Adam Lambert-Tidbits From Singapore

The first part here is a picture of Adam finding out that he went GOLD, onstage in Singapore!! After that, there are videos to watch… although i’m just going to put this out there, they are far away and sometimes the girl breaks out into song which absolutely cracked me up. These are all I can find right now, but if better ones come available I will update them.


Adam receiving his GOLD certification in Singapore-photo via: wxteoevilyn (yes this is how it is spelled)

Preview of Klik.TV’s Adam Lambert in Singapore Special:

Adam Lambert – Mad World (Singapore) via:soyamilk123

Adam Lambert – Broken Open (Singapore) via:soyamilk123

Adam Lambert – Down The Rabbit Hole (Singapore) via:soyamilk123



  1. Great audio on these! Hope someone has closer up pics.

    Singaport loves Adam.

    Adam: WORLD DOMINATION!!!! It’s coming!

    • Terry, are you going to the River Rock concert in April?

    • Theresa/Canada where you been girl? Been talking with Adamfan about River Rock concert. Hope you’re going. Bought myself a snake ring at Guess yesterday for the concert. My friend just laughed at me. She said “Do you think he’s going to notice you cause you have a snake ring?” I said, “No, I would have to grow a penis and lose 20 years for that, but it’s FUN.” Some people just don’t get it!

      Working at the Children’s Lottery Condo in False Creek tomorrow from 11 to 4. Come visit me if you’re in the area.

    • PS I’ll be the one with the snake ring. lol

  2. KO's smiling says:

    He’s just so dang cute. I wanna hug him.

  3. soooooo happy for you Adam…love yah!!!

  4. Awww, some Asian love=) Wonder where he’ll be next?

  5. IMHO the best rendition of Broken Open… the Asian flavor brought into it is so soothing, therapeutic and spiritual… I can imagine listening to it in a spa just to relax… hehehe, who would’ve thought right? And this version of Mad World was rockin’ awesome! Love it;p Of course Down the Rabbit Hole was totally danceable even in acoustic

    • Nothing is the same, everything is in constant flux, new interpertations and inspirations.
      He is beautifully aligned and effortlessly stepping into all the different cultures he is encountering.

      Adam is flying on the Wings of Love.

  6. i dont know whats he doing?wheres tommy?why dont he glame it up?hes not wearing gloves and glam or amazing outfeet as usual.where is his single?hes single cover (fye) show more his him and personality than album cover.

    • kellym11 says:

      I love him this way. He’s got such a good voice and charisma that at times he doesn’t need the gloves, glitter and glam. Don’t worry, when he does his tour he’ll glam up.
      Not many artists can sit and sing with little accompaniment. He’s just so extraordinary.

  7. The days, the weeks, the months fly by, and now we have been with Adam just a little ove a year, yet it seems as though we have been journeying with him forever. We have followed his every move for so long, his triumphs, his controversial moments, his endless charming interviews, his cutting-edge photo shoots, his sensational AI tour, the making of his first music videos, the release of his first album, the TV shows, his first Gold album, his first solo concerts, and his current promotional tour. He’s been in and out of cars, visiting one radio station after another, into clubs and smaller venues, all over towns around the world, signing autographs, taking pictures with fans, walking the red carpet with dazzling celebrities, and all the while talking ceaselessly about his life, his work, his loves, his hopes and dreams. And still we can’t get enough of him. Every day we follow him wherever he goes, every moment tracking the movements of our darling Adam, where is he now, what is he doing, what has he been saying, is there a new performance coming up? Those of us who were children when Elvis first blew onto the scene, teenagers when the Beatles took the world by storm, and now older adults as Adam Lambert steps into that same tiny circle which can only be inhabitated by the best and most loved entertainers of all time, know that, without a doubt, history is being made with every step he takes. We are privileged to see the rise of this beautiful man on the world stage, one who is at the very beginning of his spectacular career, but one who we know will hold the hearts of millions in his hand before another year is over.

    Adam Lambert takes his guitarist and his drummer to Singapore, and with just this small acoustic back-up band, fills the entire gigantic room with the charged electricity of his gorgeous voice and superb Aquarian charisma. With every note, the vibration of his voice, with its incredibly intense ability to overpower the listener builds up, layer upon layer in the darkened room, while his fans scream his name, and another stronghold falls to his feet. Countless entertainers will come and go, but none will have the power to slay the world with just one glance of his exquisite aquamarine eyes, or one shake of his glorious black hair. Nor will a voice ever spin out such a song of irresistible seduction and sublime joy as that of this one beautiful man. So, world, surrender now, for you have no chance against the potent beauty and unbelievable desirability of this tousled black-haired man who is a towering god of overwhelming power in disguise. Adam Mitchel Lambert, you are Master of our world!

    • Cycoblitz says:

      OMG, Lorrin, you’ve spoken my thoughts like you heard them. Growing up near Elvis, in Memphis, and seeing his escape into our quiet South, i’d sometimes watch him vanish for a bit in a small store on US 61. He’d gather with the locals who allowed him to just be himself. And he was just a sweet man. And when he took the stage, magic flowed frrom him. He was here with us to entertain us and I’m not sure he ever knew totally his purpose. And now Adam follows. It’s magic again. And just watching his domination gives me deja vu feelings as I smile and relive the stardom that he unleashes.

      This time he is cool with his presence and he knows what to do with the powerr. This time is his time to shine. And it’s not an obsession with him and he knows that he is in ultimate control. In this lifetime he will enjoy his beingness and not be obligated to any distraction. This time, he will rule again.

    • retrogrrrl says:

      Dang girl, you hit the nail right smack dab on the head! Adam is the new Elvis/Robert Plant/Freddie Mercury/Bowie etc…all wrapped up in one irresistable package!!! Lambertmania is spreading worldwide as we watch in awe. What a bright future for such a deserving gifted and gorgeous young man!

    • Lorrin, you light up our lives with your words and your beauty !
      luv u

      • TexasGal says:

        Lorrin, I always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for putting our thoughts into such beautiful words!

    • gran4adam says:

      Thank you so much Lorrin. You are beautifully eloquent about an immeasurably talented and beautiful young man. II feels so good to see that people love him all over the world.

    • LuvAdam476 says:

      You said it all!!! I couldn’t have said it more eloquently myself!


    • Bravo, triple bravo! An exquisite salute to an exquisite man. You’ve captured our joy and Adam’s impact with two paragraphs. Thank you. I need to get a tissue. . .

    • Lorrin, I am your biggesy fan, you have such mastery with words, you once again managed to express what is in our hearts. Adam needs no backing music, he has such a fantastic voice that is so pleasing to our ears, I just hear his voice, nothing else.

      • Lisette bonsoir..sorri Im on here infrequent,but health issues av prevented .I commenced here from early on an thinq Lorrin,an several other gals were here when dremsounde ran before they even hed nom of glambs,an from day one on Idol. Lorrin is gifted an eloquant with sentimentes an merci for sharing yur feelings.I have adore Adam from his first rehersal tape front of judges. So artistique.e diffarante then all previeux contestant.Hislook of sensualitie,magnetism,charm,chiseled features an agree intense azure bleu eyes,pouty lips,tall statuesque physique,seein resemblance to yonge Elvis an dared to be diffarante, reinventing his appearance,hairstyles an musique genres every ovations from judges an establish singres as Smoky Robinson..An able to toche people from teens to grandparentes t monsieur Adam Lambert has been a ray of lit for me thru many difficulte temes over loss of parentes an til now..An so glad to meet such lovli people who appreciate his artistry an didnon mattre if he was second..He proved to be legendary thru his superbe cd,passe summertour,interviews an demand by tvshow hosts,radio interviews an now across seas seein how fans from all over worlde adore just like thos of Elvis,Michel Jackson,Bowie,Beatles..I thinq he will surpass them all an be a nom for generations to follow..Many blessings an luv to him an as i felt he was for me an angelique presence ..wish him best in life,happiness,joie,an a spectacular musique career..An too thet angels garde over him,no paparazzi shall obsess as av done over for stars as Michel Jackson,an late humanitarian an peoples princess..Princess Di..He too like her is a very genial,charmant an humble person,but must still take care..sureli now he must av some bodyguards..lets hope so!Take care all glambs gals an people thet adore Adam estraordinaire beau artiste with a tresbeau voic,hearte,soul an face..J’adore toujours…LisetteMariexoxo luv to all!

    • Libraglamb says:

      Lorrin, you have spoken for my soul….that i could not described. Thanks a bunch…it relieves what is built up inside! it’s so excited to know what our “man” is doing wherever he is and it is such a good feeling that the world is embracing ADAM. Again the world has confirmed to us that this man is just incredible – HUGE – who energized every single soul who has listened to his voice and watched him performed. The world has confirmed that I am not a “foul” who is so so so obsessed with ADAM, it is his charisma and beauty inside out that caused it. I am just a normal person who can open my heart and my soul like anyone else who knows how to enjoy the natural gift of God. God blessed all of us…and so we can go back to reality ….I JUST CAN”T HAVE EVERYTHNG DONE AT HOME heehee hee…oh I LOVE our BABE ADAM !!! Thanks all the Glambert on this website who kept update all the news every minute, every day….Can’t live without ADAM and can’t live without this website either…. thank you!

    • Judy Lushman says:

      Lorrin it is so good to see you on here again. You have been gone so long, even though I see you on Twitter. Do you know where Mary C. is and Emily? I miss them both. Are they on Twitter? I would like to follow them to. Yes I agree with you Adam is a force to be reckoned with. People all over the world love him and this is only the beginning for him. So get ready this is just the beginning for our awesome, gorgeous, talented, creative and out of this world Adam.

      • You are all very dear, and it is good to see and hear from you again, also. I appreciate all of your comments very, very much, and I hear what all of you are trying to say, especially you, love2adams and Judy. Thanks to all of you for your lovely thoughts, and thanks especially to LIsette, it’s so good to see your beautiful sentiments once again on these pages. I have to say, though, I have had to get away before for periods of time because of health reasons, and writing these ‘flights’ of the imagination for Adam can be quite demanding. I will try to ‘make an appearance’ here and there as I can. This has always been a very nice forum on which to write. If any of you gals have Twitter accounts, as Judy does, please meet me over at @AdamssAngel. Love to all of you, old and new friends…

        • Lisette merci beaucoup ma belle amie yu too wil always be a rai of lit for me too an special hugs for all yur healing an luving thouts when I so neede comfort..An being anothre deeply spiritual an sensitive person..blessings an luv!Plz keep well too m’amie an know thes is a place still where we see beautiful people who are in sync with one beau artiste who toches deep within one’s hearte an takes us all to a place of joie,serenitie an felings of luv thru his velvetismooth,an distinctive styles an truli is an aquarian l’homme who dares to be diffarante,very electic,avant-garde yet somehow always can bringe a softer side with his acoustics alonge with his vibrado an powerful glamrocker high octaves an danses like noone ever can…I thinq if Elvis was here he’d too give him praise an ovations..An so wihe Michel Jackson was stil here..Id so luv to see them onstage togethre.Wel mabe in teme he’ll have a video where it appears as if standing on same stage..Celine Dion an other’s have done thru video special affects ..Wel no mattre Adam is now taking people aronde le worlde on a magical glittery journey into his starlit an mesmerizing an glambourizing us all..Luv to all here lovli glambs an our celestial an sensual beau Adam Lambert..Missing him but thenkful for twitter an all media an videos thenks to satellite an internet..what would we do without it!xoxoJ’etaime Adam..LisetteMariexox!

  8. Libraglam says:

    I am broken into tears to see how much Love from Asia have for ADAM. I am sure he would be very surprised that the love is as intense as everywhere else and i am sure he is very happy! Love to you ADAM!

    Yes , Theresa you are right, this audio is so good !! whoever recorded this mus have already filtered the noise before puttingup on YouTube. I am so happ too.

  9. glamitup says:

    Good for him! He deserves it! love him


  11. how come ladygaga have all company support her with all that money support?but adam dont have all that.hes have released his fye other country doing well,but in country like japan,he have to release it faster than album.

  12. Congratulations ADAM!!!! We all knew you could do it even before you knew!!!!!!!! You are now truly an international star and music icon! This is the first of many Gold!!!!

  13. grandjag says:

    Adam is truly amazing always…

  14. GLAMB#474 KIMBER says:


  15. Just loved the concert vids with the Asian girls singing along, off-tune. but with so much joy. Really warmed my heart.


  17. This has got to be so thrilling for Adam as well as his international fans and his family. I hope Leila is keeping track of all this. I can just imagine what it must feel like for them to realize that Adam has gone WORLD WIDE!!! I think God is giving him this because he is so perfectly equipped to handle the love and adoration. It would be so easy to get a real diva attitude and we really would not blame him if he did. It just does not seem this will change Adam at all, he will continue to be his sweet, beautiful self. Personally, to hear the various acoustic versions of his songs has been like hearing him for the first time, over and over and over again. What a thrill to get to rediscover Adam.

  18. waveridergal says:

    Just have to say that Lorrin and Cycibkutz, you both nailed it! Lorrin I always enjoy your posts so much. Thanks to all who contribute so much, supporting Adam and making this site….well………simply the BEST!

  19. Always a blessing to see Adam — no matter how far away from the stage or how tinny the audio — anything’s better than nothing. Does anyone know how large this venue was? Given the fact that this girl was way up in the nose bleed section, is this the largest he’s played? And I know our poor baby is (rightfully) exhausted, but what’s with him sitting on stool for practically everything that has come through lately? Seriously, does anybody know what this is all about? A great big shoutout to Sue for being such a tireless worker and true friend to us all.

  20. Lorrin, the Beatles and Elvis had already conquered by the time I was old enough to follow artists, but I remember Michael Jackson mania, and I was a fan, but nothing like this. I don’t know if it’s the access to technology that feeds my addiction, or what, but I am one of those that you describe. I check twitter and this site every morning, every night before bed, and about ten times in between. I’m having so much fun and it helps to know there are others out there just like me. I can’t get enough of that boy. I feel like a stalker. I would tweet Adam every day if I didn’t think it would creep him out to know how much I follow him. Also, the fact that my son also follows him, can see my tweets, and already thinks I’m a creeper. lol I think I need to join AL-anon (Adam Lambert Anonymous)!!

  21. Dear Lorrin You have put into words what all of us think.You said it just beautifully.He is very,very special.Can’t wait for US tour.Pleasec let it be soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Libraglam says:

    Now we can see….no matter how different the language, culture from one coutry to another, the world seems closer cuz we all feel the same and speak the same language of passion & love when comes to ADAM LAMBERT. Isn’t it AMAZING??

  23. love2adams says:

    It is so great to see some of the familiar names back………Theresa/Canada, Lorrin, and Kimber to name a few.
    I know there have been some hurt feelings with some who we have not heard from for awhile but I hope they come back such as our dear Mary, Vera etc. etc. I cannot remember some names it has been so long !!
    These are exciting times to share with Adam….let us put aside the hurts and get back those faithful who TRULY love Adam so much (no closet haters). Like Adam would say…… ain’t that deep……Of course to those who felt hurt feelings it felt deep (we cannot help how we feel, of couse) but let us start afresh……..
    wow…………the Japanese welcome etc these are truly great times to share…

  24. Gwendelyn says:

    HEY GUYS. I don’t know if you remember me but i commented on your website last year syaing how much i love adam and how much i doubt he will come to singapore since we are so small. I also said things like how im the ONLY diehard fan in my school and people think im weird. WELL LOOK. MY DREAM CAME TRUE!!! ANDDD, FOR THOSE WHO THOUGHT I WAS WEIRD, APPEARED AT THE AUTOGRAPH SESSION. HAHA. NOT ONLY DID I WIN THE TICKET TO HIS PRVATE SHOWCASE, AT THE MEET AND GREET ADAM LOOKED IN TO MY EYES WHILE I WAS CRYING TO HIM FOR 10 SECONDS. OMGGG. I FEEEL SO HAPPYYYYY. IT’S REALLY SURREAL! I NEVER WOULDA DREAMT THIS DAY WOULD COME. I mean, honestly, who would think adam would come to such a small country? AND HE SAID HE WOULD BE BACK. AHHHHH!

    Okay, im sorry guys.
    bye!!! (:

    • love2adams says:

      wow, what a fun post to read, and very very touching. Thanks for sharing, every detail is savored when it comes to anything about Adam. Singapore really showed love to him and we love you for it !!

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  26. Yes, I would say Lorrin said it best, that was great!!! Never before has such a talent aquired such fame, love, and admiration in such a short time!!! His talent , looks. love of what he does, love of his fans, family is amazing!From day 1, on AI I was star struck, he had it, and he is all ready, world known, faster tan Elvis and the Beattles.. Of course technology, helps, since I lived back in the day, but it makes no difference, excellence is the key. He will continue entertaining us for many years to come! And the acoustic sound is great, you can hear his beautiful voice so much better! Love, Love Adam! I always enjoy reading the comments, a world superstar!!!

  27. cheryl 334 says:

    Had to alert my daughter and her husband who are teaching at an academy in Japan right NOW!!!! I want her to send me anything she can that has info about Adam on it from Japan!!!! She better come thru for her ‘momma’! 🙂

  28. Ilove it:0) So does Sinagapore;)

  29. Gwendelyn says:


  30. wxteoevilyn says:

    ummhmm, that’s my name:D lol! my apologies, i didnt have the close up ones, cos iphone cant zoom:/ and yeah, thanks for the credit! cheers! and enjoy:)