Adam Lambert Splits With ‘Idol’ Manager 19 Entertainment

This is just in from Shirley Halperin and The Hollywood Reporter. I doubt there will be anything about this mentioned on VH1’s Behind the Music, debuting Sunday, August 7, 2011, at 10 PM.

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~ Carol ~

The “American Idol” alum is signing with Direct Management Group, whose client roster includes Katy Perry, K.D. Lang and The Go-Go’s.

Adam Lambert is parting ways with 19 Entertainment, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The American Idol runner-up from season 8 is signing with Direct Management Group, whose client roster includes Katy Perry, K.D. Lang and The Go-Go’s.
DMG was founded in 1985 by partners Martin Kirkup and Steven Jensen and is based in Los Angeles. In the past, the company has also worked with Miranda Cosgrove and Jamie Cullum.

Lambert, whose debut album For Your Entertainment has sold nearly a million copies, isn’t the first Idol graduate to leave the confines of 19, the company with exclusive rights to the show’s stars. The original Idol, Kelly Clarkson, and season 3 winner Fantasia both found managers independent of the Idol machine, while Carrie Underwood opted to remain with Idol creator Simon Fuller at his company, XIX Entertainment (Fuller also manages current Idol winner Scotty McCreery and runner-up Lauren Alaina). Most recently, Chris Daughtry’s manager Stirling McIlwaine left 19 to open his own firm, taking his client with him.
But while Lambert may be exiting, 19 will long reap the profits of its relationship with the singer. The company stands to pocket royalties from his five RCA Records releases, which include a live and remix album, as well as merchandise and other ancillary revenue streams.

And while it’s not clear whether he had a so-called “sunset clause” in his contract, as many Idols do, which details a specific cut-off date on continued profit sharing or a phasing out of commissions, Lambert is still a 19 Recordings artist. In fact, he recently released new music, the song “Outlaws of Love” said to be from his highly anticipated second studio album. Lambert’s “Behind the Music” special airs on VH1 this Sunday, August 8.

A representative for 19 Entertainment tells THR, “Adam remains signed to 19 Recordings as he brings a new management team into his career. We look forward to continued success together.”

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~ Carol ~

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  1. Adam Lambert is phenomenal! What ever direction he choices, makes no difference, he is a Super Star!


    • Charn parker says:

      Adam has failed his public. Has anyone seen his boyfriend on the Finish version of Big Brother that he won 2007? The guy acts like a nut case! IT surprises me of Adam. Adam is a great talent and his tour was great but he’s not staying on top of things. It is my belief from 28 years as a choreographer in the business, that Adam did not find another manager – that 19 dropped him.
      I hope he continues to clilmb to the stars–but I have my fears. Most of you here know nothing about show business and what happens.

      • Adam Lambert has failed no one, except you, in your mind. Sauli Koskinen is a bright, intelligent man, whom Adam loves, and Adam Lambert is no fool!!

        And you would know that 19 dropped Adam because you are a big shot and know everything that goes on. 19 Enterainment has given you the scoop that no one else has. And because we don’t know show business and what happens, our support of Adam does not count?
        Fans don’t have to know the ins and outs of show business. We know that it’s one of the roughest industries out there, and that Adam will continue to rise, and his fans will support him all the way.

        You’re entitled to think what you want, but keep your derogatory remarks about Sauli to yourself. They are not welcomed by Adam’s fans.

      • And why might 19 have done that? Are they so busy with the big moneymakers Kris,Crystal and Lee that they don’t have time for Adam? Or maybe like you,they don’t like his boyfriend,which BTW is nobody’s business but Adam’s.

        • FreakFlag says:

          Hey, you die hard fans are cool, but you should be a little more open minded to what this guy is saying. Let’s face it – Adam could’ve done things a bit differently, he even said it on VH1 Behind the Music. It’s not so far off that his management couldn’t deal with him anymore. Charn is saying that Adam is a great talent, so he is also a fan, don’t be so hard on people that care about Adam’s career and see it going in the wrong direction, that was evident on VH1 too. He concentrated too much on the gay thing, instead of doing what he does best – singing PERIOD.

      • EA from NJ says:

        I believe you are wrong. Don’t overanalyze. It’s all about money, pure and simple. 19E launched Adam and they profitted handsomely from Adam’s numbers, platinum status, and mega-loyal worldwide fan base, which cannot wait to purchase cd #2. 19E cares about $ales, little else. A record label does not willingly drop a successful artist.

        Adam did very well for 19E but he now got a better deal elsewhere. Happens all the time.
        This, from my husband, a retired musician and recording artist.

  2. I’m confused. First paragraph says he is parting ways with 19, then the last says he is still signed with them. I hope is is making a change that will lead to increased radio air play and increased sales. While I kind of want to keep him just for the real Glamberts, I really want to share him with the whole world. He is an artist who deserves to be known to everyone, so all can share in his gorgeous voice and his beautifull heart.

  3. Sue Shirland says:

    I hope this move will result in more radio air time and better sales. While I selfishly want to keep him just for us Glamberts, I really want the whole world to get to know and love his gorgeous voice and beautifull heart.

  4. I wish Adam all the best and I hope his album will again be on top!

  5. Daffy Doodle says:

    This is probably a good thing. Lost all faith in 19 when they failed to release Sleepwalker as a single in the US. The song deserved the full treatment, as did Adam. DMG has certainly done well with Katy Perry.

  6. WOW !!!! For me, this is good news.. a shot in the arm, that will bolster his career. We need something fresh…. something new….. something surprising and extraordinary. Over the top,,,, as Adam calls it, and out – of – the – box. Adam is worth the wait. He doesn’t have to be on top of things all of the time, as Charn Parker requires or anybody requires of him. He’s not out there to live up to anyone’s expectations. He just have to be himself.

    Doesn’t anyone know that there are seasons in life….a time to work, and a time to play. Let Adam have all the rest and play that he needs. Let him surface at his own good time. We fans are not incurable addicts, dependents to chemicals or hormones, that Adam help release for a feeling of some Nirvana. We understand, and love the man.

    Likewise, Adam is not a helpless addict to his fans’ adulation and the world’s praise. He’s just trying to be normal…. reconnecting with his former self, before he became popular. He’s trying to regain control of his life, and not by the demands of being a star. Or else he might end up, like the other stars — on pills, pounds and paranoia. Fears of : What if I’m no longer popular ? What if fans no longer want me ? Etcetera… etcetera….. Adam don’t want to be chained, shackled, imprisoned or hounded by these. He’ll try to be independent and on top of these. Passing, fleeting worldly pleasures, the audience or some fans’ whims and caprices to what they’d want Adam to be, as if he is a commodity.

    We shouldn’t forget this man’s dignity and integrity, which he tries to uphold, more than any fans’ whims and caprices. And as fans, we shouldn’t be blinded, and also shouldn’t forget to uphold our own dignity and integrity.

    • Blah Blah Blah… are you writing a book, or just obsessed? Love Adams music, but your nuts!

      • cycoblitz says:

        OK, so now the Glams are showing disarespect amonst themselves. People new to this site will wonder WTF is up with these fans. Blah Blah Blah. Please Mlinda get over yourself. We are all here for the same purose and seeing your remark about someone else’s opinion just shows your intolernce of others. Adam is his own person and his fans who really care are free to say what they want to. It’s not polite to call people nuts.

    • Amy, very well stated!! Adam is good at business, and I’m sure he’s doing what is right for him.
      After witnessing the videos of his concert at Saint agathe, Quebec, I did not fail to notice that he is doing very well without the dancers. Now, that boy can move, as well as sing.

      Adam will always have the naysayers, but what I love about him is that he continues to grow in his profession, and ignores them.


      • FreakFlag says:

        Good at business?? Boy you really are blind, Adam even admitted on VH1 that he wasn’t sure of the repercussions of kissing the guy on national tv would have. Adam needs to listen to management if he wants to prosper in this business. He doesn’t seem to know what to do with his talent or how best to package it. One way would be to stop trying to be an “inspiration”, as he keeps saying, and just go out and sing. So sad that he doesn’t see it.

  7. I think Adam should lost the kissing boy scene on stage already. Enough, you had make you point.

    • FreakFlag says:

      Amy, I agree! It’s like enough already – why does he feel that he has to “be who he is”, or be “an inspiration” as he has said – I don’t get it. JUST SING ADAM!!!

  8. maybe adam cant do his own thing wiyh the management or is it about money. forbes already announced how much adam earned in his first album

  9. i’m happy about the move. I always thought he was missmanaged. He didn’t get a lot of air-time
    and little American television exposure. Haven’t seen him on any of the talk shows or summer concerts,
    like GMA or the Today show, Jay leno, ect. He’s not in magazines and little avertizements. I hope this
    new company will hustle more to promote his music. I’d love to hear him sing the national anthem at a major sporting event, more people need to hear his amazing voice . He needs a good PR person !

  10. Lila - Glamb #3 says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what kind of tangible changes this will make.

  11. To Charn Parker: I guess I was the only one that was interested in your comments as you have been on the other side of music and knows what goes on. I think when we are interested in a performer we should be interested in both sides of the music industry.

  12. To all Lambert Lovers & new Management, We hope you know what you’ve got in this performer and will promote him and his music much more than before. We will never get enough of hearing and seeing Adam and his crew. Also, Sauli seems to be wonderful for him, maybe a little distracting, but isn’t that is what LOVE is all about. Yeah , hear, hear for Adam and Adamites all over the world!!!!!!!!!!! Love 4-ever and a day, Rita & Donna πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  13. To Melinda, well…. I guess you are right. I should be writing a book. I take that as a compliment that you consider me capable of doing one. But I’m too busy right now, maybe several years from now. Maybe, I have a writer’s itch, that’s why there’s that what you call blah – blah – blah. Also being in this site is a great diversion for me, or relief from my work. Obsessed or nuts ? I don’t think so, it’s more of a writer’s itch, my lack of socialization and lack of intellectual company. I live in a rural area. Obsessed ? I don’t think so. I haven’t even seen any of Adam’s concert. My Gosh ! I’m fooling around in this site, but in person, I’m more subdued. Who wouldn’t be ? I’m a physician, a Municipal Health Officer in a town in the Philippines with too many concerns…. serious concerns in battling – DISEASE, IGNORANCE and POVERTY. We have our Millenium Development Goals to reach set by the United Nations but seemingly unreachable. Hayyyy. Being a Neuro-Surgeon which was my first inclination should have made my life easier. But I have now taken my cue from Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN, who was a Neurosurgeon, but found another passion as a CNN reporter, and now has more adeptness in Public Health, a field where I’m in. The day after tomorrow, I’ll be in Manila attending follow-up training on PostMortem/ Autopsy, Medical Documentation of Torture Victims. My Gosh ! Who loves dead bodies? But this is one of the many areas of my work, though I may not love. So this site, just let me express, the artistic, liighter side of me. Our country now trails behind in Asia because we can’t seemingly implement true Family Planning, since the Catholic Church is against it. Even my training in Non-Scalpel Vasectomy which I love to do had been much waste because of no funding, since our politicians are beholden to the Catholic Church. Well, as you say this is blah-blah-blah, but one has to communicate to be understood.

    Well, Melinda. You can not really mean anything, because you don’t really know me. Our association here is virtual reality only. If ever I have a tenacious loyalty to Adam, it’s because maybe of the memory of my father….. and now of the life of my son. You see, I’m sandwiched between two gays — my father and my son. If I fight, I’ll fight for the life of me.

    So one should be open-minded, if one can not really be humble.

    • cycoblitz says:

      Don’tworry about Melinda, she’s just being impolite. Say what you want. That’s why there are places like this.

  14. then where do we send Adam letters and gifts? what is his new fansite address?


  16. Very good blog you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any message boards that cover the same topics talked about here? I’d really love to be a part of group where I can get comments from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Cheers!

  17. Adam has an amazing talent but lets not forget he also has a keen sense of business. He
    is able to anticipate what it at the forfront of pop culture…I expect him to do well with this.

  18. I love Adam, whatever he decides regarding his career we hope it’s for good. Ours is to support him. I hv never seen any of his concert, I really want to see him sing live.