Adam Lambert Rocks Amsterdam-Videos To Prove It

I TOLD YOU, today is a fabulous Adam Lambert day!! Here are even MORE videos for you to love.
This is quite an intimate setting with the entire band. I am loving that we get to see them all play, because I love when they are all together!! Ahhhh… oh happy day….


‘American Idol:’ Adam Lambert rocks Amsterdam TV with performance (video)


From Japan to the United States to now Amsterdam, Adam Lambert has performed in just about every corner of the world. In this intimate performance, the “American Idol” runner-up is joined by his band for an acoustic TV set for NPS.

The song highlighted below is “Music Again,” simply because it’s always fun to have a little variety. Plus, listening to the acoustic version of the song is almost a completely different experience than what you hear on his “For Your Entertainment” album. As with most of the singer’s performances, he manages to once again give a fun and creative twist to the song.

Following his latest European tour (in anticipation for his upcoming album release there May 3), Adam will then head back to the States in preparation for his upcoming “Glam Nation” tour. This will of course mean extensive rehearsals, promotion, and everything of the sort. Could he go back to Amsterdam some day for a concert? Considering the singer’s popularity around the world, it is very much a possibility

MetMichiel Adam Lambert Music Again:
video via:3fm

MetMichiel Adam Lambert Whataya Want From Me:
video via:3fm



  1. OMG I just burst in tears when I saw Adam Lambert Rocks Amsterdam in the headline of the post.
    I lived in Amsterdam for many years and it one of the most fun cities in the world, young and funky energy. I went to many concerts and the crowd loves unusual and daring artists.
    I do hope he had time to visit some outrageous gay clubs while he was there and met himself a beautiful blond Dutch Man!

    • He was not in Amsterdam. He was in Hilversum. Gave a very intimate minigig of 4 songs at the studio of 3fm for only 10 very lucky fans and I was one of them. It was great and fab and I had a wonderful time.
      Today he was at the show of Paul de Leeuw.

  2. AdamRocks! says:

    Fantastic performances, as usual! Adam, the World Idol!

    Yes, Amsterdam is wonderful. . . I was there many years ago. . . I hope that Adam and the band had a little free time to relax and have fun. . . kinda doubting this though, since Adam works so hard, and usually has such a full schedule.

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  3. buffy522 says:

    He is “working his butt off” as he stated on Idol. Singing live at these little radio stations! Sounding great every time!

    • Paul de Leeuw! He is one over the top crazy gay Dutch television personality who is quite influential. Great news!!

    • Hilversum 3 is the National radio station of the Netherlands, so broadcasting to millions of people.

      • buffy522 says:

        I didn’t mean to minimize that station. Loved the interview. Just, you know, performing in that venue, in a space probably not intended for that, is just workin’ it!! And he doesn’t hold back at all.

      • Jane Parker says:

        I know you wished you could be there!!

  4. I just love his acoustics. His voice really is amazing. His looks are pretty amazing, too. 🙂

  5. I’m SOOO thrilled to see Adam ANY TIME!!! He sounded great and looked great! I just LOVED his hair! He is SO talented and SO cute! I can’t explain how swept off my feet I am because I just won tickets to SEE you in Council Bluffs, Iowa, June 10th!!!! I love you Adam, now and forever, Janice K

  6. ADAM, bring KISS AND TELL back!!!! It is one of my favorite songs and you do it so well. Everytime I see you sing you sound different, that is what is so special about you. You sound perfect in both these songs!! You are awsome and I hope to see you live in concert!

  7. I’m bowled over by these songs. My GOSH, ADAM, you got even better here. Seem like you’re still pushing the envelope, and your only competitor is yourself. If I only I can be like you too. Ssigh . . . You certainly are not taking it easy. You’ll deserve every bit of acclaim you will get. You have a very strong foundation, and can not be moved. Love you baby. Listening to you lifts me up from the doldrums, and humdrum of my existence.

  8. wow… totally loved Music Again and that jacket!!! sigh… the ultimate performer our Adam=)

  9. It was him at Central Station..I saw him there with his band..and I said to myself is that Adam Lambert..nahh can´t be..

    • That is crazy, Adam at Centraal Station in good old Amsterdam. I know you all think I am bananas but I LOVE Amsterdam and I LOVE Adam and the two combined just makes my head spin. During my “Adam” years, the wild and crazy 80’s I lived there, clubbing and going to concerts and hanging out with the bad boys…..did I ever have a good time!


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