Adam Lambert Side By Side With Elvis

If you had not seen the Adam/Elvis comparison before, well you certainly can see it now!! Check out the picture below, re-tweeted by Monte and then by Adam himself, of Adam side-by-side with a picture of Elvis… such striking similarities, even down to the hairline on the side of his head!
This has got to be sparking some crazy kind of feelings within Adam and his family! Can you imagine the realization factor? Hey, look mom, I look like Elvis in this picture…haha…wait, OH MY….!
In a recent interview, he was asked if he had seen the resemblance, and he had stated that he had NOT but that the fans had started to bring it up. Well Adam, do you see it now???

pic via: @catcherofdreamz
@monterrific~RT @cb4db64: RT @catcherofdreamz: @Monterrific when did you get a job playing guitar for Elvis?



  1. LoveMeSomeAdam says:

    WHOA thats awesome.. i really had to look twice! cant wait to see him up close at the MB house of blues this weekend!!! any tips on how to get backstage????

    • I have to say the first time I noticed the resemblence was during Ring of Fire on Idol. There was on section where you could see him and his image on the big screen. The sceen image was so like Elvis it really stood out to me. So those of you who still have the Idol shows on DVD or on
      DVR, check it out. I think you’ll see what I mean.

      • Did then and do now!!!! He’s amazing!

        • Yep This just blew me away…I really thought it was trick photography at first but it is Adam.. all I can say is wow and I still think ADAM IS BETTER LOOKING…MORE PERFECT HANDSOME!!

          • When I saw him do Whole lot of Love on Idol with that twitched up smile – I felt he was Elvis reincarnated and getting it right this time around. I told everyone so! I am so happy to see others are joining in!

      • Scootersmom says:

        Ring of Fire on Idol is the first time I saw it also. It was at the exact moment that he curled his lip just like Elvis used to do that it flashed to me there was a distinct resemblence…however, if you think about it, that’s really the first time we could see the “something” words cannot describe that he shares with Elvis. Then there’s the facts: Both highly independent but humble, both really have blond hair, both idolize(d) their mother, both wore makeup to perform, both were/are generous to a fault, both very loving and both just simply STUN YOU when you watch them perform, no matter how manytimes you’ve seen it before.

      • First time I saw the resemblance – check way back to “Satisfaction.” The look is there – it has been – all along. The only time I DON’T see it is when he did “A Change is Gonna come” on the Zodiac stage! LOL Now THAT’S an Adam I’d LOVE to see in concert! SNAP!

        • yep, i saw it too and was completely entranced. he doesn’t even know how powerful he is yet. i can’t wait until he steps fully into owning all of his persona. it will be absolutely mind blowing.

          • 1st time I saw Adam was the Satisfaction performance and thought immediately had the Elvis swagger going! Looking at Adam and Elvis side by side think Adam is much better looking by far!!

  2. Adam is waaaaayyyyy better looking – and waaaayyyy cooler – stop dwelling on Elvis.
    Adam is now. Adam is Adam. Much love.

    • Adam is very good looking but not better than ELVIS. Get over it? Girl, if you loved Elvis, you never get over it!!

  3. GLENDA 1946 says:

    Striking resemblance!!

    • buffy522 says:

      Fantastic photo! so well done. Would love to see Adam in the same outfit. But both were created on the stage and who knows if it could be “staged” properly. Just cool.

  4. I love the comparisons. Elvis was gorgeous, too. I have several of these type of pictures (Adam/Elvis) in my favorite pictures. They have similarities – all good. And, I think it is super flattering to Adam. Adam is an original, and so was Elvis. Loved what Monte wrote on the Tweet.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Glamberts, look!!! RT So I was listening to Los 40 Principales Espana, the most famous spanish radio station, and guess who I heard? ADAM!!!!

  6. Maybe Adam could play Elvis in a movie………… hey?

    • AdamAddict says:

      OMG!!!!Super cool!Imagine he moves his pelvis…I will scream in cinema like I’m in his concert!LOL!I’ll watch 10times,I promise!Ok,I can’t promise,I might watch like 20 or 30,U know?Haha!! 😛

      • libraglam says:

        LOL…..i can imagine Emili and all Adam Fans (including me) would do the same….!!

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      That would be totally cool… but their voices are so different!

  7. Adam is fantastic as himself..even before he came in second on idol last year I said he will be a International star and a legend in his own time.
    Yes his likeness with Elvis is awesome. I have several photos of Adam and Elvis that are so alike. Elvis was a great star and always will be remembered
    as such…but correct Adam is here now.

  8. My mom would love this. She is a huge Elvis fan. Adam looks just like him only better. Elvis is super but Adam does have a stronger voice.

  9. Elvis also dyed his hair dark,didn’t he?

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      Yep, I think you’re right!

    • yes, Elvis dyed his hair black after his army time. His hair was a dark blonde/brown. I met him and spent the afternoon with him along with some other people.
      He was the most gorgeous man I have every seen!!! and always will be!! talented, kind … just like our Adam. Adam is the only person that I have seen come along to have the talent, looks and appeal that Elvis had….any kind of appeal that Elvis had/has.
      I know several Elvis Tribute artist and none have the looks or voice like Elvis except Adam.
      Adam could do Elvis easily. Each night before I go to bed I am listening to either or both
      I have so wanted Adam to do an Elvis song. When I heard him do “Tracts of My Tears” and “A Change is Gonna Come ” I knew he could do Elvis in a heart beat. I saw the resemblence when Adam auditioned
      Elvis is loved world wide and so is our Adam….so glad to have Adam here with us since Elvis is gone.

      • Linda,
        When and where were you when you spent an afternoon with Elvis?
        I never met anyone who met Elvis … I always ask…. and you spent an afternoon with him … please tell.

    • As I remember it..Elvis dyed his hair so it would be balck like his mothers. Then of course Priscilla dyed her hair black for their wedding, at Elvis request.

  10. While it is interesting to compare Adam to someone as well known as Elvis, I do agree that he should build his own image ….. as he is doing. He certainly is great looking and a star!

  11. I have seen a couple other pictures of Adam that look remarkedly like Elvis as well as this one. I am not savey with computers though, so never did anything more than marvel. I think Adam speaks to the subconsious of all of us ‘women of a certain age’ who pine for our 1st love Elvis and instantly fall in love with Adam. Tho, gosh, Adam stands alone as maginifcent in his own right, immediatly after the initial response. He is genuinely an irresistible young man and lucky the fellow he falls in love with.

    • As I am one of those women of a certain age, I remember the “sex appeal” of Elvis, and this on very small underdeveoped tv screens. He had a southern boyish charm, very polite. His mgmt ruined him in so many movies, the real Elvis came out in live performances. Adam, is more big city, sophisicated, and has a theatrical background. However, he has the same sweet nature, and charm. The difference I am sure is the Adam is in charge of Adam and will do with his career what he thinks best. There is a big difference in the fifty year breach between the two, yet a lot of the same. Elvis has remained the KIng for all the right reasons, Adam will be just as big a star as Elvis was and he will also endure.

  12. AdamAddictGirl says:

    Adam and Elvis have a lot in common, it’s uncanny. Both are Jewish (maternal lines), both were born in January, both got in trouble on t.v. for risque moves (Adam’s kiss and other moves, they wouldn’t show Elvis below the chest), Adam and Elvis both push the boundaries on sexuality, both have great relationships with their mothers, the list goes on.

    • AdamAddictGirl, i was going to ask, was Elvis Jewish, meaning it in a fun way, then I read your comment. ha ha But don’t forget, that Adam is a strawberry blond. It’s weird, just because he colors his hair, he looks so much like Elvis. Wow!

      If they make a movie about Elvis, we know the only one who can act like Elvis and sing like him, when he has to, is Adam. There is the role he’s been looking for. He says he would like to act.

      Adam, get your blue suede shoes on and leave your big boots at home. Be Elvis!!

  13. When I was watching Adam’s audition for American Idol I was talking to my cousin on the phone and said “OMG he resembles Elvis Presley when Elvis was young”. He can even curl his lip like Elvis. Elvis was my dream man and one of the greatest performers of our time, I was saddened when he was so exploited by his manager. Drugs was the evil for Elvis and Michael Jackson. It is so sad.
    I pray that Adam will not fall into that catagory. I believe Adam is more intellectional and has a stronger will not to be roped into that. Adam has had a lot of experience in the industry and appears to be a visionary on what the people want. He is truly amazing and has a charisma that makes us want MORE.
    I have to admit I am addicted to Adam as many others are.

  14. When I was a kid, I loved Elvis, and even remember exactly what I was doing when they announced he died. Adam is HOTTER THAN HELL!! Elvis was HOT too, but it’s Adam’s time to shine, and can’t wait to see him do it in person!! Still haven’t made it to the library yet to watch the newest vids posted on here, but I will be going SOON!! 🙂 I’ve called every store in this podunk town I live in, and they aren’t carrying any Adam items except for the cd…That BLOWS!! I got some REALLY HOT pics of him and Shakira blown up and laminated today, and now I just have to add them to the ceiling above the bed without killing myself!! LOL!

    Tina..aka..MISTRESS LAMBERT 🙂

  15. Darlene says:

    I thought that all along in certain songs that he performed and certain ways that Adam carried himself on stage, he certainly resembeled Elvis way more then any impersenator of Elvis ever did. I loved Elvis and I love Adam. Even though they are two entirely different individuals.

    • Darlene says:

      In fact, for anyone that didn’t know that was Adam in this picture, they would have thought it was Elvis. 🙂

  16. I had actually thought about the resemblance in more than one way. Elvis was considered quite the scandal of the stage in his day because he ‘swiveled his hips’. Ed Sullivan agreed to show him from the bust up due to the controversy. Some kids were banned from watching him. Adam is taking a similar role for the current time and they both are way ahead of the competition. They each stand alone. The picture is eerie.

    • All rock and roll was considered the work of the Devil. This was the fifties. Women wore long skirts, (my Mother was a city girl and wore a Marlene Dietrich pant suit , which was considered scandalous) . Along comes Elvis and rock and roll and censure exploded! We all listened when we could. Then American Bandstand came on tv and things started changing. Also, Elvis went into the Army, helping his image. Lots happened before women burned their bras, but the best thing was Rock and Roll. Now in the 21st Century we have Adam, and those same damn censures. And once again we shall over come. I can still burn my bra.

  17. I liked Elvis but I love Adam! There is some resemblance, though …

  18. I don’t know much about Elvis, he died when I was in Med school. I read about his death in the Readers’ Digest, entitled “POUNDS, PILLS and PARANOIA”.
    I apologize to Elvis’ fans, but I don’t like Adam compared to him. To me it’s like a desecration. Yes, I hold Adam in much higher esteem……… not just as a singer…. but as a human being.
    Take out the singing, dancing and acting from Elvis and who is he? Then take these out from Adam, and Adam will still be a magnificent human being, his person not swallowed in Superstardom.
    Even when one has had enough of Adam’s songs and shows, his personality, intellect, humanity and compassion is still a wealth to be explored.

    And of course, I love Adam very much !!!!!!

  19. Not surprised!! That’s our Adam!!!!!!!! GLAMB# 640

  20. Adam has the same animal magnetism that Elvis had, and a sexy sweetness and originality!

  21. The brilliance of this two artist is INCREDIBLE, no wonder they have striking resemblance!


  23. People…you must read the article by Kerry Kolsh about Adam and his Alpha male personality. It’s incredible! The article is reprinted on this site somewhere. I remember when Elvis was first heard on the radio singing Heartbreak Hotel. We squeed then just like people do today for Adam. Only difference for me then was that I loved Elvis for maybe a year or two then became infatuated with other artists of the time. Today, being the mature woman I’ve become…..I can seriously say that I can never get enough of Adam and can’t really see how I could ever be tired of his beauty, personality and talent. Looking forward to many more years of this darling boy.

  24. i love it

  25. Hey, thanks for posting my photo of adam (I put the side by side together too). I love reading all the comments here!!

  26. first time i saw this photo is on Adam’s twitter. Man, i love it !!!

  27. Dainty, well, I don’t know about calling the comparison of Adam to Elvis a desecration. That’s harsh. You said yourself you didn’t know much about Elivis, so how can you make the assumption that Elvis was nothing without his singing and acting.

    Elvis was a WWII veteran. Maybe he wasn’t infantry like my father, but he served our nation. That speaks volumes of Elvis.

    I love Adam and can see the resemblance to Elvis. Adam is a natural tenor, so I’m sure he can sing Elvis’ songs.

  28. DEE #458 says:

    I love this pic….the resemblance is amazing….I’ve been an ELVIS fan all my life and the similarities to ADAM are amazing…from both of them being blondes and dying their hair black…ADAM does ELVIS’ lip curl now and then and you can tell he’s doing it naturally and not copying ELVIS….some of ADAM’s moves remind me of ELVIS too…the way they both kid around and talk to their audience…ELVIS did that all the time…even ADAM’s laugh is similar to ELVIS’ some times….and both of them have that special charisma that’s undefinable….they’re both humble, talented, generous in spirit and beautiful….I was a young girl when ELVIS first started becoming popular and on TV they only showed him from the waist up….on radio stations the called ELVIS …THE DEVIL !!!! The only way we found out about what ELVIS was doing was thru fan magazines….NOW we can follow ADAM everywhere, every day…it’s so great! From the first moment I saw ADAM on Idol, I saw the resemblance to ELVIS….although not vocally….ELVIS had an incredible voice, but ADAM is in a league all by himself….I see ADAM becoming an international star and doing movies, Broadway, and on and on and on…..I hope I live to be 100 so I can witness all of his success !!!

  29. Elvis was very different from Adam, but I do see the similar look they have. But that is about it. I grew up in Mississippi just 30 miles from Elvis’ birthplace. He was not an instant star, and grew up with very little. I was never a big fan, but now I do appreciate his talent, but it took him a while to acquire his fame. Adam is a much more confident, outgoing ,friendly, and intelligent person, not to mention his amazing talent. He has so much going for him and should rise to fame much quicker than Elvis did. I think Adam exudes alot of masculine strength and sexiness in his strong vocals,powerful dance moves, confidence, and his unusual ability to entertain and connect with the audience. He has the most amazing combination of talent at such a young age. And his look, his facial features are so perfect and flawless. I have never seen anything like him before. Can’t wait to see him perform on Wed. in Nashville. He is just a rare combination of talent, looks, and personality. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for him and hope he has a long and exciting career. Love you Adam……Southern Gemini

  30. which one is Elvis? And which one is Adam? HAHAHA (JUST KIDDING). He really does look a lot like Elvis from the side for sure:0)

  31. Yes, he looks like elvis in that picture! But sorry, Adam has it all over him with looks/personality/performance and yes his voice. They are nothing alike vocally. I love Elvis like I love MJ but now here we are in 2010 and we have ADAM who to me will become a projection of both of them and more! This is the new rock star in the making and will live up to the greats we all know and love. Give him time

  32. MaryLou says:

    Maybe after Adam’s second cd comes out, he can do movies just like Elvis did. Only better cause he is here and now and is so super sexy hot!!!!! Gotta love the man. He is one hellof a GLAM ROCK GOD!!! @adamlambert. U are sexy as all get out. aka OhSweetOne Glambs # 534

  33. I loved Elvis and collected his many items over the year….There is not a room in my house that does not have something of Elvis….He was a very giving man with the money he made in that day and age….Elvis was my generation, and Adam is the now generation….and I must say one of the sexiest men that I have seen since Elvis….and they wouldn’t show Elvis from the waist down on Ed Sullivan….I am sure that Adam could do any of Elvis’s songs and they would be awesome cause Adam is….

  34. JEANENE says:


  35. kumulus says:

    The resemblance between Adam and Elvis really is uncanny. I noticed it early on during AI. In the picture above, besides the more obvious things, the shape of their foreheads going down to the brow area and upper lips, the way they go upward from the side, look nearly the same. It’s interesting to think of their similarities, although they have a fair number of differences, too. I remember being into Elvis, but then the Beatles came ’round, and what can a fickle 11-yr-old do but fall for them, esp. Paul? I’m glad to be around during this time to have experienced Elvis, The Beatles, MJ, among others, and now super nova Adam. There’s room for everyone. It’s amazing that even the same poses in the above picture comparisons were found. Well done, cyber-sleuths!!

  36. Ima Ramorah says:

    can SO see Adam as Bubba in TRUE BLOOD

  37. Nana #1 says:

    That picture is sooo amazing, thanks for posting it. If Adam ever sings just one song that Elvis sang…I hope its “STEAMROLLER”….very HOT

    Hugs to ALL,

    Nana #1 Glam #488

  38. Beaglewoman (Glamb #611) says:

    I too have seen the resemblance in the past but this is an awesome comparison. Thankfully the parallel universe ends with looks. Adam does not possess the same weird relationship with his mother that Elvis did. Adam’s brother is alive so not the dead-at-birth creepiness of Elvis’ brother (what was his name again???) that seemed to haunt Elvis (and his mother) to their graves. Arghhhh – Elvis was a psychoanalyst’s dream come true. Adam does look mighty fine on a couch though 🙂

  39. Finally, someone brings this to the light…
    When I listened to him sing WLL at the Mashantucket ( Foxwoods ) show I heard him chuckle at the end just for a second and boy did I think of Elvis…. and the way Adam moves his arms sometimes it was just like Elvis. I would give anything to hear Adam sing Elvis’s song “I WAS THE ONE” or “Anyway You Want Me” or atleast do his endition of it cause he can sing the blues so well I’m sure.
    Did you see the interview in England with that long haired guy Justin… who was kissing Adam… at the beginning of the interview he remarked to Adam that he looks like Presley around the eyes and upper face. Personally I think they were both gorgeous. I wish I had seen Elvis but I know I’m lucky to see Adam cause he’s gonna be recognized also as one of the best singers/performers ever.
    Can’t get enough of Adam—

  40. Sue,
    Can you please tell me if i can put some of the music from these videos on an Ipod? I really love the way Adam sang “Aftermath” sitting down with Monte playing guitar.
    Thanks so much

  41. Adam, GREAT, but there can still be only one you!!!!!!

    Love, Rita, Donna & Cliff

  42. adamfan says:

    I don’t see Adam in a movie about Elvis as I think he has already surpassed
    Elvis now. I see him in a movie about himself, like the Beatles did “A Hard Days Night”

    • Have to agree with Adamfan. Elvis movies have been done and done. Adam needs to branch out on his own. He would make a “Great Vampire”, but I am sure most of these franchises don’t want him overshadowing people already on these shows. I an sure some producer will have a vision that includes Adam. Wow, cannot wait to see him on the big screen!!! He could even start out in a small Indy film, if it was the right one. I have a feeling his acting would be very edgy.

  43. Let’s hope Adam is smarter than Elvis and can hold the demons of fame and fortune and Holly Wood at bay and we can all grow old with Adam

  44. DNSowles says:

    I just wanted to correct a statement on here. Elvis was NOT a WW11veteran. WW11 was over in 1945 I believe. I was born in 1949 and I remember when Elvis was in the Military. He was drafted and I remember the pictures of him when they shaved his head. I don’t remember though what year Elvis was born.
    Elvis was a big star and would have been much bigger much quicker then if we had the Internet. I saw the resemblance the first time I saw Adam on AI. He would be great doing an Elvis movie because he sounds wonderful in the lower registers too!!! Anyone remember Elvis in his Hawiian Wedding singing while floating on a boat? I loved that song and how gorgeous he was. My favorite of his was ” Are You Lonesome Tonight?” But, now I love Adam so much!!!! He is the BEST singer I have ever heard!! This is the first time I have followed any singer to this extent. Adam is the reason I bought an IPod and an iPad. I will listen to his music and watch his videos till I die!!! I hope I will be around many more years to see him grow into the Icon he is destined to be!! LOVE you Adam!!!!

  45. I stand corrected. Elvis was in the military. I had all these things in my head after reading that post about Elvis and Adam’s juxtaposition being a desecration…everything came out wrong.

    Thanks for pointing it out.

  46. I’ve been really busy. Yes, and I had just recently did a Post-Mortem. Thank God, he was just struck by lightning, but I have to rule out a lot of other possibilities. Our recent seminar on TB concluded yesterday was quite heavy, due to TB’s resurgence from AIDS. Whew !

    I even forgot that I placed desecration there. Well. I don’t really know why. It bears some self-analysis.
    When it comes to the WORLD OF ROCK AND ROLL, I’m an ignoramus. Adam is my first Rock Idol. I grew up in a conservative family, listening to classic music, church hymnals and the SINGING NUN album. Adam made me do the Internet, and I learned about Freddie Mercury, the Muse, Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, etc..
    Maybe, I’m just not ready to admit anybody near the sphere where I placed or enshrined ADAM. So maybe, desecration applies only to me, and to nobody else. It may make me different, and may polarize reactions, but just like Adam, I have self-acceptance.