Adam Lambert – ROCK GOD!! Purple Haze/Whole Lotta Love From Amsterdam

There is not much that needs to be said with this version of Purple Haze and Whole Lotta Love from Amsterdam. We all know it. Adam Lambert is a TRUE ROCK GOD! He is already our artist of the decade. He joins a very select group of rock icons, among them: Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and Michael Jackson. Artists who HAD to do it their way. EVERYONE knows who they are. And with performances like this, everyone will know who Adam Lambert is. We can only hope he will bring this Adam home to the USA and give it to us onstage next month in Los Angeles. I’m out of breath from watching this. I can literally feel my heart pounding in my chest!

Rock on!

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. One thing about Adam – he can sure get people talking!

    At the site “Adam Lambert 24/7” there are already 224 comments about this encore
    at Amsterdam. Read at your own risk – there is a heated discussion!

    ps. I have always liked our site here because of the positive nature of the posters.

  2. I was there!!!
    Adam was so awesome!!

  3. OMG! I love you Adam but please put down the cancer stick!

  4. Adam Amsterdam Amazing…he gets better and better…I loved this perfomance…OMG… does he keep going..he is the ultimate entertainment..

  5. Pretty sure Adam just smoked a bit of a joint. Don’t think he would do it often because it would mess up his singing.



  8. I’m not sure it’s possible to be in Amsterdam w/o some Mj. It’s just so freeing that it’s legal and everywhere. I’d almost rather he’d do grass than alcohol.


  10. At this point I definitely think Tommy and Adam are lovers. I do love Adam’s voice and his style but not the cigarette smoking … that was a turn off for me –grass or not.. .. not good for anyone nevermind a singer.
    Putting the microphone down his mouth was wild… to say the least… the gay guys must have gone nuts…

    • Why not? The straight women certainly have, me included! 🙂


      • i saw this video after i attended the concert on 12/16 at club nokia and honestly this concert doesnt do any justice to adam like it did here in la. who cares if he smoked pot on stage the guy has massive talent and wow he is hot in person. yes he did the microphone here too and well he also pleasured it. lucky mic.

  11. Tina Glamb#654 says:

    What I wouldn’t give to be that microphone or Tommy for just one night!! OMG!!! If you were watching closely..(I LOVE this laptop), he even did the little “sign” for giving “face”….for the ladies…GOOD GOD..SOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!! Can’t get enough of this video, that’s for sure!! DAMN!!!


  12. Wow, I’m stunned. Lovers or what… Adam is Adam, and it’s Amsterdam. What a difference a culture can make. I guess he can be as flexible. Maybe the smoking part was just for show.

    That was quite a good kiss, but then also for show. Well, he’s entitled to be happy and gay !
    Hope he can recharge, have a rest and some vacation.

    • Whether or not the smoking part was for the show, it impacted him nevertheless!!!! Free Adam! He loved everyone… intimately.

  13. kat23mogan says:

    For those who do not know, pot is legal there and that was a joint….they had a good time and that encore was what Rock is all about…it was sexy, it was Rock, the vocals were fantastic…and just amazing…wish I was there…Fantastic!!!

  14. jipritchard says:

    I think Adam got pretty stoned….good thing it was the end of the show! No telling what might have gone down on that stage : )

  15. I hope that this isnt a sign of whats to come with Adam being stoned and forgetting his words. I will still buy his music but he has fallen off his pedistal in my book. I am sad.

    • omg Jill, Did he fall off his pedistal when he took a drink during Soaked ??? The boy is from L.A. for God’s sakes.. He was being Adam and doing the Purple Haze drama from the 60’s.. You are no true Adam fan if that knocks him off your self proclaimed , ” pedistal ”
      I am not for smoking pot or any other drug. But Adam is Adam and he loves giving his all to any song he does. He shouldn’t be judged on everything small thing he does to give us 100% entertainment.. Adam’s number 1 fan for life.

    • Pleeassseeee…..he is in a country where pot is legal…He is open…he is honest…how many mega music stars and other stars smoke pot…even in US…I wager tons….Personally I have tried it and it does not make me feel any different than drinking a couple of drinks…two glasses of wine and I feel the same. I think it is utterly rediculous that our US society thinks it is ok to drink alcohol and get a buzz…but no no …do not smoke a joint and get the same buzz…If you are a true Adam fan …you will not diss him for having fun on stage and doing what is legal in Amsterdam….I wager probably 80 to 90 percent of music stars smoke pot….

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Adam doesn’t want to be on a pedestal–get him off for christ’s sake and stop projecting your own morals and expectations on him.

  16. Tina Glamb#654 says:

    I just showed my cousin this toes have been curled for so long, my foot is cramped!! In my opinion, they need to legalize weed everywhere. My sister lives in Michigan, and it’s legal there! Cali legalized it a long time ago for medical purposes I know. I know back when I used to smoke, it’s the BEST nerve medication out there, and it’s all natural!! 🙂 I LOVE Adam, and be who you are Boo. Just don’t start the heavy stuff…that will ruin everything you’ve busted your ass for!!



  17. I knew this performance would cause a lot of talk. I, for one, think that Adam can do no wrong. And, smoking that joint was not for show….he was inhaling every bit! I have a very open mind, like Adam, so this does not bother me in the least. I love how many different faces this man has. He is such a TRUE entertainer with so much to offer. I wish he and Tommy were an item because DANG they do it for me! :o)

  18. Tina Glamb…uh yeah…I noticed the “nod” to us chicks…oh yeah…watched it about 10 times. Surprised not too much mention of it though…Sweet Jeezus…just the thought of that…*DED*

    …also noticed how after “our gesture” and then the boys gesture…he opens his arms wide and mouths “everything”…like he’s up for anything…lol! I’m telling you…he’s feeling a little experimental and some European chick is going to get really lucky…if she hasn’t already…hahahaha

    • I don’t want no tongue from Adam Lambert. He better whip out the glambulge. Just saying. Leave the tongue action for the less-endowed guys to do.

  19. I was there…It was so frikkin hot I can,t describe it. Every minute was over the top incredible.
    I am still in Holland will write more when I am back….

  20. Whatever anybody will say here, Adam was happy and I was so happy with him. He was so himself , so free, I laughed and I cried.
    This is Adam, love him or leave him.
    I love him more than words can describe.

  21. I tend to agree with Jill re Adam smoking the joint during his performance. This does not make him cool. I hope he DOESN’T bring this Adam back to the US. He has already lost some of the huge fan base he acquired during his Idol days, when he could do no wrong, some of whom I know personally. Maybe this isn’t an issue with him, since he has probably added many new ones, but I just don’t see the necessity of the shock value of this type of behavior on stage, whether in Amsterdam or anywhere else. He has the capacity of being such an amazing entertainer with longevity, with a voice beyond compare. I have personally never heard anyone else who can come close to this natural talent, and I want to have him around to enjoy for years. I don’t have him on a pedestal, but he has lost some of my respect, and this makes me sad. I’m not a prude, but I do have a code of conduct that I deem acceptable.

    • kat23mogan says:

      Give us a break…he is young …he is alive and having a blast…do not project your morality on him…Pot is no really that big of deal…hence why many other countries have made it legal. It does the same thing as drinking a couple of drinks does…I assume from you rant that you do not drink…..
      So the hech what if the band and Adam were enjoying the fact that it is legal to smoke pot in Amsterdam…If you are a true Adam fan…you would not even state that you have lost some respect for him…He is being himself….I wager many of the famous people you like do the same…but do not admit it…smoke mj….And by the way ….were you ever a fan of any rock artist…because if so…you should probably mark them off your list as a fan…and many other artist…because probably about 90 or more percent perform while having a bit of a buzz…either from the legal thing called alcohol…or from non-legal drugs (non-legal in US). I will always be an Adam fan and will stick by him. In addition to assume that Adam is a druggie…is just dumb…He has stated many many times he is not…but he does enjoy going out…and having fun as most people his age do…He is far to intelligent and has way to much drive to spoil his journey to stardom by abusing either alcohol or drugs…Give him a break and be a fan…a true fan…embrace the amazing talent and liveliness and freedom of this talent…it is rare.

      • You are really assuming a lot. What Adam does in private is one thing…..what he does on stage is another. In no way am t trying to project any morality on what he does in private. In no way am I assuming Adam is a druggie. I think he is much smarter than that. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it a good thing to do. (For instance, I think prostitution is legal in Nevada,, but that doesn’t mean we should all practice prostitution when visiting there.) What I’m saying is that it is better to have good taste in what you are presenting to your public. I can be a fan of Adam’s and still not like everything he does. I will always be a fan of his magnificent unbelievable voice…….this doesn’t mean I am giving him carte blanche on everything he does. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, and neither is Adam.

        • Glamourclamor says:

          Actually the entire point of smoking pot is the inhaling. Unless I was watching a different video he wasn’t inhaling, but blowing smoke all over the stage. Even blew some in Monte’s face, who tried to inhale it. Sorry, but when in Rome…What the person from the audience gave them is called a blunt, looks kinds of like a cigar. Thought it all part of the performance paying tribute to Amsterdam. Well he says he is all about controversy and starting dialogue. But this is becoming a bit over drawn, and not the big deal it is being made out to be. Besides I am from California, I guess we don’t take things so seriously here.

        • HE WAS SINGING ” PURPLE HAZE” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BIGGEST WEED SONG OF THE 60’S.. OMG

        • kat23mogan says:

          then do not criticize him for having fun…and doing something legal which by the way has not been scienfically linked to adverse health effects and on the contrary is used to fight certain illnesses….We Americans are very hung up on this drug when it is no worse them some of the drugs you get across the counter and no worse than having a couple of glasses of wine…I could care less what Adam does that is legal..and his performance was unbelievable…

    • Who are you? The moral police for the whole entire world? Pot is legal in Amsterdam and he was in Amsterdam when he did it. Wow, Adam has performed over 100 shows and decided to add literal reference to a song he happened to perform while over there (kindof went together like P and J.)

  22. Diane #610 says:

    Wow – HOT, HOT, HOT! Tryin to figure out if he was really stoned, or just pretending. He’s such a consummate performer, it’s hard to tell. Either way, I love it!!!

  23. gypsyqueen says:

    Oh, how DARE he be a Rock and Roll God!!!!
    If the dissenters watch the performance, Adam actually gives the HALF smoked ciggie back to a crew member.
    He’s in Amsterdam!!! Did the dissenters never go into a candy store and ‘sample’ the candy??
    Adam will never be the cute guy next door, he’s out to shock you out of your closet and bring the walls of percieved righteousness tumbling down.

  24. Ha – ha ! You are at it again Adam, polarizing people’s reaction. And it’s quite exciting. Yes, this should come with parental guidance. But I love reading the Glambs’ reactions. Adam can be deep, and I guess he doesn’t want to be put in a pedestal or be judged. That’s what I love about him, he doesn’t hide his frailties or human weaknesses. He’s not out there to steal God’s glory and be worshiped. He is as human as can be. I enjoy his variety…. the different sides of his persona.

    I guess, Irena would be there and I’m glad she enjoyed it.

    For the other Glambs, wake-up! Let’s love Adam unconditionally. Let’s not impose our own moral standards on him. Mine is quite rigid too, but I think Psychiatry had made me accepting and non-judgmental.

    Adam, is a chameleon and behaved what was legal and acceptable in Amsterdam.

  25. Margie– I’m sorry, but the joint/cigarette….whatever it was…very insignificant to me. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs but I don’t care if people do as long as they don’t drive under the influence or wind up in the Betty Ford clinic. Adam is definately a sober person who likes to party occacionally. I don’t think anything he does is calculated– it’s just rock and roll. He’s a refreshing change from the cookie-cutter “products” that the record companies have been churning out for years. He is not PC or flying some kind of banner for any special interest group– he is just himself. He sells sex, love and rock and roll…mixed with tongue-in-cheek humor and a gleam in his eye…so full of wicked promises that the Devil is blushing…

    …we can’t take him too seriously– it’s all about fun. Personally, I barely noticed the joint as I was distracted by the long make-out and the hand gestures. FYI– I saw him at a festival this summer and there were a lot of kids and families and he kept it clean and appropriate. He was in a club in Amsterdam and he was a filthy-@ss ROCK GOD…and it was a beautiful thing. Don’t look at the joint BB…focus on the hips, the stair-writhing…the floor-sex…the important things! LOL!

    • I agree with you, Luna. I also don’t think what he did was calculated. He said he “feeds” off the audience’s response, but it’s probably in the back of his mind what he can and can’t get away with. This audience must have been a doozy! Wish I had been there. I don’t judge him, I just love him for who he is and wow! he’s in a class by himself! He knows the vids will go around the world but I doubt he is overly concerned about that while he’s doing his thing.

      Yeah, I about dropped my teeth when he made the “female” sign with his fingers, tongue inserted, whew! Then, did you notice, he looked a bit chagrined, he knew he was being really naughty, haha. I bet the bit of pot he inhaled gave him a little high, just enough to make him loose and wilder than usual. His prowling of the stage reminded me a bit of Elvis in his prime, the way he liked to “play” with the audience, prolong the magic and do crazy things. But thank goodness we are not in the 60’s and 70’s anymore; Adam can be far more “out there” than Elvis ever thought of being and ain’t it great that we are all along for the ride?

      You know, I would sure rather see him loosen up with a toke or two than be drunk on stage. Not that he has been, but I have a feeling drinking could become a bit of a problem for him, if he let it. So, my wish for Adam is that he stay true to himself, keep giving us memorable performances, yet be very aware of how close he is to the edge and to stay safe. We want him to be around for a long time, to continue to be a force to be reckoned with, to entertain us to the best of his ability, and above all: have a fun, rewarding time while he does it.

      • kat23mogan says:

        Hell…he is singing Purple Haze for God sake…. A Jim Hendrix song….a 60’s/70’s classic…Adam is all about the theater side of a performance as well as vocals…that is what sets him and Gaga apart…They do not simply sing…they shock…they take you on a unforgettable ride…while listening to unforgettable vocals…Hell, yes…be a Rock God on these two songs…If you notice he did not do this on any other performance that night…As he said before…he does what fits songs…This definitely fits…and man oh man talk about one sexy hot rock version of WLL….it was amaaaazzzzzinng…And if you can not see that then you do not know classic rock…

    • well said Luna.. I agree with you..

  26. Sharron– I notice EVERYTHING when it comes to Mr. Adam F. Lambert…lol! After his “oral” gestures it was kind of a “fake chagrin”…like “I’m a very naughty boy but you love it”…and yes, we do. …and once again, teasing the girls with his little “signage”…putting his fingers in his mouth before he did that just about killed me. Sorry…getting too graphic– blame it on the “A-A-A-A-A-Adamhol”….

    RE: Booze. HH is a sensual person (as am I) and sensual people have appetites for booze, sex, drugs, food etc… so I think it is always a struggle for people like us not to be excessive. I was never into drugs…and I’ve conquered the booze…food is a struggle…sex…uh…what is that?…something you do with another person that feels good?…trying to remember…ANYWAY, I see how you could think BB could tend toward over-indulgence with the sauce…but I think he’s OK. He’s just 28…single…and he likes his cocktails as we all did in those days. I really don’t think he’ll fall to the bottle. He seems a hopeless romantic though– I just hope he doesn’t fall for some wenchy boy or girl that will rip his heart out and lay it on the ground. I feel like he could become a little infatuated with someone he found artistic and different. I’ll be there for the rebound sex…hahahaha…

  27. Well, Adam did say that he likes being salacious…LOL! Whoa, that thing he did with the microphone…wowieeeeeeeee!

    • Hahahaha…Sally…the “micratio”…I think I learned a few things.

      • Luna, too funny – micratio – I just learned a new word…LOL!

        • Sally…I teach Glamish as a second language…I am happy to spread the words. I will give you a few more so when you meet HH or Tommy you can have a coversation.

          “microbation”– when Adam or HH (His Hotness) put the mic between his legs during “Enter Sandman” in Aucklnad and went to town…
          “liss”– the combination of the delicious lick + kiss that oftens happens between Adommy during “Fever”.
          “The Betty Fjord Clinic”– where all of us addicted to HH are gonna wind up. Since I am a refugee from the now defunct Candy Glam/Icelandia…the clinic is on a fjord…

          • Princessshakeitup says:

            Book me a room!

            • About everybody being “excited” about the gesture for women, there is a frikkin picture of it ……let me know I can hook you up!
              The man is so intensely sexual and then so emotional at the same time ofcourse we are slobbering all over him.

              • Hook me up BB! Do I need to meet you under a bridge in Amsterdam…or is it possible to make the deal over the web? Someone gifted it and I have that…but a still photograph would be nice…or a slow-mo gif. Gah…what has my life become…

  28. REDSTAR040665 says:

    I agree with Sharron. I hope that Adam does not fall into the drugs and alcohol cycle. I know a lot of artists do and most have died from it. Such as MJ, Elvis, and many others. I love Adam and want him to be around a long time. I loved the 70s rock feel he put on in this video, but not the smoking and all that crazy sexual stuff. I like a little bit of naugtiness, but I think he is going too far with some of the gestures and it is a turn off to me anyhow. I would love to see him get some awards because he deserves them and would love to see him perform on the award shows again, but if he keeps this up–I don’t think it will happen.

    I love you Adam and I want you to stay healthy. So many of us love you and your music and sexiness. We love your originality and uniqueness, but please do not fall into the “death trap” of drugs and alcohol.

    • As Luna said, Adam appears to be the sensual type, and may tend to overindulge his appetites; I hope he just takes care not to let himself get carried away. Because if he does, it will surely affect his magnificent voice and his superlative performance skills.

      Redstar, I think you have something there, about Adam maybe going too far with some of the gestures and such. Although I love the heck out of all of it and it’s a big turn-on for me (and obviously many others), I can see where it might put him in a certain category in the minds of the powers that be. Because once he does something on stage, he can’t take it back – those YouTube videos will be there for posterity. He does deserve the awards and he should perform at the shows, but if “they” think he is too risky, It’s likely he won’t get the chances he deserves. That’s one of my biggest fears for him. We just have to hope that he keeps his senses about him and makes the choices that are right for him and for his career.

      I wonder if Monte or any of his trusted compadres give him any advice when it comes to stuff like this. Monte has been around for a while and should have a pretty good handle on what will hurt Adam’s career and what will help it. It’s a fine line Adam must walk, to be true to himself and express his creative genius, and also be marketable in today’s music industry.

    • kat23mogan says:

      Do you ever watch rap stars and R &B stars…for example Usher…Usher is way way way more sexy when he performs…more risque….with his pants below his behind…doing all kinds of suggestive moves on stage…but he is heterosexual and it is ok…We fans of Adam need to ask ourselves…are we saying this because we are judging him because he is gay…or are we saying this because we truly believe no other stars do suggestive dancing and movements which is totally false…There is a long long long line of famous award winning stars who are very suggestive on stage, Usher, MJ, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Shakira…etc…and all have won awards…Do not try to make Adam out to be some kind of moral saint…he is not and he is not trying to be…In addition he is not an Adult Easy Listening star…He is a pop and rock star…that is what they do…For heaven sake even country music stars are becoming more sexy…if you do not believe me take some time and go to video channels and watch some videos…a lot of rump shaking and suggestive stuff in all types of popular music…You people judging Adam drive me insane and whether you believe it or not you fuel the fire of the haters…They read your comments and start telling lies…Grow up people.

      • This is what’s wrong with people, they get sexuality and morality confused. Sexuality is a normal part of life. Sex happens for everyone (except nuns and monks). People think being sexual is being immoral all the way across the board when attraction and sexual conduct between consenting adults is natural.

        People make me want to barf.

  29. I love Adam unconditionaly. He already has mentioned that he always interpreted the song he sings. He is a show man, but not a stupid one. Trust him, he knows what he is doing and what his audience wants. I do believe that there will be some lucky girl or girls in his life, if not already.

  30. Mary at the Lake says:

    This performance is a bit of a challenge to discuss, because I truly understand where each and every commenter above is coming from…the position of love and, and sometimes concern, for Adam. From the moment I started hearing about this performance on Twitter, I knew we were in for something BIG, when everyone who had seen it said “OMG!!” and “Well, he’s keeping up with the local culture!” which meant (to me..) there must have been a little weed, and a certain amount of “sexiness” involved…As we know, Amsterdam is very liberal in certain things, and mj is legal there.. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Adam lighting up in LA next month, or anywhere where its illegal..I really think that he, being “Adam the theater guy”, thought he would add a little authenticity to his Purple Haze encore, being that was what the title of the song referred to. As a “child” of the 60’s and 70’s, I didn’t take offense, except for the possible media attention it might bring. ( We know how they love to show Adam in unflattering situations). We have told him we think he is a Rock God, including Kara Diaguardi, and he was just bringing a little of that part of the equation of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll into play…and yes we got a little bit of all of that phrase, the complete package..I suppose we also need to remember that before AI, Adam was, in part, a performance artist who did some pretty interesting things, in the Zodiac Show, Burning Man, etc…so we shouldn’t be completely surprised to see these rather “edgy” performances pop up from time to time..given the “right” venue and audience. I have to admit my eyebrows were raised a couple of times during this performance, but I don’t think it was career damaging. I certainly wouldn’t expect that Adam would feel free to do this particular interpretation of his show in a venue where there would be families with younger children in attendance., such as at a State Fair like the Puyallup this summer..My entire family, including two pre-teen granddaughters were there and we all loved his show. I have been to a total of 4 Glam nation concerts so far, all of them were “all ages” and pretty much the PG versions! This Amsterdam show was obviously not PG and not for young children..but then again, it was Amsterdam, with slightly more liberal ideas regarding a few things, so probably not shocking at all for the audience there…It is only through the power of the internet and You Tube do we really know about this anyway…I suppose the question is: does a performer have to be sure his or her performance is going to pass the media and “family friendly” test every time they perform anywhere…because you know it will go on You Tube a half hour after the live performance is over…In the case of many other artists, I doubt that is a consideration at the time of the performance. As for the media picking up on these things..well, that’s just the way of the world right now..controversy sells magazines and TV gossip shows.. Adam has many “faces”: the sweet red haired, freckle faced boy next door (just under the surface) , the black haired, glittery over-the-top-sexy bad boy rock god, the generous promoter of Donors Choose, the good son, the actor, the list goes on..Pretty sure we don’t really want him to change any of that just for the sake of being “safe”, because being “safe” did not get him to where he is today (remember “Ring of Fire”..nope, not “safe”..)..I must add that I adore his acoustic versions of songs on the tour and his voice is really unbelievably beautiful in the concert setting. Hearing “Broken Open” live was almost a religious experience in Hawaii, let me tell you!! The woman next to me at one of the two performances literally had tears streaming down her face, and she had not seen him since Idol. Something for everyone..There are lots of singers that fit the description of “safe” out there and I sure don’t find myself hanging out on their fan sites, and possibly getting myself into all sorts of trouble (kinda like someone else we know and love…!) Rock on Adam..
    ( Mary at the Lake, aka “glitzylady” elsewhere…)

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      Just in case, after all that, you are still wondering if I liked this performance….YES!

  31. I love Adam, but not the joint, or cancer stick or whatever! I worry about him–hope that was just a prop! Super performance, and sexy as only Adam can be!

  32. Glamourclamor says:


  33. Glamburger says:

    Whoa!!! How did Suz hold that camera straight?!?

  34. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    I was there at Paradiso that night; this was my 5th Glamnation concert and this was magic like no other! I was draped like a wet rag over the railing after this one! To all you critics; the video was great, but don’t judge this performance unless you saw all of it live; hearing and understanding the crowd that was responding to him that night. The communication, The LOVE between Adam the performer and his audience was the real point; not whether you approved of the weed or not (purple haze could be the term to describe the air in the Paradiso that night!). I sat next to a young Dutchman and his 9 year old daughter. It was her birthday and he chose to take her to see Adam as her first rock and roll concert. I asked him what he thought afterwards; he said Adam was wonderful, they loved the whole show and were thrilled with her first concert. There was nothing to be negative about this night; it was simply the performance of a lifetime!

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      Thanks for your in-person review!!! Wish I could have been there!!

    • Mary Ellen, I think you said it so well what this performance was about. I feel the same way.
      I am not sure whether we can describe the Paradiso experience and it give it it’s full credit it deserves.
      All I remember is Adam’s incredible vocals, a total sense of Ectasy and a deep Love Exchange with the audience. We carried him to hights that had nothing to do with smoking pot. He stood in front of us and drank in the pure love, he said we were so frikkin beautiful he forgot the words to the song. When he started WLL I knew it was going to be out of this world. The Kiss with Tommy with extremely hot and I don’t understand Tommy didn’t just collapse and even kept on playing. And no I don’t think they are Lovers. I heard stories while I waited 8 hours in line, that Tommy has been kissing lots of girls during this tour. I also don’t think they would make such a public display on stage if this was a real sexual relationship. But yes they do enjoy kissing each other.
      I once had a dream kissing Adam, well it was exactly like that. I was a mess when I woke up.
      I think Adam has let go of the public expectations, awards show craziness, he is having the time of his life and so are many people with him.
      He was so happy in Amsterdam and it was so beautiful to watch, it made me ridiculously happy to be part of it. I also was emotionally wrung out and elated at the end of the concert. I kept hugging and kissing the beautiful Dutch women who made sure I had tickets to this show. I was hungry because I probably burnt 2000 calories in 1 hour.
      I have done many passionate things in my life but in the realm of where my life is right now, traveling all that way and standing in line the whole day is one of the craziest things I have done and it was absolutely worth it. I lived in Amsterdam for 8 years many years ago and had quite a few wild adventures there but now this City that I love with all my heart has become even more amazing. After this concert the lights shone brighter and the people looked more beautiful.
      We can be part of this miraculous journey or we can judge sexual gestures and
      purple hazes. Adam was in another dimension that night and so was the audience, together we created Magic.

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        I knew I could count on you to bring it all together. THANK YOU to you and Mary Ellen for even trying to put into words what probably only is really understood in the soul. Sheer bliss, sheer beauty. Total love. I SO understand how two people who are not in a relationship can share a passionate kiss when there is nothing but love between them. We are lucky if we feel that deeply in our lives, it doesn’t matter who for. You deserved to be there. I am just so happy for you. The Earth and all of us dance with you!

      • thank you, Irena, for a beautiful post!
        Same also to glitzlady!

      • Irena– thanks for the recap. I think that has to be the most awesome show of the European tour…until he tops it with something else…and what on earth could that be– ’cause if it gets any hotter I’ll have to call a Glambulance…

        …and yeah…the Adommy kiss…long and deep and slow and the bass got some action too…dying here… I too don’t believe they are lovers. I think it’s totally for the show– and I think it’s probably getting Tommy more offstage offers from chicks than he can handle…hahaha. I think he’s straight but once you’ve been kissed by Adam F. Lambert…you’re never the same. I think Adam would be very private about “real” relationship. …and yes, I think they are good friends and they care about eachother and they are sharing this sexy, exciting experience together and they eat up our response to it.

        Question: Is he as tall and built as he looks on person? I love his arms and his broad shoulders. He is soooo beautiful. …and the eyes…are they blue or grey. Where you close enough to see those beautiful eyes in person?

        • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

          Yes Adam is gorgeous and VERY tall! At the meet and greet I told him I felt like I was talking to his chest! He said it was the boots that made him even taller. He is incredibly kind with us fans – very loving; no lack of hugs! So worth travelling to Amsterdam for! (P.S. – those eyes are so incredibly light they can be either blue or gray – absolutely beautiful – and the smile to melt your heart!). Be still my heart – he honestly exceeded all expectations!

          • Thanks, Mary Ellen! I feel all dreamy and squishy after your description. I am only 5’3”, so I am imagining him towering over me and looking down at me with those eyes that sparkle like ice blue diamonds…and breaking into that smile that is like looking into the sun. The other thing that makes my heart melt is the giggle…that little giggle that comes out of him when he is surprised by a funny comment…it KILLS me! …and yes, I have heard from others how kind and polite he is. His mama raised him right. I love how he goes from blazing hot Rock God to “Mr. Manners”…lol!

            Anyway– thanks, for the reply…mmmm….tall and manly and *bleeping* BEAUTIFUL! He has this beautiful “inner light”. I think that is what everyone is responding to.

  35. I do not understand why Adam as talented as he is, and wonderful entertainer, has to kiss men in the show…..ricky martin is gay and he doesn’t push it in peoples face…..I love Adams talent but think at times he is not trying to act mature about his fun on stage…..I think he is wonderful, I love his music and the E special was great…..didn’t learn much I didn’t already know but wonderful…..Just don’t ruin your career by being to over the top…..we want you in the U.S…..

    • Karla– I think it’s a matter of taste– personally, I like dirty little rock-star Adam. I like the tongue-diving with the lucky fans (Dancing Queen-Erica is my friggin’ hero of 2010) and the Adommy make-outs and the mic bj’s and the bass hand jobs and the faux orgasms and self-pleasuring and and the grunt…dear God…the grunt before he licks Cam like she’s a delicious ice cream cone. I LOVE IT ALL!!! …however, I get it if you don’t. Unfortunately for me…he IS wilder in Europe. I don’t think you have anything to worry about because he is a bit toned-down here. My summer show was totally PG or PG13 at best. I am American and I love the smut and so do a lot of us. I don’t think we are as uptight a country as people think we are– would his shows have been sold out here if we were? I think the US media go over the top with covering anything that is mildly salacious and the rest of the world thinks we’re ultra- conservative.

      Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving BB! I think AFL is man enough to satisfy us both…lol!

    • Why do people always complain about Adam kissing on stage. Believe it or not, straight artists kiss people on stage at their concerts to. I wonder why you missed it. It’s because it looks so normal and so you that it didn’t even faze you enough to even remember that it happened. But don’t let a gay person show affection on stage. That’s just OMG.

  36. AllaboutAdam says:

    WOW!!!! HOLY CRAP. THAT was quite a show. Key word: SHOW. On-stage persona, entertainment value, audience interaction, etc. Personally, i thought it was ALL GOOD – every delicious second of it! That Tommy-kiss was enough to make me pass out. If i were on the other end of that kiss, i am sure i would have. But alas, it was still A SHOW. Do we really believe there exists a green wizard in a green city at the end of a yellow-brick road lined with munchkins? NO, because it is a creation of someone’s imagination. Show business, baby. Take it for what it is. I believe this because it’s what Adam himself told us. TRUST HIM. He knows what he’s doing.

    • Amen! Totally agree with you– nobody lives in a bigger fantasy world than me…and even I don’t think Adommy is real…and yeah…that WLL from Amsterdam…Jeebus…how did you not go home sick with glam-fever (“glever” ?) after that? How did that church not blow up? Heck, how did the planet survive that performance? I think the earth’s core is a little cooler now.

  37. AllaboutAdam says:

    LOL… after watching that video – at work…. am seriously disoriented now – tough to breathe evenly, can’t concentrate, and find myself shaking my head and blinking alot – to bring me back to whatever it was i was doing….

  38. Leilani aloha says:

    Adam Lambert ‘s performance in Amsterdam – legend!!!

    Adam Lambert is – 21st century Rock God!!

  39. Love reading your posts Glambs. This is so refreshing and a respite, from my just finished 3-day Workshop in our National Tuberculosis Program. At least our topic here is light and fun.

    Adam is having the time of his life. Let’s also have the time of our lives.

    • Hahahaha…Dainty? Going from the National Tuberculosis Program to AFL and his nasty and delicious WLL performance !! That’s as good as Adam going from untouchable Rock God…to the guy on the beach in the aqua board shorts and gardening hat…lol! I love how he can go a little dorky…it’s ADORABLE! (…and I am not being critical as I can “dork-out” myself from time to time. I like that he hasn’t gone “Hollywood”.)


  41. When Adam reads our posts, he will laugh. He can be open-minded too.

    I wasn’t able to watch his recent interview in E-news in TV. Poor, poor me. Can we please view it here in the Fan-site ?

    Yes Luna, our Tuberculosis workshop was taxing and was a mental burden because of the responsibilities we carry. It’s a difficult war because of people’s denial and stigma of the disease. Many still die of TB, and the fearsome burden is the appearance/rise of multiple-drug-resistant cases. Now we’re also treating TB in children. My gosh, to unwind after the workshop, I had 2 sessions of body massage and 2 facials, and of course…. Adam’s songs.

    USAID sponsored our workshop. Major concerns, are possible upsurge of active TB due to AIDS. So to avoid both, use “Protection” !!!! A message from the late icon Freddie Mercury.

    • Dainty– I think that entire interview is on the first page of this site. If not, just YouTube it. It was good but nothing new. The best part was getting to see/hear his friends and family talk. I don’t think you need to lament your lack of viewing it though.

      Wow– you have a heavy job! No wonder you need a little dose of AFL in your life. Yes, I loved Freddie Mercury and Queen. Sweet Freddie.

      OK…and smack my butt and call me filthy…but when you mentioned “facial” and “Adam” in the same sentence– I wasn’t thinking about the kind you get at a spa…lol!

  42. patricia Pearce says:

    carole I don’t know how to get a special name that seems necessary to be quoted. I’d love to be named La Dame -first and last initials of Lynne with adam between. I wish someone could contact me to tell me how to share on this site which I love.
    As a retired RN I will assure you that ER’s, ICU’s, and morgues are often filled as a result of alcohol. Drunk driving that usually involves passengers, and often head on collisions or plowing into poles or other hard surfaces, shootings, knifings, wife beatings ,bar fights,falls, suicides or attempts. Drunks destroy their livers, brain tissue, and other organs. They miss work, lose jobs, destroy families. That’s just touching the surface. During Prohibition of Alcohol the Mobs were formed, the genesis of criminals who would impact society for decades. Law enforcement spent millions to “capture” the bootleggers. America’s “Royal Family”-the Kennedy’s, got rich because Joe provided liquor when it was against the law.

    Pot is absolutely NOT a gateway to hard drugs. It’s an herb with many medicinal qualities. Canadian friends who can legally smoke pot in some areas have discarded their sleeping pills, anti anxiety medications and many other “drugs” the pharmaceutical companies force us to buy all of which have dangerous side effects, including death. They have such a huge group of people lobbying for them on Capital Hill because the “drugs” they push make them amongst the wealthiest companies in the world. Pot smokers (or brownie eaters) do not show up in hospitals. They laugh until their sides ache, get the munchies, and fall asleep. Drivers who have pot in their possession most likely wait
    until they arrive at their destination to enjoy an evening, and if they are high they obviously are less likely to cause accidents since they don’t get brought into ER.

    HBO’s current series entitled “The Boardwalk” is captivating in terms of portraying Prohibition from the point of view of bootleggers, the criminals, the law enforcement agencies. I want to shriek “have we learned nothing from history” when anyone caught with a joint is charged with ‘possession'” and billions are spent chasing down growers, smugglers, “drug lords”, all of whom could be out of business if pot was legalized everywhere. The peace pipes used by Native Americans undoubtedly held an herb that relaxed and made mellow all the participants in the pow wow. I believe pot should be referred to as a HERB. Leave the term “drug” to the pharmaceutical firms and the truly dangerous
    heroin, crystal meth and others that destroy lives. Hope you pass this on Carole. Lynne Pearce

    • Lynne– like I said a few posts ago– I speak “Glamish”. I think correctly formed, Lynne + Adam would be “Ladam”…otherwise…you just wind up beiing the French words for “the lady”. You could also use “Adalynne” a derivative of the ever popular “Adommy”. Should you choose the latter…one could only hope the name comes with the same…*ahem*…benefits…

    • Exactly right! This is also what a lot of people do not understand about how things are in the Netherlands.
      In The Netherlnds we use trems like soft and hard drugs very consistently. Soft drugs, pot are tolerated and not officially legalized. You can buy pot ( weed, mj) in what they call Head Shops and Coffeeshops. ( When you want a cup of coffee in Amsterdam you go to a cafe!!!) The soft drugs in these places are high quality and therefore very powerful. The Governement made this decision to allow the sale of these soft drugs so it would keep people from selling crap on the streets which could make people sick, Scalpers mixing a little weed with other shit.
      You can have a joint on you in public for your own use as that is called. You can’t have a box of them in your purse to dole them out on the streets!
      As for Hard drugs they are illegal and there is zero tolerance. Of course this doesn’t mean it isn’t out there. The Government has a program that gives methadone to drug addicts to keep them from stealing and killing themselves with, again messed up dope, sold by people who make a wealthy living out of it.
      Nothing is perfect though and even Holland still has it’s problems with these subject matters, Personally I don’t smoke pot because it didn’t agree with me but I loved the smell of it in Paradiso, a whiff back in time it was for me.
      I also think all these videos are wonderful but we see shows that are moments in time in very particular places. I read his next show in Vienna was very tame by comparison.
      This man knows how to play his cards though some of you won’t agree. Either way it is his life and his career. Enough said.

  43. Luna, you’re a naughty girl. LOL ! You remind me of a friend I have in High School. We locked ourselves in her bedroom and tried to smoke. It was a practice for our drama. That was the only time I smoked and during the drama. But, we had those girly giggles and chatters— blah- blah- blah like we do here in our fansite. LOL
    You know Adam had reduced us to giggly, blushing, starstruck girls again, and of course to MILFs. LOL ! At least, we are so young again.
    Luna, Luna, you know for your SATISFACTION just imagine, you were the microphone that Adam caressed in his lips. Woww ! LOL
    As for me, I’m content to have a little or enough dose of Adam now and then, to remind me of the beautiful and positive things in life. And hopefully also remind me of sex. LOL ! Because I can’t be just all work and no play. Thanks Adam !

    • Meh…I’m all talk…a legend in my own mind. I do have the libido of a 19-year-old boy though…lol!

      Ahhh the delicious mic fornication– ah yes, that image is burned in my brain for all eternity. The things I have “imagined” re: Adam F. Lambert…I cannot post in polite company.

      …and he does seem to have a thing for sex with inanimate objects. It started on the Idols tour with the mic stand sex– I hope he took that thing out for a few nice dinners– sheesh! We move on to GN Tour 2010 and the now infamous stair-writhing in Milwaukee (WLL encore) which left the staircase pregnant with twins– her dad (the stage door) is PISSED! Then a chair got a lap dance…again WLL…the cane gets an HJ…and lately, that MAN-WHORE– the microphone has been all over BB like cheap glitter! He’s been stealing the thunder of the trampy stage floor who’s been taking it between the linoleum since TCB in Sydney. So many slutty objects…so little time.

    • …Oh…and yeah…Adam has made my life fun again– best part of all of this. He and his stage-crazy take me away from my troubles.

  44. Phyllis Hoffman says:

    I have GA tickets to Nokia concert. I’ve never stood in a line all day but I’m going to do it. Any survival techniques would be appreciated.

  45. Maybe wear an adult diaper, bring a light portable chair, have enough liquids and light snacks, bring your favorite novel, and practice yoga to change your positions. LOL

    Yes Luna, we’ll be riding the magic carpet with Adam…. off to the land of Aladdin and Alibaba. And we are princesses. But of course I’d rather be attired as a princess but who dances ballet. But it’s okay if its you and Adam who are lovers, because I think my attraction to him is not that carnal anymore. Maybe cerebral. LOL

    Of course, we’re regressing to our adolescent days. But what a pleasure. Maybe this is why our class in High School and Medicine would like to have more reunions, because we’re happily regressing. But Oh. I’m only 51and energetic. It will still be many years before I wet that diaper. LOL

    • Phyllis Hoffman says:

      thanks will u be going to Nokia?

      • I stood in line in Amsterdam for 8 hours, somehow you manage because of the sheer force of Love and Desire.
        My Dutch friend wasn’t there when the doors opened and just as I found my spot so friikin close to the stage she texted me to say she was there. (The ticket window didn’t want to hold the ticket for her because of the sheer mayhem that unsued when the doors opened)
        So there I was upfront with her ticket. And I chose for myself and texted her back that I wasn’t going to give up the spot. BTW she is not an Adam fan and came for pure sentimental reasons of our wild shared history in Paradiso. Fortunately she got in anyway ( yes she is wickedly smart) and watched from the back and we found each other after the concert was over!
        Sorry to be blabbing on about myself but the memory is so amazing!!
        Anyway you will make it through the day, forge bonds with other fans so they let you back in line if you need to use the bathroom, but not too close to when the doors open! Bring food and drink and then toss the bag.
        Have an amazing time!

  46. Nope. I’m here stuck in my work. Wish I can. Someday I will. Hopefully next year in New Zealand, where I could unwind first away from my work. I’m losing my GLAM nature. I feel boxed – in in our work schedule. I don’t want to be mechanical or robotized. I want to be as aroused like the other GLAMBS when Adam performs. To be stoic and un-feeling is my worst nightmare. At least Adam brings back the feeling !

  47. LOVEMEADAM says:

    It’s been many a year ago, but if memory serves, no-one would actually walk around with a joint like Adam did, and then blow smoke around. People who are really into smoking marijuana, breathe in deep, and hold their breathe to get it into their lungs, and hence blood stream, there fore getting stoned. Adam had way too much energy to be stoned. That was a performance. As I said, if memory serves.