Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen Arrested Outside Bar in Finland

Taken recently when Adam and Sauli dined at Fig and Olive in West Hollywood.

It’s all over the internet Glambs! Evidently, after too much alcohol, Adam and Sauli got into a fight inside a gay bar in Finland. Sauli’s “Big Brother” co-star and girlfriend tried to break up the fight, and were caught in the fray.

I’m not trying to start a riot amongst the fans by reporting this. I’m only bringing it to your attention. As for the comment already about them not being in a good relationship, I don’t understand where that is coming from. I haven’t heard or read a single negative remark about their relationship. Everyone has fights – – just that most of us don’t do it in public, with alcohol-enhancement, and if we did, the news wouldn’t care.

The good news is it’s all over now, and things look cheery again – at least from the outside.

Adam’s father took to Twitter a few hours ago, as only a proud, supportive dad can do. The pun is brilliant!

Miles Tougeaux @adamlambert on the plus side: best morning google alert of the year

Miles Tougeaux and apparently it wasnt really a fight to the Finnish.

And even with a hangover, Adam was still tweeting! This came in around 8 AM Pacific this morning:

adamlambert Adam Lambert
Jetlag+Vodka=blackout. Us÷blackout=irrational confusion. jail+guilt+press=lesson learned. Sauli+Adam+hangover burgers= laughing bout it. 🙂

I don’t have much more, so I’ll just post the articles I’m finding.

Love ya! And even though I’m sure I’ll still be reporting more on this, I want to take this time to wish Adam and Sauli, and all our readers a very Happy Holidays! 🙂

~ Carol ~

American Idol alum Adam Lambert was arrested in Helsinki at around 4:00 a.m. on Thursday morning after getting into a huge fight with his Finnish boyfriend, Big Brother winner Sauli Koskinen.

According to Perez Hilton, Adam and Sauli got into a massive argument at a local gay bar, Don’t Tell Momma. Sources revealed that before the duo even left the club, punches were thrown and heated words were exchanged.

Apparently Sauli’s Big Brother co-star Niko Nousiainen and his girlfriend — who were also at the club — tried to put an end to the fight, but both ended up on the “receiving end of Adam’s wrath.” However, the injuries sustained by Niko’s girlfriend were reportedly accidental.

Click here for the entire article.

Follow-up article from
Adam Lambert and Boyfriend Sauli Koskinen “Laughing” Over Alcohol-Induced Brawl That Led to Arrest
by Whitney Ricketts

Mom was right: Nothing good happens after midnight. As we previously reported, American Idol alum Adam Lambert got into a drunken brawl with his boyfriend, Finnish reality star Sauli Koskinen, at 4:00 a.m. Thursday morning in Helsinki, and the pair was arrested and taken to jail. The couple was partying with friends at gay bar Don’t Tell Mama — but then the merriment took an angry turn.

Finnish newspaper Iltalehti has the play-by-play: “According to Sauli’s Big Brother costar Niko Nousiainen, the two started a verbal argument which they took to the DTM kitchen. All of a sudden Sauli’s sister runs out to say that help is needed. When Niko got to the kitchen they were wrestling on the floor.” The police were called to break up the brawl and Sauli and Adam were taken to be interrogated at the police station, at which point they reportedly told authorities “they were both fairly intoxicated” and they did not want to press charges against the other. The pair has since been released from jail and the case is now closed, according to Finnish authorities.
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  1. Learned Long ago bars and night clubs are for fools, booze is a bitch with no mistress but hard ache and pain,

    • Seems like a bad relationship and he should get out now, and have fun without getting crap faced too.

      • You said it right on. Exactly what I think Adam should do.

      • So we have decided it was Sauli’s fault then? Didn’t read that anywhere. To me Adam seems much more emotional than Sauli. Oh, and I am a Glambert, so don’t get out the pitchforks.

        • I don’t know who’s fault but Lambert is topic really not Sauli Not even sure who he is really.
          certain people bring out the worst in you and this may or may not be the case but Adam has much to lose with this type of behavior I would guess that is not the case with Sauli. Surround yourself with positive people, it’s always a good idea.

      • Ditto

  2. Adam always has an excuse when he drinks too much and gets into trouble. Doesnt he know that too much booze+blackouts = addiction.

    • He just start his career I hope he doesn’t ruin it.

      • Hate to say it, but Adam is his own worst enemy – he did major damage to his reputation since the AMA’s and no one of any credibility wants to touch him. He has been poorly managed and needs to go to a rehab and then do a come back in a year.

    • Alcoholics always have excuses, “reasons why” – there is no excuse for domestic violence and getting help is wise. Laughing about it is first sign of a potential diaster.

  3. Lila - Glamb #3 says:

    Well, at least he’s keeping us entertained!

  4. Adam, Adam, Adam, please don’t be jumping on that “Long Black Train” ride, you’ve got so much going for you, please say it ain’t so!?!?!? We LOVE you and your music too much for that to happen. Love forever & a day Rita & Donna 🙂 🙂 :):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Ellie #492 says:

      Adam dude, jet lag does NOT cause blackouts so cut the crap. We know you definitely enjoy your share of the hard stuff – which is fine ONLY if you can hold it. That means no punching holes in ceiling at Katy Perry’s b’day party and no bar brawls with Sauli.
      I wrote to you about this and you SWORE you were well able to control it. Don’t want to see booze become your achilles heel You are too beautiful, inside and out, to possess that flaw.
      P L E A S E, for your world-wide adoring fans, get a grip. We never want to see anything bad ever happen to you. This is our Time for Miracles and You are It. Keep it so.

      • Also, the jet lag excuse doesn’t really hold up in light of all the jet setting around the globe from the Glam Nation Tour. A privileged, seasoned traveler such as Adam knows how to deal with any jet lag. Certainly hitting a club isn’t the wisest thing to do, until the body has become acclimated in a day or two.

      • You must get with it….We don’t want you to lose your admiring fans ov er something so “inapproppriate !!! You are much too good for this “stuff”.

  5. Oh come on guys. This is a pure publicity stunt. Happening right when his song is released? I am a huge Adam fan, but honestly, this is a stunt that was obviously orchestrated by Adam’s publicist. They were probably both in on it, got lots of attention for it, his song is shown right under the various news stories, and they won’t be prosecuted PERFECT. This is showbiz baby! Get used to it.

    • That’s a helluva way to get attention. Prove you’re out of control when you’re drinking?

    • Stupid publicity stunt , cuz we’ve had jet-lag, been exhausted irritable, few drinks and yet never resorted to physical action.
      Domestic violence – make no excuses -ever.

  6. My 12 year old daughter is saying that they were probably fighting over fashion. Adam: “those kahakis do not go with that shirt!” Sauli: “well your shoes do not go with your earrings!” Grrr, punch, punch, roll, slap.

  7. Kelly Craig says:

    Domestic violence in any form is not cool. I do not care WHO you are. The fact that they laughed it off later and he tweeted about it, does not make it right. I am a HUGE fan, seen him in concert 12 times, met him five times and backed him up when the haters were at their peak but this is not acceptable at all. I have no problem saying it. I know we all make mistakes and all that but this was a fight in public, after drinking. What could have happened could have been much worse. They are lucky they were ONLY arrested. He says blackout… guess what.. ever heard of alcohol poisioning? It comes not far after the blackout. Fighting on the sidewalk?? What if one pushed the other in the fight and one stumbled into the street and was hit by a car? I tell you, the possibilities are endless of how this could have ended up. I am tired of the “its rock and roll baby” crap that has come out of some of these fans mouths…. Sometimes I am embarrassed by his fandom.

    • Kelly, I agree with you. To even tweet about a blackout is not funny. I just hope they both learn from this. I don’t like drink, but I have no objection to people who take a couple. After that, they get drunk and it’s downhill all the way. Domestic violence I will never tolerate. Adam says that he’s embarrassed, and no punches were thrown. That might be true, but they still got into something that was not good for either, or the people around them. They both like to party and drink. It would have been better for both had they stayed home. I’m still a fan of both, but that does not mean I accept that behavior. They need to get their priorities in order, if they want to continue. Alcohol isn’t the answer, and only they can make that decision to help themselves.

    • Demestic violence, man that is telling me you got to get the hold of yourself and get help. I love you and your talent this not god in stright life or gay . Your fan want put up with this kind of trying act it was nothing. Do your self a favor and seek help before it’s to late. I have fellowed you since the first day on American Idole and saw you in person twice. I know it’s hard and even harder to admitt that you may have a problem. Get help before it distroy you. I heard many things that I even truned my own head about you and hoped you wouldn’t keep distroying what you have worked so hard. We realy do love your music and talent. Remember you in that lime light and people want you to succeed in every way. I for one we want you to keep yourself healty and have a good time doing what you do. People know you will make some mistakes but people do care as I do about you.

    • Alcohol, anger, it’s a numbers game till awful……Not a friggin thing to laugh about.

    • Well said.

  8. You are so right Kelly. You said what I’m thinking. I am a huge fan and have supported him since day one against the haters. I don’t want to even think what the haters and people like Monte or Durben fans might be thinking. I’ve been drunk and stupid a few times myself. But I’ve never been violent.

    It’s time to take a look at what you’re doing and get some help or stop the drinking. This is inexcusable for anyone, even a rock star. It’s been a bad enough year with no music, the lawsuit and his break-up with friend Monte. He’s being sued, his new song isn’t a big deal and I’m worried about his new record. I had such a high with Queen, and I hope they don’t read too much of this.

    Please RCA do something to get him out of these rediculous bars. I had kids at 30, so I couldn’t afford hangovers. Adam has a career and needs to concentrate on that. I am disturbed.

    • Exactly right. A break-up between long standing friends is a sign. Having a drink is fine, but getting drunk is a bad sign. Having a fight that brings police – the final sign. Well, I hope the two of them get mental help.

  9. Adam, what are you doing? This isn’t the 1st time he’s had an alcohol related incident that landed him in the news. That isn’t the way to bring attention to yourself & if it was PR related, he needs a new manager. He doesn’t need this kind of attention to sell a record, his voice does that. I hope this is not an indication of what popularity & money do to you. He seemed to be more grounded than that. They say that getting people to talk about you is good, whether in a good way or not cause it gets your name out there, but for his sake I hope he has learned his lesson & will control his drinking when in public. If he has a real problem, I hope he deals with it the right way & gets help. We want him noticed for his great voice & not for drunken brawls. There are too many artists that get caught up in the fame thing & are remembered for the wrong things they do, whether or not they are God’s gift to the world of music or not – & Adam you are.

  10. seems like Adam likes to sabotage himself at the most important times, ex. AMA’s, and now this. So sad, too bad.

  11. This is for Adam …your fans love you and are always on your side. Please take time for some thoughtful reflection as to why it’s important to you to get s–t faced and loose control of yourself. You don’t really owe an explantion to anyone else, including your fans. Just to yourself and maybe to Sauli. Maybe your relationship is toxic for each other. You have worked so hard and have so much talent to torpedo it like this. It’s really not funny. Think about it.

  12. cory-coralys says:

    Sauli is the worths enemy of adam lambert and he takes adam , carry on to destrution if sauli dont left him alok saw ne, this is the worths and negative news before the launch of the new album, in face book read in the afternoon messages of the parents fans and fans of every point of the world and im feel disapointed and shame, please sauli dont hurts adam anymore, you destroyed adams career and i know that you want adams change the rca to moving to explore other enterprises unknowing, sauli go away, im put a spell that trowing you away of adam , dont hurt him and his carreer.

  13. Good thing he was in Finland. If that happened here he’d be in an anger management class so fast. I know he wasn’t driving, but I also think Adam should watch driving at all when he’s had anything to drink. Nowadays-with cops looking to ticket anyone-who needs the hassle? I was very sad to read this-it just seems so Chris Brown-ish and not at all Adam-ish.

  14. Does this mean no appearance on S.N.L. or any of the major channels again for awhile? I was hoping to see him on Saturday Night Live already!!!

  15. cory-coralys says:

    ADAM my baby boy dont cry papito, you must go to a person that listen you a large conversation and give you a huge hold and tells you that the life is beautyful since you entertain us and I love you and i will pray to God ,abraham and the others jews and cristian energies that you get well my love but you listen me,listen well You want die drunk with your depression and mix of alcohol, you want leave me alone and your fans? you need quit this depression with the positive person that listen you and please dont wear too much black, its made in you depres and negativ e and bad humour and sensitive lot, you are acuarious and cancer like my younger sister and i councel wear in vivid colours and joyfuls colours and her life change you must learn that you have much people that love you but others want destrution you and your money and envious your famet think occurs this thing now in the new proyect to come, please dont let you permit destroy tou dear

  16. cory-coralys says:

    LOVE YOU ADAM pass the days with your mother and close family,

  17. Such a waste of talent. (Shaking head.) Everyone in the industry came through to help him in the beginning and he screwed it up at the AMAs. Sadly, Adam will never be the big superstar we all hoped for. Only the diehard fans he has will continue to pull him through from year to year. Probably will be enough to keep him on a label…….. for a while. I don’t care about his personal relationships – just wish no one else did either. If this is a publicity stunt, why does it have to be this type of publicity. Guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

  18. realitycheck says:

    Sorry but a handful of alcohol related incidents in 2 or 3 yrs doesn’t make him an alcoholic or an addict or whatever, I grew up around an alcoholic. Adam saying blackout, ok he is 29 so translation…..out of it, still conscious but wasted, not thinking clearly. He was out celebrating the holidays with Sauli & it got out of hand, happens to the best of people, I’ve seen many people who are upstanding good citizens do things I never thought they would do while under the influence of alcohol, doesn’t make them bad people nor does it change my opinion of them. We were all that age once…shit happens, the difference is he has no privacy as we do. He was not arrested for narcotics or DWI or whatever. You can’t live your life on “What If’s” it happened, it’s over, no one was hurt thank goodness & he apologized. If you can’t laugh at your stupid mistakes and learn from them you will have a miserable life. He is obviously embarrassed by it all & loves us enough to inform us, he didn’t have to say anything, but he did. JMO

  19. justin brent says:

    Adam we love you and your talent but there are limits to acceptable behavior. we’re concerned about you. Get professional help now for alcoholism and anger management before it’s too late.

  20. Not cool.

  21. These probably are what he meant by having a dark side. I do sense some tiger prowling in him, but this was present even as a child called by his parents as “Hyperactivess”. We don’t even know if it could be classified as Mild ADHD. That’s why he was enrolled in the Performing Arts to channel his wild side or extra -energies is .

    I do agree that alcohol could unleash the tiger in him, as what also happened in Lady Gaga’s party. It’s regretful that Adam’s time could be wasted like this, for he holds a lot of promise. Maybe he no longer want money nor fame. Maybe he had some savings which could be enough, and is no longer out to conquer the world but just to coast along. Well,I think what’s more important at the end of the day is his happiness, with his honor, integrity and dignity intact.

    I just thank him for whatever entertainment, pleasure and inspiration that he gives, as long as he keeps himself healthy, balanced and happy.

  22. Mary-Ellen says:

    Well it is obvious that Adam’s fans really care about him. Alcohol seems to be the one thing that keeps cropping up as a problem. Yes, we all want Adam to continue to entertain us fabulously; but even more, we want him to be healthy, happy and at peace with himself and the world. Adam Honey lay off the alcohol; control it before it controls you. Wishing you a happy, peaceful, and quieter holiday!

  23. What I love about Adam is his voice , his God give gift, his personality, his honesty straight forward and quick wits, beautiful in all aspect, but with these incidents happen again and again, I sorted lost my interest in him a bit because I feel he is not what I originally idol for it. Good luck to you Adam. I really hope you don’t ruin your chance of life time that is so hard to come by. You are blessed for this, think hard and deep, not too many people have opportunity like this.

  24. It’s seems strange to me that Adam had no problems until he hooked up with this guy. I agree that being or getting drunk is not cool. I don’t think this relationship is healthy for Adam. For the years we have know Adam and even after meeting him, he doesn’t strike me as the violent type. I hope they end this relationship because whether it was out of being drunk or not once something like this happens it only gets worse. I have been in too many relationships where there was verbal and physical abuse. Adam wake up sweethart don’t piss your career away over alcohol and bad relationships. Love to Adam always

  25. OohGottaLoveHim says:

    One, Two…and Three Strikes Your Out…… You’ve got two strikes in my book…don’t make it three!!! You’ll lose one of your die hard fans if you get into trouble with booze! I say you should totally stay away from alcohol…you have a problem….the red flags are flying!!! Wake up!!!! Please!! This is bad publicity and I don’t like what I hear. You are throwing away your career.

  26. Ok, Adam twitted and clarified that there were no punches thrown or no injuries sustained. What a relief! I was really disappointed to hear that he and Sauli had gotten into a fist fight. I don’t care if you’re two men in a relationship, throwing punches isn’t healthy. Abuse is abuse. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gay or straight couple.

  27. Wonder what the makeup sex was like… hmmmm???

  28. Granny Gari says:

    Adam, we all have choices that we are responsible for. I never portrayed you as this type. We want the entertainer we are in love with, the one that made American Idol, season 8 the best tertainment ever, the one that had opportunity crashing in on him because of how he appreared to be. The one that has every thing it takes to be a great entertainer.
    Let’s make a New years resolution to be that guy again, We are on a journey with you, don’t take us to this – we want you to be our top entertainer with all the fairy tale stories of SUCCESS.
    That takes a lot of sacrifice on your part. You can do it.
    We love YOU.
    Granny Gari

  29. Wow! Never thought that Adam was the type of Star that couldn’t take the “STARDOM”. I first thought that AMC was a stupid mistake but now I wonder maybe Adam is out to ruin his career. If I had that voice and those looks I sure would not be drinking, we all know what that does to you and to “black out” you don;t do this until a lot of drinking and over a long period of drinking. I hate to see a Drunk and to imagiine Adam in that state I get sick to my stomach. What the H=== is he thinking? Right now I am thinking that he doesn’t want to become an ICON that I and millions of prople wanted for him, because right now Adam is headed in the wrong direction. Who is kidding who? Oh, I will continue to buy his CD’s and still hope that he gets the help that he needs to get his thinking straight and for him to come to the conclusion if he wants to sing or not.!! OK now I have to go and “Toss my Cookies” because I just envisioned Adam rolling around drunk and fighting on the floor! I will pray for Adam that “God’s Will will be done!”

  30. Oh, no, not again!!!

  31. I cannot believe all the negative comments on this site. You “fans” are very negative. Someone said how was their “makeup sex.” It’s not your business and you should be ashamed of yourself for saying it. Adam’s career has not been ruined by this “argument” that happened in Finland. It’s really been blown out of proportion. It’s so obvious that they love each other, and I’m so happy that they are still together. When they arrived at LAX, they certainly tried to disguise themselves, but they didn’t succeed. Thank goodness TMZ was courtesy enough to them when asking questions, Adam has been partying hard for many years now and I wish he would quit it. I hope he doesn’t look like Keith Richards when he’s in his 50’s or 60’s. AND IT IS NOT SAULI’S FAULT!! So stop with the negative comments. Everything will be ok–just give it some time.

  32. I think what Adam also need is GOD in his life. In my personal opinion, it’s really difficult to live without God giving us direction, and that real reason for living. I am a Christian and have experienced God’s redeeming power when I am washed, cleansed by the blood of Christ shed on the cross in Calvary. We truly have a sinful nature….. and Christ is the GRACE of God. This is my personal stand, wrought from my personal experiences. I have experienced the amazing power of God in my life. . . truly a salvation…. and a miracle. I also witnessed miracles in the Christian world. But the saving grace, is not a one shot deal…… but a continuing process, throughout life.

    “For what profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?”

    I pray that Adam will truly see the Light….. and will have anchor for his soul.
    Adam need our prayers too.

    • I agree 100%, I too am Christian and I don’t know how anyone can live without the Lord in their life, knowing what he did on the cross for us is awesome. Adam should watch Rabbi Schneider, also known as Discovering the Jewish Jesus.

      Also, remember what happened to Whitney Houston – she lost her beautiful God-given voice due to taking all those drugs and alcohol. I pray Adam will get the help he needs. What a waste of a great talent.

  33. I do always pray for ADAM. He is always included in my daily prayers. He needs it.