Adam Lambert Slow Ride duet with Allison Iraheta during Top 4 Rock Week

High quality video, article and pictures below. The ultimate Rock couple did an AMAZING JOB tonight.

Did anyone say.. CHEMISTRY? Their final note was a CLASSIC.

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The Dream Rock Duet

This duet was amazing.  I LOVED the outfit; loved the song; loved them together.  Just as we knew!  Adam (and Allison) fans were hoping for this pairing, we got it, and they didn’t disappoint!  They worked incredibly well together.  Neither overshadowed the other and they supported each other vocally.  Putting that with the fact that they are both rockers at heart, it totally worked!  This pairing will help Allison tonight, especially after her lukewarm solo.  I’m so glad they got to sing rock together!!! Adam said Allison is like his little sister.  You could tell that they sincerely like each other, (c’mon, he even took her to his hairdresser), and it came across in their duet.  Awesome!!!
I think tonight’s performance of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ did for rock what ‘Mad World’ did for Adam in a slow song.  I got the chills from ‘Mad World’, and still do every time I listen to that song (which is often).  This is a totally different realm; but just as inspiring, unparalleled, and affecting.  It highlights Adam’s strengths, demonstrates his uniqueness, and showcases his powerhouse voice.  If anyone had any remaining doubts as to Adam’s abilities to rock it out and blow the roof off, this should eliminate them forever, and establish Adam as the rock star that he is.
Adam truly is a Rock God.  He is on the brink of becoming a music icon, and we can all be a part of this historic ride if we choose.  Today a reality show, tomorrow, worldwide phenomenon!!!  I cannot think of anyone more deserving, and I am so thrilled for Adam, and for us for getting to witness a legend in the making!
by Lindak (Contributing Editor)
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  1. phoebe says:

    AMAZING!!! Adam just saved Allison because she would have been out otherwise!

    • marlis says:

      well, we don’t know if she is saved or not. We’ll know tomorrow night. No doubt that he worked with her a lot on this, and he really does think she is talented. He held back on the dancing ability, to not upstage her, and that was very wise of him. and the last note with the harmonizing was his doing–it is an awesome note! His stage presence (looking at her when she is singing, making eye contact with her, etc.) is so suberb, and really even more obvious with an untrained stage person like her. She has raw singing talent. His is through a ton of training and work–talent too–but he could not be what he is without the training and work. That is why he is so inspiring. With a natural talent, hard work, and training, most of us can achieve whatever we want in life. It just takes patience, a long time sometimes, as in Adam’s case, and then when that lucky break or chance comes, watch out world!

      • Excellent observation, Marlis. I noticed Adams superb partnering skills too. He kept his performance attuned specifically to Allison – not showing off – which was what went wrong with Kris and Danny’s attempt. They battled each other. Adam and Allison sang TOGETHER. That’s what made it such a treat.

        You know – I heard speculation on other boards that Adam might pull a Patti LaBelle and overshadow Allison the way LaBelle did Diana Ross during one rather infamous duet. I knew that would never happen with Adam. He’s too skilled – too professional. Besides – the man just isn’t selfish. You could see how carefully he watched Allison – making sure HER vocals were equally showcased. Perfection. Perfection in every way.

        • Totally agree with both of you! 🙂
          I loved the duet… but love Adam alone even more!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Adam is a nice guy, that’s why we all love him! I love when they both hugged. They looked so cute but I bet if Adam hugged me, it looks HOT! Come here,Adam!

    • Poofdcat says:

      what did Simon say???? My stupid DVR cut it off…..

      • Simon said, and I hope I got it all right, ‘Adam, I think you just saved this girl’s chances in the competition..” or something to that effect. Allison’s departure from American Idol was made more memorable by Adam.

        • lambertlady54 says:

          and, when Simon told Adam he might have saved her, he mouthed,”I hope so.”

          • i know there chemistry was amazing. it ended her season on a high note. they have amazing chemistry. adam said that allsion was like his little sister. they r amaizng together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • ahh that was so cute. i love his little sister comment. the two of them were the cutest thing all season. i really wish they could’ve been the final two. how adorable, and they genuinely liked each other, it wasn’t just for show.

  2. BeckyB says:

    WOW, that was the BEST! Does anyone know what Adam said to her at the end?

    • marlis says:

      I think he says, “I stepped on your boot!” and she says, ” I know!”

      Not the “wow, aren’t we great together, let’s cut an album tomorrow’..or..”they love us” or “I’m glad the swine flu did hit me just then” or another surprising, revealing comment we always hope for…

      • I believe Adam said, and im pretty sure of this since Ive watched the tape over and over, “Good one Baby!” to which Allison replied, “I know!”

  3. Amanda says:

    This is so cool – I was so worried that each of Adam and Allison would have to put up with a boring Kris or Danny – but both together is fantastic – I”ve never liked Allison so much – she needs to rock.

  4. exactly how i wanted it! Double A all the way!!!!!!!!! LOVED it! this was my dream team from the get-go! awesome. just awesome! what a great way to close the show. aww, that’s exactly what i called them “brother and sister” Rock on Double A! woot woot 😀

  5. Judges so threw Allison under the bus on the solo number. Poor kid was a bag of nerves on a lot of levels the least of which having no dress rehearsal cuz the set was imploding around them.

    The chemistry between these two is amazing. They completely fed off each other’s energy. The voices mix well…in a yin yang way. With the “Circus” video, I saw Adam take Allison under his wing and it went all the way tonight. She’s his little sister that he can play dress-up with and rock the house with. The fact that he shared his hair stylist with her was just the best.

    I have to say when Seacrest announce the song they were doing I was prepared to be underwhelmed cuz I was hoping for Heart or Fleetwood Mac. But they completely nailed this song and I’m really looking forward to the studio version and hoping they do this together on tour.

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      Adam would have good chemistry with anyone – let’s face it. It didn’t have to be Allison, she is such an amature and not ready for prime time Idol.

      • I disagree.
        As much as I am an Adam fan, I think Allison is awesome. For her age, she is really professional and even outshines many of the people older than her. Although lots of you people say that the duet was a success only due to Adam, I’m sure Allison really worked hard to. She is certainly ready for prime time Idol! Although Adam is the ultimate best, Allison also is really really good.

        • I downloaded all Allison’s songs. Believe it or not, she is ready to record. The CD I made is amazing. She sounds better on CD than in person. She is ready.

  6. The duet…perfect & amazing! ….I had the honor of being in the era of the legends Elvis & The Beatles and now to be able to witness & enjoy Lambert joining the ranks of the great legends … what fun!!! Thank you Adam for sharing your gift…rock on

  7. TFLS, I like how you put that, Adam has superb partnering skills. He really helped Allison and didn’t she look cute tonight after going to his stylist?!? I would like to hear them together again. I’m thinking I’d like to hear Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.
    Clearly, Adam is a professional and has an astounding work ethic with no hubris. I loved seeing how proud his dad was of him. Mr. Lambert gets more excited than Adam’s mom!

  8. AdamAddict says:

    I’m a little worried,really! They did a really great job on that one. I love the brother sister hug at the end. I just afraid you guys will split votes again because I can’t really dislike Allison after this perfomance,can’t I? But please don’t split your votes. Just let Allison’s fan vote for her and Adam!Hee hee!!

    Don’t take the chance,ONLY VOTE FOR ADAM!

  9. what can one say but . . . . . .AMAZING!!!!!!!! I’m thinking Adam and Allison in the finale??? WOOHOO GO ADAM!!!!!!!

    • Angela says:

      Adam and Allison final two is what I’m hoping for too.
      Hope Gokey goes home tonight.

      • Yeah
        Although I have wanted Gokey to be in the finals with Adam for some time, I think he was trying to act too much like Adam this time and tried to do something too big for him. Allison and Adam should be in the finals together.

        • Well I have to agree with you in that. Danny for some reason, and I noticed this even during Rat Pack Week too seemed to be getting some ‘performance notes’ from Adam’s like the way he looked at the camera, some higher notes register, etc. and the ‘scream?’
          Not that it would matter to Adam though. Im pretty sure Danny learned his lesson after this Rock Week and will continue to blow us over the next time, not bursting too far out from his bubble as they say…..It was sincere of him to open up to all before the elimination. Hes a great guy, and Im a die hard Adam Fan.

  10. Allison has undergone an amazing transformation. I thought she was goofy at the beginning of Idol. In her first interview with Ryan she made faces and was almost non-verbal That said, she has totally grown as a performer and soaked up the experience like a sponge. Also her appearance. The rocker hairdo is great with a toned down red and a sassy cut. Is it me or has anyone noticed her front teeth have been worked on and she is losing weight. She has become a very attractive girl Way to go kid!

  11. This performance was Epic. You can clearly see they were having a great time on stage with each other and that’s what did it for me. Adam’s encouraging smile while Allison was singing and vice versa. I would hate to see Allison go because I really love to watch these 2 together. After Danny’s scream around the world, lets hope he’s the one to go.

  12. AdamAddict says:

    Danny is a copycat! Today he tried to copy Adam! (but not working,obviously) Adam copy no one and that’s why Adam should win! Wee Pee!!!

  13. Adamforevercayman says:

    Wow!!!!! Amazing talent YOU ROCK ADAM!!!! we love you more and more. You are perfect indeed, I can not wait for your new CD. I love you Adam you always made my day.

  14. fuzzymarshall says:

    That was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed on Idol O_o
    They are so cute together 😉

  15. Arizona says:

    Allison was going home in my book after her single. The judges didn’t like her performance. It was okay, it was safe; it was boring. Randy hit it on the head, it was her saying the same chorus over and over again at her high register. It was okay but nothing great and no risk. I found it boring. With Adam she had to go high and she had to go low. She didn’t look nervous like she did in her solo. She looked like she was having a blast in fact and that was the first time I saw her really having a good time. Was that because of Adam? I don’t know. But I know he was watching her, he was encouraging and he performed with her, not against her. He could totally have dominated several parts of that song and he didn’t. He could have added a whole lot more of himself into the performance and he didn’t. I thought it was very well done and because of it I can see why Simon said that to him. He could have pulled a Gokey on Allison and over sang her, over shadowed her and taken over the song. Which in my book is what Gokey did to Kris but Adam Lambert was a true partner in that song and it sings true to the character he has represented from the start. My votes all go to Adam.

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      Great obervation! Adam is such a pro, and he deserves to win. period.

    • I couldn’t agree more…on all accounts! Not only is Adam a superstar performer, he’s an all around genuinely good hearted person!! ADAM YOU TOTALLY ROCK!


  16. AdamAdmirer says:

    I agree with the writer, totally, Adam has the stuff legends are made of. He will be a worldwide phenomena and this is history in the making. Love him!


  18. I can’t agree more that Adam and Allison are the bomb together. Adam is the bomb all by himself. I am old enough that I lived through all these rock eras..They put me in mind of Sonny and Cher..Just think, Adam and Allison..what a combo..go you two!!!

  19. Eve Mayer says:

    Hey guys, check this out.

    My best friend shared with me this, a few days before the show on air.
    She e-mail to me a music clip and lyrics, tryin’ to get me into pic
    how was it like if Adam sang “NOBODY’S HOME” by Avril Lavigne?

    “OMG, you gonna be kidding me,Casey. Avril Lavigne ? It’ s way too girl’s thing
    for Adam to fit in,” I replied.

    But when I put on earphone and explored lyrics, I start to agree with her. And I took back my words.

    This song not gonna make it to that night’s list cuz the rules allowed only 70’s to 80’s year of rocks songs . Anyway, classic 70, 80’s or whatever year, he still prove that he’s the BEST among the best rockers! We luv him so much!!!!!

    But honestly, as both of us strongly feel dat ‘NOBODY’s HOME’ gonna make him another HOT rendition, we put some hope that he will pick the song if he could make it to final.
    Sure he does.

    Eve Mayer

  20. adamadness06 says:

    ADISON truly rocked on the house that night. But Adam just showed truly how he is as a singer he is aaamazing!!!!

  21. Allison says:

    I’ve been a total Adam fan from the start. Allison is very talented (and has a great name) but just does not have the versatility that Adam does. Who does? I think this will help solidify Adam as the winner. I can see Allison’s fans switching their support to Adam but I sure cannot see them supporting Danny or Kris. If anyone wins besides Adam, it will be a absolute travesty. GO ADAM!!!

  22. I’ve always thought that Adam was amazing but last night was truly unbelieveable this guy is the real thing–the way he CARES and LOVES Allison, his “kind of like my little sister” is a beautiful thing. Adam is exceptionally wonderful and he truly deserves to win-my part is to continue voting crazy for him. I saw how he smiled, waved and thanked his fans as he was walking to the safe side. Oh well, I’m just a totally adamanized kind of a girl!

  23. Yes, Adam is one of the most extraordinary persons on stage that I have ever seen. I keep remembering how, as a boy, he said he loved to dress up, was loud, and had too much energy. One can almost see in that boy the transformative performer he is today. Damn – he’s just got it all nailed down from those years of training, hard work, and discipline. He deserves every accolade that comes his way. A once-in-a-lifetime SuperStar.

  24. Sarina says:

    Those of us who have keen senses and maturity may comprehend the astonishing talent of this young man, but more importantly, his class and generosity. While it is obvious that he has God-given ability, he has worked hard, and WAY overtime, to nurture and grow it. He has paid his dues tenfold in this exceedingly difficult business….and along the way, has developed something extraordinary; he has learned to humbly own and share it. Nobody “famous” better understands the fleeting nature of popularity and especially, the necessity of “staying one’s course.” You are the real deal in every way, Adam. Never lose your humility and your awe of what is way bigger than you in life and you will always be the shining, brilliant star that you are! You will never be a God—so know that and keep blazing baby boy! So proud to have watched you evolve….this is just the beginning! BTW, have lived, seen and loved all of the “superstars.” The ones who have succeeded never think of themselves as such.

    • Eve Mayer says:


      Thanks for your genuine soulful heed of advice for my ultimate idol.

      You got it right to the bottom as what I believe in – something beautiful that I could feel inside him apart from all of his daredevil’s stage renditions.
      His seventeen years being in cabaret field he made it up – worthy.
      Keep rooting for Adam !

      Eve Mayer

      • Sarina says:


        It feels good to share. Thanks for your validation. 🙂 Love him!

        • Eve Mayer says:


          Me too. Anyway, now I am engage in collecting the lyric and soundtrack
          ‘Bring Me To Life’ (by Evanscence) and send to our host for sharing purpose.

          I strongly believe this song will enhance the best of Adam’s genre
          Combination of Celtic Ballad and Rock Ballad.

          Let us pray that he will become a recording artist. I vowed to buy his album later.

          I love to share with you too all about my ultimate idol.

          Adam, you’re my no. 1 idol!!!

          Eve Mayer

          • Eve,

            I haven’t a worry in the world that Adam will become a recording artist. I only pray that he will remain himself, amidst the fantasy-land in which he will begin to live. I hope that he will continue to grace us with the excellence and artistry he has just shown us that he is capable of.

            There are a lot of vultures out there who want bites of him. He must stay grounded and continue to evolve and grow both spiritually and musically. That is the difference between the good and the great.–those that have fleeting fame and those that just get better and better as they mature.

            Many artists consent to skimp when mass producing for profit; forget the responsiblity they have toward their fans –to give them their best—always. I trust that Adam will. May he be guided properly and be drawn to that which best enables him to “keep it real” (as he told someone during an interview on Saturday).

            We forget his is a child, our chosen idol. He is already blessed. Let’s see what he does with it. Thrilled for him!

            Your friend in excitement!

            • Eve Mayer says:


              What makes him different than others, I believe it is the way he ‘amidst in his fantasy land and
              continuing to grace us with greatest piece of music’s art. Just like what you’ve said.

              In fact I have one idol who catch my eyes before. I addicted to his unique charisma
              before time he became so popular in industry. When mass producing profit, he tends to forgot
              his responsibility toward their fans and lose his natural charisma.

              Anyway, I’ll be praying with you that Adam will remain himself and continue to grace us with lots
              miracles as what he did in AI show. Seriously, he is very lucky to have a good fans like you. Thoughtful and not just wanna ‘a bite of him’ of course..hihih..

              Sarina, I want to share this website –
              p.s : got soundtrack. (it was my best friend recommend the song)
              OMG! it just like everyone is having ‘Reading Mind’ infecting each other.
              I thought I wasn’t the only one who wants him to sing Evanescence….

              Eve Mayer

            • Eve Mayer says:

              What makes him different than others, I believe it is the way he ‘amidst in his fantasy land and
              continuing to grace us with greatest piece of music’s art. Just like what you’ve said.
              In fact I have one idol who catch my eyes before. I addicted to his unique charisma
              before time he became so popular in industry. When mass producing profit, he tends to forgot
              his responsibility toward their fans and lose his natural charisma.
              Anyway, I’ll be praying with you that Adam will remain himself and continue to grace us with lots
              miracles as what he did in AI show. Seriously, he is very lucky to have a good fans like you. Thoughtful and not just wanna ‘a bite of him’ of course..hihih..
              Sarina, I want to share this website –
              p.s : got soundtrack. (it was my best friend recommend the song)
              OMG! it just like everyone is having ‘Reading Mind’ infecting each other.
              I thought I wasn’t the only one who wants him to sing Evanescence….
              Eve Mayer

  25. adam and allison were my favs and who i wanted in the final two but unfortunately allison went home which wouldn’t of been one millionth as sad as if adam had gone home.
    i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear adam and allison put out a track together on adams album.
    that would be a great addition to his adamazing songs.
    she is an amazing singer just like adam and will be missed by me and im sure alot of other adam fans.

  26. RadicalRich says:

    Some people are saying that if Adam doesn’t win they’ll never watch Idol again. I beg to differ…

    After Adam wins [and he will win by the way] why would you even need to watch Idol any more. They may as well pack it up after tomorrow no matter who wins. There won’t be any good reason to watch. We’ve already got all the Idol we’ll ever need. Mr. Adam Lambert.

    Never mind an Idol, we’ve got our American Icon. Adam the Icon.

    He is such a fine showman. He’s such a consummate gentleman and a genius. So humble and thankful and respectful he is to the other contestants, judges and the band. He is so very appreciative and complimentary to his parents, his voters and his fans. What else could you possibly need in an entertainer, or in any person for that matter. He is a true class-act in every sense of the word.

    And what a great ambassador he will be for the United States? He’s going to be such an inspiration to so many people with his brand of respect, humility and Americanism. He’s going to be able to span across most every genre’ of music and appeal to more people than probably anyone else ever has. All he has to do is stay true to himself, resist the temptation to stray from the path he is presently on, and he will attain heights never before reached by any artist.

    The AI Season 9 show next year, if they are foolish enough to do it again, is undoubtedly going to seriously pale in comparison to this year cause it was just so unbelievably good. So absolutely good because of Adam Lambert, and only because of Adam. Even his perceived minor imperfections made him more real and entertaining than any of the other contestants. The others were OK, but none of them had the concentration and determination to do as well as Adam did with each and every performance.

    Just wait until all the factoids and figures come out about the number of views and listens of his various videos and songs, and TV interviews and everything in between. Just wait until you see the money he has generated for the iTunes company from the song and video downloads. Just look at all the unlicensed merchandise that’s already for sale at this point and he’s only just begun. Wait until the ratings of his performances are tabulated and published. Just wait until the figures come out about how he single handedly brought out of the dust the popularity of all the classic songs he performed and how much the original writers and artists and groups have gained by his exposure of them. It’s going to be staggering the number of people who absorbed everything there is to absorb of Adam as they could since he started. People are going to crave for him and his talents more than a drowning man wants another breath or an addict wants another hit.

    Adam may even have the ability to soften a lot of those hardened hearts and haters out there who might realize his gifts of kindness and respect, and how much we all could learn and benefit by the fine example he set with his performances, his character, his comments, his forthright personality and his genuinely kind hearted nature all along the way.

    It is a rare gift indeed to find such a person as Adam in these times. Let’s all use and follow his exemplary attitude of determination, respect and kindness, and witness as he embarks on a journey most of us can only dream of, but who each of us can make the best of any path we are on if we can follow his example.

    Rock on Mr. Lambert, Rock on!!

  27. Adam is so amazing and you will be a superstar…Those church people in San Jose should let us enjoy your entertainment and they should go home and read the passage in the bible that says do not judge least you be judged….You are a wonderful entertainer and will make the world happy with your music….I have read a lot of comments about the idol show and a lot said it was boring till you came on and I can beleive it…Will know when you come to Kansas City. Mo…I can hardly wait…
    Would love to get your autograph but I am 74and would feel out of place with all those young people but I loved Elvis’s music and you are the closest singer I have heard since him…Rock on Adam and I wish you the best in your career….