Adam Lambert says “I have nothing to hide” (Referring to Pictures of Him Kissing a Guy) on this Hollywood Access Video Interview (below)

Adam Lambert is proud of who he is, HOW he is, and believes in freedom of expression. Watch this interview below:


  1. I love everything about Adam. What a performer…….. Wow!! He has such stage presence and charisma not to mention that incredible voice. I think we have our winner here. I can’t wait to go to one of Adam’s concerts!

  2. Very brave and sad that it even has to be said….get over it folks, there are all kinds of people in this world!

  3. PandaBear says:

    OMG Yay So Does That Mean Adam Lambert Is Gay/Bi Cause Im Gay & I LOVE Adam Lambert He’s Soooo Hott

  4. Adam is a great singer period. I am not voting for him based on anything else and to do so would be robbing us of a great talent.

  5. Now we know that Adam is not ONLY an extremely gifted singer and performer, but he appears to kiss well, too! The talent this guy has; I love it! Keep up the great vibes and positive energies Mr. Lambert!

  6. I think Adam is the American Idol. His sexual orientation is his business – that does not change how talented he is. Come on folks live and let live. He is truly entertaining. I look forward every week to seeing what he is up to next!!!!

    • adam#1fan says:

      I agree

    • brittany:) says:

      i agree 100%! i look forward to seeing adam EVERY week and if he gets kicked off american idol i promise you im done with american idol! it doesnt matter if hes gay or bi i love him, hes the best and everyone knows it! if you dont like adam then your fucked in the head! hes HOTT!!! I LOVE YOU ADAM! ? i would totally buy your cd! lov ya! he is right, he has nothing to hide, if anything his honesty is going to get him even farther! adam is going all the way and we know it! even if he does get kicked off, he will get a record deal because everyone loves him! and when he leaves american idol hes leaving the win!!!!!!!!!!! love you! ?

  7. adam#1fan says:

    i think that adam lambert is the best and just because he is gay, doesn’t mean that he is a bad person or not the best singer in History!

  8. adam#1fan says:

    I love adam so much! anyway refering to the stuff i wrote above it doesn
    t matter he is still HOT!!

  9. Hey Adam!
    i have obviously seen the pics and you are HOT in drag!
    Australia luvs you!
    i LOVE YOU

  10. Braidead says:

    He’s def. gonna win!
    i have a strong vibe of it!!
    hope we can vote!!

    and first of all
    American Idol
    is seekin for a
    so sexual orientation doesnt matter!!

    GO ADAM!!!



  11. Adam is a star, his talent is in entertaining people. He is being judged on said talent NOT on what he prefers to do in bed in the privacy of his own home. His family seem to love him unconditionally and I love him no matter what he is. He is a quality human being and that is all that matters to me. He is a talented individual and that is why I vote for him.

  12. who cares?!! hes AwEsUm in evry way!!! keep it going adam!!<3

  13. de'andrea says:

    keep rocking babe and please stay sexy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x3