Adam Lambert Snippets From Japan on Ustream

Here are 4 short little video clips of Adam from Japan. He is looking awfully cute in his all black outfit and and matching black hat. It is nice because it is just him alone, and that beautiful face, talking quietly, with nothing crazy going on around him. It is really such a peaceful sight considering all the hoopla surrounding him everywhere lately. My favorite part? The last video where he smiles that gorgeous smile… Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.


The first snippet is his arrival at the airport, although you don’t really see him but you definitely can tell he is there…
all videos via:adamlambertjp
@ Narita airport – Adam’s first trip to Japan:

This snippet doesn’t really even count, as it is just the trial run of making sure that Ustream was working…
adamlambertJP 03/18/10 02:55AM:

This is the cute video of Adam thanking the Japanese people. He sounds so sincere…
Adam’s comment to Japanese fans:

This is just a short clip of Adam actually signing a couple of his pictures…
Adam signing for Japanese fans live:



  1. Such a cutie. I just want to squeeze him. Sometimes in a motherly way and other times, OH MY!!!

    • earlzagurl4u says:

      Lisa! You said what I’ve been feeling for over a year now!! LOL I thought something was wrong with me,,having those same *two* feelings and emotions. I guess I’m normal after all!! I Just Love You, Adam!

  2. That smile melts my heart EVERY TIME!!

    • I was just thinking of him making a toothpaste commercial!
      Imagine the profits for that company! ha ha

  3. aw thts mi bby! adam i love you so much. i just wanna give you a kiss & hug! your smile melts my heart, omg i love you. you stole mi heart <3

  4. DEE #458 says:


    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Does this guy ever have any “bad” angle? Whether a snap shot, a formal shot, or any shot, he always look so handsomely!!! I really wish one of his assistants to take a snap shot of him past asleep in bed, ohh I am sure he is a sight of angelic and at the same time erotic, hahaha!! love him and the intensity of my love for him never change.


  6. Libraglam says:

    I think ….the first clip is the fans are chasing after ADAM from inside the airport to outside where a van is waiting for him….there is a clip on YouTube showing the van loading his luggage from this arrival terminal (but not with the fans chasing like this)…Wow…this makes me remember when i was young and saw the old days when fans are chasing the Beattle like this… How excited to see this. thanks for the clip. So much fun watching .

  7. Libraglam says:

    How come our ADAM look so ….down….Is he catching cold or something? Looks like he is sick…or so tired….he probably needs lots of rest (just stay in bed and rest). It has been so much going on during the long tour. Just by watching it….i wonder how can he remain always fresh and smiling…i remember Monte Pittman and Longineu twitted after leaving Singapore back to US and they said they were extremely tired….Now ADAM went all the way from Japan to UK…then Germany…!! They are going to kill my Babe !! This is a crazy schedule !!

    • Libraglam says:

      Sorry for my Grammar….i mean he “WILL BE GOING” all the way from Japan and UK ….

  8. grandjag says:

    I agree with Libraglam . I thought Adam seemed a little out of it..He seemed small…at times I wondered if it was someone else pretending to be Adam….take care Adam. Hopefully he just needs rest….He just looked all alone and down……but beautiful and fragile…

    • Libraglam says:

      Grandjag, me too, i first thought somoene pretending to be him….he looks exhausted….and used a lot of “um…um…um” at beginning of each phrase ( which I ve never seen him like that before….)…Adam used to be very articulate when came to speech like that….Poor Thing…the jet lag must have drained out….He needs sleeeeeeep ! my poor babe! News telling that he did not catch the plane as schedule and extend his stay in Tokyo for another day. I bet …people have noticed that after this video and wanted him to rest 1 more day before another BIG promotion tour in UK and other countries in Europe !!! I am so glad he can extend another day !! I don’t want to see him crashed in UK !!

  9. Miss Molly says:

    There was something off with is speech. Like a lisp or something. Didn’t anybody else notice?

    • The video of him singing “I can’t make you love me” at the
      Upright Cafe before AI started had a lisp in his speech.
      I thought that was the way he talked until Idol started and it
      wasn’t there. Maybe just when he gets really tired…
      He really does look exhausted and also when arriving in London.
      Take care – we love you Adam!!

  10. cheryl 334 says:


    Get yourself back to US and keep besing the Sweetest thing that you are!!! We Love You!!

    Wild Thing! You make my heart Sing! You make everything wonderful! Wild Thing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    God, what a specimen of what a real man should be!

    peace-love-light-happiness-joy-truty 4 Adam.

  11. cheryl 334 says:

    MISS MOLLY……………………………Yeah, there is something with the speech. I’ve heard that ‘lisp’ before. Don’t know why it pops up, may be due to the internet feed or something. But, lisp or no, he communicates perfectly! Kiss those lispy lips!!!!!!!! 🙂

  12. he does look tired…. plz guys take care of our babe adam! he needs more sleep with his crazy schedule!!!! u know wat he never has a bad side! we love u adam get some sleep!!!

  13. Sometimes, when I read ” The Comments”, a thought would pass – “OH, MY GOSH, what crazy, crazy women. And, I’m one of them. ” Ha – ha -ha !!!