Adam Lambert: The Ultimate Interview: Part 4

When we left Adam on part 3 of this four-part interview by Fred Bronson, he was getting inspired at Burning Man, did the Wicked thing, shared his audition for Idol and talked about performing with Kiss and Queen on the finale. In the final segment, Adam talks in depth about the Idol experience.

Let’s talk about some of the songs you performed on “Idol.” One of my favorites was your interpretation of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles’ “The Tracks of My Tears” during Motown week. Adam Pictures, Images and Photos
My first impulse was to do “War” by Edwin Starr. I love that song.

That makes sense — Bruce Springsteen recorded it, too. He has? I haven’t heard that version. I want to hear that. And Randy Jackson produced a Motown album with Boyz II Men and they do a version of it. It’s great, but the week before I had just done “Ring of Fire,” so I already caused controversy and pushed the buttons and polarized everybody and I’m really happy about it because I liked what I did and I got to be weird and set myself apart, so I felt I should probably go the complete opposite direction and be super-cleaned-up and kind of pretty and acoustic and organic. That was me being strategic, because I don’t really see myself singing in an acoustic style but I knew I could and it was fun. Because it was Motown, I always wanted to dress fitting the song, so I said, “Let’s get a suit and brush my hair and take off the makeup and the nail polish and do like a real classic look because it’s fresh.” It got everybody talking and I realized I could play with image on the show more than I thought I could.”

How did you work with the stylists? They were really good. Miles and Art were very, very, very collaborative and receptive to every idea that I had and they really supported me. I mean, a lot of it was me saying, “I want to do something like this,” and they’d say, “OK, let’s go shopping,” and then we would put together [my look] as a team.

Not every contestant comes up with their own ideas for how they’re going to look. I’m the L.A. guy. I like clothes and visual presentation and playing dress-up. I think that definitely was an advantage.

You mentioned singing an acoustic song. Your version of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” was a great example of that. How did you choose to sing that? The theme was year of birth. They gave us a list and that song popped out at me and I remembered the Gary Jules version from the movie, “Donnie Darko.” It’s haunting and beautiful and it gets in your head and the words are amazing and I wanted to do it because I knew it would be different and very non-“Idol” and not showy. I wanted to pull back and sound really vulnerable and just do the song justice and they came up with a great arrangement of it, kind of this ambient, acoustic thing.

How closely did you work with [“Idol” Music Director] Rickey Minor on arrangements? I worked with the vocal team first and my team was Dorian Holley and Michael Orland. We would look at the song and cut it to make it fit in the time of one minute and 45 seconds. We would figure out which parts of the song we liked the most, how to make it flow, what key to put it in, vocal things to do with it, style things to do with it and if I had an idea in my head we would figure it out and they would make notes and they’d send that off to Rickey’s arranger. Then Rickey would get it and develop it. So the first time we hear what it’s going to sound like is the Sunday before, because they give us rough mixes for our iTunes recording which happens the next morning, Monday morning, before our band rehearsal. After a couple weeks of that, I got Rickey’s number and I asked if I could just call him. He’s super-talented, awesome. So I was really happy that we got to skip all that process and talk one-on-one.

ADAM Pictures, Images and Photos
You mentioned the Johnny Cash classic, “Ring of Fire.” Tell me about choosing that song and the very non-country arrangement of it. I was really inspired by David Cook’s approach to the show the year before. I thought he was really smart in that he didn’t let the theme weeks throw him off, whereas a lot of people conform to the theme, so it turns into this talent show, whereas he kept his cool points because he always made it work for his style and he was very true to his own artistry. I just took a page from him. When it came to country week, I thought: “This is one of those moments where you can take a song and make it work for you,” like he did with “Billie Jean.” Country music is like the furthest thing from me but I remembered an electro version of “Ring of Fire” I had heard a couple of years ago. I didn’t remember who it was by. It was sexy. The words are hot. The melody’s good. I knew that’s the one I should do. It’s dark and kind of risqué and I liked it. I searched iTunes for different versions of it. That’s basically what Cook did, he found covers and used those arrangements, which he got a lot of [criticism] for. There’s no reason why he should have. We’re singing covers, so what’s the difference?

I’ve never understood why anyone would be upset that a David Cook would sing Chris Cornell’s version of “Billie Jean” instead of Michael Jackson’s original arrangement or that a Chris Daughtry would sing Live’s version of another Johnny Cash song, “I Walk the Line.” I never got that either. If you asked him who it was by, he would tell you. It’s not like we’re trying to trick anybody. There was a woman named Dilana who sang “Ring of Fire” on the “Rock Star: Supernova” show and that was the way she did it. She had a recording of it out with the Middle Eastern dub kind of feel to it. I loved that style. I love world music, especially when it’s in that dub electronica kind of vein. I really love that, like Thievery Corporation’s a good example of that. I was really excited to be able to do a song on “Idol” that sounded like that and I knew it was probably going to be like, “What?” Vocally, I felt like I nailed it. And of course I read the press and people were saying, “He’s screeching,” and I’m thinking, “That’s not really screeching. I don’t really know what that is to you.” But everybody has their own opinion.

So while you were on “Idol,” you were reading what people were writing about you. Did it affect you?  I’m pretty objective, pretty resilient to that kind of thing. I didn’t take it personally. I try to take it as research, like how people were responding to it, and I felt the same way about the judges. They had objective opinions and everybody has one. Listen to their comment and if it’s a good critique, take it. Make notes. Fix it if you agree, and if not, just keep doing your thing.
It’s not about them and what they think. It’s about that I get to be on TV in front of millions of people and I get to sing. It’s about the opportunity and the experience and it’s not about “Did the judges like it?” I didn’t want to be too concerned with that, and by having a sense of humor about it, it made me more OK.

Back to David Cook for a moment. You’ve said you were inspired by the way he looked at the songs he did over the season as a “set list.”  I definitely approached the show in the same way, creating a lot of variety with the songs I chose. If I did an acoustic down tempo soft falsetto ballad the week before, then I wanted to contrast and go completely the other direction the next week. I wanted to keep everybody guessing and I wanted to make it a really dynamic set of songs.

 Was “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” a song you knew from your father’s record collection?  Yes, and my mom’s a huge Stones fan. She’s gone to their concerts. I was going to sing “Cryin’” by Aerosmith that first week and had rehearsed it and cut it down and gotten a rehearsal track, but at the last minute, the publishers weren’t comfortable with one of the details in the contract and didn’t really know who I was yet, so they pulled it and I had to come up with something really fast. I needed to do something that would establish me as a rocker, because I looked at my group and I knew that there were a lot of poppier R&B and country [singers], and I wondered, “How do I make myself different and stand out?” There was a girl rocker and I thought I’ll be the boy rocker. Kris [Allen] and Allison [Iraheta] were both in that group with me and we went through together and did all our press together and all three of us are signed now. It’s a beautiful thing that, for reasons that are beyond us, we’ve been cool. And the three of us get along really well, which is nice.

Anyway, I picked “Satisfaction” because I knew the song and it was a song that everybody knew. It was a rock song and I wanted to associate myself with icons, with famous rock stars. And Hollywood Week was a good time for me to do my research into how [people] were going to see me. It was an experiment. What happens when I sing this way? How does it go over? What happens if I do this?
adam Pictures, Images and Photos
We did our second round of a cappella group choreography and we sang “Some Kind of Wonderful” by Grand Funk Railroad and I got to really wail and go high and go crazy and they loved it. So I knew I could go nuts and they’re going to like that. Simon said, “You can sing. I didn’t know what the big deal was before. OK, you’ve got pipes.” That helped establish myself and then the final day of Hollywood Week was pick your own song off this list and I wasn’t feeling any of the songs. I asked, “Can we sing from the girls’ list?” and they said yes. I knew I had to get up early the next morning and know the song and be prepared. I didn’t want to worry about learning words. I wanted to be able to sing the song. What song on this girls’ list do I know that no one else is doing? “Believe” by Cher. I remember loving that single.

It was the first time I had worked with Dorian and Michael and I asked them, “Is it too gay? Is it too ridiculous?” And they were like, “Uhhh…” [Adam shrugs his shoulders while looking up and rolling his eyes]. I said, “What if we make it a rock-pop ballad, not a dance song? What if it’s totally different?” And they said, “Let’s try it.” I sang it and I felt good about it. It set me apart. None of the other guys were doing ballads. I knew the [judges] would remember me, because there were 75 people. I needed to stand out so that they would put me on the show. I knew that that was how it was going to go down.

Looking back at the season as a whole, what do you know now that you didn’t know before you were on “Idol”?  I learned a lot by watching myself back. Like, less is more. I don’t have to do quite as much every time, because when I watched some of the first performances, “Satisfaction,” “Black or White,” they get a little manic and that was because I was excited and had all this adrenaline. By getting used to working on the soundstage and getting comfortable and not being as nervous, I learned what works and what doesn’t.

How did you like working with this season’s mentors?  Slash was really cool and very flattering and Smokey was amazing. That was an honor. All the mentors were great, like being onstage with Queen and Kiss was so cool. And I learned a lot about dealing with the cameras. I had never really worked with a camera and the director on the show, Bruce [Gowers], is amazing and really fun and we got along really well. He would tell me, “I’m going to do this with the camera. Just play with that camera.” He gave me some directions here and there and it helped me make the most of that format, because I was used to being onstage and not being intimate. And Ken Warwick, the producer, is the most supportive and warm and so is Mike Darnell, from Fox. I mean, he’s amazing. I never felt stifled. They really encouraged everything, all of it. It was really, really nice.

And now you’re recording your debut album. What is your vision for your first record?  I want to do pop-rock electronic, like dance rock. I want it to be rock and roll, a nod to all the ’60s and ’70s rock that I love, the classic and the glam rock, but with a very current, futuristic sensibility for dance floors. I want people to have fun. I don’t want to sound like I have this social cause, but I think that music in the ’70s was so cool because it was about partying. It was about bringing people together and celebrating and not about all this dark sad [stuff]. I want to bring back the fun stuff. I want to bring people together and get them to dance and smile and feel sexy and celebrate our similarities, not our differences.
— Fred Bronson

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Thank you for posting the interview, I love the last statement, it sums up what Adam has actually achieved with his fans. We are all talking and having fun on this site, it is like a big party, he did bring people together, not just in the US but from all over this world, a good example is this site, people talking to each other and making new friends from all over the world, we would never have met if it was’nt for Adam. In the last senternce he stated, ‘smile and feel sexy and celebrate our similarities, not our differences’, we are not smiling but we are laughing, he has aroused feelings that we have not felt for years, and we are all celebrating our similaties “LOVE FOR ADAM”, even though we are all different. How can one man achieve all these, he must be a very special pesron, and this person is our beautiful ADAM.

    • Well put, Toni, my thoughts exactly!

      • Lisette here..ah non one more post promise today Im on Adam marathon here in 3 threades..gathre as Im seeing anothre one( I have non recive these last ones perhaps m’email is on lattre part of glambs by am usual day late)Thenkful Im here now!Thanks for thes lovli interview an taking us back thru thet magnificente American Idol season with our beau Adam seeing every episode he’d alway be so diffarante an unlike any of othre contestants in his abilitie to make olde songes as Tracks of my Tears’ his own his gentle vocal inflections debonaire apearance,hair coiffure back,statuesque presence in silkgreysuit,on stool an camera zooming in to capture his crystalbleu eyes an tenderness with every word of l’chanson,toched heartes as mine.From thet pointe knew I’d seleted him to be numbre one in winning,An Ring of fire..anothre favorite gathre is my Aquarian nature to be attracte to his very exotique erotique Egyptian mode of an old conservative Jonny Cash then seein him onstage in those sultry moves,his softtresses,an seductive lip/snear reminde me of Elvis yet his own distinctive style too,I trie to tape on old vhs,not aving dvr),claritie not ther..but didnon mattre!Need I go on..yes Toni now monthes passe an thes very beautiful place originate from Dreamsounde(hugs here),an best tributepage where frenships av blossom like a grande bouquet into a belle jardin all for one estraordinaire visitor(maybe someday into our jardin!..Adam Lambert who since thet first time he performe on American Idol toched with heartes everywhere,all ages,sexes,races an so why we’re now l’famille of International glambs to celebrate his artistry,his humanitie,charm,intelligence,genius as a vocaliste/danseur thet is truly a legende with couer d’or an a face thet best artistes of Michelangelo can paint..beau in all aspects inward an outward! Merci Adam for thes estraordinaire making many frendes celebrate with yu at a grande jardin party!!
        Blessings m’angel d’chansons an all glambs frends! Luv Lisettexoxo

  2. Glambertcraze says:

    Again, Adam is a beautiful person inside and out.
    It amazes me how fast Adam is rising to stardom, I cant imagin how he feels. I bet he is still overwhelmed with all of this. In one of his interviews he said he would love to sit down and have dinner with all his fans so they could know the person and not just the image but there are soooo many people (fans).
    I do believe in my heart that Adam will stay the sweet Adam we have all learned to love. Not to mention his God given talent that he has improved on and mastered almost all his life.

    Love and Happiness Adam

  3. cheryl norman says:


    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hi Cheryl,
      How are you? I’m not sure if I’ve heard right, about your aunt passing. If so I’m deeply sorry and I’m sending you my love. If I’m wrong, I’m even more sorry for saying this.

      You are right, he is just perfection. At some other thread Cindy said that Adam was a celebration of our sexuality, I think he is a celebration of LIFE. The way he has lived his and the way he makes us feel about ours, and the changes he brought to us.


      • cheryl norman says:

        SILVANA ,,,Hey! I hate to ask you to do this, but go back to the GR Thread. The one after the concert. Go down quite far. You have missed a lot, my dear, and this will get you up to speed, if you want. Adam???? All I can say now is that Adam is love, sex, sensuality, beauty, peace hope, etc…………But, if you can, check out a big part of that thread!!!! You need to do your homework girl!!!! Hahaha!!!
        Lotsaluv, Cheryl

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Well said Silvana, you are so right. I know he has put a spark back in my life. Someone said in a previous post that he has brought out the young girl in her again and this time she wasn’t going to lose her. I so identified with that statement and I too will not lose that part of myself again and it’s all because of Adam.
        MWAH to you!!

    • Lisette here..hope yu’re fine an feling bettre Cheryl..see othre threds I av left yu reply regarde certain wordes thinq yu’ll smile..Take care an soo agree Adam as I av posted above is an estraordianire gifted artiste/vocaliste with hearte d’or an face angelique..Perfetion absolutemente!
      J’adore his artistry,talentes,hearte,soul ..humanitiarian too! bless him always Lisettexoxo

      • cheryl norman says:

        lisette, I left you a post, but, I am so confused about which thread it is under ! It’s NOT undere the GR thread. Not under the 1st thread, I’ve missed out on a few of the new threads being in the ‘dump’ for too long, but, I’ll come back her and let you know if I find it. It was replying to the post you left saying you were pretty ill, and would be resting for a while. Lluv, Cheryl

        • Lisette here..hugs Cheryl j’compris regarde now being ther’s many if one misses a day know is difficile to catch up.Take care lovli amie an will let yu know whech one I av reply on..Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

  4. Adam is also a very smart young man; he is always intelligent in his interviews and reveals a thoughtful approach to his music . This shows his talent is not just amazing musical instinct but really who he is and a part of his soul. He works hard at his craft and we get to enjoy the wonderful results! I can hardly wait for his album and yes wouldn’t it be an event to remember if we as fans could just sit down to dinner with him and enjoy getting to know the real Adam! Meanwhile we’ll read all we can about him to get a glimpse of this wonderful man.

    • There is a sense of ‘great antipication’ among us, as if a dynamic, world-changing occurrence is about to take place. Adam wouldn’t see it as yet, but we sure do! His song in the film, 2012, his album release (maybe a single will be released before Nov. 24?), his appearance on talk shows, his very very eagerly awaited concert tour…..

      It’s almost like the Woodstock phenomenon when so many young people migrated to northern New York state, only this time it’s a wide range of ages and types, mostly women and girls, but the men will surely follow as they realize his great talent. We have already been talking about ‘coming together’ in joy and happiness, to see our guy perform and share our impressions and feelings about him, share the comaradarie of this Aquarian era and our Aquarian Lord, Adam!

      • Ooh, Terry, this is very nice. I too sense an impending ‘change’ stirring in the fabric of the world, and I look with anticipation to see its true beginnings, I want to be a part of it again, as I was before…Adam has a mission and he is fulfilling it with grace and patience. I look forward to the atmosphere of the coming changing of the seasons, because with that seasonal turning will come a change in the ‘atmosphere’ of the world, Adam’s songs will carry across time and space, and hearts will be awakened…it’s almost here..

        • cheryl norman says:

          LORRIN AND THERESA, W H A T ???? Is this not very similiar to what I said just hrs ago on the GR
          Thread??? Who is ‘channelling my ideas and thoughts?’!!!!

          A CHANGE IS GONNA COME and that ain’t now bs!!! I have already made some changes and are
          passing them on to whoever will listen to me. This is no coincidrence (sp-headache)!!! Adam has already
          made changes in those who love him. There is no doubt about it.

          We all need to begin to help those who are helpless. Love those who are unloved. Protect those who
          are bullied. Stand up as women and demand a stop to violence against women, children, gays, and all
          the down-troden, just for starters.

          Ingrid needs to realize that RAFA is so much better than Roger.

          Lorrin needs to understand that she WILL be going to an Adam concert with all of us in the near future.

          Mary needs to understand just how perceptive and kind she is.

          Emili, well……Emili, honey, you just need so much help, but we’re all up for it.

          Theresa needs to be a woman of fewer words. But also know that she is too nice for her own good.

          Silvana needs to also know, that she must make arrangements along w/Emili to get their hinnies to the US

          Jeanette needs to wipe that smile off her face.

          Evelize needs to understnd she has more importance t han she realizes .

          Helen needs to lighten-up.

          AdamRocks needs to post more often.

          Lisette needs to practice some yoga to help her fibromyalgia, and send more angels out.

          Adam needs to spend more ltime with cheryl norman, whom he does not yet realize he loves.

          We all need to move into a home right next door to Adam to keep an eye on anyone who might try to
          do him harm, or might not be intelligent enough to party with him as we are.

          For now, that’s all I’m going to say. Please do not ask me to comment on you all any further. Afterall, I
          give you all the respect for your wonderful selves and your intelligence to figure all things out pertinent
          to each of you.

          and to ADAM HIS HOTTNESS-SELF.

          • FIRST, Cheryl, my dear, I was writing about Adam’s exceptional and ‘supernatural’ qualitites and the effect he would have on the world and on individuals, way back on the first threads of our wonderful Glambs site, – I stated that he had a ‘mission’ to fulfill, that even though he was an entertainer, he would do far more than just ‘entertain’….that he has a special grace given to very few… and so on and so on,

            SECONDLY, I already know I am coming to a concert somewhere in the U.S. next year, where remains to be seen, but I’m in if at all possible…

            THIRD, I stand with you on helping those who are hurt or hurting, and those who are reviled or forgotten…

            FOURTHLY, Rafa is cuter, but Roger is classier…and I like them BOTH…

            FIFTH, I am already living in a house next to Adam Lambert, and no one is ever going to find out where that is except Ingrid (allright, allright, maybe a couple more of you can come, too),………


            SIXTH, Cheryl, you are one amazingly beautiful woman and I am terribly proud of you and all that you are saying here and all that you are,


            SEVENTH, …….IF you don’t stop writing like Carrie Nation trying to forge a new U.N. Charter we are going to have to immediately ship you off to Iceland, Greenland, or Easter Island (take your pick), where you can help to start the newest chapter of the Worldwide Glambs all by yourself!

            (Just kidding, you know I love you and I love everything you’re saying here, but I couldn’t resist, we can’t COMPLETELY abandon our old Cheryl!)

            So, whaddya think? Are missiles gonna fly? Have pigs already flown, am I really gonna catch it now, and should I run and hide in the barn!? Yikes, I’m outta here!

            • Lisette here..bonmatin am going to finde repose promise aftre Cheryl an Lorrin poste lovli wordes an sentimentes always both of yu!An Cheryl ma cherie just to say plese know yu’re luved here an agree with Lorrin yu’ll non neede to reply to every note here..thet wolde be a feate for l’bionic women..An merci for l’advice on fibromyalgia..oui I av trie yoga an manage to pull more muscles thet way.Av yu by way too suffring from ever trie massage therapies..I av done recentli as advise in health magazin,plus ma cousine who given up on meds like me.Do try an also for Lorrin too! An being Im not as eloquant in words just plese counte on me to attende l’future party of glambs for I recall mentione in earlier threads..oh Lorrin too if yu av room for Lisette adore to visite..An same here! It can be wondreful if Adam ever had concerte in Nevada..we can make a glambsfest an go to one of hotel/casinos possible l’Bellagio an make toast by l’fontaines in celebration of beau Adam..anyone here interested?Hugs to all m’amies Cheryl,Lorrin,Ingrid Theresa,Cyndi,Mary C,Toni,Emili,Silvana,Jeanette an many more here!! Know we’lll al wishe change is gonna come mama mia now is playing as Im write to yu!!Thinq l’angel d’musique here is channeling in his Aquarian perceptions from one to anothre Aquarian an many here are born undre thes signe…oui Adam We’re all listening..As in thet bel chanson too from 10 commandmentes am Joshua messengre of hope,peace..Adam is thes too for future generationes in his artistry,musique,his humilitie,sweetness,sensualitie,beauface,crystal bleu eyes an voix totale perfete l’hommes non othre then Adam Lambert! We all adore him always ..J’etaime an toujours feele he’s been m’angel d’musique one to help heal from loss of know somehow there here with me in hering now playing one of ma favorite chansons..Tracks of My Tears..blessings,benedictiones to yu Cheryl,Lorrin an all glambs!! always Lisettexoxo

            • cheryl norman says:

              LORRIN, FIRSTLY, let me inform you that Roger is a ‘cry baby’ and that RAFA cannot speak English very well at all, and that as soon as he is not in so much pain, he will show Rog-baby what ‘class’ is. However, I digress.

              SECONDLY, soooo, now you are ADMITTING you have a house for Adam only, and YOU????? Well, my dear Missy, You just made a big mistake!!!! You think I can’t find out where this is and get to him ANY tme I want??? Well FlamingGlambfingers, you are SO WRONG-O!!! (that’s Italian for wrong)!

              So, you are terribly proud of me? Well, then PROVE it by carring just enough about me to be SURE you and I will be attending the SAME ADAM concert in the very near future!!!! C’mon, let’s SEE your PRIDE for me, and you’ll SEE MINE 4 U!!!
              And WHO is Carrie Nation???? I have never heard of her, so she can’t be very interesting!!!!! Sending me off to one of those islands or countries will NOT supress my voice!!!!! Do you HEAR ME???? I, too, am a product of the 60’s, and yes, I remember what you said about ADAM wayyyyy back when. I also KNEW that about him, but was afraid to speak up for fear it would hurt your feelings, so I decided to let you have your moment in the sun, and that I’d ‘catch you’ later, my dearest chicken tender!!! (with cole slaw)!!!

              Hey, HEY, hey!!!!!!!!! mY DAUGHTER JUST CALLED AND SHE AND HER NEW HUSBAND ARE PROBABLY GOING TO JAPAN FOR A YEAR OR TWO TO TEACH!!!!!! Her husband has his degree in English, etc. My daughter, has taught for a year in Japan a few years ago, and they are soooo excited!!!!!!
              She was so surprised that I gave them my ‘blessigs’ as I want them closer to me, not further away, but the financial and traveling part of the thing is awesome, plus they will get 3 long vacations a yr and will have their visits home, here paid for for them both every 6 mo to a yr!!! She loved Japan when whe was there. She got down to around 105 lbs, and she’s 5’5″ just eating Japanese and doing all the walking and snow skiing, etc.!!! They will be flying to Seattle next week, and will know for sure in Nov.!

              NOW, back to the serious business. No missiles. Nope. No bombs. Just a mere warning. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!!!! Pigs HAVE flown, so do not UNDERestimate me, my dear mango eater!!!

              Get out of the barn. That is not a good enough place to hide!!! Did you think I was born yesterday???? I will catch you if I put my mind to it. Don’t ever doubt that, my sweet pussywillow. Now, just behave yourself, get yourself under control, and I’ll be watching you……………….lotsa luv, cheryl

              • My dear Cheryl,

                ADAM LAMBERT is a guy who ‘cries’ too, and he cries so beautifully when he sings ‘Mad World’ or when he hears or reads something that moves him, that I just want to EAT HIM UP, with those big, beautiful tears sparkling in his gorgeous aquamarine eyes and all over his thick black lashes…… I can’t see that Roger Federer being a ‘cry-baby’ is all that much of a black mark against him…

                SECONDLY, Ingrid and I have erected an invisible force field around our house next to Adam’s so no one can see it, ha ha ha…….ipso facto tantum ergo..(that’s Latin for ‘we have done a number’)…

                THIRDLY, it’s you and me, babe, we are going to that concert TOGETHER….

                FOURTHLY, Carrie Nation was a 6′ tall giant of a woman who smashed up beer halls with a hatchet in her hand during the years of Prohibition (and even though you’re only 5’2″ tall it seemed a good likeness), and I just thought you could crash around like she did on one of the nether islands somewhere where there are no Glambs…yet…..

                FIFTHLY, What a bunch of hornswoggle saying you wanted me to have ‘my moment in the sun’, what rot,….you know you lifted that idea from me, admit it…..AND for your information, I am ‘chicken breast with mashed potatoes’, I’ll thank you very much…

                Last but not least, remember I have my laser death ray and my 500 baskets of mangoes with me at all times, so don’t make any false moves around the barn, or you’re a goner….oh, and I was the one who flew that last pig you saw, so don’t get any smart ideas!

                Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to your daughter and son-in-law for their new assignment in Japan, that’s wonderful! They will probably have a wonderful time there, I am very happy for them. (And I hope you will be OK with that too, Mom).

                In closing (and I am never going to write another one of these ‘numbered’ letter posts again), I would like to say, “Caesar si viveret, ad remum dareris”, which in Latin means, “If Ceasar were alive, you’d be chained to an oar!”

                Love, from your Pussywillow

                • cheryl norman says:

                  LORRIN, PUSSYWILLOW, ADAM shedding a tear is a FAR cry from Rog bawling his eyes out for
                  losing to RAFA!!! Adam has every right to shed a tear when he’s enthralled with an emotionally sad
                  love song. We wnt that in him. We don’t want Rog to bawl like an infant when he loses a tennis match
                  afterall! So, Missy Willow, there is no comparison!!

                  You think I don’t know about the laser??? hahaha!!! You make me laugh. See? hahahaha!! I have anti-laser death rays, mon cheri ( that’s French for my dear)! And the mangos???? Well Jimmy Buffet has
                  offered me some very good ideas on that!!!

                  Yes, I gave my daughter, Teresa and her hubby of 9 months, Matt, my blessings. She was very
                  surprised, I admit. As I alwalys want her closer to me not farther away. But they will travel the world, make excellent money, be able to snow ski a lot, and work together. His masters is in Eng. and Am Lit., and Teresa has several degrees after being in college 7 years!!! Never thought she would stop taking
                  more and more classes! She loved the party life too much!

                  I KNOW LATIN, FLAMINGFINGERS!!!! Afterall I did take Latin in h.s., don’t ya know!? I would not want t
                  to be chained to an oar under any circumstances!!! I would get a panic attack immediately!!! So, stop
                  trying to sker me!!

                  lotsa luv, ‘n lotsa luv!!! Cheryl


                    No, Cheryl, you are having a panic attack! WHAT was that all about??? … and since when are you an authority on who needs to do what! … and talking of Rafa, whom I told you I ‘like’, switch on the TV girlfriend and see how Delpotrol is whipping his ass, well and good, I might add! If I didn’t know that you have NOT taken your retinal today, I would take you to task. Is your sickness curable, NO! So I will give this outburst of yours the attention it deserves, which is none.

                    Whispering softly to you … We will talk again when you have calmed down. Now, remember NOT to disturb the peace. Ah, that’s my deary! Remember, Ingrid loves you!!

                    • Oh, congrats to your daughter and son-in-law! … and what is this Missy Willow???? Lorrin, what next!!!!!!

                      By the way, Roger is Rog to his friends. I say, things got a bit rough ha today. Don’t worry, ma cherie, Rafa will be back! Roger Federer, forever, together now … Roger Federer forevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver!

                      Love you my friends! Mmwah, Ingrid

                    • Yes, my dear Ingrid, I have NO idea what’s next….she’s calling me ‘Pussywillow’ now, I can’t imagine what it will be next….and of course, ever since you and I figured out how to make that Inviso-Shield, Cheryl has been trying to find us…it does my heart good to think of how clever we are…

          • Cheryl, as I said, I had NOT even begun to read your posts when I wrote that and on another thread, I transferred it when I read your thoughts, as we do seem to think alike in certain ways regarding our man Adam. (JUST CHECK THE DATES AND TIMES). It just happens that ‘great minds think alike!’

            Lorrin, Yes I do remember those posts of yours months ago re. Adam. You already had him pegged as an ethereal wonder, an angel of change and influence.

            • Thank you, Terry, how sweet of you to mention my writing that, and thank God you remembered or I would never hear the end of it…

          • Cheryl, I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt. . . ~HUGS~

            And I’d like to add one thing: wannabethesnake needs to get her butt back here!

            Cindy in MS

            • And Cheryl, thank you for your kind words! I wish I could spend more time here. . . I usually jump online when I get a few free minutes. . . even right now he’s begging me to get off and draw pictures of trains with him! Much Love!

              Cindy in MS

              • My four-year-old I meant to say!

                Cindy in MS

                • I NEED HELP,CHERYL??!! Well maybe you’re right!! Hahaha!! Glad you’re back!! Iyleneidol09 also back,I don’t think I see her lately but she’s here now!! About Cindy,let just hope that her cats starving during midnight,only that way she can spend more time with us!! Meow,meow!!

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    ADAMADDICT, Yes, Emili, that’s what I said!!!! You a little too ‘horney’ for your own good, our
                    little comediane!! I worry about you!!! Your ‘meowing’ speaks for itself, now doesn’t it? Don’t fret
                    you too can be helped. Put down the alkiehol, the pills, the maryjane cig, and try to be strong!!!
                    We are all pulling for you!!!!! You don’t want your parents confining you to your room, now do
                    you???? Me neither! Just do what you need to to get yourself under control, and then get YOUR
                    hinnie over here!!! You don’t have a ‘hinnie’ like Lil, but you have to keep what God gave you!!!
                    Man, what a hinnie Lil has!!!!!!! Don’t think it is real!!!! Hahahah!!!!!!

              • Lisette here..bonmaitn is wee heures an up still argh here I am on Adam’s best tribute page..Now seeing thes page I av reade brief re: Cheryl an Aunt?Cheramie am sorry ther’s so many too if yu av reade above I av send yu affection..Just to say yu’re nevre ignored..An if anyone ever compris of losing someone close is moi..yu know thes..So deep condolences ma cherie re: yur Aunt..Aw recall she had beene ill longe teme?Know she’s in bettre place althout I know is nevre a bon teme to say farewell..just av faithe she’s no longre in pain an with angeli in heaven..Blessings always Luv Lisettexoxo..p.s. will send on more recent page incase yu’re non visiting here alrite?!!xoxo

                • cheryl norman says:

                  LISETTE, Thank you for your sweetness and uplifting words, dear one. Actually yoga would NOT be a good idea for fibro. what was I thinking?! I think staying as far away from stress as possible. Eating some hot fudge sundaes, resting, and trying to live as happily as possible. Also a vicodin once in a while, and a xazax if lilfe is closing in on you!!!! Luv, Cheryl

            • cheryl norman says:


              CINDY, thank you for your comment re my aunt. I appreciate it very very much!!! Luv, Cheryl

              • cheryl norman says:

                Cindy, thanks for clearing that up. That it was your 4 yr old!!! Children are more prescious than silver or gold. We need to help them learn to cope, and know they are loved. Always your priority. Absolutely!
                Luv, cheryl

              • Cheryl, where is wannabe??? Also Josienurse?? we r hoping she’s the
                one who took good pics at the M & G in GR.
                Oh then remember Victoria? (tori) she is supposed to post pics of her and
                Adam kissing when they meet??
                come on ladies share the love!!!!!!!!!!

                • MaryMom, I am also missing some of the ‘usual suspects”!

                  • Gals, I think Wannabe is gone…..I have been thinking about organizing a posse and going to look for her, and see if she’s writing on another site somewhere…she was so much fun..

                    • Lorrin, I miss Wannabe as well! I don’t even want to contemplate that she would even consider giving us up!!!!

  5. Hi all, Extraordinaire loquacity with an amazing simplicity, LOVE HIM.
    Dear Silvana, i dont know wen they edited in Argentina your CD ( será editado?),we re soooo far ,falling of the map!, but I dont lose the hope…

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hola Marisa,
      yes we are falling off the map, in many ways not just geographiclly (de muchas maneras no sólo por geograía). I phoned Sony which owns RCA and the don’t know but think they are not releasing here (me dijeron que no creían editarlo). But maybe with the movie it might be different. I won’t loose hope.
      I’ve not been today much at the site, I’ve just been voting (the time I could spare at work).
      Love everyone,

      • cheryl norman says:

        SYLLVANA,,,,,, et tu Sylvana????? These foreign language kids on this blog is making my head hurt!!! I might have to start writing in Latin, and you know how tough Latin can be???? So, let’s knock-it-off with all
        you Glambs showing off you foreign language talent, lest I show you all up!!! lotsa luv, cheryl

    • Marisa, I left a post for you on one of the other threads, asking you to tell Mama and the WHOLE family that the Glambs send their love!

  6. Dear Ingrid: my mama appreciate your Glamb love and now is not zealous anymore !! (girls please correct me my horrible ingles if you can…you teach me a lot. Love.

    • I can’t be your teacher, it will be like a blind leading the blind! LOL!! But I can say that I can understand you. But I think you trying to spell ‘Jealous” and “english”
      BTW,how old are Marissa,just curious??!! 🙂

    • Ahhh Marisa, that is so sweet! Thank you!

    • Marisa, please don’t apologise for your English! Remember, you can speak English but I can’t speak your language! Love and peace to you and your family! Ingrid

  7. Thanks Carol for posting this interview. Lately I’ve been watching Adam’s performances on A I to be reminded of the beginning of his journey. Yes, he is more polished now, but he had such a sweet innocence earlier in the year. In retrospect, the performances are so endearing because I felt as if I was there with him and his family. When the camera pans into the audience, I know the people in the front rows now. I enjoyed one in particular where Kris’s wife was holding a poster saying, “St. Louis loves ADAM.” And this interview adds to my knowledge of what Adam was thinking during his time on A I. I, too, am eagerly anticipating the release of Adam’s album November 24th.

    • Your welcome! Wow, I love reading the comments here. It seems like we’ve fostered such a wonderful family! You’re right, when I watch the AI videos, it brings all the feelings of joy back to when we “discovered” Adam! And boy, were we right on the money!! Thanks to all of you faithful readers for your time on this site! We all appreciate your comments!

  8. thanks Silvana for the info, but…is sad. Tendremos que ir ahorrando para que nos lo envien en avion, barco , tranvia, caballo o lo que sea…..we are lost in the time. Love.

  9. I was reading comments after this very “strange” review

    And one of the people said: quote

    Adam is ranked #2 in the best 100 technical rock vocalist of all time. #1 Jackie Wilson, #2 Adam Lambert, #3 Freddie Mercury, #4 Geoff Tate, #5 Steve Perry by the DigitalDreamDoor Music Forum.

    Did anybody hear about it? I tried to find the source but failed…

    • These guys review rock vocalists and rank them based on a set of criteria. They really like Adam quite a bit. So refreshing to read the male point of view since most of the fan groups are female! Very Interesting…

    • Gala, YES, we did hear this quite some weeks ago, and I went and did a little research on that list. I also posted the entire list a couple of times for everyone to see. Personally, I do NOT think Jackie Wilson has more technical proficiency than Adam Lambert, and I think Adam should be untouchable at the top of the list. If you will give me a little time, I will be back here and I will post a number of little things that will back up my claim….see you back here soon…

      • Gala, here are the videos to show support for Adam Lambert as the supreme vocalist of our time. I have included Jackie Wilson singing ‘Higher and Higher’, Adam singing ‘Ring Of Fire’ (on stage and without AI or commercial interruption), Led Zeppelin with Robert Plant singing ‘Whole Lotta Love’, and Adam Lambert singing the same song at about the same age (and wait until you hear THAT comparison!), Steve Perry singing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ (and I love Steve Perry, but even he cannot hope to compare with the superb voice of Adam Lambert), and Adam also singing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ on the tour finale, Adam singing ‘The Prayer’ by David Foster (and you have never seen Adam look SO beautiful as in this video), and finally, in answer to another request a long time ago, the video of Adam Lambert’s entire vocal range (3 octaves), presented note by note (this last video is harder to listen to, but it is VERY interesting to hear Adam’s superb ability and mastery over every other singer). So, here is the small collection of videos which I think will amply serve to show how very incredible and superb is the gift and voice of Adam Lambert: – Jackie Wilson ‘Higher And Higher’ – Adam singing ‘Ring Of Fire’ – Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin singing ‘Whole Lotta Love’ 1973 – Adam Lambert singing ‘Whole Lotta Love’ in Portland 2009 (LISTEN to the power and control Adam has in this one song alone! He outsings anyone in existence!) – Steve Perry singing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ – Adam and gang singing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ (skip to 2:33 to see Adam) – Adam singing ‘The Prayer’ – Adam’s incredible vocal range and control

        • Lorrin!! OMGL how amazing, and I only know the basics regarding ‘notes’ as in C,D,E etc

          I am so glad to hear parts of Brigadoon in there as I think he is at his best in that song. It’s also fun to read the posters’ comments, those who ‘know music’, at least in the technical sense.

          • Here’s a second Jackie Wilson, Reet Petite, a true rock and roll song, typical of what we 55 pluses grew up on in our teen years. In this one Jackie hits lower ranges but leaves out the high ones. I don’t think he even sings as low as Adam. Other than having a mellow voice he doesnt seem so special. Freddie Mercury’s voice is better I think. What do you think?


        • Dianne Hill says:

          Hi Lorrin, I haven’t watched all these clips yet, but I will. I just wanted to say that I heard Led Zeppelin singing Whole Lotta Love on the radio the other day and all I could think was “Adam does it better”. It is just not the same anymore when I hear Robert Plant. Same with David Bowie, I only like Adam singing those songs. Wish we could get him singing full versions of each of those Bowie songs.

          Right, off to vote, then I’m coming back here to watch each of those clips – yes, even Robert Plant just so I can compare easier.

          Dianne Glamb #356

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Okay, I have watched Jackie Wilson, and he was okay, but couldn’t keep my attention through the whole song, all I could think was, Adam would do it better, plus have better moves as well and his outfit would be way, way hotter.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Led Zeppelin – well to be honest, (I used to love Zeppelin) but I thought he was crap, didn’t have the range or power that Adam has. I love Adam’s version now.
          Steve Perry is good, great voice, not as good as Adam though and he is missing that special magic that Adam has.

          The Prayer – Oh my, how beautiful is that and just listen to the tone in his voice, now that is the magic that I’m talking about. Thanks for that Lorrin, hadn’t seen that one.

          • Diane, I really am floored when I listen to Adam in comparison to these other ‘greats’ of the past…he is a superb artist next to their being merely ‘very good’. I’ve watched other videos too so that I could see the difference between the former ‘greats’ of rock and roll and the new man on the scene, and there IS no comparison….it’s as though Adam, from small boyhood to now, has listened to every singer of rock and roll history, internalized them, redirected them, and then re-sung them in an even more perfected form than the original! He has run like a flash of fire through all the eras and artists of the whole history of rock and roll, and has overturned every milestone of music to make it his own…he has conquered the master singing styles of the past, become the master singer of the present, and will be the master singer of the future. When he sings ‘Whole Lotta Love’, Adam blasts out those notes just below the level of the sound barrier and he does it with perfect fluidity and control, adding in embellishments never before heard in rock history, while Robert Plant squeals out his sketchy little version in his tiny blue jeans and that was supposed to be a hot and sexy vocal perfomance. Now when we hear anyone else sing, immediately into our mind’s eye we see an image of a rock demi-god clad in black, thundering and wailing out any tune like it ought to be sung, stamping and kicking like a wild man, overturning everything we thought we knew about singers and rock and roll. And he can do the same with even more exquisite perfection for any slower songs and ballads, and will in fact, become THE singer in demand to sing any soaring rock anthem in any media in the years ahead. In my estimation, and what will soon be the world’s estimation, Adam Lambert will emerge on a pinnacle all his own, and will tower over the world of music history for as long as there is music. He is not only the boy WITH a future ahead of him, he IS the future….the future of music in the new millenium.

        • Lisette here..bonmatin Lorrin..going to slepe til noticing re: Cheryl an her aunt am going to say I av left her lot of luv not even knowing of thes til going down thes thread now..Merci for above an have to say from l’commence I av adored Adam singing le Prayer whech I av left many commentes sending benedictiones an saying If David Foster ever hearde Adam..he’d sureli sign him to his label..I av seen David Foster an frends 2 temes,an he has promoted an compose for othre American Idol performere as Catherine McPhee,an Michel Johns did yu know of thes?An also espress If Andrea Bocelli hearde Adam he’d give applause an ovationes alonge with Celine Dion..J’espere someday Adam wil have a CD compilation of his gentler side in his passe theatre chansons from Brigadoon too “Bend to Me”,Wicked’s Dancing thru Life,As longe as yu’re mine,10 commandments Is Anybody Listening,Caberet Club diffarante renditions of “Crazy”,”Kiss from a Rose”,”Dust in l’Wind”,”I Can’t Make yu Luv Me”,Come Home,Heaven of their Minds..sure ther’s more bless him always Luv Lisettexoxo

        • Thanks for these Lorrin, You really do your research!

      • Thank you, Lorrin!
        Totally agree with you. I checked this Wilson guy, he is good but nothing special. And Adam is phenomenal. I guess, I missed your post… If you could give me this info, I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot1
        Glamb #26

        • cheryl norman says:

          GALA, HEY, THERE!!! I remember Jackie Wilson very well!! I loved his song “Lonely Teardrops”, but to put him in a higher catagory than Adam is ridiculous to say the least. I saw all this stuff over a month ago and thought who in the hell is making these stupid decisions??? These rankings are CRAP!! ADAM IS BETTER IN EVERY ASPECT OF MUSICAL RANGE THAN NAY MAN ALIVE, and to put even Freddie Mercury above Adam is a miscarriage of justice!!!!!! luv, cheryl

  10. Beth/Canada says:

    The discussion was on Digital Dream Door Forums. They rated singers according to Tier One criteria e.g., breath support, register blending, pitch, vocal runs, and then according to Tier Two criteria, e.g., projection, resonance, range, versatiity. It was a really interesting discussion and these folks seemed to really know a lot.

    I don’t know if this link will work…I copied it from the address bar, but if you do a search with digital dream door forums and list adam lambert, jackie wilson, you should be able to find it.

  11. The BEST interview yet! Great questions…and really informative answers. You could really get inside Adams head. Which is both intellegent and lovable.

    Question…are there any videos out there of Adams Cher perfomance of “Believe”? I’ve never seen it but would love to.

    • To see Adam performing “Believe” go to: and scroll down to “Believe”.

      • Wish he would have sung the whole song…it would have been so great! He was just getting started and it was over! I think this is where he finally made a believer out of Simon.

  12. … and to think I used to think Robert Plant was an awesome high range singer!!

  13. i always think when i hear him sing, HOW DO ADAM’S THROAT, ESOPHAGUS, CHEST AND LUNGS LOOK LIKE?????????