Adam Lambert ROCKS on Jay Leno – – – Again!!!

The flashing of the lights – – yes, it felt so good watching Adam and the band rock their glitter off performing If I Had You! Did you catch Adam’s and Tommy’s face designs? How about the always-cute siding up next to each other? And what about those zebrafied sparkly pants?!? This is Adam’s third time on Jay Leno’s shows – – Jay is such a fan! Catch this performance and brace yourself for the Glam Nation Tour!!

~ Carol, Glamb #7 ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. cmhagey says:

    I can’t believe both Sue and I posted articles about this at the same moment! Even though the time notice above says 10 AM, my computer clock says 9:58 AM right now, and I know it was their 4 minutes ago!! Oh well, two videos on our site of this incredible performance are never too many!! Is this duplication okay with you readers?

    Carol, Glamb #7

    • lovemyadam says:

      HAHAHA WE ARE AWESOME!! Great minds think alike…



  2. It is so wonderful that Adam has the support of Ellen and Jay!

    I love this almost toned down version of Adam but ofcourse with Powerhouse vocals! Tommy’s make up is awesome and he is wearing more than Adam.
    Adam seems to be in a reallay good space right now!

    • I agree Irena. I like how Adam looks in this video. The quality of film always seem better on Leno than Ellen but with Adam it is ok. He makes everything look great!

    • I so love the energy that he displays in live performances. I actually was not crazy about the CD until I saw him performing many of the songs live (on TV for me, not a concert yet). We all need to write to 19 productions and tell them we want to buy a DVD of his live performances – maybe they would then record during the tour! And, everyone who is going to a show this summer, be sure to flash him back the “love sign” the V he makes when he says the word! Aloha, Holly

  3. Did you see at the end of the video everyone wanted to meet and said hi to Adam. How cool

  4. josephine says:

    Ah all better now, been having a bad day but now i feel just a bit better.
    And maybe even inspired enough to go back to work… wel maybe…after watching the video again.

    They really seem to be coming together as a band, it’s not just adam looking sparkly with the rest in the background rocking away.

    Not sure about adam’s hair… the naughty english schoolboy look is not really my thing.

  5. Princessshakeitup says:

    LOVE the pants and the guy in them but I am not crazy about those dancers. Sorry I couldn’t stay up late enought to watch. Wasn’t there an interview at all?

    • Nope unfortunately no interview. There was a funny bit at the beginning of the show where Jay has a brain scan and pictures himself as Tommy being kissed by Adam. You can see it at the 24/7 site.

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        I did see that bit on the 24/7 site…thanks for answering! I think that Jay Leno is a true Adam Fan and I am sorry there was no interview as I thought the last one Jay did was one of the more inspired and clever U.S. interviews.

  6. adamfan says:

    Loved, loved, loved it!!!
    Another stunning performance!!!
    Really loved the hair! My preference is the hair down
    in front (more youthful and more rock-er) and we haven’t
    seen this for awhile. Loved the clothes and toned-down makeup
    and of course, the stellar vocals as usual.
    Loved all the cheering and of course, Jay is such a big fan.
    Adam is so handsome, it just takes your breath away.

    (ok, I think having dancers has potential, they are improving, and Adam is likely to
    keep them as he is true to his friends, but it might add to the
    performance if he hired an additional 2 REALLY GOOD professional dancers
    to be in the front (and raise the bar, so to speak haha). I taught musical theatre at
    the college level for a number of years and this small addition could make quite a
    difference. I just want great success for this band) Adam deserves it!!

    • I have a very different take on the dancers and Adam’s new post-apoc. style: I come from the punk/postpunk world, and I LOVE it!

      The only thing that put me off of Adam is the veneer of commercialism. I had never even watched American Idol and hadn’t listened to contemporary pop for years, since it’s so far from my preference for more roots, authentic, noncommercial music. But Adam’s genius outshone the confines of the show, and I was eager to watch his own aesthetic develop. And it sure has!

      In his most recent configuration, I view his dancers’ tribal gutterpunk style and roistering choreography as refreshing elements of the street that serve as a powerful counterpoint and foil to Adam’s sublime fabulousness.

      I particularly like the androgyny and racial diversity of this dance troupe: The women and men are equals and perform the same steps. This is a choreography of reality: the elbows and knees akimbo, and the spontaneous, childlike leaps are clearly informed not by the industry-standard ho-hum bumps and grinds or standard “cutesy” femme poses, but instead by work of modern revolutionary choreographers like Twyla Tharp and Mark Morris.

      None of the standard misogynistic gender confines for Adam’s tribe: he’s blazing a new, post-gender trail!

      His own recent stylings reflect this consciousness unfolding before our eyes (and ears). Now fully coming into his own subversive, original spirit, he’s breaking free of the mainstream commercialism of Idol and creating his own fabulous, post-apocalyptic, post-gender-binary tribal aesthetic. A top hat in the forest! Too cool!

      • Donna Lee Glam #409 says:

        Ladam, well said! Your words crystalized some thoughts that have been drifting ’round my mind. Watching this particular performance I got a flash of what Adam’s doing with the snuggling-with- Tommy motif in so many of his performances. I know what I see: two beautiful androgynous boys, one gay, one straight, flirting sensuously with each other and also with me — glorious exhibitionism. However, this time I thought of what other people may see. I think that many of those that were shocked, dismayed, or outraged by the AMA kiss are reminded of that kiss every time Adam and Tommy touch. Adam, far from backing away apologetically from the kiss, is flaunting it, hopefully making these prudes rethink their definitions of male and female. I’ll bet that a lot of those people who are so disturbed by Adam are, in truth, in lust with him — male and female, gay and straight. Brilliant, brave, astonishing Adam!

    • ianaleah says:

      Adam is terrific, so is band and dancers. The choreography- for the dancers though, in some parts is very distracting. The skipping around waving arms reminds me of kids messing around behinkd a reporter on tv- so distracting- and the movements like swimming and swatting flies in parts -very military not sexy- but other parts when dancing in sync w Adam are great. That’s my opinion anyway.Running across stage behind Adam is annoying to me, and I even try just focusing on Adam, but that choreography is nuts.

    • buffy522 says:

      I like the hair and toned down make-up. He just looks younger to me. but I know he doesn’t like anyone to tell him to “tone it down” (see interview o xfactor in UK )

  7. tweeterpie says:

    I think the reason we don’t see Adam’s wearing his hair in the Rocker “over his face look” when he’s performing is because it gets in his face too much. Maybe he could do it for a single song performance but I think it would become a headache and a mess during a full concert. Luckily, we still get that look for his photo shoots here and then. I think he ALWAYS looks hot and trust him to do what he thinks is best. BUT…He is probably still working out the kinks in his different looks as well. I predict that once he sees the pics and video afterwards he makes note of what looked good & worked good and what didn’t. The black lipstick, for example, may have been a great idea in his head but looked horrible on film. Ditto, with his heavy chain and feaher look, He loves the look, but in concert the chains and feathers kept getting caught on everything. I love the fun he has with playing DRESS-UP and in return I have FUN TOO! He’s ADAMAZING!!!!! THANKS FOR THE VIDEO by the way. I had recordered it but my DVR cut off the ending. You both saved the day!

    • adamfan says:

      Adam wore his hair down for most of the Idol tour and for the concert
      I went to in Vancouver which was the best concert I have ever been to!

      • I wonder if that’s because he WAS on the AI Tour. Now he can wear it any way he wants.
        I love that he added the dancers. To see him move with them, in sych, just made it better.
        I don’t think they detracted from the overall performance. Adam’s savvy and I think he made a great choice including the dancers. It was great watching him. He’s really in his element when he’s performing.
        I expect to see more of the same and larger, when we go to NYC on June 22nd.
        He deserves the success, as he works so damned hard. However, when he performs, he makes it look so effortless.

        I never noticed anything more than Adam’s eye makeup, but I noticed Tommy’s.
        Yep, who couldn’t miss the pants!!!! He looks so beautiful!!

        You know, I prefer Adam singing live. He just gives it everything he’s got.

  8. i love the ending of this song around 3:04 left in it. It’s great. And the dancers are great to me. I saw Bruno and Karie Ann went over to the guy on the right to shake his hand or hug him, so they must know him from somewhere. They all seem like great dancers. Love the hair down and love it all.

  9. cheryl 334 says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVED Adam’s hair!!!! Loved his make-up, less color on the eyes is much better for him!
    Loved his outfit!!! The coat was cut on an angle going down in the back with a slight pleating look and very cool at the middle of the back! Kick-ass pants!!! Wow, Adam is in great shape!

    Jay was cool in his little ‘theatrical’ bit with Adam :):)

    Really very glad to see the hair flirting with his eyes. Very sexy.

    Adam’s vocals seem to get stronger and better, which makes me wonder how is that even possible!?? His face is so beautiful, his hair so thick, his body so sexy and his vocals so magnificent. What a package to behold!! Thank you, Adam, for bseing alive for your fans and giving us so much of yourself. Be sure to save the best for yourself. You deserve no less than the best life has to offer.

    Peace-Love-Light-Fun-Joy-Truth-Happiness 4 Adam.

  10. I loved the preformence.Loved the clothes and the dancing but the hair not so much.I think the stripes are starting to grow in and it wouldn’t look good back so they combed it that way to cover them up or maybe not never the less he is one beautiful man.

  11. One of my favorite performances!! Hair was perfect and those pants… HOTTTTTT!!!!

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      I agree! I don’t think there is any debate about the pants….we all loved them! But I loved the hair as well! He just does not seem to be able to look anything but FABULOUS!

  12. Loved the “Hi-Ho Silver” pants! Not the hair so much–Love it up. To each his own. Got a real hoot over the Brain Scan thing Jay did. It put the AMA thing in your face and made it a very good joke. Time to move on and leave it behind! Does anyone know why WWFM is no longer on the Top 20 voting list???? Always try to vote on the weekends when I have more time. Did he hit the 20 weeks and they automatically take it off? Let me know, if you know. Thanks The good press is very nice for our Boy. I knew the first time I saw him last year on A1 that he was a star. Watch Jonaathan W show in UK when they show the clip of him coming down the staircase in that white suit. One of my favorite moments last year. Can still remember that moment! Don’t know if it was the moment Simon was looking for, but it sure was mine.

    • Hey Daffyd your right i was just getting ready to vote vote vote but no Adam! So good job Glamily we kept him on till they had to remove him!!! WAY TO VOTE!!! GET READY FOR IIHY NEXT!!!!

  13. yah I remembe him coming down the stairs too singing, “Feeling Good” I wish I owned that video and also the one of him singing “One” by U2 . Do you remember that Simon asked him to sing it? I can listen to that over and over again.
    and just to add to the comments –I love his style.. he’s absolutely gorgeous too. and we all know.. what a hunk of a man… and what a voice. He is so awesome. I can’t wait to hear anything new he sings. How do you join his fan club?

  14. The wilder the hair the better. I think when he wears his hair back his features appear more chiseled and his eyes and makeup show up better. His style is evolving rapidly and I hope he continues to morp into the most original and hottest rock/pop star ever.

  15. I noticed no one was back stage interviewing Adam……or did I miss it after the show?

  16. Adamisamazing says:

    I loved the hair down but I love the hair up, too. I thought I had a favorite, but I don’t because he looks great regardless. That man looks great natural (with minimal makeup) or with. He just can’t go wrong because the canvas he is working with is flawless.
    For some reason, with all Adam’s appearances on TV shows (especially this week), my favorites are always on The Tonight Show with Jay. I just love his performances (and interviews) especially on that show. For me, it is as if he makes sure he is at his absolute amazing best for them.
    Does anyone know why American Idol will not put out an American Idol Season 8 DVD? Frankly, I would really like just an Adam Lambert AI Performance Show DVD with the judges commenting. They would sell so many because Adam has so many fans. I was just wondering…
    Also, he spoke about an official Fan Club with his mother getting involved, but I haven’t heard anything about that either.
    Thank you again for posting these for his fans…I look forward to them every single day. What a star!

    • JEANENE says:


      • Agree with both of you. Can only hope and pray that will happen one of these days. Would sell like HOTCAKES!!!!

    • I went looking for the DVD as soon as the season ended and was surprised to find no DVDs of any season. The only thing i can think of is the rights to all the music could be the problem

  17. i love that song really really hot 4 sure

  18. love his look here… And as always he sounds great…
    Thanks for sharing i missed it when it was on

  19. Adam was extra fabulous as usual but I just don’t know about those dancers. I have a feeling that they were reaching for the oft reprised ‘Apocalypse-Dumpster-Chic’, but it really didn’t compliment the performance but instead took away from it. Those two with their bloated cadaver-looking bellies hanging out and loaded-potato-plow-pants-come on! And then Super Fly Uncle Festa’ and Cousin It’s corn row wreck rounded out the alley fight gone bad aesthetic view of the quadratic group was just oil slick refugee looking. I mean the dancing and choreography were OK but the fashion look just kinda fell flat for me for them.
    Adam was crisp, clean, “pimp tight” and fresh all over as usual. Monte was in fine, sharp rocker form. Tommy was sleek, slim and fine as usual rockin’ the rad eye designs, and the Unknown Keyboarder of the Month was tucked away and basically out of sight and un-noticeable. And why are they hiding Longinus in the darkness with his muscled up tats and jammin’ dreads—put a light on him every now and then, already—cause after all he is the anchor holding it all together you know.
    The band in general was super high class and glamorous as we have come to love and expect. I think we might wanna re-think the dancers, though. Or at least retool them. Wouldn’t we rather just look at Adam and the band instead of pulling way and wasting time on the dancers. In this day and age, the choreographed unrelated rappin’ dancer thing is pretty much passé and too Janet-Britney-Beyonce for me any more. Adam doesn’t really need the dancers to enhance anything. He is enhancement enough for everything he does. He is the full package deal on his own with his expressive, meaningful movements. And how about the enchanting eye-contact you can see him exchanging with the fans in his line of sight. Those who are lucky enough are treated to his grateful smiles and alluring eyebrow flirts. Who among us really wants camera time wasted looking at the dancers when Adam has all of that going on. I’m just saying…

    • Wow. I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! So well said. Thank you!

    • JEANENE says:



      • Yup, yup, yup!!! Just a big distraction from the Main Event, our Amazing Adam!! He’s all we ever need!!

      • I totally agree. Adam is a stunner & he looks & sounds magifique here, but those dancers were just an eyesore & it was too much for this small stage. I can maybe see dancers for a big stage number, but on this stage it just seemed too crowded up there.
        Much rather just see Adam & the band.
        Love the hair & makeup here & those pants were OMG! The dancers were out of their league!
        Adam is who we want to see! Reminds me of too many other acts with dancers.

        • k. morgan says:

          elle…go to adam’s official site and read his tweet about his dancers…he basically says his dancers and band are his family…that fans need to quit spreading hate messages about his dancers…if they do not like them then those fans should not come to concert…adam is all about love and his concert is about spreading love…as i said here already…hating on his dancers is not about love…dancing is tough…they are getting better and i love when adam grooves with them…we need to support him …not diss his family…

    • Thanks Rich for your honest opinion about the dancers. I do agree that they have more work to do on the choreography and the costumes. I don’t mind them being there, just don’t want them to be too distracting, because after all, Adam IS the show, not just part of it! Don’t really want to have to drag my eyes off of him to see what everyone else is doing, or heaven forbid, get in the way of my view!!! My son, who is an Adam fan, and who can be more “objective” than I can be in things related to Adam, watched the performances from Leno and Ellen and wasn’t too keen on the dancers, except when the movement was synced with Adam. He thought the running around on stage was too distracting for the most part. He’s a musical theater guy so wasn’t saying it was too theatrical (which he loves), just a little too much going on at times. He also preferred it to be all about Adam in most cases. He’s going to see the tour this summer and is hoping to see a lot of Adam, with the dancers kept to a minimum. That said, Adam was fabulous as usual and will no doubt continue to work with the choreographer and dancers to tighten it up. He has been so used to being part of an ensemble during his theater years that he is more comfortable sharing the stage with others than we would like. Part of his generous nature, no doubt, wanting to share his success with his friends. Gotta love him for that!

    • Thanks Rich you made me laugh!!!

  20. glamitup says:

    It all just works! Magic!

  21. Only one word can describe this performance ….. GREAT!!!!!!! Luv U, Rita & Donna


    • Have definitely noticed that, and am so thrilled that they are talking about his talent, music, artistry, and the Glamnation Tour, not the oh-so-last-year “stuff”. His honesty, charm, hard work, and oh yes, HUGE talent are winning out over the naysayers and bigots. Have to give him so much credit for believing in himself and maintaining his composure in the face of all the sometimes awful things said about him by those people who really knew nothing about him and wouldn’t take the time to find out more about who he truly is as a person and entertainer. It had to be so hard to try to ignore it and go forward at times. So glad too that his management has been so supportive of him, allowing him to be his unique self. I’ve had to take a deep breath a few times and think, well, that was brave! Just reminds me time after time, that is why he is so special.


  24. gah/rph says:

    Loved the look on Leno! I’m keeping it on my DVR, along with lots of other Adam performances. I’m hooked….Can’t wiait to see him in Columbus!

  25. I love his hair this way..I think he looks younger. Adam, Band, Dancers…Perfect.

  26. ianaleah says:

    Adam looked perfect. Like he did on AI singing “One” the hairstyle on him is glorious, even tho he looks good every which way, I like this. Sang beautifully per usual. gosh. I just love the guy, and his whole group.

  27. k. morgan says:

    I think you guys need to read Adam’s tweet about his band and his dancers before being so negative about the dancers…Adam tweeted that he loves his band and dancers and that those who are being so negative about the dancers should probably not come to his concert…there will be dancers…I personally love the dancers…not as much as his singing…but they bring a certain dance groove to the stage….it is a fun time…He tweeted too that his concert is all about love…dissing his dancers is not love people…