Adam Lambert: The ultimate interview, Part One

This interview is the first in a series of four with Adam Lambert, published recently by Fred Bronson of The Los Angeles Times. Many of you may have read these already, but I wanted to wait until all four were published before I started posting them.

This interview series with Adam is by far the best I’ve ever read him. The questions are more than the standard ones asked by every other reporter. He gives answers that are much deeper and more personal, and really tell more about him.

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This first-of-four articles begins at Adam’s infancy and goes to when Adam dropped out of Cal State Fullerton at 18, worked at Macy’s, moved to North Hollywood and ended up getting his first job on a cruise ship.
Please enjoy!

“American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert sat down with writer Fred Bronson for a wide-ranging interview. In Part One, Lambert talks about his early musical influences.

We know from watching “American Idol” that you were raised in San Diego, but where were your parents living when you were born?
I was born Jan. 29, 1982, in Indianapolis, Ind. I believe I was conceived on their honeymoon in Puerto Rico. I should have a little T-shirt that says, “Conceived in Puerto Rico.” They had me about nine months after their wedding.

My parents moved me out of Indianapolis when I was about a year old. My mom and dad said: “This isn’t the right fit for us. We want to go somewhere else.” So a job opportunity opened up for [my dad] in San Diego and we moved.
Where in San Diego did you grow up?
North County, mostly. When we first moved out there, it was Rancho Bernardo and then we ended up moving when I was 4, maybe 5. Right around the time my brother was born, [we moved] to Rancho Peñasquitos, which is just inland of Del Mar, and that’s where we settled.
What is your earliest memory of music?
My dad was a college DJ, so he had a really huge record collection and he is very proud of it. There was always music playing in the house, all vinyl. He was a Deadhead, so there was some Grateful Dead, which I never really got into. There was a lot of classic rock. Bob Dylan. Bob Marley was playing a lot. My dad has really good taste in music.
Do you remember playing his vinyl albums?
At some point later in my life he would let me touch the records. That was a big deal though because I didn’t know what I was doing.
Where else did you hear music? Did you listen to the radio or shop at a local record store?
I never was a big radio listener, probably because my dad listened to his records. As I got older, I had a stereo and I had tapes. I was more into playing the tapes than the radio.

I remember going to the Wherehouse and buying the two-for-one CDs. The first tape I remember having was Paula Abdul’s “Shut Up and Dance” remixes tape, which I was very into. I remember having an Elvis karaoke tape.
And singing along to it?
Oh, yeah. This karaoke machine was really cool. I also had Wilson Phillips, Mariah Carey’s “Emotions.” These are my first CDs. I remember them quite clearly.
When did you realize you had musical talent?
At 10 years old, I was put into a musical theater company, a children’s theater company. I was really creative early on and I think my parents were trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I had a lot of energy. I was hyper and they put me in indoor soccer and T-Ball and I didn’t really love it. I was in the Cub Scouts at one point. They tried everything — swimming lessons and other activities — but I was very creative at home and wanted to play dress-up and make believe and recite things, so they figured that theater was a natural fit.

I got into all the musicals and the first time I realized [I had talent] I was doing a production of “Fiddler On the Roof” and there’s this scene where this Russian guy has a featured solo in the “L’Chaim” number. It’s like a bar scene. He’s the big guy that holds the note forever. It’s that big showoff moment, and I was playing that part.
How old were you at that point?
I was 12 or 13 and I really enjoyed singing it and all of a sudden, everybody was saying, “He’s got a really great voice,” and there was all this buzz. All the parents were saying, “He can really sing,” and the director said, “You sound great. Do it again,” and he was showing me off, having me do it for all the other kids. That was when I started taking voice lessons and knew this is something I really like. I’m good at it.

And that was kind of my thing. I didn’t like doing stuff unless I was good at it and I didn’t like trying to get good at something. I wanted to just do what I was already good at. Like soccer, I was having to work at it so I didn’t like it. I didn’t like to practice piano, it was so foreign to me. But there was something about singing — the idea of using my voice, I was very comfortable with that.

A lot of my early singing was more mimicking. I copied things. That’s how I learned how to sing at first, by copying.
What were you copying? Songs from musicals?
A lot of theater stuff. I listened to a lot of cast albums. I had “Les Miz” and “Miss Saigon.” I was obsessed with “Phantom of the Opera.” I remember when the revival of “Grease” came out, I had that CD. Right as I was going into high school, “Rent” came out. That was a big deal. The cool thing is that my dad had the concept recording of “Jesus Christ Superstar” and showed it to me, and “Tommy.” That was really cool for us because it was his world and my world kind of coming together, the idea that they were musicals. He loved that we had something in common and we both loved the “Jesus Christ Superstar” recording and we sat and we listened to it a couple times.

In 1994, there was a production of “Tommy” at the La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego, and that’s how it became a Broadway show. We went together and he got really into it.
Was “Tommy” the first Broadway show you ever saw?
No, I remember seeing “Phantom of the Opera” in L.A. when I was a kid and it was very exciting and I think “Les Miz” came through the Civic Theater in San Diego. “West Side Story” was on tour. I remember seeing a couple national tours come through. When I was a kid, because I had gotten into theater, my younger brother started getting into it, too, and my mom got us head shots and an agent up here in L.A. So we would commute for auditions all the time.
For theater?
Hardly ever for theater. It was for commercials, TV, jobs like that. I did one commercial when I was a kid and you can hardly tell it was me. My brother got a ton of work. He was luckier than I was.
What was the commercial?
It was a Century 21 commercial. I must have been 11. I ran around with a dog in the front yard and they did a crane shot. I was out of school for the day and I thought it was the coolest thing. That was the first professional thing.
Were you cast in any of your high school’s musicals?
Yes, back in San Diego, as an after-school activity. Plus I was in the Metropolitan Educational Theatre for eight years. It was run by a man named Alex Urban.
Is that the theater group we saw you visit on “American Idol”?
Yes. That was a highlight. I also worked with a woman named Lynne Broyles, who is my voice teacher. And she had a little community theater company and we did some performances with that. Then in high school, I was in chorus and I was also in the drama club and I sang with a jazz band, so I had a bunch of different outlets. And there was also a thing that they did in high school called Air Bands. It’s a big deal in San Diego and it’s almost like a staged music video. Everybody lip syncs but it’s like a performance. It’s hard to explain. It’s like a choreographed staged costume concert. You know, if you look at Janet Jackson or Madonna or Michael Jackson, their concerts are really stylized. And it was like kids taking music and creating medleys and costuming and building sets and creating a storyline through them. It was this big competition in San Diego and I got really involved in that in high school and I look back now and realize there was so much that went into it and I got so passionate about it that I think that kind of mentality of putting together a show from start to finish is definitely going to come in handy in the future. It did on “Idol,” [the idea that] I had to put a number together.
What did you learn from taking voice lessons?
I reconnected with my voice teacher because of “Idol” and I invited her to come to the show. I asked her, “What was it like when I first came in? What was going on?” And she said, “You had this seamless sound to your voice, but you wanted to understand it. You wanted me to explain physically how it worked all the time and when you couldn’t hit a note, you wanted to know why and you wanted to fix it.” She told me, “You were really intense about it,” and that was very interesting to me. I remember [bringing her] the “Jesus Christ Superstar” recording and all those high screams that they do, and I said, “Teach me how to do this,” and she replied, “You don’t teach that sound. That’s something you just make. I think you might have to get older to make that noise.” So I waited.
Aside from the commercial you did when you were a child, what other early professional work did you do?
At about 16, I auditioned for the Starlight Theatre, which is an outdoor theater company down in Balboa Park. It’s a semi-professional thing; we got paid a little bit but it wasn’t union. We would literally have to freeze for planes going over because it’s right in the path of the San Diego airport. So there were little stoplights in the orchestra pit and if a plane was coming, it would go yellow and red and you would freeze. It was crazy.

I was in the ensemble for both “Hello, Dolly!” and “Camelot” and then the next summer, I did shows at Moonlight Amphitheatre, in Vista up in North County. I did “The Music Man” and “Grease” and I played Captain Hook in “Peter Pan.”
While you were doing this theater work, were you also listening to rock music?
In high school I started watching MTV and listening to pop music. As random as it sounds, I was really into Missy Elliott and I remember that Britney and Christina had just come out and ’N Sync and Backstreet Boys. I liked all the dance remixes.
You mentioned being in a jazz band during high school, so you were exposed to all kinds of music.
When I was younger, I listened to a lot of musical theater and then as I got older, I wanted to hear cool pop music.

The jazz band would have guest singers for their concerts and that was a really good educational experience too because that was the first time that I was singing with a full band. Even in the theater company, we didn’t have an orchestra. It was all piano because it was cheap. But then at Starlight, there was an orchestra and all the school musicals had an orchestra, so I started finally getting experience working with a full band. But the jazz band was cool because it wasn’t musical theater. It was swing standards, so that was a departure for me and I did some Sammy Davis Jr. You know, standards like “Paper Moon.”
Were those standards new to you?
I had heard them here and there but a lot of them were new and I would have to learn them. We did some blues. It was very educational. And then in choir, we were like a classical choir. So we were doing a lot of Latin and various languages and it was all a cappella and very orchestral and complicated. That taught me a lot about using my ear and harmony.
At this point, did you know what you wanted to do with your life?
I wanted to perform. Even in high school, I was saying, “I want to be on Broadway. I want to go do theater.” So I had this dream that I was going to go to New York and do Broadway and go to college first. My grades weren’t ever amazing because I was so distracted with all the outside activities that I never really cared enough. I was like, “Eh, I don’t want to do my homework. I don’t want to study for the test.” I just got by. I was a B student and so I didn’t have good enough grades to get into the good schools for theater. I wanted to go to NYU. I wanted to go to Cincinnati. I applied to them and I didn’t get into any of them. I did get into California State Fullerton.
Were you a drama major?
I went into the school as a musical theater major because they had a BFA program for musical theater and right as classes began, I had started rehearsals for “Grease” at Moonlight and it was my first time playing a part. I was Doody and I was so excited that I got to sing my own song and that I was going to be in the show and featured and I was so distracted that I didn’t go to class at all. And so by the fifth week, I didn’t really want to go to school. The show had closed and I wanted to learn on the job. I thought I could get more jobs, and it was kind of wishful thinking. It was a little idealistic. Youth, you know, but I thought, “How can I be in school anymore?” The last 18 years of my life, I’ve been learning and I want to live and I want to go and be in the real world. And I had sat through a couple classes and I thought, “I’m not going to learn anything here. They’re saying stuff that I already know.” I was being a little bit ridiculous, and I learned the hard way that it doesn’t really work that way. I left school and my dad said, “I’m not paying your bills. You’ve got to get a job.” So I got a job working at Macy’s in Orange County at the Main Place mall right near Fullerton. I was doing retail and I stayed there for about six months and then I moved to North Hollywood. I had a couple friends that had moved up. I hung out with them and I was miserable. I couldn’t find a job. I couldn’t work. I was fat. I was a little lonely, and then I got my first job, which was on a cruise ship. I was 19.

— Fred Bronson

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    I have now read all four parts. What an excellent interview! In part 4 (don’t want to be a spoiler) Adam shows us how his mind works, his strategies, how he accepts criticism and how he chose his songs.. Now I am going to have fun trying to find some of the stylized songs on which he based some of his AI performances.

    • Lisette here..thenks agan Carol for thes article an I hed seen only first part in utube regarde theatre but not entire parts from Adam’s early intereste in musique an theatre,all l’schol plays..such talente even his vocal teachre realize.An recall on “Idol” he mentione her.Seeing he Adam nevre pursued his dreame an bit of old soul,apreciation into all genres from jazz, bigband(Sammy)classical/broadway style in local Calif,theatre.An superbe array of plays as Grease”,Jesus Christ Superstar”,Music Man,Fiddler on Roof,Camelot,an last diverse vocal styles..Thet was realize all weeks thru “Idol” an even now fuses an reinvents songes inconcert.An singes from l’couer,with passione,gentle inflections,soul an vocal ranges sont estraordinaire! Know he’ll be here for future generatione adored in US an aronde l’world! Many blessings always monamie tresbeau..Adam! His musique bringes joie an lit even when ther’s grey cloudes above!Celestial,sensual,gentle,artistique,toujours beau! J’adore et bisous Lisettexoxo

      • Pardon ..Lisette agan..Im so sorry for above was supose to say Adam truly pursue his dreame(shold av proofread..Adam if yu ever see plz forgive thes)an bit of old soul,his appreciation for all genres from jazz,bigband,broadway in his local Calif.,theatre productiones..see rest just above too long to repeat..An adore every genre he singes from broadway,jazz,danse,glamrock,pop,an new electronica/fusione styles.Await thet magnificente cd sure will have lot of suprises! Luv an bisous Lisettexoxo hugs to all glambsxoxo

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    • It was a Century 21 commercial when he was a little kid, but I did some googling and found this one… watch for Adam!!

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        • AdamAddict says:

          OMG,Thank you Terry,how long did U take to find that? lol!Adam looks so different!He’s cute but now he’s more than cute!Was he wearing braces?Look like it but it’s too fast!No wonder he’s teeth looking great! Hey,U know what,he looked like “Ben” in “Growing Pain” hahaha! Who agree?Gosh,he does! I will never ever thought that boy will turn out like Adam now!I can’t never imagine!I wonder how his schoolmate will think? How come this “nerdy” look kid turn out to be gorgeous,hot,beautiful young man? Unbelievable!
          Look at his expression! He was born to be celebrity,recording artist or movie star,no no recording artist AND movie star!! 😀

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            Another thing Terry/Theresa,
            You asked me before how the respond in Malaysia about Adam? I already reply that one but I just realized 1 thing.Here(M’sia) someone can be very famous if the soundtrack is great!Besides Titanic as I said before,there’s 1 time,they aired Korean drama series and the soudtarck is so beautiful!Then the DVD set was selling fast(even though they still airing the show) and the soundtrack also selling fast!The actor become very2 famous here.Then Indonesia movie.Also the same.The movie become box office here,the soundtrack selling like hot cakes,the actor become very famous!Taiwan group also,same story!
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            • AdamAddict says:

              Forgot again, I heard the soundtrack gonna be this good! Ooh,please,please! I want the best for Adam!
              I can’t wait!! I want to buy now like right this second!!

              • AdamAddict, if you will look up above you here at Ofra’s post, you will see the link for Brian May’s website. In it, he mentions the beautiful job Adam did in singing for the soundtrack of ‘2012’, and then he mentions how moved he is by Adam’s singing. I simply can’t wait to hear it, and I can’t wait to see the movie either, for that matter. Having Adam on the soundtrack will be an otherworldly experience.

                • ..And of course, I’m sure it would help if I had clicked on YOUR link too, to see that you had already read the same thing. Sorry about that! But Ofra’s link above does go to Brian May’s actual website, and it is very nice to see his remarks in context.

              • wow, what an honor!

            • No way , whats going on over there. I have Adams version on NB on my ipod and
              simply love it. I cant believe Kris beat him in last minutes. Adams voice
              is lovelyyyyy

      • Thanks Terry – can’t miss that smile! Hugs from Cape Town!

  7. cheryl norman says:

    Love this pic! This is one of two I had picked as my fave on that thread w/all the pics of Adam from infancy to now. You picked a darling pic of Adam. I would have gone nuts as a young girl for him! Of cours, I’m nuts for him now!!! I remember he had said his first kiss was when he was 14, and a black 18 yr old girl showed him how to ‘really’ kiss!!!! Oh, Adam!

  8. This photo says it all! Words are unnecessary. The eyes — the attitude — it’s all there. Put it side by side with the Track of My Tears photo where Adam is leaning against the wall. Unbelievable!

    • Jill, I’ve done this very thing in my Picasa album of Adam: I have placed dozens of comparison photos side-by-side of Adam then and now, and also of Adam in the exact poses he and Elvis Presley share in common, and you are right, they are unbelievable in their similarities!

      • Lisette here..visiting here feling onset of cold so ‘best medicine is seein Adam’s beauface/photos/videos of AI tours across US,an we espress amour an adoratione for our favorite vocaliste.Sometime utube people leave comment of hatred,offensive languarge,rathre then musique apreciation. Anyway Lorrin reading yur wonderful posts are like a rai of lit,an exudes positive an luving thouts!Agree with yu once agan thet from l’commence I av thout Adam resembles Elvis in his very best yers..An growing up with ma famille who adore Elvis can apreciate yur sentimentes here.I nevre ever let latter part of Elvis career influence all his artistique espression an creativitie being to is our beau Adam. An if one sees in comeback special Elvis in leathre in thet tv special,an Adam in several Idol performances with black particular “Ring Of Fire’ facial espressione,hair,movemente done so unintentional on Adam part..As it natural from within his also placing his signature vocal styles thet are usual higher octave then Elvis.Yet in ballads one can here similar inflectiones thet parallel Elvis’s too.Also in his theatre credites “Brigadoon” Bend to Me..reminde me of Elvis’s early songes as Love Me Tender,It’s Now or Nevre..thet time period.
        An on interview in front of Graceland in Memphis,interviewer brings thes up,as many have.Adam acceptes graciously sayin Im flattered as Elvis was an icon,in his musique an voice,an very good lookinge.Even on “Idol” Randy had mentione thes early in show,seein his upright Caberet performances with hair back,intimate settings,etc.Sorry to go on.Well of course
        reading lower commente we all pray Adam nevre meets ill fate of both Elvis an now Michel Jackson..An as I av say thinq Adam is far wiser,an old soul to realize when his managres or othres ar non out for his interestes,an seein too endless newsreels of both above artistes..Adam is cautious,aware an non as naive as a younge Elvis an very younge Michel were,being both childhood stars. May angels bless our beau Adam..J’etaime Lisette!xoxox!Am goin to see thos utube thread(videos now thenks Lorring for sharing)! Blessings,hugs an luv, ma cheramie Lorrin an all here! Lisettexoxo

        • Very, very good points, Lisette, about the differences as well as the similarities between our Adam and Elvis. Yes, I too see the young Adam and the young Elvis as having an extraordinary likeness to each other, and this is not lost on anyone else, either. Those many weeks ago when Adam won the Young Hollywood Award and then was also given the watch made for Elvis, is an historic moment in his career. That moment showed that the powers that be in the background are sending out messages to the world at large that they recognize in Adam Lambert the next icon of the age. That watch was a marking stone for his career in no uncertain terms. Picture after picture, video after video show Adam laying down the visual imagery of his uncanny likeness to Elvis Presley, and I think Adam is well aware of the impression he is creating. (Of course, it is not the ONLY image he is creating, but one of many). He is a master strategist where the visual image is concerned, and where the audio image is concerned, also. Even though Adam is so very like Elvis visually, he is also himself, and adds to this image a stronger facial structure, intense and penetrating aquamarine eyes, and a stronger and sexier physicality than Elvis, if that were possible. The two men are the epitome of male beauty, one at the beginning of the Rock and Roll Era, one at the beginning of the new millenium. Their voices are very different, however, Elvis’ voice having that sweet-toned, lower register, come-hither sound, and Adam’s a celestial instrument of higher register and almost limitless power and range. Adam also adds elements to his music Elvis would never have dreamed of, and elicits that swooning ecstasy from his audiences with the use of those seductive Middle-Eastern intonations, his wild ascents from low to high and high to lower notes, and his use of reverberation to mimic his notes and phrasing. Adam is a savvier, more highly experienced, and more well-informed singer and performer than Elvis was at the start of his career. And also, as you said, Lisette, Adam is wiser and more cautious, thank God. With that other similarity to Elvis in his life, his mother, Leila, Adam, with her good advice, and his own excellent sense of balance and proportion, he should be able to forge a course that avoids all the terrible pitfalls that befell Elvis, Michael, and so many others. In this and in so many other things, I want to see Adam become a shining star in the world, a new kind of artist who connects completely with the people who love him, and who is himself an example of good to so many, who is, in turn loved by all..

          • Lisette here..Sorry just reading toi reply.Merci beaucoup for replying ma lovli amie!.Am visiting here, troble sleping an thes lovli Adam webpage sont soothing,bless him!..Lorrin yu have eloquence an beautiful espressions thet convey Adam’s artistique talentes,intelligence,an genius to sing so many musique genres.Agree Adam’s being grounded, comes from his mama’s nuturing) also his intuitions is an Aquarian trait. I feel in ma hearte,thet he’ll non esperience pitfalls seen in Elvis later life..domage. Pardon for mispelling yur nom above too! An vraimente Adam is a shining star an inspire anyone wishing to be one..A humanitarian soul also seein his boncauses to help with children’s charitie ( I av seen on his official page..Only wishe us glambs would av been ther first..Gathre we can support him,as I av here on interview now aftre GMA show (in NY).He’s an angel of musique with l’couer,face an voix to match! Blessings monbeau Adam! Luv to yu Lorrin an all glamb gals/fellows!xoxo

          • Lorrin, another reminder why I missed your posts! Once again, you are sending me into orbit! Thanks to you and Lisette!

            • Love both of you ladies, as you know..

              • Lisette here..bonmatin agan ..sleepless in l’desert so visite ma favorite place..oui Adam’s glambs an best tribute page.particular like thes thread(interview)of his estraordinaire biographie from childhood til present,early residence,theatre training from childhood an how it influence his latre venues al way to AI auditione..An reread above posts merci agan Lorrin an Ingrid,sentimentes are same for yu(hugs)! xoxoLuv,Lisette Bonwishes an blessings all glambsxox!

            • Lisette agan(thinq ma reply vanish..merci too Ingrid si plasur to see yu agan here on Adam’s site an j’espere yu have a beljour aussi in lovli South Africa..whenever I watch Out of Africa,thinq of yu an imagaine one’s homeland to have same bel terrain,avec natural wildlife le maison de lione,lionesses,varius birds,giraffes,etc.Of course sans Robert Redford an Meryl Streep on safari(he-he)! hugs an luv Lisette.
              Keep adoring Adam an his superbe voix/artiste par excellance!

          • Both: Lissete and Lorrin,

            I’m sooooooooo proud of you girls !!! You are so right in every point you dicussed here !
            Very, very good comparisons.
            And, Lissete, you talked about “68 COME BACK SPECIAL” and did you remember ELVIS singing “IF I CAN DREAM” wearing the white suit ??? I was astonished when I saw ADAM went down the stairs wearing a white suit just like ELVIS – he was so ELVIS in that moment, I did not believe how much similar in looking they were. Both handsome, sex and hot.

            Evelize – GLAMB#80

  9. Adam is the best interviewee that I have ever come across. He brings you in with his soft spoken intelligence, you grabs your interest with his honesty, and then your a admirer for life. You get sucked in and love it without knowing how you got there. Adam you one of a kind, and I hope you never change!

  10. I had finished reading this excellent 4-part interview by Fred Bronson some time ago, thanks to Leia who had posted the links for parts 1 – 3, and AdamAddict, who had posted the link for part 4. Since my comments apply directly to this thread also, I will re-post them here:

    Thank you, AdamAddict, for posting the 4th part of this terrific interview, and thanks to leia also for doing the same with the first three installments. Having read them all with intense interest, I can say that all my suppositions about Adam Lambert have been completely confirmed; he is highly intelligent, completely aware of himself and his environment to the last degree, totally informed about his own music and exactly how he wants to present it, and fully present to all the people he will have to work with in order to achieve the complete structure of the career he has in mind. His tip of the hat to David Cook was very modest (even though Adam Lambert outshines David Cook and every other singer who ever lived), and showed his willingness to watch, listen, and fully learn from everything and everyone around him. Thankfully, also, he seems to enjoy and get along with every talented producer, director, musician, lyricist, and stage manager he ever meets, those people who will be so crucial to his career. It is fascinating and charming to hear him speak so candidly and openly about all his perceptions, feelings, and ideas from all the lean days of the past, and for all the coming days ahead. I have no worries for Adam Lambert as a professional among professionals. He will go where he needs to go and get what he needs to get, and he’s going to make it just like he planned and hoped. Our master strategist (one of Adam’s favorite words for himself) is finally in the Game.

    • People, you have just GOT to see this. The HAIR, the face, the sheer beauty of the man. I know it goes back to the New Jersey performance, but I want people who read this site to see this who don’t get to go over to YouTube that much. I will try to post videos as much as possible that show the absolute BEST of Adam Lambert, and this one is superb:

      • One more for all of you. This is Adam singing ‘Mad World’ last night in Hamilton, Ontario. His hair is down, and he is singing beautifully. The setting is ethereal, he looks as though he is sitting on a stool in the middle of outer space, with the stars flashing and twinkling around him, and the white fog rolling like heavenly clouds across the floor. Here is the link:

        • AdamAddict says:

          Usually theadambombs upload with good quality! From front,close up,not shaking too much! The Hamilton vids still not out so many,maybe we should wait a bit longer.I remember Newark 2nd show,have great vids and Long Island 2nd show,I think! But thanks Lorrin! 🙂

          • Yes, I’m with you, AdamAddict. I just wanted to show that view of Adam from the side at Hamilton. On that one, it wasn’t the film quality I was after, but the ethereal setting. But yes, like you, I love the vids with the best resolution. But I will aslo include links to videos that have some ‘shake’ in them at the beginning, if the rest of the video is too good to miss. As you said, I too noticed that certain people are taking really great videos! I appreciate their work in getting and sharing these videos with all of us so much.

            • That Hamilton video setting with Adam on the stool set ‘among the stars’ with the rolling white clouds would make a very nice promotional poster or painting. I’m sure I saw that video with the painter’s eye. (But sorry, it was rather shaky).

              • Lisette here..Thenks Lorrin always for such lovli sentimentes regarde beau Adam an seein those 2 performances agree l’stars an setting an his ethereal an velvet voix,his classique features,hair,crystal bleu eyes vraimente are like a painting of renoir au modern impressionistes..An being we both painte appreciate Adam’s natural beauty as well as his celestial voix..Be inspirationes to begine painting agan for sure..I av non done in some time since ma fibromyalgia an othre health issues..Thenks agan for sharing with us ..j’adore all glambs an Lorrin blessings always Lisettexoxoxo

                • Lisette, your words of love and adoration for Adam Lambert are as beautiful as rare, scintillating jewels. Each one of your lovely long paragraphs of your own delightful version of Francais/Anglais is of a different, sparkling crystalline color. They are dazzling little stars and points of light shining for Adam and for all of us who share in your loving nature. And you and I share the artist’s view of the world. You see Adam as a la Renoir….what about a la Degas, with his unique lighting and affinity for les artistes? I could see Adam done with the glowing stage lighting and dramatic flair Degas had for the performing artist. Whatever aspect of Adam’s nature and talent you choose to describe, dear Lisette, it is always a joy to read. I hope always that each day and night the pain that you live with will be relieved in some way. Love to you tonight from next door..

                  • Lisette here..bonmatin agan ma cheramie Lorrin,thinq between several of us people will thinq we’re bit eccentric,poetic..yet gathre is l’artiste soul here,we share thes as well..Oh an forget are yu Aquarian?As I am an pourquoi art/an entertainment sont a grand passione in ma vie.Ah merci agree too Degas an his use of illuminating hues,deep azure bleu as in setting use as backdrop for “Starlit”vraimente reflected there!J’adore Monet.. usage of watercolor,soft an vibrant palettes, invision Adam in le jardin d’giverny,perhaps(an added renoir’s outdoor cafe scenes with moustache..very francais,strong features avec people setting by a table, sipping glass of chardonay,dejeuner now Lisette’s reves..bettre stop!) An merci encore re: health, find holistic cures best,meds. don’t work,so musique, an thes site help alot! An enjoie all toi elegant words,poetic,sweet an narration in biography..thinq Adam if evre writing his can ask yu,be bestsellar.An j’espere vous passe a bel jour dans l’soleil of westcoast,neibors si vraie!
                    Luv an hugs Lisettexox!

            • A bit like “A midsummer night’s dream”!

              • Oh yes, Ingrid, I have often compared Adam to Puck, of a Midsummer Night’s Dream, servant of the fairy king Oberon, and a clever and mischievous elf..

        • AdamRocks! says:

          Thanks for the links Lorrin! Simply brilliant!

          I’d like to follow you on twitter too. . . my username is cindyinms. 🙂

          • I will go look you up immediately cindyinms…I’m sure you already know I’m AdamssAngel. Hope to see you on Twitter!

        • Loved his look on MadWorld , people seem so rude with all the chit chat though.
          They just keep on talking as he is singing, whts up with that??

          • Yes, Mary those females spoiled the sound, they never stopped to listen. I agree with whomever it was a few threads back who said, for ballads they should listen, they can sway etc.. he’ll see it!

            • Lisette here..ah agree Theresa an Mary seeing new videos of Mad World..althout claritie was perfete,sayin I luv yu..distractione,gathre didnon realize til playback.An unsure I’d enjoie taking video,prefer to view Adam’sbeau face sans lens.Althout nice keepsake suppose. hugs Lisette!

        • Oh Lorrin, Wow de wow wow!! The medley is one of the best movementwise that he’s done yet. Could it be Drake in the audience? Or was that Long Island? Anyway, he has been practising his ‘thrusting’ somehow.. haha, oh and we know he is more fit now as well, those gyrations are getting wilder, and we love it!

      • Dear God, he is obviously so much more looser than loose these days. I can hardly
        stand it. Adaaammm u r fabulous! Thanks Lorrin.

  11. Reading this is strange… It’s like a proof that he’s only a human, that he’s not a god as I thought, lol 🙂

    • This is just him sharing the human SIDE of him, Alen…he drops hints to the other side of him, too, everywhere..

  12. Very cool, can’t wait for the next installment! Thanks ur a *!

  13. where can i find the other three interviews? please dont compare adam 2 elvis…he is sooooo much better and sweeter and i love him and i never , never want adam 2 b anything like the way elvis ended up!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I’m sure they will post in a few days but if U can’t wait,U can look up at before thread.Leil posted long time ago part 1 &2! I and some other Glambs posted part 3&4! But I can’t remember where I posted it.Week ago ,I think!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        This is the best interview,in my opinion because he tells us something that we don’t know yet. people keep asking the same question.How the new album sounds like or are you going to collaborate with Kris etc. But I want to know more about him,more details.He’s life so interesting!His career from bottom to the top!From Cheek to Drake! lol! Adam should make a book about himself. ” ALL ABOUT ADAM LAMBERT” And it should be thicker than the phone book! I’ll buy it,read it and then make it as my pillow! 😀

  14. I love you Adammmmm!!!!

  15. I love this interview!! thank you.

  16. way cool! thanks for sharing=)