Adam Lambert Talks Red Carpet Behavior, What’s In His Pockets and a Surprise Marriage Proposal!

Direct from Adam Lambert’s radio tour, Adam stops to chat and perform for a very lucky audience at Boston’s Mix 104.

Adam is a bit rambunctious in this 25 minute video. Maybe he was a little sleep deprived from the power outage the night before in the hotel? Throughout this session, he displays the great humor that runs throughout the Lambert family. Like when he comments about the originality of the questions! To counter that, this self-admitted controller turns the questions to the audience instead of the twitter feed.

We also get to enjoy two stripped performances of Better Than I Know Myself and I think the sexiest version of Fever that I’ve ever heard! I love the funk beat that Tommy rips on his acoustic guitar. Catch Adam’s ad lib to the lyrics, and look at the sparkle in his eyes.

Thank you to Gale Chester Whittington for the video. Be sure and read more about the appearance and see photos from the event by checking out Reneé Snyder’s article too!

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Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Mix 104.1 Boston ADAM LAMBERT FULL Interview + Performances 3-14-12 from Gale Chester Whittington on Vimeo.

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. can’t get enough of mr. adam lambert, can’t wait for the new cd & his next tour!!!!!!!!!

  2. WOW…Carol Thanks for more juicy news & video. When I see you site pop in my inbox…I’m like a kid in a candy store…I get giddy! You make my day…on so many days…THANK YOU!
    I’m faithfully voting for the NewNextNow Award! Hope it goes to you & the others that works so very hard for all us Glamberts and our Adam! GREATLY APPRECIATED!
    XO Always…”ADAMICTED”

  3. I turned on the radio in my car and on came Adams new song “Better than I know Myself”!! Its the first I have heard it played…so happy for you Adam!

  4. Laurie Kazenoff says:

    Just love Adam. It’s not just his music that gets to me, it’s him! He’s just such a great guy, honest, open, just really love him as a person. Feel like I could be great friends with him, with the added advantage of having him entertain me! Why can’t all men be like him???? Seriously!

  5. I really enjoyed this interview with Adam. It was like this was the real you……love you Adam!

  6. That was the cutest interview! Boston – you did a great job!!!


    I love when he said “I’m openly 30!”. Hysterical!

  8. Best interview I’ve seen. Thanks so much to whoever videoed this.

  9. Elizabeth Richter Glamb #545 says:

    That was a great interview and I enjoy the way he sang BTIKM and Fever. That was really great. I liked the way when the questions were dumb, he just shifted to getting questions from the audience, and they had better questions. Yes, Adam is a great guy, always fun to listen to, such a beautiful person, great voice.

  10. Yup! thanks. I was there and this day was awesome!!

    • You are sooo lucky! Adam doesn’t get even close to here. Any good pictures to share with me? I would love it!!

  11. Best of the Radio Tour so far- really a fun party. Adam is so good at making everyone happy – love him to pieces.

  12. Thanks again for bringing this, this was so great to listen to Adam sing and talk. Adam always seems
    like he is talking in our living rooms. After watching this whatever I have to say seems so blah. I would get a brain freeze if he was sitting in my living room and he was trying to carry on a conversaion. Adam’s voice is still the greatest voice world wide.

  13. Leilani aloha says:

    Adam’s just a beautiful & special being!!!!
    Love him, his voice, charisma, good looks, humor, everything about him!!!!

  14. I have adored Adam Lambert ever since first seeing him on AI. If he is as real as he seems,
    he’s got to be the sweetest, most down to earth celeb out there.. Have been to two of his
    concertsand just hope I get the chance to attend another one. I have started my “bucket
    list” and to meet Adam is at the top of the list. Along with many others of all ages out there,
    I absolutely ADORE him. Thanks for the video. Really enjoyed it!

  15. Adam is going to be here in Illinois,today,,in Chicago at the Coca cola lounge! Tried to win tickets on the “MIX”……but sadly no go! He will be performing at noon! Well at least he is in the same state as me! Hope all these radio appearances get him on the radio more! Can;t wait to see him on Idol…no date yet! Love you Adam! Hope one of us glamberts will be at the Coca Cola lounge to tape ADAM!!!!!!!

  16. That was freakin awesome. The awesomest!!!!! I couldn’t be more in love with this man. Oh, and fabulous rendition of Fever. “Baby steps.”

  17. kat23mogan says:

    want something good…here is another one…adam doing trespassing…holy hell…amazing…can not wait for this cd!

  18. Wow!! I’ve gotten behind with the Adam Storm of interviews and songs. SOOOOOO glad I watched this one! Fantastic!!! Thanks so much, Carol!!

    Seeing this amazing man in person on Monday!!! Chills!!! Haven’t stopped pinching myself!!

  19. Lila - Glamb #3 says:

    That was a great interview!

  20. I had enjoyed this so much. Thanks so much! ADAM as always is sexy and naughty.

  21. Such a great interview and performance. Its amazing how he seems to answer each question with a perfect answer! I am the luckiest and happiest person alive today because this morning I won a contest on Kiss 106.1 in Seattle called “Luck of the Lambert” I will be meeting him and having breakfast with him in the studio this Friday morning! I am still in shock and know I’m not going to be getting a lot of sleep over the next few days. I will record it if possible and post it on youtube! Thanks once again Carol!!

    Jen (Sleepless in Seattle) lol

  22. That FEVER was special!!!!!!!!!!