Adam Lambert duet on We Are the Champions with Kris Allen (by Queen)

Queen, Adam, and Kris
The Kris and Adam duet was highly anticipated.  “We Are The Champions’ is a great song, figuratively, and musically, for them. Why did Queen agree to be on American Idol?  Two word answer: Adam Lambert!  The songs words are meaningful, as both Kris and Adam are champions in very different ways. Kris is because he got the ‘title’, for whatever reason, but Adam is the ultimate champion because his megatalent will propel him to the iconic status predicted by Paula.  In my opinion, this performance is on par or even better than the Allison and Adam duet.  Maybe it’s just that whoever you put Adam with, ends up shining. What does that say about Adam’s professionalism?  His fans applaud him for stepping back and letting Kris have some of the spollight.  Kris did better than ever and I know it’s because of being with Adam.  Adam motivates, encourages, and enhances his partner.  He is the ultimate professionaI and I adore him even more for not stealing the show, but for making it a cooperative team effort.  I absolutely, positively, totally loved ,loved, loved this.  Great choice of song, of guest artist, and of utilizing Adam’s talents to the max.. 


Adam is the champion and he already won this talent contest… just not the voting contest my friends:

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  1. ABSOLUTELY! I am so upset w/those who voted AGAINST Adam rather than 4 Kris, that I actually hurt . Physically hurt and sickened. Saddened and appaulled. Adam, a sensitive soul did not NEED idol, but he DID WIN it, just the same, and by denying him the “official” win, the “religious” caretakers-of-the-world (puke,puke) lost themselves. They’ve lost respect – any that they might have thought they had, that is. SHAMEFUL, SAD, EMBARRASSING for those who were a part of this competion-especially the fans and the real winner, Adam Lambert. The “religious”, I call hypocrites, make my point for me. They set themselves as judge & jury where they have no authority. Personally, they should stay the hell away from REAL Christians, so that they do NO MORE HARM to society. CONGRATS TO ADAM, THE REAL WINNER OF AI. -LOVE-PEACE-LOVE- (not hatred)

    • Amen!!! I to felt the same. I guess mainstream isn’t ready for Adam however the ones that buy and listen to music is!! Rock on Adam, you are a true winner in the eyes of all your fans which is many. Adam is a gracious and true professional but he is not fully aware of his impact he has had on all of us but he will. The show American Idol will never be the same after this season and rightfully so. For those of you that did not follow through with your vote for Adam you should be ashamed. He is a unique fantastic performer which should be appreciated for his talent only and not the BS excuse that you used to justify your vote.

    • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rock on, Adam! I’ll be first in line for the record!

    • I totally agree with you, Cheryl. ADAM is truly the real winner and all the religious hypocrites of the world who helped Adam lose need to stay away from REAL Christians. A REAL Christian NEVER, EVER passes judgment; they love the person! ADAM is the ultimate American Idol. ROCK ON, ADAM!

  2. Adam is absolutely the real winner of this season.I hope you will upload the group performances where both him and Kris are featured just dont sing solos.I svear Kris is absolutely invisible you can notice him only when youre trying to (hard).Adam is a different story my eyes are drawn to him naturaly…Allison is also wery noticible and its not just the hair

  3. Adam Rocked on Wednesday and even outperformed Queen and Kiss. Adam is the only true legit winner of season eight and anyone with a brain knows it, including Kris. Kris even said so himself. I question if Adam even lost in the voting. I think there was some real fishy business going. Maybe it’ll come out and maybe it won’t but American Idol has lost all credibility. Luckily Adam doesn’t need AI they needed him. I’m thankful to them for helping us all discover him but I’m furious that they screwed him over. I honestly believe Fox and the religious right which are one and the same manipulated the vote to prevent a potentially gay man from becoming the American Idol.

    • BRAVO!!!!! Best rationale of the overall situation I have heard yet. I had forgotten about Fox’s “right conservative” reputation of all the media on TV.

      You are one smart Adam fan……thanks from another Adam idol.

      xoxCarol Schaefer

    • I couldnt agree more

    • Hell, I’ve thought that all along. All the people I know who voted for Kris gave me the dumbest reason for why they voted for him, and talent was not among the reasons why, The last night of voting, it took me 2+ hours to get through the phone lines and I could not vote for Adam. I did, however, manage to send 60 text messages for Adam. AT&T didn’t even recognize my votes until the day AFTER the finale. There is already rumor that AT&T faked the results. In my opinion, ADAM LAMBERT should have won. He will be the reason I will NO LONGER watch American Idol.

    • I believe, although how dissappointing it was to watch Kris win cause of his inconsistancy in preforming that Adam is better off. I am a true believer that Adam never would have been happy in his American Idol role there has never been a hard rocker with Adams talent ever come out a winner on AI it has been R&B and country mostly to be molded from that show. Like seriously can you imagine Adam having to sing that horrible American Idol song for the rest of his career. I think he is and will be better off not winning AI. I love you Adam keep it real and do your fans proud!

  4. Kathleen says:

    At least Adam has to realize that all of his votes came from devoted Adam fans. He did not receive any anti- votes. And I really do not think it can be a fair vote because I voted for the 4 hours and the first three were almost all busy signals and the last hour I got through most of the time. But three hours of busy is not fair to Adam. I voted many more times than got counted. I am a bit sick physically today because I think Adam was robbed by the homophobes. I am sure many people just did not like him more than Kris, but I do not think that was true enough to enable Kris to be the valid, true winner of a talent contest. Adam was simply the best since American Idol began.

    love you Adam!

  6. Listen to to vocal before Queen starts playing. Kris starts, sounds good until Adam starts singing, his voice is so smooth, strong and powerful compared to Kris. I think Kris is a nice guy and can sing, but Adam is a true talent and what a voice! If they weren’t friends I would dislike Kris more, but I respect Adam’s opinion of Kris. He does seem like a genuinely nice person however Adam is the clear winner and even Kris knows it, and as said before, how fun is it to win when you know the other guy really deserves it.
    Adam is a star and will be talked about years down the road, kids will actually know who he is by his songs on the radio. I ask my daughter who is 16, all the time if she has heard of Taylor Hicks, and different ones from AI and she has no idea who many of them are (not only winners but including runner ups and close to winning ones that appear to be going on tour and cutting albums). (Fantasia who?, Rueben who? ) Their songs are not on the radio very much or not at all, just fans buy their albums. Adam will be a name everyone knows. His songs will be played on the radio and people will be singing them at work, home, clubs etc…
    One of the interviewers asked Adam if he would be a front man for Queen. Adam said he wanted to do his own stuff. Thank goodness, he doesnt need any has been group (nothing against Queen really but they are really not a new group or current now) , he is his own new element. And girls, he said he liked kissing a girl in one of the plays he was in, I saw it on one of the you Tube clips ‘it was nice, really nice” he said., so he really isnt completely out of the running for us girls to at least hope for in our imaginations! Either way he is a true IDOL and Adam is so great! I know he will keep his kindness always. He is a true kind person which showed every step of the way during IDOL. We love you ADAM!! I am psyched for the tour!

    • Yeah I saw that clip too, but uhh….the whole sentence was “While that may NOT neccessarily be MY PREFERENCE, it was nice, really nice” lol

      I really think both Kris & Adam fans should seriously take a cue from the way they’ve been handling it. Honestly i was bummed until I saw some of Adam’s post-idol interviews, I think if he had been upset/disappointed i would have felt bad. But he genuinely seemed happy and completely cool with it, and just sort of proved my belief that he is seriously a deep down good person.

      People need to stop with all the conspiracy theories, because I think that negatively affects them both. I mean is everyone forgetting that there was only a difference of a million votes between them the previous week and that was WITH DANNY in the competition. I don’t know why they kept calling it a ‘shocking upset’ or whatever.

      And finally ITS JUST IDOL!!!!! lol

  7. lambchop says:

    This must have been a dream come true for Adam! Singing with the remaining members of Queen! If only his idol Freddie Mercury were still alive.

    I didn’t even listen to the parts where Kris sang! Adam just killed it tonight and proved that he is truly OUR IDOL!

  8. People lets be real! Kris sounds the same as a lot of other singers. Adam’s sound is original and different. HE WILL GO MUCH FURTHER THAN KRIS! ADAM WILL BE A MEGA STAR!!!

  9. I think Kris did a great job all season and has a beautiful voice and real talent, so I can’t begrudge him this win – even though I am a die-hard Adam fan and believe he is a brilliant BRILLIANT talent. You just have to realize that Americans tend to be much more traditional than, for example, Europeans, and so artists on the cutting edge have to work harder to break through. Adam will have a fantastic and huge career and did not need this win for that to happen. I’m going to miss watching him perform every week, but at the same time I’m really excited for him to get through the tour so he can start working on his own material. I’m also looking forward to reading more negative stuff on Neil’s blog – get busy writing, Neil!

    • I’m a Kris fan and I appreciate your saying Kris did a great job. With that said, I think Adam is also remarkable, with an amazing voice/incredible vocal control and a range who very few if any can match. I would have been equally happy for him to win Idol, but in no way will this affect him from becoming the megastar he’s destined to be. Also, I love how Kris and Adam have been mutually supportive of each other and I think fans in both camps should take a cue from both of these very different but still very talented young men. I plan on supporting both of them and hope they both do well in their respective genres.

  10. Now we know most American are conservative (aparts from Adam fans, of course…lol!). If Adam compet in a European country, I’m sure he’ll win by a street!!!

  11. Kathleen says:

    This performance shows how Adam is so so much better than Kris. Kris almost sounds annoying because this performance had ADAM written all over it…his voice is perfect for Queen. I don’t think there is a song that is not an Adam song, but Queen/Freddie Mercury…icons…Adam…

  12. star_child08 says:

    Kris needed the win more than Adam because Adam has already won the esteem of music industry professionals. I believe that the entire season can be summarized by this final song and the specific lyrics they each sang. It was personal for both Kris and Adam and reflects their mutual respect for each other.

  13. ok, let’s calm ourselves. we all know that adam is the total winner here. with ai as his stage he has been catapulted onto the world stage. this is not the end, this is the beginning and we all should be screaming with pleasure for him. i know i was screaming in pain last night when they announced the winner, kris is cute, ok and a nice singer, adam likes him, i like him. now here’s the thing. kris will be defined by the ai machine. adam will define himself, and as we all know, he has no boundries in that area. he is getting ready to warp into hyperspace and he is going to take all of us who love him along for the ride. so get ready folks, this is going to be one hell of a long and fantastic trip. i for one will be strapped in for the long haul, see you in memphis for starters. i’ll be the one screaming.

    • YOURSFOREVER says:

      Love your post, feel the same. Prepare for a long thrilling ride! Will buy his records, no matter what he sings even “ABCs” as long as he sings it. Love those high notes, his BRILLIANT CLEAR AND STRONG HEAD VOICE like everything else we love about you!

      GODS BLESS!!!

    • Fantastic reply! I’ll be screaming in Ontario.

      Perhaps enough of the middle-America, conservative, white and pure, protestant population just is not ready for Adam. I was a little little kid during Elvis, but boy, the controversies are eerily similar.

      In retrospect, as others have stated, runner up is probably the best spot for Adam and in time I hope he realizes this. When Kris is still a puppet of the American Idol machine, Adam will already be a mega star, doing things HIS OWN WAY! I feel quite certain he will be signing with a major label and groups like KISS and others will come have already invited him to go on tour with him. I hope he does do guest appearances with these groups, while at the same time maintaining his own image, perhaps forming a group just for him.

      Maybe I am selfish, but not unlike Frank Sinatra, I would love to see him eventually move from just music to music an acting. He could easily be another Johnny Depp or Sean Penn or Val Kilmer anytime he wants to be …. I betcha he can act wonderfully even now. This way, he can remain n the public eye in a big time way for years and years to come. Even so, look at Mick Jagger and David Bowie…well, Adam has already joined their ranks and he is still in his twenties.

      We have many years to enjoy Adam. My wish for him is to be himself, be happy, be healthy, be prosperous, but most of all maintain the “joy of his spirit” which is so obvious after hearing him sing or talk for just a minute. He is infectious and everyone who sees him for even a short time all fall in love with him. Even my husband loves him….you can’t help yourself.

      To those who canno tolerate someone who has differences in their appearance and their sexuality….go and get a life and realize that we live in the so called “melting pot” of the world where differences are supposed to be embraced, not shunned!

  14. What a fantastic performance the two of them with Queen. You can feel the joy on all sides. These 2 respect eachother so much for their own unique qualities and if we care for them we will embrace them both…do we have to like just one?

  15. hahaha, kris allen was a backup singer here…. Am i correct??? lolz…….. No one defeats The GREAT ADAM LAMBERT…. We will see whose going to be famous… Adam Lambert is way far far far more better than kris w/in this song is kris singing i hear only adam singing especially on the high notes…hahahaha

  16. AdamAddict says:

    Kris sang very well but Adam sang way much better!

  17. brianna says:

    hey its me brianna, I am really shocked and surpriesed about kris winning american Idol, last night !! but I really think Adam lambeart shoud have won !! I like kirs too but I relly wanted adam to win and no affence adam was way better then kirs last night I love u adam !! and to me your a winner in my book !!!

  18. lucky1877 says:

    Adam was the star of the finale. He was in his element and he shined! I am so happy for him that his last performance on the AI stage was so incredibly awesome. Adam made me wish away every weekend for the past 10/11 weeks, just so I could get to Tuesday to see him perform. . Adam you won American Idol for me every week. I love your spirit, your positive attitude and your talent. Believe it or not, you are a role model for youung and old alike. You have inspired me to try to be the best me I can be. Thank you for trying out for AI so us new fans could get to know you. Best of luck with everything. My kids and I will see you 2 times in Newark in August! (P.S. We voted on 4 phones for you for 4 hours!!!!)

  19. Hi all,

    I am a die-hard Adam Fan. I was shocked when Kris was announced the winner!! Jaw dropping and still can’t believe it. However, Adam will be iconic as Paula said. I was a huge Elvis Presley fan and Adam reminds me of him, looks, entertaining, talented, only Adam is more talented! I believe….Adam is the winner in almost everyones hearts and American Idol can’t take that away from him or us!

  20. YOURSFOREVER says:

    ADAM you are THE WORLD-CLASS star! We need change! We want real singers! WE love your multidimensional persona! Those high notes remind me watching virtuoso playing, supersonic flying, ace performing… CHAMPION! Can’t wait till your first album …..

  21. This performance has affected me in ways I never expected. It was before the outcome was announced, but it was a perfect opportunity to hear both Adam and Kris side by side. Is there any doubt who is the best singer, artist and performer?? There was no justice. Adam is a superstar and Kris is a nice, pleasant singer without star quality. I just watched this performance again and the song should be called “HE is the Champion”! I will feel better when I know Adam’s career has taken off in lightning fashion, making the music he wants to make. I hope to see him all over the TV networks and hear him all over the radio. I will see him on the Idols tour this summer and I will look forward to his solo tour in the future. When he is an international superstar, justice will be served!

  22. jizzybabby says:

    I was shocked that Queen actually showed up even though they lost one of their members! Adam and Kris both sang it out like they meant it! I am such a big fan of Adam but then again I am glad to see that there was atleast a winner! Both Kris and Adam diserved to win! Adam, you rock! When Ryan announced that Kris one you werent a sore loser you kept cheering him on knowing that you are not ANYWHERE close to ending your career in music! You totally diserve to make it this far and i know you will be successful in your music career! LOOK OUT AMERICA!!! ADAM LAMBERT IS COMEING THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam you totally rock! i cant wait to here your music on the radio and as we all grow up i and the years go by, your music is going to be a legend and YOU are going to be a ROCK LEGEND!!!!!! YOU ALREADY ARE NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  23. We all know that ADAM is an incredible singer, and an amazing person and I’m still feeling the after effects of last night. Adam made this whole season of AmIdol exceptionally exciting! What I don’t understand is that we have three judges that have been in the music industry and are experienced in their own right, and they were in awe of Adam’s talent week after week and the majority of the mentors were blown away with Adam, but most of America didn’t vote for him–I’m really sad about that. Simon has been around the music industry as well and has picked some of the best and talented singers around the world and they have done really well and he supported Adam 100% and believed in him like we all have. ok so I’m still a little bid upset, but Adam has been so gracious in accepting his first runner up position and has said only good things about Kris, so for Adam’s sake, I’m going to try and be a “good sport” and be happy for Adam, because after hearing some of his interviews he seems happy with this whole outcome and how it turned out. I’m excited and I can’t hardly wait to see him in person along with the rest of the contestants at the AmIdol concert tour-it’s going to be a fantastic show because ADAM is in it!

  24. WOW WOW WOW! You can hear how strong, beautiful, and pure Adam’s voice is in that song (and how weak Kris’ voice sounds in comparison). I actually noticed spots while watching it for the fourth or fifth time where Kris’ voice was cracking. ADAM you sound amazing singing in that kind of a band. I really hope you get a chance to do projects with Queen. Do your own thing though too, k! Gotta love the KRADAM love apparent in that performance. Very cute guys!

  25. ErikaLovesAdam says:

    Kris was Ok I guess, I mean, when I saw him in the Top 13 I was always like: “Who is he?”, but I didn’t really think he would be in the finally, but Adam rocked we are the champions!!!, he is just so awesome, I swear, he is bigger than idol!, he has got to be American Idols best contestant ever.
    In the inside I wanted him to lose (but win at the same time) ,so he wouldn’t get stuck with the Idol contract, so he gained a lot from his loss, he can do whatever he wants, he could pick whatever company he wants and etc. So, he has got a whole career ahead of him.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I didn’t remember Kris’s audition. I do remember Adam’s audition. From the one he sing “Bohemian Rapsody” I start to fell in love with him. I asked my sister did she watched it in her room & told her he’s so hot! I remember his name from there hoping he goes to final 12.

      When he did I’m so happy. But I still haven’t noticed how talented he is until he sang “Satifaction” Gosh,I thought he was like just okay because usually not so pretty looking can sing well and pretty guy can’t but I was stunned! I love him even more.

      Week after week,I just can’t get enough of him.I have butterflies in my stomach just waiting him perform and really hate it when they always put him at last.

      I’m so glad that I can watch him until the end of A.I even the results killing me! I will buy all his CD for sure. I’ll be his loyal fan!

  26. Adam did an excellent job singing the song and out of Adams mouth their is actually some interest that Queen might hire Adam as their lead singer since they need one. I know that Gene Simons said that Adam could join them on the road any time he wants. I just wonder what offers KA got last night None would be the answer. The 2nd place person has already out shown the chosen winner if you even want to call KA that! That is just so awesome! I know his parents were so pround watching their son with both bands.

    I don’t know if this has been added, but I thought that I would share to try to cheer people up.It sounds like Adam is well on his way once his commitment is over with Idol! The reporter actually asked Adam if Queen hired him since it seemed like he was a perfect fit to their group!

    Yes, KA was the back-up singer! Yah!!

    I also don’t know if these kids are given a chance to at least read the contract, but I think that Adam would not have like it for some of the wording in it. They totally own you for at least two years! Everything that makes up you! I guess it is a true blessing he didn’t win!

    By the way we were up against a title wave against Adam! I don’t know if anyone has heard of vote for the worst but they had a whole campaign going and very excited that they had a massive impact on the outcome of this year! What trolls!

  27. Adam was the clear winner. even at age 57 I think he is one of the biggest talents out there. If all that is said here is true maybe its best he didn’t win so he can be free of Idol. All I know is I’m going to one of the tour shows just to see Adam. I hope he does Mad World on an album. I listened to the original and comparatively speaking it SUCKED! I still can’t get Adams version out of my head… It’s truly haunting!!

  28. Don’t blame Jesus for the religious Christians.

    There are two very different kinds of “Christians”. There are the Christians who are religious and follow strict rules out of fear. Then there are those that believe in a God of unconditional love and Jesus’ true message. Love your brother as yourself. True believers have faith in our God of unconditional love and are deeply grateful for and love the sublime beauty and sacred magnificence in diversity. True Jesus followers know that Adam Lambert is a beautiful and wonderfully unique child of God who listened to the calling of his God given talent and his God given self and spirit.

    Man made religious Christians make true followers of Jesus very sad, their prejudice and enemies defined and written by fearful men (note: men, not women. We cannot be blamed for that one) and not by God. I am so thankful that Adam was not born into a religious family. Had he been born into a family like Kris’ we would likely not be seeing this incredible creature before us.

    I am very sad about religious Christians so bound by fear of differences that they cannot actually follow God’s true message. Don’t hate them. Pray for them. They are often so trapped in their tiny self protected world that they can’t even see the truth. Let’s pray for all the fundamentalists and those who continue to follow and enforce the sexist, racist, homophobic tenets of a darker era.

    On the American Idol stage we are seeing played out before us the most important Global issues of the day. Choose peace and spread the truth. God is unconditional love.

  29. Just have to add that I loved Kris also. He is a special talent all his own. Adam’s musical talent is simply further developed and is truly masterful. Kris knows this and knows Christians voted for him for being Christian rather than more talented.

    I loved this Queen song with both of them singing because it sends a beautiful message. These two competitors truly like, if not love, and respect each other. At one point after a show Adam kisses Kris on the side of the head like a loving parent or older sibling. It is moments like that that make me like the show.

  30. adam lambert suuuuper fan! says:

    Hey adam !i hoope youo’ll read my comment..
    I think you and kris do have different ways in wowing people and that’s what makes you guys deserving of being in the position that your in right now. When i first found out you lost i felt broken and confused…. but after thinking and and watching your positive interviews, i realized that it didnt really matter who wins or not. all that matters is that you guys( the top 13) did their best and stayed true to yourselves….. !!!!!!! i thought that your interpretation of no boundaries was great and i felt an emotional connection with you, knowing that you’ve been through so much in life…… i hope that people would see pass all the glamrock and really take the initiative to understand you

    Though i’m happy for kris i’m even happier and crazy for what you have achieved and continue on with a positive atttitude on life. And say hi to danny , matt and allison for me…. and all the toop 13.
    God bless on your carrier in singing and when that first album of yours comes out , ill be sure to buy it!

    Hope you can come sometime this year to the philippines and do a concert with a duet with allison, just like david cook and archuleta did. We in the philippines lve you guys and as much as we want to vote for you …we cant!hehehehee bye love you guys… see you soon

  31. Wow, I’ve watched this so many times. They both did good, but Adam’s You can tell when they sing together that Adam holds back. Look how happy Kris is, he get’s to feel what it really feels like to be a mega star by performing with Adam. Just like Allison was so happy after she performed with Adam. Adam is a true singing sensation and already a icon in my eyes.
    What a nice guy ..don’t let anything change who you are!

  32. here’s the thing. I might be upset about Adam not winning the competition. But, on the positive side I thought that Adam has made more impact more than anyone on the show. So, I don’t think that Adan not winning the competition means he has failed.
    The real challenge, begin when he finished the American idol tour and face the real world. When he succeed, i guess it’s our time to be happy. This is not a failure..

    More over, I feel a bit annoyed how people keep on saying that they are distracted with Adam’s screaming. I wonder myself. Adam’s not only screaming..I mean 8 years old can scream..but do they sound great ? I don’t think so. I don’t think that Adam has to listen to all of that, that’s his characteristic..and I don’t see why he should be others than him self.
    Gay ? Who cares…..we are all human in the end. As Dr. Robbins from CSIsaid..we might look different on the outside..but when our time come..we are all the same inside…so, why bother..

  33. I don’t want to pretend that I’m “happy” for Kris. I am not. I have nothing against him, he is a nice guy with some musical and singing ability, pretty limited. Nothing special. He has a good taste, good ideas, but doesn’t have a good enough voice to deliver them. I was indifferent to him all season and I still am, nothing changed. All the press suddenly discovered Kris toward the end of the show. Where they had been before? Didn’t they watch the show? It seems very simple to me – he is unnoticeable. One of the bunch. Just the right moment and a lot of luck. So my feelings are far from happiness. Those “big” words – love, happiness, hatred, brilliant, fantastic, etc. belong to Adam. I can’t even compare Adam and Kris, and not because they are “apples” and “oranges”, they are not. For me it’s more like a juicy orange and an orange peel. To say that I’m happy for Kris is to be hypocrite. I am not trying to be sarcastic, it’s just how I feel.

  34. Adamforevercayman says:

    I am dreaming of Adam singing one of Queen’s song and I jump for joy when he finally did it right before the end of the show. I knew that it will be so easy for him to perform any Queen’s song. I love you and I will be always your #1 fan. I wish you all the best and honestly I am very proud of you , we are all proud of you!!! I love this performance because I can see you and kris really had such a good time doing this. YOU ARE FLAWLESS!!!!!! YOU ROCK ADAM!!!

  35. DEAR ADAM:

    American Idol just started a new run and you came along. I was so mesmerized with your pure talent and thought wow in this season A change is gonna come for real. After every performance you left me Feeling Good and having Satisfaction with my life. In every song you gave me a Whole lotta love and I embraced it excitedly. After last night’s coronation I felt like Crying and truely believed I was living in a Mad World. I wiped the Track of my tears and realized, Adam you are THE One, you where Born to be wild and If I cant have you I dont want nobody baby!!!

    Yours truely,

    One of your true admirers

  36. Stephanie says:

    I wish Kris nothing but the best in his new career but Adam could’ve blown him away with “We Are the Champions” by himself. I like that they did get Queen to come on the show, especially since Adam is a huge fan of them and Freddie and I do agree that they probably came on because of Adam. I think it was a nice gesture to have the “two champions” sing that song.

    Adam is going to be so much better off than Kris. He’s going to be able to write his own ticket. Maybe Adam won’t join Queen, if there is an offer, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he collaborated with them on a song.

    • Geez I feel like someone who has no life…lol….

      But to set the record straight, I don’t know if someone else has already mentioned it or not, but Queen have come on Idol before, they were mentors in Season 5.

      That being said, Adam literally sang like he was born to sing with them. I actually wish this had been his duet. But then Kris would totally not have handled KISS…lol

  37. I am sad that Adam didn’t win Idol for one reason only: In principle. He was and is the best singer not only of the competition, but the best singer since Freddy Mercury from Queen (who I think is the best male vocalist of all time, for a rock band). Like all of the judges said time and time again, Adam will be iconic and legendary and he was and is on a league of his own. He earned the respect of everyone, including the best in the industry. On the other hand, he is so very lucky to not have won a “pop singer competition”, for can you imagine how horrible it would be for him to ever be associated with or release a record with Kara’s horrific less than mediocre cliche song? Can you just imagine him settling for that? Now as for America in general: Wow, have some personality! It used to be that America used to stand for justice in all arenas even when it was painful to do so. Right was right and wrong was wrong. Have some courage. Enough of the “safe choices”. As for Kris….If mediocre is what America likes today, well, you already have spoken.

  38. MyBoyAdam says:

    Hey notice at the very end who the Queen guitarist is paying attention too. ADAM! He has his arm around Adam, is speaking to him and only briefly glances at Kris just to acknowledged him. That speaks volumes about who Queen is there for; our ADAM!

  39. adam lambert suuuuper fan! says:

    Hey guys , im still in the middle of dealing with adam’s lost. but we as his loyal fans should not see this as a very bad thing but just thebeggining of a true star. sure he dint win this one…. but what matters is what he does after idol. Hope he continues wowing and exiting people and hopefully people who first dint get him would have a change of heart…. god bless to you adam

    And guys , i think we should support kris as much with adam because he does deserve it too, and plus we should respect kris’ and adam’s bond…….. i think its really cute of them!

  40. adam lambert suuuuper fan! says:

    Dear Adam,

    I really admire you for being so true to yourseif and showing others that it’s fine to be different. this is my first year of watching american idol completely, i have to tell you at first during hollywood week i thought who is this guy with the high voice…… it freaked me out! but when you sang believe and during the grooup week, i finally understood your style ,which is to make every song your own!

    So week after week i watched you perform and again and again i felt a very genuine connection with you . im also proud of everyone in the top 13 especiallly danny…..

    The number one reason my eyes was focused on you is because i think you are the most memorable- inspiring – talented and someone who can face every challenge with a very positve attitude . well i think all of you guys in the top 13 are talented but your high pitched voice is what makes you special. i think you are the male version of katy perry…. i kn you love her

    i just wish all the best for you and your great supportive family!

    Your tuest dearent fan( in the Phillipines)

  41. AdamRocks! says:

    I can’t stop listening to the beginning, when Adam comes in. . . absolutely unbelievable!!!

  42. Brenda Rogers says:

    It seemed clear to me that Adam made this season of Idol. It would be a shame to have Adam confined by a contract with Idol as the winner. The votes can’t obscure his talent nor the light from the stars he drew to the show this season.

    I feel worse for the winner than for Adam. When the winner doesn’t own the role, he’s left feeling played like a pawn in a bigger game. There is no satisfaction for Kris because he’s been played in Adam’s game.

    • Can someone tell my exactly what Adam owes American Idol for being runner up? And what is the lengh of Kris’s commitment to 19 Entertainment, etc? I thought that Adam would be free and clear if he didn’t capture the title but it sounds like he might be commited to something as well. What are their respective contractual obligations????

  43. Adam is not the American Idol, he is the World’s Idol!! I’ve been waiting all these years for someone like Freddy Mercury and here he is, finally! someone who can SING!!! Congratulations Adam, I am 56 years old and i am your fan!!!

  44. JustSane says:

    Every time I watch this vid (way too many) I get goosebumps.

  45. CHILLS – simply chills when I rewatched this. The first time I just sat there with a goofy grin on my face the whole time – (so my husband tells me). Now, I am starting to comprehend the magnitude of this performance. Queen does not do this for just anyone. This was huge. The pyro show with KISS may have been the most dramatic moment in AI history. But I think this performance was the most significant. To have people with the ability and musical taste of Mr. May giving his tacit approval of Adam – well this cannot be overestimated!!

    • Agreed….Adam , you’re amazing! I’ve used that word 1000 times since you first appeared on AI but you are plus you’re sexy as hell…here’s to wishing the rumors aren’t 100% correct and if you say they are…you just haven’t met the right girl yet!!!!! Rock on, you are amazing

  46. I love that video. As soon as Adam sings his first note, I get the CHILLS! How can anyone sing like that! He is so crazy amazing! I love you Adam!!!! You are the best! (You also were so gracious singing with Kris and not over powering him. — you are the sweetest, coolest person.) I can’t wait to see you and hear you sing on t.v. this week!

  47. I LOVE ADAM’S VOICE!!!!!!!!!! So beautiful and inspiring! I can listen to Adam sing all day long. Actually I do listen to him all day long, and I’m not getting anything done in my own life. But I don’t care. Ha ha!!!

  48. leileea says:

    Adam shines no matter who he’s paired with. In his duet with Kris, I think Adam’s voice resonated distinctly over Kris…

  49. Deborah says:

    OK Adam Fams ALL OVER THE WORLD. I have a new version for all of us Adam Fans to sing EVERY time he sings this partiular song at his concerts..sing it over him singing..this will be OUR way of telling him that WE KNOW he’s our boy and always will be!!!:

    CHORUS for us all to sing over his chorus: (LOUDLY!!!!!)..PLEASE pass on around the WORLD and every fan site out there….and surprise him!!!!
    : )

    YOU ARE our champion A..da-aam.
    And You’ll keep on winning…. ’til the end.

    YOU are our champion
    YOU are our champion
    No time for losers ‘cos
    YOU are our champion…..
    ………………..of the world!!!!

    ….pass it on guys to ALL FANS.

  50. Gioconda says:

    Guys ,,just in case you don’t know…I tunes has : Is anybody is listening by Adam Lambert.
    I couldn’t believe it,,what a nice surprise!!!

  51. kdmil2002 says:

    Who knew? I am a Christian and I give props to Adam for having one of the most brilliant voices I have heard in a long time. I am sure I am not the only one who noticed that he sang last on every show…and a good thing too, if he performed first, half of the TV audience would have switched over to olther stations after his performance. I only watched the show for Adam and his edgy performances…loved his clothes and jewelry too….

    I was brought to tears by Adam singing a song from Brigadoon (see YOUTUBE). His opera voice is so pure and beautiful. I will be a Fan for life. My one hope is that he continues to choose wisely and shows ultimate class in his performances. As the Good Book says, “To whom much is given, much is required.” Only a few are blessed with such a great gift…and I look forward to seeing him reach his full pontential as an artist.

    • well put. he seems to be so genuine – I hope he can stay true and classy as he has been so far. he is such a beautiful artist. I never had a childhood celebrity crush.. at 45 now here he is.

  52. JRZGRL1 says:

    I had not seen this video because Ihad no local channels access the night of the finale. When Adam sings “No pleasure cruise – challenge before the human race – I ain’t gonna lose” I can only imagine Freddie Mercury giving him a standing ovation in Rock & Roll Heaven. How did Adam lose? It’s incomprehensible to me. But the great thing about Adam (one of many many many great things) is that he will move beyond it & be astounding, gracious, fabulous, mesmerizing. I am so glad I lived to see this. I turned 54 yesterday – twice Adam’s age – and I just cannot believe how lucky I am to be here when this is happening.

  53. This is an awesome video and I wish it would be sold on Itunes. I wanted to share with you the headlines that I saw for one newspaper on the internet; I believe that the headlines were from a Tampa Bay area paper. “KRIS ALLEN WINS AMERICAN IDOL TITLE AFTER TWO HOUR FINALE SHOWING ADAM LAMBERT DESERVED IT.” That particular headline said it all for me! Simon was right when he said that Adam would become a world wide star. When I heard What were the highlights of this show? Watching Adam with Kiss and Queen, and maybe Allison and Cyndi Lauper. And although I like Kris Allen, he has no busines singing power vocals with Queen. Those who say that Kris Allen coud sing anythng, please…give a listen to his voice cracking on this song. This performance only highlighted who is the real singer. I wish Kris Allen well, but he will forever be in Adam Lambert’s shadow. I do believe that all things happen for the best, though, and Adam will go on to great things. I know we all will be supporting him, right?
    Simon was right when he said that Adam would become a world wide star. When I heard Simon remind people to vote for Adam and not think he had it in the bag, I knew he felt that way…I have heard him say that only one other time…when Lepna Lewis was competing on the British pop idol show. Look what he did with Leona…..he will do the same for Adam!!!!

  54. What a difference from Kirs-Danny duet, isn’t it? Adam could have completely overshadowed Kris with this, but he didn’t. He knows how to make it work with his partner. Maybe they are better friends already, but I believe Adam can make duet with anybody, because he is that kind of person, to find common grounds, finds out what makes BOTH of them look and sound good and deliver the best performance for both. My respect for him is bottomless. This performance helped me crawl out of sadness of him not winning, and reminded me that I loved Kris, too. I forgot about it in the midst of frenzy to get Adam win.