Adam Lambert Takes on the Role of Teaching Manners at a Concert

WARNING: The following article is an opinion piece, and does not necessarily reflect the views of as a whole. (But I’d truly be surprised to find many who disagree with me – hee hee!)

Social behavior has been on a steady decline over the last two decades. In this piece, I’m not even thinking about the offensive language we hear on TV/movies/song lyrics or the extras we see from those wearing saggy/baggy pants. No, today I’m focusing on the blurring of the line between home versus public behavior. I think technology has had a big hand in this. Remember when VHS machines first came out and we started watching movies in our living rooms? The freedom of pausing or talking during the movie without getting shushed was such a novelty. Go to the movies now, and they have to run a piece reminding audiences to keep quiet. And we never had to worry about bothering others when we talked on our home phones. Now cell phone talkers are invading our space at public locations/events. Have you noticed how loud people talk on them? “Can you hear me now?” “Yes idiot, the whole restaurant can!”

Thankfully Adam Lambert feels strong enough about audience behavior that he didn’t feel shy about speaking up during his recent performance in New York with I Heart Radio, when he was distracted mid-song. Somehow, someone who was lucky enough to get into the show, much less close enough to the stage to be within eye range of Adam, completely forgot common courtesy. The YouTube videos are making their rounds as I write this. We’ve even got another article on this site, showing all of his beautiful, sexy performances. But now the moment in question has made its way onto E News Now and I felt it deserved separate mention. Please folks, if you’re lucky enough to attend a performance from ANYONE, please remember your manners. And especially if you’re going to be in the Fantasy Springs audience with me, I want TOTAL Adam, not your cell phone!

~ Carol, Glamb #7 ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. I totally AGREE ! And I love and respect ADAM more than ever. He is such a nice person, even when he likes to correct someone’s rudiness/manner, he spoke very gently and nicely ! You never see this kindness from other famous artist. More than that, that special event is for special filming purpose in a small room. It’s not in the fish market at the pier….I am glad that you wrote this. I LOVE ADAM !!! (Anyway the media exaggerate the whole thing and said Adam was shouting at the girl. They forgot that they lied not knowing that Youtube has proved that what they said was untrue. We should all login to that sites and wrote a comment to stop them spreading untrue rumors.


  3. Good for Adam!! I hate it when people talk on their cell phones in public….especially loudly. They’re sooo rude and totally ignore everyone else within hearing distance. Like we want to hear someone else’s conversation. You go Adam!!!!

  4. I’ve heard both sides of the arguement,
    Some ppl say adam shoulsn’t have coz hes gonna sound like an attention freak diva,
    Some say he did the right thing coz manners are important and it was being RECORDED for an effing PROMO!
    What I think: some of the articles that recounts the inciedent are misleading coz the writers only quote his speech and nothing else after that,
    some articles says he lashed out or shouted,
    I saw the vid, and he neither fiercely reprimanded the fan or even shouted at her. It was a simple instruction with a hint of slight annoyance (which is totally natural coz even a teacher would be annoyed)
    Hugh jackman told an audience to silence their phone too.
    And the worst part is, there are ppl who haven’t even watched the vid, and started to assume his attitude is diva like.
    Ignorant bunch. What he did was reinforcing manners, which have been a neglected norm for a long time. And how should he know who she called? Ppl say she called her grandma so she can listen to him thru phone, but adam doesnt know that.
    Then again, I heard that she changed the story in fb.

    Trust me! HES not a diva at all. He actually stopped singing to help a fan who fainted.

  5. Dianne Hill says:

    Adam was completely in the right over this. They were recording this session for showing later and you could hear her voice on the tapes apparently. How rude can a person be. I hope she has learned her lesson. Adam wasn’t yelling at her, they forget that we can easily get the “evidence” and the losers that say Adam was rude and yelling look pathetic when they have been proven WRONG again. Good on Adam for stopping singing and asking her to end her call. What person in their right mind would go to something like that where it was invitation only, there were only about 100 people there and it was for Adam for goodness sake, why would you want to do anything other than watch him and listen to every note he sings. I can’t understand her mentality to be honest with you.

  6. I thought Adam handled the situation quite well. I get really irritated with those talking on cell phones while standing in the check out line at the grocery store. I don’t want to hear your conversation!!! Obviously it was very disruptive to him while singing.
    I will be at Fantasy Springs and will have a fellow Adam lover on the other end………we won;t be talking, she’ll just be listening to the laughing, screaming and ADAM signing!

  7. I must say. I would wonder at the manners of anyone who not only interrupted Adam singing in concert but who would not let their members know (except through an announcement on twitter) that they had tickets to see him on Jay Leno 3 days after Fantasy Springs….

    \Just got tickets 2 see @adamlambert on Leno/Tonight Show w/@lliillaa & @GLudwig396 3 days after we sit front row to see him @FantasyResort!

    ALN at least sends out invites the moment the news comes through that an Adam interview is imminent. I just wonder who is looking out for whom here. This would be the 2nd time that seats were aquired well before any announcement of the event on this site.

    I am righteously annoyed and like I said last time I have not vested interest in any of these events as I am in New Zealand and couldn’t be there anyway.

    Fairness to the members of this site means you tell them as soon as you know there is an event happening… so they get the chance to buy tickets to see Adam.

    No wonder the numbers have dwindled so severely here. I just see that selfishness is rampant and there are innocent members who dont realise that they are being played.

    Cheers all.

    • ATTENTION!!!!!
      You are saying exactly what I was thinking when I saw this twitter. Not for the first time it just strucks me how different the “leadership” of this site from AdamLambertNet is…. And this difference is not in favour of this site, which used to be my Bookmarks Toolbar but not anymore… If I come here nowadays is just an old habit… because I was with this site from the very beginning. My Glamb # 26. But it is not fun anymore. I don’t see tens of people who used to post a lot and I know the reason WHY… I used to post a lot here…. and now I am checking for the news other sites since this one doesn’t offer updates on the regular basis. Actually Vicky, the owner of the AdamLambertNet sends e-mails to EVERY member of the site IMMEDIATELY when any event with Adam’s appearance happens because she really CARES about US, Adam’s fans and the members of her group!

      Ok, I just wanted to point out a few things that disappointed me a lot and I will try to be as short as possible:

      1. The pictures of at least 4 people I know personally who were playing a HUGE part in everyday activity on the threads and were TRUE members of this site for a long time WERE NOT included in the Adam Birthday VIDEO. They took their time to prepare their pictures and they were ignored!!! Not one person, not two … but 4 and I am absolutely sure there were more!!!! That means to me “OUR LEADERS DON”T CARE ABOUT US!”

      2. Our “leaders” have tickets on the front row for the Fantasy concert. Great! And I would be happy for them IF they would let US, other members of this site know about this Fantasy Concert the day they knew about it! That’s what Vicky did on her site. Evidently they knew beforehand about it (if they were able to get front row…) but they choose to think only about themselves and not about us, the people who are the members of their fan group invest time in this site … That means to me “OUR LEADERS DON”T CARE ABOUT US!”

      3. Now they have tickets for Leno show and WE don’t know about the Leno show AGAIN! Why? Because we might be competitors trying to get these tickets too???… Or what??? Or just they don’t care about other members of this site?… Well, for me that means again “OUR LEADERS DON”T CARE ABOUT US!”

      4. This before-concert Glamb dinner event… When I was communicating by e-mail with one of you, trying to persuade to arrange it at earlier time that we would be able to take part in both events (official Glamb Reunion), I’ve got a couple of very SARCASTIC answers from you… NOW you’ve changed time because it doesn’t make ANY sense to arrange it almost at the same time…. But me and another person I know who were trying to persuade you to change the time of this lunch did not get any letter from you informing us that you had changed it… I get this information from other people… That means to me “OUR LEADERS DON”T CARE ABOUT US!”

      There were some other things.. I won’t talk about all of them. I promised to be short. BUT I FEEL BETRAYED BY THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THIS SITE NOW… The site I invested a lot of time… I am still very thankful to it because I had great experience at the beginning of this Adam journey of mine. Through this site I’ve met wonderful people, some of them I’ve met in person, some of them I’ve talked to on phone, some of them I’ve never seen but all of them became dear friends of mine! And I am very thankful to Jeanette who contributed a lot to this site and gave her heart and time and passion and skills as a great writer to all of us. I could feel how much she cared bout us… And I don’t feel that now… I feel indifference… I feel betrayed…

      This is how I feel now.. These are my thoughts… This is my opinion… I felt the need to share it with other people … and I did!


      • Hey there Gala, you have made quite a statement and I believe a lot of the orignal members feel the same as you do. this pretty much explains why there are just a few members posting here now. Remember the days that there was well over 100 posting, sometimes close to 200, everyday now look at the numbers. I remember when I wasn’t getting anything done around the home because we were talking about each others feelings of Adam and where he was and what Adam was about to do It was so much fun!!!
        I did notice a change after Jeanette stop doing the articles, then when the Fantasy Spring Concert came around and no one knew about it except the ones that got the front row seats, I knew for sure what was goiing on..

        I am still 100 per cent behind Adam, I just get my information on different sites and i reconize some of the older members from this site by the way they write but they use different names.

        It is so sad that this has happened because we made friends all around the world, all ages and I do feel a loss.

        Jeanette,, If you ever check in on this site, please know how much you are missed and how much we appreciated you, even when we didn’t always let you know!!!!

        • Thank you, Lee M.
          I was sure that I am not the only one who is feeling the same way.
          I will be meeting Jeanette in Fantasy resort and I will let her know about your appreciation!

          • Judy Lushman says:

            Jeanette is going to see Adam? I thought that she gave up on him. I hope that she still loves him like we do.

        • Lisa, Gala and Lee, I too am very disappointed in this fansite. This site used to be my addiction.
          A place to come and share our love for Adam and each other. Not anymore.
          Unfortunately, things have changed. Instead of spreading & showing the love and happiness for others, some
          are only for themselves.
          I am so very thankful to have met & made so many friends thru this site, for that I will always be
          appreciative. Our friendships go on thru other means.
          My Love and support for Adam will go on forever. This man is truly gifted and is a beautiful soul!
          I love him with all my heart.
          So looking forward to seeing him again this year and hoping 2010 will be the beginning of another
          great journey for him and us his true loyal fans!
          love & peace

          • This site ‘used to be’ my first stop in the morning and my ‘last stop’ at night. We were always ahead of other sites because Jeannette had Adam covered and kept us current.

            The “Glamb Leaders'” self-indulgence is blatantly evident, without even trying to be subtle. They claim to be love everything about Adam and then proceed to display behaviour which goes against everything Adam stands for. Well Glamb leaders, if you have a couple puppets who wish to indulge you, great! Where you lead, I ain’t gonna follow! What intrigues me is why you would want to be so underhand. No, don’t answer!

            Before you gloat any further about your front seats, do yourselves a favour and compare the number of posts during Jeanette’s time to the dismal responses this site is getting.

            Beautiful friendships were forged on this site (thanks Jeanette for creating that space) and will continue with or without this site. “Over and out!”

            • Thank you Lisai and Gala for having the guts to say something about this.
              I wondered about the same, the tickets thing, but silly enough I thought I was the only one and didn’t want to cause a stir.
              Now that this is out in the open I am hoping for a response soon from the people who run the website.

              • Hi Irena,
                Please see below for my additional comments. I am truly sorry people have such negative feelings about a site that used to give so much pleasure. We are listening to what is being said, and will work hard to remain a top spot for all Adam Lambert fans.
                Thank you for listening,

          • Judy Lushman says:


          • Judy Lushman says:

            Mary, I wondered what happened to you. I miss you on here. You are always so positive, compassionate and funny when talking about Adam. Do you know where AdamAddict and Lauren, I love them so much.

      • Lisa, Gala, Mary C, Ingrid~~~This site was always the first place I went to find out any news about ADAM! I am so glad that you all spoke up, voiced all of our frustrations, and did it in an open, honest way! That is the only way change can happen!

        Through this site, I have met wonderful people, and they are to me, my Glamily!

        Love you all~~~
        Judy Glamb #386

        • Jabs, what fun we had. I agree, the best part was meeting a bunch of wonderful people – our Glamily!

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      FYI – Authors on our site only got instant posting ability after the Fantasy Springs thing was announced. We only found out about FS the evening before tickets went on sale and the post had to be approved before it was posted to the site. Because of this delay some authors were given instant posting ability.

      As for the Leno thing… from what I’ve heard it was posted, but some sort of glitch delayed the post again. We’ve had some technical issues in case you hadn’t noticed that we were down for a couple of days due to some hacker.

      Now, about the time of our party. We planned our party before the FS party was announced. After a discussion on the subject we decided to change it and had to get the reservations changed etc. I was getting a lot of emails and a couple of people got lost. I’m only human and doing this on my own time. Again… sorry.

      Sarcastic? Well, short maybe. Hey, I was swamped and I’m not always the most warm and fuzzy person. It’s one of the reason’s I’m not an author.

      Email your hate mail directly to me instead of spreading it around

      • I miss Jeannette also but it is my understanding that she bailed on Adam after the AMA’s. I read the letter she posted after the AMA performance and when we all needed support (including Adam) she wasn’t there. I think the glambs are doing a great job here and when the site was down so was I. This site is not where i go to get all the latest news
        (adamLambert245/7) This is where i come to get input and confirmation that i am not “crazy”. Thank You Glambs!!

        • I agree! I love this site, but it’s not the only one i go to. AdamLambert news 24/7 is amazing also…..
          I appreciate all the time the ladies who run this site put into it. No-one is perfect and i’m sure they’re doing the best they can.
          I also agree about Jeanette…….she bailed on Adam when he needed his fans support the most. Very few fans liked his AMA performance but we knew he had made a mistake and would learn a very important lesson from it.
          When you love someone you don’t turn your back on them when they need you the most.

          • FYI, Jeanette is still an Adam fan and I invited her to come down and join us at Fantasy…and she is!

            • Cookeejar & Donna
              Indeed, Jeanette didn’t ‘bail out’. There were a combination of reasons why Jeanette stepped back, one reason being that she was totally drained. Her contribution to this site meant very little sleep and eventually something had to give. She was also on the receiving end of off-line abuse which also started to take its toll.

            • Well, i’m glad if Jeanette is still an Adam fan. After all the AMA hoopla there were many letters on this site concerning Jeanette’s disapearance and her lack of letters, articles etc.
              Many fans of this site were told by other fans that she was SO totally disappointed in Adam’s performance that she was having second thoughts about being a fan.
              Not knowing Jeanette personally, and believing what i read i assumed this was why she didn’t write any more.
              Personally i feel that a true fan should be there in good times AND in bad times. I thought Adam’s performance was disgusting and i was incredibly disappointed in him. But i also knew he was “a bird of many colors” and would turn things around once he realized that the public didn’t want him to go down that path.
              If Jeanette still likes Adam how come we NEVER see any comments from her any more?

              • His AMA performance WAS NOT disgusting!!! You might not like it…BUT it was not disgusting!

                • Honey you have NO idea how much i love Adam Lambert….and i hate to say it, but I thought his performance on the AMA’s WAS disgusting. I don’t just mean the face in his crotch. His singing was bad, the dancing was bad, and probably above all else… i hated the expressions on his beautiful face. If you look at the tape again and look closely there is such a look of hate on his face that its scary.
                  You don’t have a agree with me….its how i feel. Thank god its the only performance of his that i don’t like.

                  • Donna,

                    I came to this page to check Vicky’s comment. One of my friends who is still checking this site from time to time told me about it. And I saw yours. Well, I promised myself the comment I posted before is gonna be my last one. But I couldn’t help answering you….

                    Sweetie, these two words: LOVE and DISGUSTING cannot co-exist together… If you truly LOVE person, you cannot say: You are disgusting… It’s common sense! Don’t you understand? You might not like this performance, but you cannot say “disgusting” about the person you declare you love so much… It’s not love then…

                    About the “hate”… I remember you talking about Adam being on drugs that night…. It’s your sick imagination….Sad… Sad… Sad….

              • Dianne Hill says:

                Donna, Adam does not need to “turn things around” as you put it, he will go down his own path and Gala and I and many, many others will be following. His performance at the AMAs was superb, he admitted his singing was a little off, mostly because the sound technicians weren’t helping any of the acts that night. There was no look of hate on Adam’s face – do you know what the song is about, have you heard of acting – Adam was playing a part.

                I thought we had finally left this AMA thing behind us but sadly people still keep brining it up. I also agree with Gala – you can’t say you love someone and then say what they did is disgusting, for crying out loud.

                • Diane & Gala~
                  Well i certainly didn’t mean to start a firestorm here! I’m sorry if you misunderstood me….but i can see that we’re gonna have to agree to disagree….
                  I love my children dearly but some things they do disgust me, so you can use love and disgust together.
                  And as for drugs….I’ve never seen the look on Adam’s face that he had at the very end of his AMA performance. It was a look…well, i can;t even describe the look and at this point i don’t even want to think about it. And yes darling, i know what the song is about. Give me a break. I’m not an idiot. But between his look, his performance and his fall i thought he might of had “a little something” beforehand….not unheard of at the AMA’s! And even if that is the case, so what? I really don’t care, it’s not like he’d be the first person at the AMA’s to do something like that.
                  And as for turning things around what i meant by that comment was if he wants to appeal to the “mainstream” he can’t have such sexually charged performances. I don’t really care what he does…i’ll like him anyway….but if he wants to appeal to everyone he can’t do that. Maybe he doesn’t care and if that’s the case, fine! But you have to admit that he lost a lot of fans after his performance and a lot of radio stations STILL won’t play FYE.
                  Maybe im asking too much. I guess most artists have their own particular followers…some people love their music and some hate it. I just want EVERYONE to love Adam!

                  • Adam has said MANY TIMES that Adrenalin took only problem with the performance was his vocals…which he concurs. Give him a break this is a learning process and I for one will continue my support till death do us part. Amen

      • But couldn’t you have posted the ticket information that night in a post just like this under whatever thread was current at the time, then made a new thread the next morning when you got posting ability?

      • I do not hate. I point out unfair tactics.

        You can if you like make excuses for why things dont happen in time for anyone except the leaders of the site.

        Why not then if you know something is wrong with the site use the email list that must exist amongst Glamb team leaders to send a message out to individual people by email.

        Vicki runs her site mostly alone and seems to keep up. She also works etc.

        We get around posting all the time by only putting in part of the web address otherwise we have to wait for moderation.

        There’s a way around most things.

        Like I have said before I have no personal advantage in making any comments as I live too far away to threaten anyones seat at a concert.

        I don’t appreciate you treating us as haters as we have been around in this site for a lot longer than most anyone else here.

        Just to make it clear too I LOVED Adams AMA performance. It was not a mistake for him to do it the way he did. It was simply Adam.

    • Hi Lisai,
      I’m sorry you’re upset with our site. While I can’t speak to how the ALN site works with regards to their “invites” I can tell you that writing for this web site has many steps we authors have to go through before things are published. Until just recently, no author had “instant publishing priviledges.” When the Fantasy Springs concert was announced, tickets were for sale the very next day. I didn’t find out about it until the evening before, and had missed the cut off for a next-day article. Dana (cateyes) was able to post it the next day, but has had to take an extended time off to attend to her parents health issues. Please remember that we are volunteer workers for this site, who have to also maintain regular jobs and take care of our families. From the Fantasy Springs experience, I petitioned our web site owner for instant publishing priviledges, and was finally granted them. Then the site was hacked into, and as you all know, we lost 3 days and articles that had not been in the most recent back-up. I didn’t realize that my instant publishing priviledge had also disappeared, until I tried to post the Leno article, and had to wait. That mistake has been corrected and hopefully things are back on track.
      I think enough people are upset so I will put a separate article out. Please look for it and post your comments there too. We want everyone coming back to us, and appreciate any suggestions you can offer for things to include on this site. I don’t know how many people are contributing to ALN, but right now, we only have 2. We try to do as much as we can.
      Thank you for listening,

      • Carol – as you know, we are all upset. You guys need to speak to Fernando regarding this instant posting thing. Meawhile, why not just post like any poster here if you have late-breaking news? It doesn’t always have to be a totally brand new thread to let us know what you know. The thread can come later if there are technical issues involved.

        Um, obviously my private e-mail to my friends was leaked. I did not post it on this site, nor would I have. However, the gist of it was that your posting on Twitter about your personal “triumphs” vis a vis getting Fantasy 1st row seats and Leno tix IN ADVANCE of posting ANY information on this site did not sit well with my close Glamb friends and me.

        So those are my thoughts.

      • The wonderful comments made about me here, were just brought to my attention last night, and I’m just getting around to reading them now. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has said so many nice things about me and ALN.

        In answer to you mentioning how many people contribute to ALN Carol, right now it’s just ME. It has been pretty much ONLY ME for the last year now. I started the site the same day that American Idol aired Adam’s audition, because I KNEW once America got their eyes on Adam, that he would be a HUGE STAR! I’ve had a couple people help me with approving pictures a couple of times, but it usually turns out to be too much work for people, because I’m VERY PICKY about posting duplicates and tiny pictures that don’t look good in the picture viewer there. Unfortunately, all the pictures uploaded there, go to the same place, and most members (especially new ones) don’t realize that, so the same pictures get uploaded over & over again, and I have to delete them. The more pictures we get (right now just under 5000), the longer it takes me to go through them, to make sure what’s uploaded is a new picture, before I approve it. So I’ve had two volunteers that helped me for a couple of months, but it just got to be too much work for them, over time.

        As soon as I get news from Adam on where he might be next, as long as he tells me it’s OK to post the information, it gets sent out to every member of the site immediately. Sometimes he makes me wait until it goes public, before I can post things. But even then, it goes out the same time it goes out anywhere else.

        Thanks again to everyone for the nice comments about ALN. I truly appreciate the kind words, and I’m really looking forward to meeting many of you at Fantasy Springs next week. 🙂


        XOX Vicky

        P.S. BTW I had the chance at front row tickets for Fantasy Springs, also. BUT… I turned them down so that I could get good seats for as many members in my group to sit together reserved the day before the tickets went on sale to the public. I thought it would be much more fun to meet and sit with as many members of ALN, then it would be to sit in the front row, with just myself and one other person. 😉

        • I love you Vicky,

          Thanks for coming here to share on how you run you run your site and show your generosity and unselfishness.

          Take note Carol and Lila and Fernando,this is how a true fan site should run. If I was in the US I would want to be sitting with Vicky’s group.

          • Also wanted to say that since this heading was originally about manners maybe you should take a leaf out of Adam’s book as has Vicky (although she has always been open and sharing) and learn some in this site.

  8. sun-n-stars says:

    Why does the public in general have to be so negative? Why can’t each individual be thankful for what is good is their lives and not dwell on what is negative or wrong with them? Why do we have to pull down those who become successful because of their hard work and dedication? Adam’s life isn’t easy and for him to maintain civility towards those who disrespect him is very commendable. People wonder why I am so taken with Adam. They are always making fun of him or downing him. I don’t understand it. Why does our world have to be this way? Sorry, just feeling a little down today. I look to hear news about Adam to brighten my day and hate to read about him being lied about by the broadcasters or disrespected by a fan. As always, I thank you for this site and for your support of Adam.

  9. You are so right. Manners are almost nonexistent when it comes to cell phone use. It is completely rude to take a call while socializing with friends, eating meals, and especially at an event where people PAY to hear an entertainer! Standing in line and cell talking isn’t quite so rude, but still the call should be terminated asap and for pete’s sake, keep your voice down! No one wants to hear you yell at your kids or argue with your spouse or gossip about your coworkers or complain about your neighbors! I thought Adam handled the situation quite well and he certainly didn’t yell at the rude cell phone talker. But she should have been removed from the event since she wasn’t polite enough to leave the room to conduct her cell conversation. Way to go, Adam!

  10. First Adam was very kind and gentle to the girl….a lot of so called artist would have told her to point blank shut up…or more…She was obviously right in front ….The same rules that apply to movie theaters need to apply here…This was an acoustic or stripped down concert where the songs were being done in a more laid back manner, it was being recorded and taped….No one wants to hear some girl yelling into her phone…I to if I were on stage singing and had some girl in front yelling into her phone and not even listening to my performance would have point blank…been pissed.
    Then I hear when he told her this politely she was rude and abusive and had to be taken out …..No one is talking about that…Those who question this need to put themselves in the audience standing next to this girl…honestly…would you want to stand beside some rude person yelling into their phone and that is all you can hear…? Not….

  11. If I were blessed to be able to sit right in front of the stage in a small venue and have my moment with Adam, there is no way that a phone, camera or anything else would be allowed to distract me. I have told my husband, when my chance comes, he has to sit far away from me and take photos, videos (if possible) and allow me to be free to just melt into the moment. I WANT NO DISTRACTIONS, including my husband, Ha! Ha!

  12. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I think that there was a respectful interchange between Adam and this person and I would in no way accuse Adam of slapping down a fan or anything of that sort. I don’t think it is in his nature. On the other hand, you can see in these promos and when he is shooting film for TV that he maintains very high standards not only for himself in terms of his artistry but also for his audience. As a writer, I know that when I am working on putting a piece together my nerves are taut, I’m in the moment, I want the very best and when folks disrupt that process it is as though I AM THE person who is being attacked; it’s like nails on a chalkboard, so I would say, Adam acted far better than I would have in his position and I think folks who report the incident differently should consider how gossip and misrepresentation can harm a person’s reputation and the last person you’d want that to happen to is someone as sweet as Adam.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Are you sure that isn’t your GLAMBERT number? I don’t think ours go up that high . . . yet! I’d love to get in touch with you to see if you’d be interested in being a contributing writer on our site. Please email us at if you’d like to learn more. We would really appreciate the help!


  13. Yeah for Adam! It totally threw off his concentration and I applaud him for saying something!


  15. I work in retail and I cannot tell you how many times customers (almost always women) approach the checkout counter and continue to talk on their phone as I am checking them out! I make a point to ask, ask, ask many “important” questions to these people as they are talking! My intention of course is to provide them the best customer service I possibly can. LOL Actually it is a HINT to get their ass off the dang phone! It is just plain rude! Cheers to Adam for having the guts to call this rude one out!!! I wish I could do the same without losing my job!!! As always, I love him! And on a side note, American Idol is very boring without our man! Tears!

  16. I thought he handled it well…and when he said “Domino’s Delivers”, I thought it was hysterical! What a sense of humor.

    However, he’s getting blasted a bit because he chose to handle it directly. It should have been audience security’s job to police that kind of thing. Audiences are not allowed to talk on cell phones during a taping! That girl was an idiot to do that. But what I am saying is normally, if an artist had a problem, they would tell someone on the show (the Assistant Director or the Stage Manager, etc.) and the whole thing would have been handled by a third party and none of this would have reflected on Adam.

    If anything, the fact that Adam handled it himself shows me that he is NOT a diva, but I knew that anyway. Adam is consistently polite and kind..and very sincere.

    • yes Adam did handle the sutuation himself, he is not a “diva”if so would have gone thru security as you suggessted, Songwriter, he is still blissfully unaware his every move and word is being watched and reported now, he is just being himself as he always was. As someone else said thank goodness for Youtube so people can see for themselves

  17. Razmatanian says:

    A lot of people today don’t understand about civility and what the difference is in how one acts in public versus how we act at home. We are supposed to be on our best behavior in public, whatever that takes, out of respect for others. A few years ago, Tony Bennett appeared at an upscale restaurant show in San Francisco and the people continued to talk and laugh loudly to one another while he was trying to sing. If I remember correctly, he cut his show short and told the press afterward that people have become so rude today that he doesn’t even want to perform with an audience anymore. And, I just came home from a doctor’s appointment where there is a large, printed sign hanging on the wall asking people to not talk on their cell phones in the waiting room. As I left, there was a woman talking on her cell phone in the waiting room for everyone to hear. She was talking to her office so I assume she wanted everyone to know that she is an important person who is more important than anyone else within hearing distance. Actually, she showed that she had no respect for anyone else. I can only imagine that the self-centered woman talking on her cell phone while Adam was trying to entertain thought of herself as more important and more interesting than Adam. She was wrong, of course. She was simply a disrespectful person without any education about manners. In the “olden” days, she would have been labeled “boorish.” I hope she stays home until she acquires some manners.

  18. ladamfan55 says:

    Carol -glam#7 Amen! I want to enjoy Adams’ performance, NOT the person sitting (next to or near me) . having a phone conversation. If it is that important to take the call why not text instead. While on the subject of the Fantasy Springs concert, I was wondering if cameras are allowed? If not, can we use the camera on our cell phones and get away with it?

    • Hi ladamfan55,
      Have you tried calling the Box Office at Fantasy Springs to ask about cameras? I’ve never seen anyone prevented from using their cell phone cameras. Muse let us use our regular digital cameras. I think they’re just really against professional cameras, so that you can’t sell pictures to the press, etc. Are you coming to our Glambs Pre-Party?

  19. There are so many of us who would really love to have been at the concert, I would give my right arm to be there, and there is this person who decides to be on her cell phone while Adam is performing? If I was standing next to her I would take the phone away. He was completely right in saying something, and at least he did it with manners, if she wanted to talk on her cell phone why the hell did she go to the show, give the ticket away, and as for the press making the whole thing begger then what it actually is, well, it is expected, but the videos prove different.