Adam Lambert “Sleepwalker” Acoustic Live Nova

Here is a beautiful “first time” version of Sleepwalker done in an acoustic fashion. Adam states before starting that he loves this song, and I think most of you will love this version as well.




  1. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    Total WOW! How this man manages to convey such raw emotion with the voice of an angel amazes me. Brought tears to my eyes AGAIN! Wonderful backup; Longineu and Monty are so talented; hope they continue to work with Adam; what a team! (Love that Gibson Dove guitar Monty!) Thanks for posting all these so special performances; thank God for the internet age!


  3. DEE #458 says:

    Oh God, he just gets better and better with every performance….INCREDIBLE….love Longineau on the bongos…sounds great….Monte of course is always perfect….ADAM’s vocals are pure and beautiful….and those LIPS….(SIGH) …..

  4. Adam is amazing when he does acoustic and this song is no exception. Beautiful and organic! I was one of the lucky attendees of his concert at Fantasy Springs and his acoustic version of WLL was orgasmic! I hope he continues to do these types of performances – seems to be very popular since he’s doing so many of them and they showcase his incredible voice so perfectly!

  5. Glenda #1946 says:

    WOWWOWOWOWOWWOWOWOW!!!….I’ve never heard such pure talent EVER….I keep trying to think of another performer that touches me like he does…I CANNOT THINK OF ONE …his voice is so pure and from the soul….

  6. retrogrrrl says:

    Perfection as usual! Love it!

  7. tweeterpie says:

    I love how everytime he sings a song he changes it up with little magicical surprises here and there. That makes it exciting to hear him even when he’s singing the same songs over and over. . It shows that he sings from his heart, instead of just from robotic repetition. He’s AMAZING and I LOVE HIM…. SERIOUSLY!

  8. love it. heart he is also practicing practicing pick you up on accoustic.

  9. i think he needs to make a CD and bring it out with all these songs like this
    HOT like normal…and yep those lips Hmmmmmm

  10. jm7sandiego says:

    What is it with all you Glamberts? Whats the BIG deal? Ha! He’s just the BIGGEST thing since Elvis & Michael! This young MAN(?) is going to be a MEGA star. Nothing like him ever has appeared so fast, so confident, so magnifiently gifted in voice, personality, candidness, humor and freaky good looks. The world stage is his, so lets soak up every moment he can give. Thanks to everyone that contributes to this official unofficial ADAM site. It really does help get each day started on a pleasant note, being able to enjoy anything Adam. He’s quite simply a gift from God!

  11. OMG. Look what this man has done to us–and for us! I was at the Indio concert and let me tell you that WWL rendition was orgasmic, like DD says. Someone joked the next morning that he got the whole audience pregnant with that song!!!! Unimaginable turn on. . . .even for Adam. And the thing is he knows exactly how to play us, in the best way. He started off with heavy beat rock and roll, then pulls away and does an acoustic set that takes your breath away, ending with WLL. When we were about to faint he brings the beat back up and revives us! Then, sadly, painfully, the show was over. No encore, no souvenirs, just gone in a flash. Hard to breath. I still haven’t gotten over the concert or the withdrawal. Am savoring the gush of Adam videos, news, interviews. Scary how much he means to me, to us.

  12. too bad it was take off , would have loved to see it 🙁

  13. cheryl 334 says:

    Unfortunately, I must have come in late, as the vid no longer exists. Luckily I was able to record Adam’s singing “Sleepwalker” when he did it on Leno. That performance continues to blow me away! Good god, what a voice, face, hair, eyes, outfit and performance! Adam seems to continue to be able to ‘up’ himself everytime he is in front of an audiance! Rock-On, Adam! You ARE an Icon! peace-love-hope-light 4 Adam.

  14. glamb# 442 Paula says:

    taken off i wish work didn’t get in the way of me and my adam!

  15. Tori Pearce says:

    I can’t view this in Germany…can anybody help!