Adam Lambert Singing and Dancing to Kiss and Tell


  1. hmmm, i’m an addict fan of American Idol though i’m not an American,it doesn’t matter. Anyway, this is the most excite part of my addiction. when i saw myself deeply idolizing the most courageous and talented contestants ever- he was Adam Lambert. I love him so much.I hope i can see him personally. i really love this guy. i’ll be his number one fan ever,ipromise. i hope to see him soon. he is my American Idol till the end. ILOVEYOUADAMLAMBERT!

  2. I wish he wasn’t gay because I want him to do movies and love scenes with woman. I don’t get off on male/male love scenes. He is so hot and nice and beautiful and sweet. I will love him no matter who he loves. It is his life and he is entitled to it. I want him to be happy and stay as nice as he is now. I hope he realizes that it is the woman who will make him and from 5 to 105 we love him. I just want to get that voice into my life.

  3. He’s an actor and I’m sure has done it all… in fact if you go to YouTube and search for Adam Lambert The Zodiac Show you can see him in a bunch of numbers. I can’t remember which one, but I swear I remember him tonguing a girl and in the song “Crawl Through Fire” he lets a girl grope him right near the end.

    Let’s all get a grip on reality here… he’s hot, we all want him, but it will never happen in real life… He’s a performer and an actor who creates fantasies and we all get to play out our own fantasies in our own little heads so what, or who, he does in real life doesn’t have to effect that. The good thing is that all genders get something to look at… no discrimination from the Lambert camp!

    • To Lisa, in response to your 4/28/09 post at 11:45 a.m.: So true, so true, you hit a whole bunch of nails right on the head.

  4. He is REAL! His great talent covers everything that society dictates! Even the hypocrites of today would have to choke on what they have to say about NORMS!!!
    All the supposedly taboo ideals our ancestors must have kept hidden and underground in their times, Adam Lambert made it now open in public, which of course make great grandparents leap now with joy in their heavens….
    Adam Lambert, keep the f—ing thing going on…you are doing just fine.!!!
    In the end, each and everyone realize, music and free expression will always keep the world turning!!!

    About me: I reached 40, remained single, music playing a huge part in my life and it keeps me sane, making my own mark in a foreign place and forced to speak a difficult language , saving lives 24/7, creating my own league, and telling everyone back home nothing is impossible in this corner of the world!!!


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