Adam Lambert Reacts to Last Night’s Decision


  1. Shanie Booth says:

    Hi, I’m from Oz and haven’t watched the final show as yet. Didn’t want to know the result though saw the news on-line by mistake. Can’t believe that Adam wasn’t picked though think that Kris is a nice singer. Adam really has star power, I will definitely buy his CD when it comes out. Just saw the interview with Adams comments, he is such a nice guy, would be amazing if he teamed up with Queen, he could do justice to their songs and to Freddy. Go Adam ! at least he won’t have to record that crap song No Boundaries. LOL from OZ XXX


    After every performance you left me Feeling Good and having Satisfaction with my life. In every song you gave me a Whole lotta love and I embraced it excitedly. After last night’s coronation I felt like Crying and truely believed I was living in a Mad World. I wiped the Track of my tears and realized, Adam you are THE One, you where Born to be wild and If I cant have you I dont want nobody baby!!!

    Yours truely,

    One of your true admirers 🙂

  3. Lamberkitten says:

    Thanks for posting this video, I felt really comforted knowing that Adam was ok. What a splendid young man he is. Cant wait for his CD which I suspect will be awesome. For UK fans there are now two tracks to download on Itunes of Adams, check them out.

  4. I’ve been feeling so depressed since adam lost. Literally I felt like crying.. maybe shed a tear or two. I think part of it is cos I’m going to miss seeing him every week! There are parts of Adam I am fanatic about but other parts which I can see… people are not comfortable with. Thanks Adam, for showing more of the world and its differences to us! Love You Much!!! Lynn from Singapore – Please do a world tour!

    • adamfanatic says:

      Don’t worry Lynn. I feel the same way specially on Thursday. I was a complete mess, my routine was all messed up. But I felt better (not 100% yet) after seeing Kris at Larry King yesterday looking depressed and not getting the enthusiasm from the interviewers the way Adam do. Ellen can’t wait for him so she even put him on phone interview. She wasn’t that excited for Kris.

  5. dharmalati says:

    Thanks Adam for giving the world a new and great performances, that makes people anxious to see AI. No other reason for them (including me) to watch the show, instead “all because of you”.. ! We still love you, even you didn’t get the first winner, but you are the greatest winner that won people’s hearts.. Not only locally (in america) but you the winner in world-wide. Love and regards from Indonesia.!

  6. AdamAddict says:

    I am from Malaysia and I am proudly say “I am Adam addict!” 🙂

    Queen needs a lead singer? Well, our King here surely needs Queen!

    Umm,no I think I like him to be a solo artist. That’s way much awesome!!


  7. Can any one of you co-adam fans help me. I am seriously depressed over this loss. I know Adam will become bigger than anyone else from american idol, and he will be a legend. It doesn’t matter that he lost, because we know he will succeed. I just want Adam to know how much we love him and appreciate all his hard work. I looked forward to seeing him every week. I wish we could all celebrate a win with him. I just wish I could feel better. Its been a whole day and I’m still sick to my stomach over the injustice.

    • I felt really bad too, but don’t worry about Adam, he’ll be better than fine. He is world famous and adored by many. I believe that he is the best singer in the world and a long and illustrious career is just beginning. Did you know that lambert means light? He has been a bright shining light to me, he makes me feel like dancing, singing, smiling and a few other things that I won’t mention.
      I do believe that his sexuality was an issue and lost him some votes. In order to show my disdain of homophobia, I became a member of GLAAD( I also have a gay son and love him and his partner dearly). Joining GLAAD as a tribute to Adam made me feel a little better.
      Buying his cds and going to his concerts will make us all feel a lot better.
      Cheer up, he’s OK with it.

  8. Hello Adam,

    I am from germany and 50 years old. My neighbours and I are totally Adam Lambert fans.
    You are the greatest singer we’ve ever heard. And you will be sure that here is growing a very big ADAMANIA.
    Thanks a lot for sooo many wonderful and amazing hours on idol

    We love you and you can be sure, we will buy every CD or DVD.
    Hopefully we will see you live in concert in Germany

    All the best wishes to you

  9. Up to now, my family here in the Philippines cant believe that Adam lost to Kris. I have nothing against Kris because he seems to be a very nice guy. It was just interesting to know that Arkansas has more or less 2 million population and yet Kris earned 38M votes. If this is true, this is interesting. I just hope that Kris will be able to sell 38 million CDs, entice 38m people to his concerts and earn 38M dollars within a year. If he can do this, then he truly deserves to win the title.

  10. Binahlinda says:

    Congratulations Adam on a wonderful Idol journey! It has been fun, nerveracking, and a pleasure to be following the next “world superstar” from the beginning of his new life.
    I followed Bowie, the Beatles, Jagger, etc. and this is just as exciting, even for a more mature person! LOL

  11. Violet Conley says:

    Adam, you are one of a kind. Beautiful in looks and spirit, very rare! God gave you the gift of magic, it does not come to everyone, it is a true gift!
    You will always be the “Idol” to those of us that can see beyond the hype. I congratulate both of you for fine performances. Kris is for the teeny boppers, he will be forgotten soon. You are the next “Elvis” and I say that with confidence after being an Elvis fan for 50 years. We love you Adam. Violet Rose

  12. Lambert Lover says:

    Thanks so much for posting this interview. Although I knew Adam would be o.k., it made me happy to hear him talk about it. We all know in our hearts that Adam is the American Idol, no matter what the votes decided. He has been the most exciting, dynamic, talented person that has ever graced the Idol stage. The finale show was the best ever this year, and I believe it was all due to match Adam’s style.

    Adam, I can’t wait to see you on tour, better yet, Your OWN tour!

    By the way, my daughter was so upset when Chris’s name was announced, she kicked a table leg and broke her toe!


  13. Madaboutadam says:


  14. Adam will be a mega star. He will probably win a Tony, an Oscar and a Grammy. He has the talent for theater, recordings and movies. Adam is NOT you typical singing American Idol. Kris is that guy. I don’t doubt Kris will win CMA awards and maybe a few Grammys, but ADAM will cross all genre’s and be the next Superstar. He is amazing!! not mediocre.

  15. Klavier says:

    Adam is a technically mature singer and is a well trained stage performer. His background as a theatre actor permitted him to acheive a perfect blend between the music itself and physical interpretation. His theatrical background also allows him to go in and out of a variety of characters. And most importantly, he understands how to handle the emotional and sentimental states of a professional artist.

    I haven’t seen as many episodes of American Idol as I have heard of it. Neverthless, I always feel happy to believe that this competetion opens up a hopeful window to those ‘undiscovered’ artists, as being an artist can be a very lonely and struggling path, and their talents and passions might have been left forever buried.

    On the other hand, Kris Allen has a very humble temperament and delicate touch in music. He is a contrast with Adam as far as in interpretation, stage crisma and timbre.
    Both of them are strong musicians and deserves a sucessful future to come. I sincerely hope the public and media can create a peaceful environment for both of them to focus on their furthur music studies and careers in the long challanging future ahead.

    To Adam and Kris:
    Music, is an eternal thing, sucesses are merely temporary. The most important thing is how to continuously hold on to the determination and passion for music and performing.

  16. Lahlee Taguba says:

    It is really comforting watching adam and see him doing ok after that unbelievable travesty that happened in the Idol finals. It doesn’t matter anymore. I searched all over the web and saw peoples’ reactions, and almost everyone was shocked at the outcome of the show. Genuine talent over an organized voting (if that 38M votes from Arkansas is true, as gloated by Kris’ fans). It really just demonstrated how flawed the voting system of AI is. I hope they plan to do something about that next season or else they would totally lose their credibility, and eventually their ratings.

    I live in the Philippines, and it’s frustrating that i can’t download adam’s songs in Itunes. I hope they open it up for other regions as well. And that should be soon! Just can’t wait to buy adam’s songs! It makes my day to just listen to his soulful voice. Genuine artist we have with Adam Lambert. Really glad that that kind of talent finally showed up to the world.

    Best wishes to you, Adam! The world loves you!

    From Manila

  17. Awesome interview, he looks completely comfortable. Adam you’re such a star!

  18. adamfanatic says:

    Hi Adam, if you get this, I hope you’re reading my message as if a first letter from a fan so you can feel it’s genuine. Thank you so much! I love you! You brought so much joy to me. I am currently unemployed and I need something to cheer me up, and you did! I’m always happy seeing you perform, it helps me forget my worries. Thank you and I heart you so much!! i’ll see you in your tour on Ontario California.

  19. Dear Adam,
    First let me explain that I am 59 years old this year, and have seen and been to many a great perfomance by the very best . You are already on your way, and will someday be numbered among them. You are a wonderful and beautiful performer, and your voice is incredible. I could close my eyes and go back and feel those years again and remember what a high it all was – and I look forward to your performances and recordings. Johnny Cash would have been proud, and Freddie too. You make people feel, you make them hear, you make them cry, and you make them smile.
    Take good care of yourself, the game is not easily won but you have all that it takes to do so now.

  20. Hi! I hail all the way from Brunei! In case you are not a Geography whiz, it’s a tiny country in South East Asia. A lot of us Bruneians are still reeling from the shock of AI’s outcome this year. In fact, my sister and I are in some sort of limbo-unsure of what’s happened..We thought it was a done deal that Adam would be crowned as the winner and it was a no contest but when I read the news online that Kris had won- we felt betrayed and didn’t understand how something so clear cut suddenly became such a mind-boggling thing! It’s been a few days since AI’s finale but in my hearts of hearts, I am still in denial mode with the outcome. I LOVE Adam! He’s one of the most brilliant performers and has an awesome voice- he’s the next Elvis, Michael Jackson & Freddy Mercury all rolled into one! I know despite what’s happened that Adam is going to be one of the most successful singers of all time.I am now going to be a devotee to this site so I can be up to date with whatever Adam is up to.To Adam if you’re reading this- we know you are the real WINNER as you’ve managed to win over our hearts! All the best to you!

  21. Hi,
    Well my husband and I like everyone else were disappointed with the results but we know that we will hear Adam singing again. The funny thing is, the first night we heard Adam sing my husband said this guy is another Freddy Mercury and then the last night he comes out singing with Queen. LOL

    Cheers from a kiwi (NZ) fan

  22. Musicalgal says:

    Hi All
    Adam is the winner. He has created and is continuing to create, the same mystery that he did every week on AI. We all cannot wait for his CDs and Videos to be released. I love that Adam wants to make all kinds of music. And we all know that Adam is that talented. The artistry of Adam Lamert is beyond believe. Adam will be a performer like we have never seen before. I cannot wait for the Adam Lambert creations that are coming. I cannot believe that the world has been blessed with such a World Wide Talent. I am still on my 2009 Compaign for Adam Lambert – Buy Lots of CDs and Videos when Adam releases them. It will be like when you try to find an Elvis record or a Beatle’s album – you cannot always find these Iconic artists early works. When they first come out, they will print plenty. This will also jump start Adam’s career right away. BUY LOTS OF CDS AND VIDEOS. Love you Adam Lambert – Go Adam Go – Rock on!!!