Adam Lambert Tells MTV News…

I wonder if he still can be a part of Idol Gives Back since he is still here in the states?? We can only hope…



Adam Lambert Picks His ‘American Idol’ Favorites, Plans Another Visit
‘I hope to come back for the finale,’ he tells MTV News.
By James Montgomery, with reporting by Kelly Marino

After spending a week as a guest mentor on “American Idol,” Adam Lambert learned a few things about this year’s crop of contestants. First and foremost, he wasn’t all that shocked to see Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia get the boot after the pair turned in “sleepy” performances.

“You know, I think at this point in the competition, it comes down to ‘Do you want to be there, or do you not want to be there?’ ” Lambert told MTV News on the red carpet of the GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday in Los Angeles. “You’ve got to step it up, get some caffeine going. They were a little sleepy.”

Secondly, he already has a favorite to win the season-nine crown — or, more specifically, four favorites. He also thinks everyone should start packing lasers, like he did for his performance of “Whataya Want From Me” on “Idol.”

“There’s some amazing voices this year. I think Crystal [Bowersox], Casey [James], Lee [Dewyze] and Michael [Lynche], for me, those four really stand out as authentic, pure, amazing vocals,” he said. “But everyone was really sweet and really friendly and really receptive. I had a great time mentoring, and I had a really good time putting on my laser show. I got lasers! I was so excited. I was like a little kid.”

And since he had such a great time on the show, Lambert said he hopes he can make another appearance during the season-nine finale. He wanted to show up for this week’s “Idol Gives Back” event, but his schedule won’t allow it.

“I hope to come back for the finale. Unfortunately, I’m going to be gone for ‘Idol Gives Back,’ ” he said. “I leave this Sunday. I’m going to be in Europe for three weeks, promoting my album. … It comes out in the U.K. at the end of the month, and I’m so excited to see how it does over there.



  1. Adam, you have to get on a plane right now! We miss you in Europe, so hopefully you’ll make it in time.

    I won tickets to see Adam monday 26th but I actually have a spare ticket.
    If anyone wants to see Adam live in London please contact me on my Twitter: Birgerline.

  2. Lorraine says:

    I suspect Adam is having difficulty getting out of the U.S. due to air restrictions. I certainly hope that he heeds the recommendations re : flying and doesn’t attempt going over on a private jet. This morning’s newscast said the volcano is errupting once again making it even more difficult. If history teaches us anything is that this disruption took place over a two year period in the last century. Planes were not an issue then. I bet we will see alot more sea travel. Also, people are beginning to be creative and flying to safe destinations and overland or sea from there. I just pray that Adam is not so anxious to get to the U.K. to fulfill his obligations, that he endangers himself and his crew.
    Stay safe………

    • Libraglam says:

      I hope he would change his plan by move the GlamNationTour earlier or have more tours in US instead of sitting there waiting for mother Nature to cool down ! I am ready to go and see GLamTourNation anytime start TODAY !!

  3. k. morgan says:

    I am sure Adam will if time…do some sort of video for Idol Gives back…i.e. asking people to donate…He is such a warm and caring person…

  4. I heard that Adam had cancelled his London trip due to the volcanic clouds. I really need to know if he’s going to be on Idol Gives Back as I have a voucher to get on the show. Anybody know for sure?

  5. k. morgan says:

    I wish Adam could be part of Idol gives back too….but he has to do his promotional obligations…maybe he will video in to encourage all to donate…
    He is a charming sweet person. And man does he not look absolutely gorgeous in this suit and glasses….I am convinced Adam should model on the side…his look is so friggin sexy….to die for…

  6. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I have to say as a CT person that I wasn’t happy to see Katie go and Adam himself in a backstage interview said he was rather surprised about that. She sure wasn’t sleepy when she belted out the song. I don’t think the judges were fair with Katie–she seemed too mature, give me a break! They couldn’t pigeon hole what genre she should be restricted too, give me a break. She worked hard, she delivered, and she deserved more. I’m pretty disappointed.

  7. I love the blues in Adam’s hair, that matches the blues also in his sunglasses. I also wouldn’t want Katie to go yet, but that week her performance was not as good as the other weeks. I like her voice even better than Siobhan. Maybe it was a wrong song choice for her, but she’s still young and has a lot of opportunities. Ash or no ash, Adam loves Europe. It could just be glitter dusts spewed out from Iceland’s volcano. But OOHH, it just gives me the shivers to note the effect of GLOBAL WARMING. Adam sang of this already in the 2012 movie. It’s like a foregone conclusion.