. They are free, they are available on every television set in the nation, and we watch them with our children. The whole family’s watching. Higher, stricter standards must maintain.

    This was behind the resentment at the Adam Lambert incident on ABC in November. The compromise was breached. It was a broadcast network, it was prime time, it was the American Music Awards featuring singers your 11-year-old wants to see, and your 8-year-old. And Mr. Lambert came on and—again, in front of your children, in the living room, in the middle of your peaceful evening—uncorked an act in which he, in the words of various news reports the next day, performed “faux oral sex” featuring “S&M play,” “bondage gear,” “same-sex makeouts” and “walking a man and woman around the stage on a leash.”

    People were offended, and they complained. Mr. Lambert seemed surprised and puzzled. With an idiot’s logic that was nonetheless logic, he suggested he was the focus of bigotry: They let women act perverse on TV all the time, so why can’t a gay man do it? Fifteen hundred callers didn’t see it as he did and complained to ABC, which was negligent but in the end responsive: They changed the West Coast feed and apparently kept Mr. Lambert off “Good Morning America.”

    Mr. Lambert’s act left viewers feeling not just offended but assaulted. Again, “we don’t care what you do in New York,” but don’t include us in it, don’t bring it into our homes. Our children are here.

    I don’t mean to make too much of it. In the great scheme of things a creepy musical act doesn’t matter much. But increasingly people feel at the mercy of the Adam Lamberts, who of course view themselves, when criticized, as victims of prudery and closed-mindedness. America is not prudish or closed-minded, it is exhausted. It cannot be exaggerated, how much Americans feel besieged by the culture of their own country, and to what lengths they have to go to protect their children from it.

    It’s things like this, every bit as much as taxes and spending, that leave people feeling jarred and dismayed, and worried about the future of their country.

    Truly, 2009 was a bad year for public behavior.

    There were this year the party-crashing Salahis and their amoral assumption that their needs—fame and fortune, which are the same as Adam Lambert’s—trump everyone else’s. You want public order and security? We want a reality show. And there was their honest and very modern shock that people were criticizing them. “It’s ruined our lives,” Michaele Salahi told the Today show in a bid for sympathy. She and her husband in turn were reminiscent of the single woman who likes to have babies, and this year had eight, through in vitro fertilization, and apparently expected to win public praise.

    All these things—plus Wall Street and Washington and the general sense that most of our great institutions have forgotten their essential mission—add up and produce a fear that the biggest deterioration in America isn’t economic but something else, something more characterological.

    I’d like to see a poll on this. Yes or no: Have we become a more vulgar country? Are we coarser than, say, 50 years ago? Do we talk more about sensitivity and treat others less sensitively? Do you think standards of public behavior are rising or falling? Is there something called the American Character, and do you think it has, the past half-century, improved or degenerated? If the latter, what are the implications of this? Do you sense, as you look around you, that each year we have less or more of the glue that holds a great nation together? Is there less courtesy in America now than when you were a child, or more? Bonus question: Is “Excuse me” a request or a command?

    So much always roils us in America, and so much always will. But maybe as 2010 begins and the ’00s recede, we should think more about the noneconomic issues that leave us uneasy, and that need our attention. Not everything in America comes down to money. Not everything ever did.

    • sorry for taking up so much space. I meant to post this on another site that was talking about public opinion and Adam. 🙁

    • The article is OLD and was answered with people supporting Adam. Bringing it up again, here, gives more power to the closed critical dark mind of Noonan. How it got on an article about Adam appearing on Glee is questionable to me, especially an anricle written over a month ago.
      Itsme, I think you are untrustworthy. My opinion.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        ianaleah, I don’t see anything untrustworthy about itsme’s posts. I think her/his objective was to show us Neil’s rebuttal to Peggy’s ridiculous article. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to post Peggy’s article, but we can always just not read it. She/he even apologized for taking up so much space.

        Itsme, I was glad to see Neil’s response. Thanks.

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • I was also glad to see Neil’s response. I hadn’t read it before and it’s nice to once again hear from an intellegent, articulate (no surprise) Lambert. Go Neil! I just skipped the Peggy Noonan TRASH. It is not worth my time or anyone elses. Thanks itsme

          • LvAdam, you just took the words right out of my mouth! I, too, had already seen the Noonan TRASH but not Neil’s response. So I didn’t mind running across it here and gettting the opportunity to read it.So thanks to both you and itsme.

          • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

            Thank-You Neil ! That woman is a pain in the you know what!!! And LvAdam is right! All she had to say was trash!! Ms Noonan go find some who’s to talk about.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          I agree with you Cindy.

          Itsme, I too am glad of an opportunity to read Neil’s response. I doubt I would have seen it if you hadn’t posted it. Thanks again.

      • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

        Hi all. Kimber did you see what this bitch is saying about MASTER ADAM. My goodness you would thing everything out there with ADAM is nasty. All you bitches get off of ADAMS BACK`.
        All of us ADAM fans are not in an up roar!!!!! And MASTER ADAM is in no way stupid!!! Just the opposite. He is very smart! As far as the National enquirer it is the only rag magazine I subscribe to. AND YOU CANNOT BELIEVE EVERYTING THEY SAY!!! I will say one thing. On the O.J. Simpson ordeal they were spot on. But if we want to know about MASTER ADAM we really should wait and hear it from him. Love you ADAM!! Keep rocking. Hugs to all. WE HAVE NOT BECOME A MORE VULGAR COUNTRY BECAUSE OF ADAM LAMBERT. !! WHAT ABOUT LADY Ga Ga? Or Britney Spears? Sherry K

    • Itsme…..Thank you for posting this extremely interesting and so very rational response by Neil.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • who cares says:

      why the fuck did you write so much like anyone cares wat you have to say i would honestly rather stab myself in the eye then have to read that again

  9. GLAMB#577ElianeBrasil says:

    I wish it was real. I always watch Glee and it was a perfect for him.xoxo

  10. Gina Glamb#552 says:

    ADAM HAS TWEETED that Glee is a rumor. He is definitely taping Oprah next week. I read it may air on his birthday Jan 29th. Susan Boyle is supposedly taping as well.

  11. don’t watch Oprah that often but will sure watch it when Adam is on there…..I hope he does a lot more on t.v. so we can see him a lot in 2010,,,,,,,

  12. If Adam didn’t tweet it, it is not true. He lets his fans know on twitter reagarding any appearances. As for ‘glee”, I do no understand the hype, I think it’s awful, but I’ll watch if and when Adam is on the show.They better step it up though, Adam is far far more talented then that cast put together.

    • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

      Can someone please tell an old lady ( BUT A HUGE ADAM FAN) how to read MASTER ADAM’S TWEETS?

      Thank-You so much! I love everyone on this message board. If you are there ~ Hi Mary C. And Hi Kimber! Hugs to all. Sherry K

      • Sherry, I just Google Adam and then scroll till I see Adam Lambert Twitter and click on and there it is! All his tweets! Easy. Even I can do it, haha! (And this old lady turns 55 one week before Adam’s b-day)

  13. Phyllis Hoffman says:

    I remember screaming for Elvis and now I’m screaming for Adam. Was I shocked when Adam made out with Tommy? Yes, but I was shocked at Madonna and Britney, too. I’m not a fan of public displays hetero or homo. Sex sells, unfortunately, so displays will continue and I can choose to watch or not. I choose to watch Adam and whatever he chooses to do. As for the children watching whatever parents allow them to watch – that’s the parent’s choice, however, they were not forewarned that they should be making a choice. That is my only objection to Adam’s performance (which was not his best vocal performance either).

    • Phyllis, I agree about Adam’s vocals that night ( too much dancing/running around on that large set, probably made him out of breath). But it was the one and ONLY time Adam has ever not sounded so good. Re: the rest of it, there was plenty of warning. ABC kept hyping it, the show was rated TV14 and most of the performances that preceded Adam were plenty risque enough that the parents should have already sent the kiddies to bed. Lastly, the song WAS about SEX and bondage, so just what did the people expect, an AI type of performance? My own reaction was “Holy Sh*t!! Did he just do that?” but afterward I was more disappointed by the vocals than anything else. I so wanted him to come out there and knock everyone’s socks off and give the best performance of his life and gain a whole bunch of new fans. Especially with his album coming out the next day. Instead it just gave all the haters some more ammunition. I know this is rehashing old stuff, but I somehow never got around to saying all this before and somehow it’s all spilling out of me now, as I respond to Phyllis’s post. Sorry all. I know the topic was the Glee thing. But I do feel a little better now…

  14. Ima Ramorah says:

    Don’t know if thisis old news?

    Canadian Rock magazine has a 3-4 page spread with cover for Adam due out February just in time for Valentines Day available for purchase for $12(US) . The 1st run is sold out but they are saying they will have a scond million(?) issue run. (scan to right of page )

  15. I can’t believe it because the National Enquirer is always SO reliable!!

    • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

      Anne; they are always true on a lot of things. But some of it they get wrong. The things I know are true are things that come out in the paper after it is in National enquirer! Sherry K

  16. There is a video of Adam on :mjsbigblog – that website always has the latest Adam videos. There is one of preview his being on Fuse which is fascinating. Adam will be making 5 live performance videos for AOL Sessions. He will appear on Critics Choice and on the Oprah show.


  18. sorry. the only thing I know AOL means is america on line- tell me if thats what this means for AOL sessions-thanks

  19. I’m overjoyed….ADAM will be making appearances so along with all of us watching, thousands (or more) will also be seeing him. Oprah’s show will be a great way for everyone, including mothers and children, to see him as a charming, honest person with alot of magnificent talent!

    Has anyone heard if they’re going to the Oprah show? I put in a request, but haven’t heard a thing back about it. Very disappointing, but Kudos to Oprah for having him on her show!!!

  20. LibraLamb7 says:

    Sorry that the Glee thing is just a rumor, but Adam also tweeted that he’d love to guest star on True Blood or Weeds, so we may yet see him on a series. Even tho he said he’d need major acting lessons, I think he’d be great. Still think his first gig should be hosting SNL in a bunch of short skits + him as musical guest, too. What a show he’d give us!!!! The man was born to perform & entertain us…in many media.

    Looking forward to Oprah (even w/SuBo) & those AOL Sessions vids, which should be very well produced. You can check out their vids by other performers at:

    I also read that Adam may be presenting at the Critcs Choice Awards on Jan. 15th (on VH1), but not sure if that’s confirmed. No confirmation on an appearance on the Grammys, either. Will wait til we get a tweet from Adam himself on things like this, I guess.

    I just want to see MORE ADAM…going back to review the vids from Gridlock NYE…BB was ROCKIN’ HAWT!!! (As COLD as it is here, I need a little HEAT!!!)

    Candace #388 in MS

  21. AL1877, don’t worry about Adam’s AMA performance NOT gathering in fans…

    I didn’t watch AI but knew of Adam from the show’s promo’s. Upon seeing the AMA performance, I was an instant fan! It was campy and fun, the most exciting, original and entertaining performance I have seen on tv in years. I subsequently watched his AI performances on utube and realized what an incredibly talented young man he is and I wished I had watched the last season of Idol.

    Granted, the vocals were off due to what sounded like equipment technical issues, but Adam crafted an intricate and mesmerizing performance that left me spellbound and filled me with joy that I was witnessing a legend in the making. This performer has a truly gifted voice and a charismatic stage presence. Yes, he oozes sex appeal and that can be scary to the few faint-of-heart (1500 complaints out of 14 million+ viewers? Big whoop). He is a beautiful individual with a wondrous talent to share and I am excited to see what he brings next. Like Elvis before him, and Tom Jones, and Freddie Mercury and David Bowie and others, he has a style that is original and like no other. He is fresh and current, just like Idol Judge Randy said during Adam’s audition.

    So I became a fan BECAUSE of his AMA performance and I’m sure there are plenty of others who feel the same as I do. And I’m a single hetero woman who finds his edgy personal style and humble demeanor to be enormously compelling. I haven’t been this enamoured with a performer since Michael Easton appeared on “Port Charles”!

  22. Barbie Doll Loves Adam says:

    Glee is a fantastic show. Watch it even if Adam isn’t on it. You will get hooked by the characters.

  23. well, GLEE is the best musical tv series out there, nice characters and nice songs “`,

  24. That info is incorrect. Adam himself, on his twitter -said that the Glee info is a rumor.Adam gives info about his plans on Twitter. It’s free, quick to sign up. and then just log on -put Adam;s name in ‘search people- and click to ‘follow’ and you get the lastest right from Adam himself.You can follow more people, also, if you choose.


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