Adam Lambert: Post Gay – and the Twitter Party

Adam had a twitter party two days ago. In the middle of it, he posted:
Adam: POST GAY. look it up. sums up my views

So I did. According to Urban Dictionary : (Yes, there are misspellings. I’m just doing a copy/paste.)


The notion that homosexuals should be able to define their identities by something other than sexual preference.

Post-gay types ought to be comfortable in gay ghetto situations, lest they suffer some sort of internalized homophobia, while realizing that many ghettoized gays are tasteless loosers.

Post-gays are out of the closet and care about gay rights and gay issues. Their stance on identity and culture is a reaction against the fetishization of gay stereotypes by some self-proclaimed liberal types (such as faghags) as well as cultural sepratists (such as queers). They tend to refer to themselves as ‘gay’ and only invoke the word ‘post-gay’ in the presence of the tasteless losers who have co-opted the falsehood of a monolithic gay culture.

Post-gays also realize the history of the struggle for gay equality and know they their attitude can only exist in enviornments where gays are already integrated and accepted. It is only within these enviornments that they critique others.

Also from
“Post-gay isn’t ‘ungay. It’s about taking a critical look at gay life and no longer thinking solely in terms of a struggle. It’s going to a gay bar and wishing there were some girls there to talk to.” So spoke James Collard, then Editor-in-Chief of Out Magazine, to a June 1998 symposium at the New School for Social Research. (“Sexual politics”).

Adam has led a balanced life. His friends are spread wide across the personality spectrum. I think this is the Adam we first heard when he said he didn’t want to be a spokesperson for the homosexual community. His focus was music, and being gay wasn’t the defining point to his personality; it was merely one of his qualities or characteristics. Like his eye color.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    I’m definitely with Adam on this one! Gay should not define anyone anymore than being straight. Adam is Adam and there is no one like him. I too am sick of the “gay entertainer” label – the press should be talking about his amazing talent – he is simply our Adam with all the nuances we are still discovering!

  2. I saw on my computer that a 14 year old boy by the name of Jamey Rodemeyer from Buffalo, NY comitted suicide on Monday. He had taken part in the “It gets better project” in May. He had made a video. He continued to be bullied for being gay. His parents were interviewed on tv. It’s too bad people can’t be excepted as “just people” all being unique in our own way.

  3. i think it is true because all the humans have their own choices for living and nobody can not judge them .god create humans to live and love and have their own opinions for lving.