Adam Lambert Promises “Sexy” But “Tasteful” Show

The media blitz has begun, and here is one of the first interviews that Adam has done to promote his, ONLY 2 DAYS AWAY, Glam Nation Tour!! I must keep breathing, I must keep breathing…

Adam Lambert Talks To Media About His Upcoming Tour
Robin Thibault / Wednesday, 02 June 2010 15:37

Adam Lambert’s much anticipated tour, “Glam Nation” kicks off this Friday in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Today, he did a conference call with the media to talk about what fans can except. AINow’s Renee Snyder was part of that call.

Adam on the tour:
He says the show itself is being visually inspired by turn-of-the-century New Orleans meets psychedelic classic rock. He is working with Skingraft Designs for the costumes. As of now, there are no collaborations expected on tour right now. There will be 2 surprise covers, but Adam won’t dish. He wants them to be a surprise! There is not a set plan to change the show, but there will be shifts in song selection. This will mostly be during the big acoustic section in the middle of the show. This section may vary from night to night, week to week.

People that were uncomfortable at the AMAs will definitely be comfortable at this show. The concert is sexy, but if anybody thought that (the AMA performance) was not tasteful, this is tasteful.

He tried to give the show a world to exist in, and a reason why each song comes next. He fell love again with his song “Voodoo” and realized that all of his songs could live in that world: turn-of-the-century New Orleans meets modern New Orleans, voodoo, crystal ball, magic. There is also a lot of psychedelic, classic rock visual references (people like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Keith Richards that have inspired the look and the feel of the show).

For this tour, he honed in on the spiritual quality of performance. There is something magical that happens between you and an audience when you’re really connected. My fans are very passionate about what I do, and now that I’ve gotten to know them, the show is really built for the fans, the people that have been so supportive.

In the show, there is a really strong message of love. “From the top of the show, I am inviting the audience to take a journey with me through this kind of emotional thematic world. The beginning of the show is more about seduction, mystery, intrigue and sexiness. The midpoint of the show is heartbreak and vulnerability. The latter half of the show is celebration, joy, love and connection.”

This tour gives him more freedom than the last tour and when he was on American Idol. Most of the people coming to his show are fans and are aware of his music and his career so there are not many first impressions that he’s making. But that is a bit of a challenge because he needs to reinvent songs. There is less pressure to prove anything and more of an opportunity to create something.

Adam did have a hand in choosing the opening acts for the tour. Allison was one of the options and he said he definitely wanted to go with her because she is incredibly talented and he wants more and more people to be aware of her music because it’s awesome. He had already met Orianthi and he thought she would be a good counterpart.

Adam on his biggest influences:
As far as influences, this tour was definitely influenced by the big pop tours, such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Paula Abdul – people that put on a show with a visual and a story and a theme. They reinterpret a song both visually and musically to give a context. His background in musical theater really helped him a lot with the tour. It’s first and foremost about the music, but he also wants to give people something to look at, giving them a reason why each song is next in the set.

Adam on his next single:
With regard to future singles, Adam was asked if Fever will ever be a single and whether the male pronoun could have an impact on that. “The male pronoun is definitely a little bit of a red flag, but we haven’t talked about it yet…we have to see how the feel is in the market, what the trends are, what would be the best choice for me career wise and strategically.”

Adam on his first album:
When asked if he was required to conform when making his album, Adam laughed, “Clearly, conformity really isn’t my thing!” As an artist and a business person, he made music that has a mass appeal quality to it and some music on the album that’s a little more specific. He felt like people were expecting something. Even though he performed a lot of classic rock on American Idol and he is fond of it, in the challenge of making new music and coming up with his own music, he wanted to do his brand of pop music and do something a little bit different. When making the album, he learned the most from Linda Perry. She has a really strong personality and reminded him that he is in the position to make commercial pop music but that he also set himself up to make something different. That encouraged him to have a balance of music on the album that included music that’s more accessible and music that’s more experimental.

Adam on a second album:
With regards to a second album, it will be even better, because he will have more time to work on it. Plus, having been on the road, he’s learned about audience expectations and will be more artistically educated the next time around. Adam doesn’t expect to start working on the second album until around January.

Adam on Idol Finale:
He was not invited to perform. When they did the tribute song for Simon, it was originally just supposed to be the winners singing. But then they invited all of the idols that attended to sing as well. It was all very last minute. Had he known, he might have rethought his attendance. It was a miscommunication, there was no drama or hard feelings.

Adam on his image:
He classifies his image as glam rock. There’s the 70s glam, the 80s glam, and right now for the tour, he’s going for a look that is really inspired by “psychedelic rock star” blended with “steam punk,” which is Victorian era fashion mixed with modern elements. Punk rock mixed with retro kind of historical clothing. Skingraft is designing a lot of custom pieces for the tour.

With regards to his sexual preferences, Adam wanted his career to be an open book. He’s always rolled his eyes at celebrities keeping secrets and trying to put forth an image that is manufactured. He wanted to be who he wanted to be because it would be easier. He figured people knew about his sexual preference based on his history in LA as a performance artist and being somebody out and about so he figured he would own it. He’s proud of it. “If the audience doesn’t like my sexuality, then they can find some other artist to look at.”

Adam on his journey from ‘Idol’ to now:
He was asked what his been the most amazing part of his experience so far. Adam says, “It’s all been pretty fuckin’ amazing!” He thinks that getting to conceptualize his first headlining tour is a dream come true. He thinks his album is really strong and he loves all the music on it. And performing on stage is what he is best at



  1. hes the best def a truly performer! /artist/ singer ……hes here for our entertainment!!!

  2. Does this mean no pelvic thrusting; no sexy tongue work, no naughtiness? I hope not! To me that’s a huge part of the delight of his performances. I realize the reasoning behind being a bit more “family friendly”, I just hope we don’t lose those amazing Adam-isms that he’s so famous for.

    In the end, just seeing him perform will be cool.

    • Honey you will probably get more than you can handle!!!!!

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      I can’t imagine all of that gone. Think of the Idol tour. That was produced for a mass market.

      All in all, this makes me much more excited!!! Woo-hoo!!

  3. KO's smiling says:

    I’m sure Adam will still be Adam. Not to worry. 🙂 We know he can’t hold back too much.

  4. This will be the summer of Adam Lambert.
    Heartbreaking Intrigue and Mysterious Sexiness and Psychedelic Joy.
    Who needs anything else?

  5. What ever Adam does will be hot, hot, amazing, beautiful, sexy, thrilling, inviting, different, just as he does everyday. He’s our Adam!! And we love him!!!!!!

  6. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    Whew! I feel the heat ! Love the amount of thought and creativity and WORK that is going into this tour! Making my summer already!


    • You are right, Tommy better HIDE.

      • Isn’t the real question here whether Tommy wants to hide 😉 Judging by some of the things we’ve been seeing, I think he rather enjoys the attention!

      • Judy Lushman says:

        Ha ha! Yah, watch out Tommy for all the hair pulling and leaning up against Adam during performances.
        I think what Adam is talking about is not doing anything like he did on the AMA’s ie. “face in crotch” and kissing Tommy again. I still think therre will be pelvic thrusting, crotch touching “his own” and all the sexiness that Adam is

    • Well, now I am really excited, the Puyallup Fair in Washington State is SO FAR the LAST stop of his tour and I have tickets as of today!!!! And you are right, he really pulled out all the stops at the very last Idol Tour performance, can only imagine how even MORE fabulous it will be by Sept. 21st!

      • littlegreensnake says:

        I so can’t wait to finally see him live. The Puyallup is soooo far away, but I get to see him in Boise next month. I was going to be out of town for his Seattle show, and Boise was on our travel route, so now I get to see him twice!

      • KrissieE says:

        Looks like I’m going to “Do the Puyallup” this year too. It’s always been fun but can you stand how awesome it will be this year!!!

  8. Adam’s interview regarding his upcoming “glam nation” tour was great! He told us what to expect, and it sounds amazing, and very much Adam. I respect Adam completely–his sexual preference was never an issue for me, but his amazing voice and artistic performances fascinate me–can’t wait for Costa Mesa and San Diego!

  9. libraglam says:

    There are two haters on this articles on the internet who constantly follow adam’s article and trash it with negativity… Let’s all of us go this site and flood it with cheers and love to ADAM ….:

    • libraglam, L ong ago stopped answering these creeps. That’s what they want. Ignore them and that will piss them off. It’s not going to have any effect on Adam, or his fans. The haters are always going to be there, but not in my world. The more you praise Adam, the more they spew their hate.
      We know Adam and we love him and support him. That’s all that matters. I would just ignore them.

      • Adam says if anyone has a problem with his sexuality they can look at some other artist… But the haters can’t seem to look away. I can’t imagine spending time reading articles and listening to interviews about people I don’t like. What a waste of time. I think the haters like everyone else are just mesmerized.

        Plus…who could possibly be better to look at???

        • I agree. Can’t be bothered reading any of that “crap”! I would not waste my time. To each his own and we choose Adam and I’m sure he will not hide his sexy side on this tour. No his style is to be who he is. Love the Victorian theme…WOW!!! Sounds hot!!!

  10. Costa Mesa here we come! So looking forward to a special time.

  11. just wondering what everyone will wear to the concerts? I have tickets to the Crystal Ballroom and am at a loss as to the audiance ……. is everyone usually glammed up?
    thanks, J.

    • KrissieE says:

      Judy, I loved the Crystal back in my days of hanging out there. (1967-1970!) Saw some pretty heavy stuff. Just wear your Portland freakiest with some glam makeup and jewelry and you should be fine.

  12. ur the real deal friend u said it all stay up enjoy

  13. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Sounds like an awesome show. Too bad it is impossible to get tickets in San Diego

    • Jeanne D says:

      why impossible in San Diego?

      • Adamisamazing says:

        I tried all day to get tickets, and no luck. Still will try Friday. I live in AZ, but no dates here. I love reading about the tour, but sad because so far, I am not able to get tickets. Good for all of you. I am happy for y’all! Sounds like a spectacular show from our boy. His vision sounds well thought out. I will be so happy if I get to see him, too. Sorry if I replied out of turn.

    • Deb #606 says:

      I tried all day as well – no luck. But I clicked on the link to Ticket Network, and they had over 150 tickets starting at 3 times the Ticketmaster price. Wonder how that happened. Guess they found a way to bypass those darned squiggly words!

      • Adamisamazing says:

        Yes, I guess so. I think I put those squiggly words in 200 times! 😉 Thx for the info. Guess I will keep trying on Friday then. Won’t get my hopes too high. I knew it would be tough. Willing to fly and get a hotel, but boy…would be nice if he came to the fifth most populated state – AZ. What a great show/concert this will be.

  14. Haters Haters ya lets get them… I love adam.. I am 40 and married to a older man and i jsut have never liked the younger ones.. But adam is something special.. he is just plain sexy and so darn good looking.. Ok so i know hes gay and im happy he is proud of it and i love him for it. But does anyone else jsut dreams hes singing those songs to you??? He really knows how to connect to his audience ..I think he is gonna be one of the next big stars of all time.. After all he already is for how many of us.???

    • Adamisamazing says:

      I agree. He will be the next big superstar. And, he connects so well which us why I think he has captivated all of us. Like you said, his gorgeous looks and amazing voice is also the reason we tune in every chance we get. Like he said, sexy is sexy! 😉

  15. Oh, like if he was straight he’d be interested in you. Use your imagination. A beautiful man, beautiful voice, beautiful body, beautiful everything….sexual…does it matter what gender any of us are? The fantasies are endless.

  16. I didn’t get to attend the Idol tour, but he was pretty damn sexy while singing the David Bowie medley (according to what I saw on You Tube).

    Adam is smart. He’s just looking out for his career.

    I hope he has an awesome tour. Still wish he would come to Texas.

    Thank you so much for posting all these articles about Adam.

  17. I am an older gal, 65, and Adam is great, he is like a young Elvis. We had our fantasies with Elvis and now we can relive them with Adam. I overlook his sexual preference and just dream on. He is a fantastic entertainer and so good looking and I can hardly wait to see what he does next.

  18. Yes ,I hope he brings his tour to Texas too and if he does I will be able to get tickets. Sounds like a
    lot of fans are having a hard time buying their tickets. I hope the ticket scalpers aren’t buying them
    up and charging huge prices for them.

  19. OOOMMMGGG!!!!! I Am already visualizing everything in my head:0) And if it is anything like what I picture THIS TOUR IS GOING TO KICK ASS;0) I CAN’T WAIT;0) ADAM TALKING ABOUT THE COSTUMES AND THE SETTING SIIIIICCCKKKKK:0)

  20. Adam, you are the best.

  21. PaulaGlam says:

    Can’t wait for July 21st at Crystal Ballroom in Portland.
    This Tour sound out of this world……..I am so glad to be alive and be able to witness all this excitement and history making!!!!

  22. You’re so lucky in the States to have so many chances to see him during his tour. He’s only got one stop in Canada and that’s in Toronto on June 19th, the one day I can’t attend cause my daughter is in a fitness competition!!! I hope he adds another Canadian date to his tour.

  23. kat23morg says:

    First…my daughter, her friend and I are going to the Charlotte Concert in July….YES…we are glamming up as much as possible…sequins….glitter…you name it…ready to have a blast…..

    Second…like some of you…I get really angry at the haters…have one in my office…they spew out hate comments that make no sense…and the truth is they are homophobes hiding behind excuses they give as to why they do not like Adam….refusing to admit that they are bigots toward gays…I find it a very interesting social oxy moron….you can not claim one thing and then say another…I have decided to ignore these people because you can not change their minds…and it is a waste of your time…I am white and married an Afro-American man…my stepfather basically disowned me when I started dating him…he mistreated me and my mother for this…The psychologist told my mom to not waste her time trying to persuade him…he would have to change his way of one else could…he never did and he committed suicide later years after I got married and when my son was about 6 months old..his loss…So..ladies and gents…do not fret over the crazy bigoted people…they will always be there…I actually feel sorry for them…their world is nothing but hate spreading, they will never know the true joy of accepting all people…living with love in your heart…That is what Adam is about…that is why I love him….so talented and so sweet.

    I find it rediculous that he has to qualify his concert as family friendly…does the press ask any other artist this…look at rap stars….a lot of what they do is even more un-family friendly …and lord knows teens and pre-teens love rap…

  24. Vanessa says:

    My daughter and I are dying to see Adam! There has never been an artist like him! We need him to come to Texas!

  25. DEE #458 says:


  26. It sounds like his tour is going to be a mind blowing experience, I wish I lived in the US, I would be following Adam on his tour, I cannot wait to see a snippet of his performances. He is the most exciting artist on the music scene, no one like him, he is bringing glam rock back but with the Adam Lambert twist, LOVE HIM.

  27. AllaboutAdam says:

    Just THINKING about Adam’s very own tour is mind-blowing! This is what we’ve all been waiting for, at least I have. Love him when he has dancers, his moves are mesmerising…so i hope there’s plenty of that, and his descriptions of the show sound like nothing else we’ve ever seen… would you expect any different? He is the ONLY one that can pull off Glam mixed with all of the other genres. Also…. I’m trying to grasp the concept of the second album being better than the first…. i mean, is that even possible? i’ve listened to FYE a zillions times, and I love it more each time.. and the volume in my car keeps creeping upward with each time, too! Soon, i’ll be shattering the windows with “WINNERS”! How can Adam get us to love him even more than we do?….. a second album – BETTER???? CAN YOU IMAGINE??? And I’m still not over the first one. Is there no limit to his talent? his imagination? his beauty? Thank God the answer is NO.

  28. Hey, Glam Nation- (Hee. I always think of Stephen Colbert when I read that-sorry.) is there anyone else a wee bit disappointed that Adam feels he has to “tone it down” and make everything more “family friendly”. I mean, I LOVE that Adam is a bit dangerous and controversial-I mean, that’s rock and roll. From Elvis to Madonna, sexy and edgy sells records.

    I personally thought the AMA flap was ridiculous, although there is a part of me that wondered if Adam was crazy like a fox for doing it-since that’s all people were talking about the day after. Again, how very rock and roll of him.

    I keep wondering what’s the worst thing Adam is going to do, really? Play tonsil hockey with Tommy Rae?(Yea! :D) I’d much rather have my teenaged niece see two pretty guys kissing than listening to Ludicris sing about “bitches and ho’s”, or watch the Pussycat Dolls work a stripper pole. Adam is all about sexy, positivity and loving yourself, and I hope the gay and straight teens that go to the shows glitter themselves up and have a marvelous time. ( All the older peoples too.)

    • I keep hoping to see Adam and one (or both) of his male dancers act like Adam and Tommy do from time to time. I am a straight woman, but something about the hair pulling etc etc really revs me up! Keep it going Adam. Don’t tone it down at all. In fact, a little hotter would be just great!

      • Oh, hell to the YES!

        As far as I am concerned, one guy hot, two guys even hotter. (Why do you think it was mostly women going “Brokeback Mountain” eleventy billion times?) Someday the media will figure this appeals to quite a few of us gals.

        So. Yeah. Not adverse to Adam laying a hot smooch on Glitterbaby now and again. (Lucky dawg.)

        • You know, i guess I’ll have get around to actually watching broke back mountain one of these days….

  29. Well said Spooky I Agree 100%

  30. Ianaleah says:

    Adam’s tour will surprass any I have ever attended and I already know it. Regarding the pronoun in “Fever”, pleanty of singers used the pronoun of song lyrics even if it didn’t match their personal gender. – the only difference is Adam’ s sexual orientation might or might not make the use of ‘he’ an issue and it would be so only to the small minded bigots. Personally, I think they are beginning to make fools of themselves, times are changing, and the lyrics could stand as is.
    I would love to see Soaked, Fever,Pick U Up,Voodoo, oh, gosh, just all of them, all, as singles.Sleepwalker,Strut, I can’t stop.. Adam’s album is filled with great music.

    • I get that the “he” pronoun is a realistic marketing problem, but it also makes me sad that small minds and bigots rule. Especially since Rihanna is on the airwaves wondering if her “Rude Boy” is big enough, and Gaga sings about her ‘disco stick’, and no one bats an eye, but some people will no doubt blow a cog if Adam sings a song to another man.

      I was also miffed that the beautiful end to the “WWFM” video cut out the male hand that cups Adam’s face. Again, sadly, that would be more stupidly controversial than the bondage shinangins Xtina has going on in her latest vid. I tell myself that Adam getting all the attention and airplay is indeed progress, but it still makes me cranky that people can’t seem to grow the hell up.

      And OMG, I would love if the realeaded “Sleepwalker” next. Imagine the video…*sigh*

      • Thanks again for so beautifully expressing what I have been thinking, Spooky. It makes me so sad that the whole gender thing is even an issue. Progress, yes. One of the many reasons the world needs Adam. I hope all of his fans can be a little braver and openly defend gay rights.

        • Totally agree, char. In fact, I would be floored and offended if you are a fan of Adam’s and DIDN’T support gay rights. I mean people are entitled to their opinions, and there are some convoluted ways of thinking, but I hope Adam’s fans are both vocal and supportive in this area.

  31. i just saw the current Rolling Stone magazine where they list the TOP 44 tours this summer…AND, theyt did NOT list Adam….WTF..???????

  32. Kat Spahr says:

    I’m seeing his show the end of July in an outdoor concert on the “beach” at the Mandalay Bay Hotel here in Vegas and I can’t wait!!!! So far I’m going by myself, but if there’s any other Vegas glams here that would like to meet up, I’d love to meet you!!!


  33. KatyLambert says:

    I live in Stratford Upon Avon in the UK and I so hope Adam comes here in the fall I absolutley adore him would do anything to see him live xx

  34. AnitaFromAtlanta says:

    Spooky, I wholeheartedly agree with you, too! Actually I thought the kiss on the AMAs was HOT!!! I hope Adam doesn’t tone it down too much for the Glam Nation tour but I guess just listening to his beautiful voice, watching his artistic performance and looking at his gorgeous face will be enough for me (although I’ll be a little disappointed if he doesn’t get just a tad controversial). 🙂

  35. I’m going to 2 of his shows this summer and can NOT wait. The excitement is building. He deserves everything that he has worked so hard for. He is so incredibly talented and just so down to earth. It’s really hard not to like Adam both musically and humanly! Adam, I can’t wait to see you rock the stage!!!

  36. The more comments from all of you who have tickets I read, the more and more desparate I become for Adam to come back to Western Canada. Vancouver is so close to his last date in Washington in Sept. PLEASE!!!!!! COME BACK!!!!

    • Hey Char, come on down to WA, you know you want to! Gotta admit, though, can’t beat that River Rock venue! So thrilled to have those two opportunities so close to home, but would be back in Vancouver in a second as well! (Just a couple of hours away……..) Will keep thinking positive thoughts for you!

      • Thanks. I’ll think about coming down your way. At least in Vancouver I have family to stay with so the cost is more reasonable etc etc.

      • Hey Mary…where were you seated or standing at River Rock? I was on the floor, very close to center…between Monty and Adam, with two ladies in front of me. What an experience. I couldn’t believe what a screaming little teenager I became…and I’m in my fourties! Wow.

        • Was seated, left side, close to the stage, with an aisle seat so no obstructions, so full-on view, but definitely was standing ! Didn’t go down front but loved that they were so willing to let people go down there if we chose to go. My friend went back and forth, I think I was just sort of glued to my spot, at eye level with Adam, and feeling just like you! Who knew this would happen to us!!! Went to a Hanson (who?) concert some years ago with my niece, sat through all of the ear-piercing screams of the young girls there, and watched her cry because she realized she wouldn’t get to meet them that day. Now I’M screaming like a ‘tween and know EXACTLY how she felt then! Now SHE thinks I’m a little nuts! We’re all just older little girls and under the spell of this lovely man!!

  37. Oh, yeah I’d love to see your videos of these tours. Time and place doesn’t matter, I’ll be with you Glam sisters in spirit, hoping to distill the essence of his performances. WOW, “distill the essence”, just like perfume.
    Take care Adam, and take us to the stars and the moon in this journey, and bring us back safely to earth again !


    • Sara, you are in for such a treat. At his River Rock concert, Adam made eye contact with literally every person he possibly could. His connection with us all was absolutely mind blowing! He made me feel important and special, just by the way he performed FOR US, TO US, WITH US. I will never forget. Hopefully he comes back to western Canada. I am hesitant to get a ticket for his last Washington show, just south of me….I’m not sure how my wonderful husband would take it. He was so supportive of me going to Vancouver for River Rock, but my family lives there….Fellow Glamily members, how do your partners feel about you going to multiple Adam concerts?

      • Well, so far I’ve travelled to Palm Springs (hubby went too), Vancouver (hubby stayed home but wished he’d gone-great venue), now Seattle show (no hubby) and Puyallup (he’s going to this one) ,not to mention last year’s Idol tour… Husband is pretty sure I’m a little obsessed (yep-guilty!) but fortunately he is a fan as well so he gets what is so special about Adam (boy am I lucky there!). Fantasy Springs was a bit of a stretch but tempted him with the prospect of sunshine and warm weather in February! I’m fortunate to have a friend who is a fan so shared expenses for Vancouver. I just (gently of course!) remind him that he has his own “obsessions” , he’s a serious runner, and I follow him around to out of town events and have for YEARS, Boston Marathon this year among others, so he can’t say too much!!! Wanted to go to Portland and….., but had to draw the line somewhere! Who knows where Adam will take me next????

    • Sara, I’m there with you! As Char said, Adam live is such an amazing experience, and in my opinion is worth the extra cost, just too bad it has to be that way sometimes. Been there, done that! The cool thing is, you will meet people who love Adam and will connect with them. I’ve met great people at his concerts, and through this website, and who will be meeting up in our part of the country for his next events here! Keep your eyes open for gatherings of Glambs in Nashville and you never know, it could include someone from your town, because believe me, we all get where you are coming from and TOTALLY understand!!! Have a fabulous time!

      • Thanks, Mary and Char for your comments. I live in AR and can’t wait to see Adam on July 7. My husband is really excited about going. He loves classic rock and blues and our son plays guitar, so that helps. But they have never seen me this excited about a singer, and keeping up with a new artist on the net. So, I think they are really excited for me, which I appreciate. My husband also agrees that there has never been anyone more talented on AI than Adam, so he will definitely enjoy the concert for that reason. Love all the Post It info on Adam during this tour. Not sure I fit in with other glams, but ya never know!!! At least, I can talk to someone about Adam, finally!!!! Sara

        • Hey sara, EVERYONE who loves Adam fits in with the GLAMBERT! No worries! At the River Rock show, there were all ages from 19 and up. I am in my early 40’s and was middle of the pack as far as age goes.