Adam Lambert Signing Autographs in Singapore

This is a short but sweet little video of Adam signing some autographs for his fans in Singapore. There is really nothing to it except you get to see ADAM!!! Even this little bit makes my day.




  1. Even in Singapore, the fans sound the same! Yelling and screaming his name…and their love is universal! ADAM is loved all over the world!

  2. I think it’s just a matter of time and Adam’s travel route before his foillowing triples or quadruples as future fans get access to his album.

    Once the world is on board maybe the USA will awaken to what an awesome talent and person he is!

  3. Judy Lushman says:

    Sue, the video is not showing here. What happened to it?

  4. carriesmith says:

    Aww, that was sweet!

  5. i hope our singaporean counterparts post his concert on youtube;p

  6. Dianne Hill says:

    Adam is jus the coolest, most beuatiful man on the planet, with a talent that no-one else can even come close to.

    I can’t wait for him to go on his proper tour and come to New Zealand like he said he would. Lisa and I will be first in line for those tickets.

    Love you Adam.

  7. Tighter security in Singapore……! ADAM looks beautiful even in the humidy……Well, that’s
    a lesson for us at HUM in Sydney!!!!!! ………….I think the boys want to come back here!….
    and who could blame them! …… not to mention we want them back in beautiful Sydney!
    Oh we love ADAM!!!!!

  8. hi sue, have you watched the singaporean fans at the airport on you tube. i think someone should tweet that video to adam. it was sad that they missed adam, very enthusiastic fans. adam should know that singaporean loves him.

  9. I was at the airport waiting for adam – really sad he did not appear. But just got back from his ‘showcase’. He sang acoustic versions of ‘Music Again’ ‘Waddya want from me’, ;Sleepwalker’, ‘mad world’ ‘broken open’ and ‘down the rabbit hole’

    I feel so priviledged to have finally heard him live – he is more amazing in person. And he’s been so fabulous in Singapore – a beacon of love and calm.

  10. cheryl 334 says:

    🙂 m e m o r i e s……………..takes me back to my nite of the glory of seeing and touching and talking to Adam……….ahh….. No, Sue, there is no such thing as insignificant pieces of video when Adam is in it! I understand totally!

  11. GLAMB#474 KIMBER says:

    it’s so weird but wonderful to see him out there signing autographs for his fans, & only his fans, he’s all out there by himself, no gokey, no kris, no allison, no matt, nobody else. Master Adam has reached his stardom , he’s worked hard for these moments, & many more to cum. I am so proud of Master Adam, I cannot wait til he starts his tour in the US.
    In the video, he looked as if he’s havin a good time in Singapore, the Asians love Master Adam! I think once his magic has spread to the rest of the world, the US will follow him too.
    I love my Master Adam! MWAH!

    • Kimber, first of all MUAH !!!! .. Second of all I love seeing that Adam is so loved by all. It shows the quality of this man and the feelings he brings out in everyone that he meets. The fans in Singapore were full of love and screams for him.. This is just the beginning. Everywhere I go, I meet more and more people that know who ADAM LAMBERT is now.. it’s growing and growing.. just like a certain part on your Master Adam…. lol luv u kimber !!

  12. Ima Ramorah says:

    It’s nice to see the paparazzi and fans so polite

  13. i was at the airport since 11am and i waited for more than 14hrs and i didnt get to see him.