Adam Lambert Talks About His Grammy Nomination

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of Adam! Here’s a bit on his Grammy nomination from Flecking Records by Frankie Genchi.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~


Adam Lambert is hoping that his recent Grammy nomination gives him more credibility as a solo artist.

The singer has been nominated for the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance award, for his single Whataya Want From Me.
“I was so excited!” Adam told The Hollywood Reporter. “I knew the song would be a key track on my album.
“I hope that at this point, after all the hard work I’ve done over the past year, the nomination will give me credibility as a true vocalist in the industry. And perhaps help fade some of the stigma that comes from rising to fame on a competition show.”
The 53rd Grammy Awards are scheduled to take place February 13, 2011.
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  1. Princessshakeitup says:

    Although I was a bit shocked at first [didn’t want to get our hopes up again!] then I got into this “it’s not enough” mode. Now I am just happy and so glad that Adam is happy. I want him to have it ALL!

  2. adamlover51 says:


  3. adamlover51 says:


  4. I hope Adam wins. He is so amazing.

  5. Yeah… if Adam’s happy, then I’m happy!! 🙂

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Aren’t we funny that way? Keep Adam happy, you keep the Glamily happy. Mess with Adam? WATCH OUT!

      • JoAnne T. says:

        Princess, u said it all! I get my claws out every time someone downs Adam, almost like a mama bear!

        JoAnne T. (Glamb # 497)

  6. jen johnson says:

    good for adam! he has accomplished so much in so little time! i saw him in june & continued to read all the blogs about his tour since then! he has grown so much over the past year- i wish him the best of luck on his grammy nom! if he doesn’t win- he looks the same in my eyes- a winner! good luck adam- god bless ya & enjoy the ride…we are all rooting for ya!!
    xoxoxo jen johnson from webster, ma

  7. I love Adam.. I am sure he will be wildly loved and famous and artistically interesting for many many years.. whatever he wins now is great.. however, his body of work is already amazing for the short time we have known of him…
    I have seen him 4 times in concert.. and am seeing him in L.A. for end of tour shows.. It has been a blast to see him develop his show.. I really look forward to more!
    acting, producing..more lovely songs of course.. he is a fabulous talent and a lovely man…

  8. kat23mogan says:

    My Adam Peeps….please go to Jeff Moser’s article that reviews Jingle Ball last night where Adam performed and let him know how deaf he is and how much of a jerk he is. I just watched the videos on Youtube from the concert and Adam killed it as usual and this fool Moser…said he was bad?!? Apparently he does not like Adam…every thing he writes about him is negative…We need to let this fool know he needs to get a grip…

  9. congratulations to adam.Iknow all about stigma with my job,we love you for who you are!!! you dont need their approval !!or prove anything .yYour voice is known and loved all over the world because of YOU !!!!!!

  10. ADAM YOU ARE THE BEST SINGER ON THE PLANET. YOU, THEREFORE ARE ALREADY THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Peace-Love-Light-truth-joy-hapiness…………the icon man!:)

  11. hi kat morgan icant find jeff mosers comments anywhere. iwould like to see it .I live here and only heard very good things.!! help !!!!!!

  12. Adam Soooo deserves this Grammy Nomination. He is a “TRUE ARTIST”. The BEST ever!!!!!

  13. Hey Guys and Gals—-anybody going to the Music Box on Dec. 15 and want to meet somewhere before the concert???? Apparently the Bardot is after and closes at midnight tonight for registration. I would prefer to meet after like we all did at Fantasy Springs. Anybody else????

  14. The LA concert is the day of my birthday (Dec.15), and I’m still waiting for the fairies to drop down my plane and concert tickets from Planet Fierce…..ahhhhhhhh! I guess the early bird gets the worm… darn it! I’m very jealous, Charlotte, but have an amazing time!

  15. Bekki Bell says:

    I am so very proud to be a fan of Adam. He is an awesome performer and extremely talented. I never watched American Idol (I know…shoot me!) and came to know him when I overheard “If I Had You” on my friends i-Pod. Since then I have been dazzled by his charisma and presence. I hope that he wins because he richly deserves it. I look forward to many more years of Adam! As a SD native, I look forward to seeing him in our hometown.

    • Bekki, welcome to the fold!!! Better late, than never! You have a lot of catching up to do! Hope you’ve Googled and Youtubed Adam plenty to get up to speed. You’ve got a lot of ground to cover to catch up to those of us who have been following his journey from the beginning. LOL!!