Adam Lambert Talks JoJo, MMVA’s, And New Video

You gotta love snippets of Adam!! Even though these are short and sweet, I didn’t want you to miss out on them.

JoJo’s Tiny Talkshow – Adam Lambert
video via:theADVENTURESofJOJO

Adam Lambert talks MMVA’s
video via:Voodoo346

Adam talks new video
video via:adse1994

Adam Lambert – IIHY Video Promo (ET)(05-19-10).ts
video via:AdamBackup

Twitter love for Adam:
~@watkins70 No…we have “making of” footage. Adam is so talented & what’s wierd – NICE. The production values are Jackson-esque.
~@Allyriane_ OH NO my friend. @adamlambert provided over us the best behind-the-scenes footage I’ve seen..costumes. .dancers. .off the hook.
~@BradBesseySince you won’t see @adamlambert at American Idol Finale…see him on ET tomorrow night – awesome music vid for “If I Had You.” It’s HUGE!



  1. OMG I usually don’t watch ET…but I WILL be watching tonight! Thanks for posting this so early. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

  2. PaulaGlam says:

    I haven’t watch ET for years and I usually tell all my friends that like to watch it that I am not in the Hollywood gossip…… I will be watching tonight, Adam is making me break my rules!!! WOW
    Thank you for the heads up, you are sensational as always!!!

  3. KO's smiling says:

    It’s the hat from Wicked! 🙂 I have a feeling this video is for us – his obsessed fans – who will notice which performer friends and recycled costumes appear. How fun!

  4. delibel (Nederland) says:

    You are so update whit every thing its amazing.

    BIG HUG and LOVE from Holland for you ,and thanks doing that for all of us.

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!111

  5. You know, I’m always keeping an eye on ET just in case there’s a snippet of Adam on there. How sick is that? Don’t like the gossip and posing but……….just in case.

    • buffy522 says:

      Me too. I scan (DVR) ET and AH to find Adam which i can do very fast. A few other things are okay but started recording for ADAM LAMBERT.

  6. them video was hot it just one thing i wish i was their

  7. buffy522 says:

    Oh, and you can vote multiple times on MMVA, just not in a row. And vote VH1 for WWFM until the new video comes out. Love these snippets and the jojo one is super short!

  8. k. morgan says:

    Hi guys……..remember to go to VH1 and vote for Adam’s WDYWFM video…….He was number six last week…

  9. The honor goes to Adam for being the only AI contestant nominated in this Video Award. Pitting him with Lady Gaga and Rihanna would be wrong because their category is sensationalism, some voyeurism and inciting fornication. While Adam’s WWFM, is heartfelt soul-searching, a bit of identity crisis and some transcending. He would be more in the category of Taylor Swift’s song, where her identity crisis is whether she’ll be in the bleacher or be a cheer captain to snare her man. I still think Adam could win if the criteria in judging would be musicality and wholesome values, and not sensationalism and shock value. USA has had its fair share of tragedy and trauma among its youth, to further glamorize those killer instincts in Lady Gaga’s poisonings, or to further cheapen sex just like a disco stick or a rude boy. Who knows in her next video, Lady Gaga will raise the bar, and would now cut the disco stick ? My gosh, Adam is an angel compared to Gaga’s antics.