Adam Lambert talks With Andy and Adrian about….

Yet another entertaining Adam Lambert interview, with this one covering topics from Chase Crawford, to duets, to fruit flies, to his favorite pair of Jesus undies. Did I mention his Australian / British accent? Listen for it in a special segment at the end of this ALMOST 10 MINUTE VIDEO!!! Video via: AndyandAdrian




  1. GLAMB#474 KIMBER says:

    this interview was hysterical! as hell! love the undies, oh Master Adam please let me see your undies! & anything else you’ve got to show me & only me. Don’t let these other perverted intruders near your undies. Oh Master Adam you know how I feel about you, deep down inside I need your love. & those undies! LOL!

    • hey there sista Kim, you better make room for the rest of us, pervs……….we want Every Inch of his love too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially like his FS WHOLE LOTTA LOVE! OMG,

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Now Kimber, don’t be greedy. There’s plenty of “Adam” to go around for all of us, hee, hee. You know what I mean!

    • Remember Kim… must share!!!!

  2. Libraglam says:

    Fun Aussie interview!! as always!

    Why i always have a smile on my face everytime watching adam interview, my husband said i look silly (happy) everytime i am checking adam’s news …i always started with a constant smile…no matter how i tried not to show..! i hope i am not the only one.

    • retrogrrrl says:

      I’m grinning like an idiot right now! Adam makes me giddy!

    • gran4adam says:

      I just listened to this interview and their reading of the “soap opera”…Adam can do anything and do it good. I just smile and LOL when I see him like this. I can’t get enough…it’s a daily, sometime twice daily ritual searching for anything Adam and this is the absolute best site.

  3. Glenda #1946 says:

    No Libraglam you are NOT alone…LOL…there are many of us. I get up every morning & check this website to see what’s new…..isn’t life grand!!!

  4. GLAMB#474 KIMBER says:

    that soap skit was freakin fantastic! I laugh my bum off every time I listen to it. Master Adam was great w/ his British accent, I never knew he could do that, I’m sure there are still a lot of things we don’t know about him still. I,m telling ya ‘all this is one fantastic journey he has brought us on, remember when he invited us at his AI finale interview?
    I am so blessed to have Master Adam in my life! & I love it when he talks about how he likes the passion he feels from his fans, oh yea baby! PASSION FOR MASTER ADAM!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hey Kimber
      I loved his Canadian accent, didn’t you, eh?

      • Since I live so close to Windsor, I use “eh” all the time!!!! Doesn’t everyone, eh?

      • GLAMB#474 KIMBER says:

        EH? I didn’t know that was Canadian. I didn’t know Master Adam was Canadian. I do know he is ONE HOT CALIFORNIA BOY! ” I wish they all could be California boys!”, Beach Boys, EH?

  5. That was hilarious. i can always count on Adam to bring a smile to my face. Does anyone know what Adam was referencing in his tweet yesterday about being misquoted by the media?

    • jnellie, yes some of the media make a habit of mixing up his quoted words to go their questions.
      Pure embellishment. For instance the SuBo incident and now the LSD and Burning Man Festival.

  6. Adam is traveling the world and living his dream. What a hot hunk of a talented man he is. Watching these interviews have been delightful. He’s our Worldwide Star! Seems each and every performance, interview, video, picture is a new favorite! Would love to see him in his Jesus loves me undies, YUMMY! giving me my own private show oh yeah baby, some great thrusts, gyrates and saweeet vocals.
    Adam Rocks My World!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Ya Mary, can’t wait for him to come back to our side of the world. Can’t wait for all of us to go see him. It will be ADAMAZING. You rock Adam.

      • Yeh, I miss Adam! So happy for his overseas promoting, but it doesnt seem the same without him in the states! Adam cant wait untill you cum home 🙂

    • Mary…ADAM can just sit down in front of me and not do anything, and I’d go crazy!! He is the most beautiful man in the world! But, of course, if he wanted to sing, wiggle, kiss, hug….
      that would be OK with me!!!

      Oh here comes ADAM…right after the commercial!!!! I can’t wait! My TV is getting wet already!!!!

      • GLAMB#474 KIMBER says:

        your tv is getting wet? lmfao! are you sure it isn’t you ? master adam has taken us to where no man has ever taken us before! He is an amazing man, never known anyone like him. he is just the way a man should be, & he wants women to feel good about their bodies & feel sexy, oh yea I feel sexy alright, for him!

  7. Dianne Hill says:

    I just loved this interview, what am I saying, I love ALL of Adam’s interviews. He is so funny and sweet and so damn sexy. I love his playfulness and that English accent. I would so love to see him in those undies, or even better, out of those undies. Oh yeah, baby.

    • Dianne, haha, girl after my own thoughts, out of his undies???? and singing a song, you know how GB gets excited while singing.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        I wondered how long it would take you MaryC, LOL. Oh god, now I am getting horny just thinking about his GB “expanding” LOL.

        • Well Dianne, Adam was talking about his cod piece being elastic and moving along with his body. Oh yeh I can sure be doing that tooo 🙂

  8. Alexandra says:

    I agree with Glenda #1946, I’m one of many that check this org. first thing in the morning 🙂
    Adam do make me happy and yes life””””s sooooo grand.

  9. ADAM’s undies….mmmm mmmm….clean or dirty…..I want ’em!

    ADAM was so cute “speaking English”….he could speak in every language, and sound sexy.
    He is such a sweetheart! I would love to be able to hang out with ADAM….his sense of humor and kindness just draws me in!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes Jaberone, clean or dirty, le’ts just get ’em off LOL. I want to bury my face in his undies whether he is wearing them or not, oh, now that’s really got me going, and I have to go and do grocery shopping this morning, maybe I better go and start playing Whole Lotta Love – Fantasy Springs style, you know what that song does to me. Should be a sexciting time.

      • grocery shopping???? bananas and cucumbers….be careful!!! Look what sexy ADAM does to my mind!!!! (alleged mind). Just don’t wear earplugs and listen to WLL…you might act out to the music, and people will wonder what the heck is going on while you’re in the store~~~LOL

        • retrogrrrl says:

          LMFAO! Yeah better watch yourself in the produce section around those English cukes! I’m so glad ya’ll are as crazy as me, I wanna wear Adam’s undies and he can wear mine!!! Glampervs rule!

          • Alright girls, LMFAO too 🙂 Fruits and Veggies, haha, I wanna be a fruit fly and hang with lover boy! and if he ever changes his mind, he can hang right down into me! Crap Dianne, you have me thinking of WLL again.

  10. cheryl 334 says:

    TOO Cute! 🙂 How wonderful to be able to be a ‘fly on the wall’, in a way, while Adam goofs around with the guys! Adorable. Way to speak up about your ‘private’ romantic life, Adam!!!!!! Actually telling the ‘world’ that you are not looking for a lot of ‘insignificant’ sex, that you are a ‘romantic’, which I have always taken him for! When Adam gives himself to someone, it will ‘ean’ something to him. What a rarity in the attitude of a Rock-God! He continues to be “one of a kind” in more ways than music, style, personality. Saying that he is a ‘moral’ man is so sexy! peace-love-light-hope-4 Adam. 🙂

  11. My my, you guys are getting so worked up about a mere funny interview………….. it doesn’t take much, does it? haha

    I must’ve been the mention of ‘undies’!

    I loved this one, the witticisms.. those guys are great!!

    • nope Terry, its doesnt take much at all, undies? smile? laugh? hair? voice? you name it and we’re TAKEN!

  12. KO's smiling says:

    That soap scene was hysterical. I had a good laugh here by myself. Good to see he’s having a great time pash-ing and dash-ing, too.

  13. Don’t you love how he just sits there, seemingly so ‘normal’, so one-of-the-guys, so much fun and so warmly conversational, and he’s actually the rock-god magnet of the known universe holding down the gravity of the entire planet from that one little corner in an Australian radio station? Just one arch of his sable brow, and the building would come crashing down…figuratively, of course. But just one thing, it is time that Adam Lambert be cast in the actor’s mode somewhere, he is a perfect ‘natural’ thespian, dramatist, and comedian all in one package. AND, he is deliciously beautiful in that low V-neckline, with the perfectly cut black leather shoulders, arms, and chest of his jacket to complete his ensemble…throw in the ‘ruff’ of ink-black hair spraying out above his headphones, and he is the most beautiful man on the planet, or off-planet for that matter.

  14. I’m waiting for ADAM to be on Nightline …he’ll be on at the end of the show! Good for ABC!
    Just a few more minutes till my TV will have an ADAMgasm!!!

    • He looked dreamy on Nightline, Now I wanna go and listen to “A Pain That I’m Used To” he says he listened to that song during a particular time in his life. Man, has he broadened my music horizons.

      • Mary …. I thought the same thing…I want to hear that song, and I’ll probably cry listening to it~~~ thinking about ADAM and why he listened to it so much! ADAM is such a sensitive, caring, and loving man, and I ask…..WHY CAN’T ALL MEN BE LIKE ADAM!!!!!

  15. These guys are a riot! Great interview with the Glitter Prince in the most wonderful land of OZ!
    ADAM had a ball here… of acceptance, freedom and love! ……. and everyone totally
    adored him! I just wished you guys got to experience the Sydney Mardi Gras Party as it was
    awesome! ADAM was a masterpiece!……totally decked out to perfection, drenched in glitter
    breathtaking performance and everyone in the state of collapse……pure wonderment!
    It was a night engraved in our hearts forever…..! We had 4 nights of no sleep at all over this
    promo tour and am trying to catch a few zzzzzzz’s this week.

  16. Far out when you guys hit the site you really hit it…lol… I loved Adam in this interview. His Australian accent was atrocious…. I should know cause I’m an aussie. However his total cuteness rates so high that it can be forgiven.
    Jill you were there, I’m so jealous… Thanks to Yvonne though I now have a cd signed by Adam saying..

    “Lisa you rock” Adam Lambert. And I have Voodoo on it… yayayayayayayayay.

  17. The best interview ever. Really enjoyed these guys and why can’t we do this stateside?? I think Adam has to host Saturday Night Live,!!

  18. Glambertcraze says:

    He is always sooo delightful to watch and listen to.

  19. I just love adam and this video is so funny.. I love it..
    does anyone else think he should be voted sexiest man alive.. I swear he could give a girl (or guy) a orgasm just by singing… oh man

  20. Ninalatina9 says:

    I love this man! I love this man! I love this man! he is so gorgeous and talented and sexxxy and down to earth and funny! He’ll go along with whatever games the interviewers cook up. I can’t get enough of his love!!!

  21. Yeah, I love this man too. And yeah, why can’t other men be like him? Even if they don’t have his talent, just his intelligence, character and humor would suffice. But of course, it helps if they have his good looks too. LOL!! My GOSH, girls you were a riot talking about his undies and GB. I guess this is a good appetizer. Your partners will be grateful to Adam. He’s so cute here, and just having a good time.

  22. Samantha Rosalie Cannon says:

    That would be so friggin awesome if he was on Gossip Girl I would just watch that episode over and over again.