Adam Lambert Performs At Kiss-108 Concert 2010

There are some amazing things going on at this concert tonight folks.
First of all, he looks totally relaxed and happy in his pre-show interview. I love seeing that!!
Then, get a load of that introduction, WOW! That had to be an adrenaline rush for him waiting backstage, can you even imagine?
It is one of those nights where Adam looks fantastic and he sounds just as good. I think most everyone should be happy with the entire package tonight.
And guess what? NO DANCERS!!! That should make alot of you happy too, haha!!!


Adam Lambert Interview Kiss 108
video via:62Blueberry

Introducing an ICON Adam Lambert.
video via:GlamRockGodUK

video via:62Blueberry

Strut & Sleepwalker:
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video via:62Blueberry



  1. I can’t wait to see him live. Have my tickets to Royal Oak on June 18th and can’t wait!! I never have seen an artist better “live” than in the studio. His vocal and passion onstage is unsurpassed!! He does look happy and relaxed. He is taking his rightful place as the best ever, with others recognizing what we all have known for over a year!! Thanks for taking the time to post all the videos!

    • I posted this on yesterday’s item too but maybe no one goes back to prev. days…

      I so love the energy that he displays in live performances. I actually was not crazy about the CD until I saw him performing many of the songs live (on TV for me, not a concert yet). We all need to write to 19 productions and tell them we want to buy a DVD of his live performances – maybe they would then record during the tour! And, everyone who is going to a show this summer, be sure to flash him back the “love sign” the V he makes when he says the word! Aloha, Holly

  2. Even though we wanted this for Adam it’s sad in a way. Our beautiful bird is flying away to new heights. Always love us Adam as we have and always will love you.

  3. Holy sh.t I love those pants!!!! Lucky audience…especially those close enough to see his smile etc up close. I know what its like…breathtaking!

  4. So proud of Adam and as Sandy says, Adam is reaching new heights and is getting the attention and praise he has so long deserved in this country. That introduction was so wonderful and dead on. Obviously the man introducing him truly knows what we have known all along, and what Adam has been working so hard for these many years. Our little Adam adoration party is going global, as was bound to happen, just took a little longer than we all thought it should have, but here we go! So glad too to have those Glamnation tour tickets in hand, and hoping to fit in at least one more concert this time around before the venues are huge and Adam is a speck in the distance…. I have no doubt that next year’s award shows will be full of Adam nominations and performances and hopefully some awards for him. Nothing more to say, the MC said it all, Adam has changed everything! The entertainer of this generation!!!! Can’t do better than that!!!

    • Forgot to mention those pants, seems to be a theme this week: Adam’s pants!!!! The white pants, the sparkle-y zebra pants and these well, shows everything pants, … what next????!!!!

    • EternalGlamNation says:

      I agree with you that it’s great that Adam is getting the attention and praise he has so long deserved. I loved this introduction — couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Adam IS a game-changer.

      I can’t believe how amazing he is in the videos. He (and the band) sound better and better each time they play. I love how they’re coming together as one.

      I also desperately love the fact that Adam requested charitable donations in lieu of personal gifts. Boy, that’s just right in keeping with his kind heart and beautiful spirit, isn’t it?

  5. Okay, I just noticed that Tommy was playing lead instead of the bass. Did Monte’s wife have the baby? Is that Cam playing bass? Wow. What versatile musicians. Nice to see that Adam has such professionals working with him. I love this look on Adam. His legs seem miles long! Gorgeous!

  6. camille says:

    He is amazing!!! We can’t wait to see him live. I love sleepwalker (WOW) oh hell I love everysong he does! He rocks it out and God knows he’s easy on the eye’s :P. Was so hoping to see him on the finale of AI (bummed) then I was hoping maybe they’d debut the new video on it since he would be in Canada at the awards show. So I was a little disappointed that we all have to wait for a few more weeks 🙁 But He is one person who’s def worth the wait! Doesn’t he look incred in leather pants! We can never get enough of him. Adam you are fing awsome. And we have a lot of friends hoping you’ll add a few more upper Northeast dates to the tour 🙂 Rock on and Thanks for the Entertainment!

  7. leilani aloha says:

    Gorgeous!!! Adam looks Fantastic as alawys & sounds Amazing!!!!
    This new hair stlye sur makes him looks like young Elvis at certain shots!!!
    Love Adam !!!

  8. PaulaGlam says:

    I can’t wait to see him live at Crystal Ballroom in Portland 🙂 I haven’t been in a concert in a long time. Nothing sensationally to waist my time or money, until now!!!

    We all knew that eventually he was going to break through and to become famous but I still believe this is the beginning of the beginnings, next song will be better, the next video will be better, next album will be better and so on and on!!! maybe 6 months or even one year down the road and he is going to become bigger than Gaga and when that happens I can then relax and enjoy the ride. Our beautiful bird needs to fly veeeeerrrryyy , veeeerrrryyy HIGH and I will not rest until I know that every corner of the world knows him and that he becomes platinum all over the world not just once but a thousand times over……..He will then be the biggest Icon that we have seen for ages!!!
    Gosh I wish that I could be is manager too and have the opportunity to help him with the shopping for all these cool pants and have a very, very close look 🙂

  9. I think Tommy totally rocked it and everything sounded so different, again….

  10. PaulaGlam says:

    I am now drinking a glass of Pinot Noir in celebration of this great introduction of Adam and also celebrating our victory as fans. We all knew when we joined this club that we had a strong reason to support each other and our Idol, we are starting to see the results………..But girls will get even better!!!! from now on the sky is the limit.
    Love Adam and will support him until the day I die.

    • retrogrrrl says:

      Cheers PaulaGlam! This is only the beginning, and it’s so exciting to see our boy making history. I knew he was special from the moment I saw that audition on Idol. WOW! I am so stoked to see him in Seattle AND Portland! I am also a fan for life!

  11. Lisa has been admitted to the hospital about a half hour ago, so good thing Monte stayed home. Good luck Monte and Lisa with the twins!!!!
    And yes, Adams pants are….OMG!!! HOT!!

  12. libraglam says:

    Love this performance ! He looks so fresh! what is different this time is his pants at 5:50…..(Sleepwalker video) Nice hot sexy pants….! Tommy ‘s lead on Sleepwalker is awsome. He has different style. It’s nice to see something different sometimes. Has anyone heard of Monte ? Is Monte ‘s wife having cesarian today for the coming of the twin babies ??

    • adamfan says:

      Whew, yes Libraglam, oh that shirt lift at 5:50 – reminds me of when he
      did that in Ring of Fire and I fell off my chair

  13. adamisamazing says:

    Never heard a better introduction for Adam. He said what we all feel about Adam. That was so tremendously gratifying to hear. The way Adam sings, looks, moves and speaks will propel him to international superstardom.

  14. Thanks 4 all the postings! Adam & Tommy rocked! Love the Intro, it’s like Ed Sullivan intro Elvis!

  15. Princessshakeitup says:

    OK FELLOW GLAMS…PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the video of the interview here Adam was asked about whether he accepts gifts and he stated that he would prefer that his fans make a charitable donation to a worthy cause and then give him the receipt. Great Idea from a GREAT guy, RIGHT!? Well, back at Christmas time, when I lived in the States, I would donate to a charity called the Heifer Project and they would buy animals for people in other countries who could use them to create a sustainable life for themselves. Most of the people I know already have everything they need so this seemed like a great idea and recipients loved getting a gift card saying that a goat had been shipped to Honduras in their name etc. etc. CAN YOU SEE WHERE I AM GOING WITH THIS!?
    In addition to individual animal gifts, they have something called an “Ark” that costs $5000 and includes all the animals in the program. There are over 600 of us GLAMS, right [I am proud to be #601] so if we each gave say, 10 dollars we could make this happen in Adam’s name and someone who is lucky enough to be going to his first GLAM NATION tour could present it to him on behalf of all of us who love him to thank him for all he has given US!!!
    PLEASE respond and let me know if you might be interested!!! If you are, I will get this started! You can go to the Heifer Project International site an see for yourself what I am talking about…they have an EXCELLENT reputation as a charitable organization!!!! If someone else, who is more adept at this ‘link’ thing can put theirs here, that would be great too!


    My Sisters in Adam and I send each other links to You Tube Adam videos on Sunday and wish each other “Happy Sundays With Adam” so that is what I wish all of you!!!
    Big Love from Princessshakeitup; Glam #601!!!

    • Farzana says:

      I think the Heifer project of the “Ark” is a fabulous idea!

      I loved that Adam responded in this generous self less way to the gift question. When I first heard the question I thought “Oh no, he doesn’t need more things that will not survive the moment.”

      I was so happy that he said this and I hope that his fans around the world will remember this and contribute in a monumental movement in support of the love of Adam! It could be a massive testament to the type of person he is and the joy he brings to the world!

      Let’s make it happen!!! Adam’s Love spread around the planet! What a wonderful thought that his goodness would shine brightly everywhere!

      Count me in for “Adam’s Ark” !!! Let’s spread the word!

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        Adam’s Ark is a great name! [I don’t think Noah will mind…]

    • I am all for keeping the charitable donations going!
      Personally I really liked the Donorschose because it gave to schools and at risk children and provided books and music instruments. I was moved to tears when I received a big envelope a couple of months ago with letters from all these schoolkids from this class to which I had donated $25. I mean $25 and to get such a response, I was almost ashamed I hadn’t given more…..
      I just checked out the website of Heifer International and the pic of the kids with the goats, chicken’s etc. are adorable.
      Maybe we can run some ideas through this thread or start an email exchange about this subject.
      I am defintely interested!
      My email is


        • The Heifer Project is totally legit! I get a catalogue at Christmas from them every year explaining their program. It sounds like a really great idea and is such a helpful thing. Glam #629

          • Princessshakeitup says:

            Thank you so much to all of you who have responded so far! Since the response has been positive I will go forward with contacting HP and finding out how to go about setting this up. I am assuming that I can set it up so that we Glams [and ANY Adam fans who might be interested] can go and make a donation under Adam’s name. Then, hopefully, they can keep the account open until we can come up with enough for an Ark. Either that, or we can make it date specific and see how much we can raise and what it will buy.
            No doubt there are MANY worthwhile causes out there and obviously everyone is free to choose their own and know that Adam will be proud no matter how we give. The reason I thought of Heifer Project is because I know of their stellar reputation, their gifts are so visual and specific AND they are very international and people all over the world will benefit…not just in the U.S. Since Adam has been enjoying travelling and spreading joy all over the world and since his GLAMS are international, this just seemed like a cool way to go.
            My email is:
            I will submit more info when I have it!
            THANKS AGAIN and let’s make ADAM [and folks all over this beautiful World] SMILE!!!!
            Peace, Love and Adam Lambert [does anyone else have that bumper sticker on their car!?] Glam #601

            • Jane Parker says:

              I have also given to HP through the Food For The Poor Campaign that I give regularly to.
              Thanks for inquiring about it for us!!

              Keep us posted!

            • I am so looking forward to have this become an international movement for goodness!
              I hope that it can become a permanent feature that all Adam’s fans will make use of in
              whatever form they choose. I think the fact that he came up with the idea to donate to
              charities as a “gift” to him really speaks to the caliber of person he is and the level to
              which he thinks of others. My email:

            • ID love that on my car, where did you get it??

              • Princessshakeitup says:

                Ordered from Cafe Press!!!

                • Is that a good web site for Adam goodies? I was wondering, wanted to get a tshirt and some buttons. thanks

                  • Jane Parker says:

                    Yes it is. I ordered 2 Adam Lambert shirts and a button last year for the AI tour.
                    They have the GLAMBS T-shirt, and you can create your own shirt too.

    • Phyllis Hoffman says:

      I am already a donor to Heifer and I think it’s a fabulous idea. Count me in for $10.

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        THANK YOU!

        • Princessshakeitup says:

          Ok, I THINK I have this set up for us!

          We are a TEAM at Heifer Project called Glamberts for Adam’s Ark. Go to:

          and then enter your donation at our team site!

          Oh, I so hope this works!!! Is there any way to get this out on this site where it is not so buried? Maybe have it’s own entry? AUTHORS!?

          Peace, Love and Adam’s Ark

    • The Heifer Project has been around for years, used to donate at my church every year, so KNOW its an old established charity, world-wide. Should be very safe to donate money.

      • I love the bumper sticker! I need to get me one! I have also thought about creating one for the Glam Nation Tour something simple like ” On My Way To See Adam Lambert”

        I just donated to the Heifer org. became a member and linked it to my FB page.
        I agree Princess Linda that it would be great to ahvea way to keep this thread bumped for exposure and show the progress.
        AO has this capacity.
        Sue and Carol any suggestions?

  16. donna k says:

    omg, adam freak’n rocks, he always looks so hot!!
    love ya adam

  17. This makes me so happy! He deserves it all and more. No one, NO ONE, has what he has to offer the music business today. Thrilled to see others get on board Planet Fierce and let the light shine brightly. What an artist–the real deal! It’s so exciting to watch his rise to the top. Also, congrats to Monty and Lisa. I’m a twin and you both are in for the ride of your life. Good luck!

  18. was this from last night somewhere?

  19. adamfan says:

    How can it be humanly possible to sing even better and
    look even more gorgeous every performance!!!
    His live vocals are better than most recorded vocals!

  20. mandytwo says:

    I need to change the subject for a minute but ADAM went from #3 to 6 or 7 on VH1. His name in not there to vote for him. What can we do to get it back? Sorry for the change of subject.

    Glamb 616

    • adamisamazing says:

      I checked on my mobile phone and he was available to vote for when I pull up the Top 20 Countdown. It showed 45% of the vote for Adam which places him in first place with 429,000+ votes cast. Yes, he did drop to #7 last week and I have been urging everyone to remember to keep voting for him on VH1. We need him back on the top. Once his new video comes out, we need to do it again and make him number one! I am not sure why his name isn’t showing up when you pull it up. 🙁 Sorry. Hope this helps a little bit though.

      Glamb #612

      • k. morgan says:

        Hey I just checked VH1…What do you want from me is not in list…which is nuts since he was number 7 last week, 6 the week before and in top three….since it came out (number one for about 6 or 7 weeks). I put in a blog to have VH1 put him back in…stupid to take out since he could go in hall of fame for vids in a couple of weeks…How are you getting it?

        • Adamisamazing says:

          I just checked and I see what you two mean now. When I go on my iPhone, which I usually use to vote for him each week, he is in there. But, when I check VH1 on my Dell computer, he isn’t on the list at all – just like you both said. We definitely need to get him back on the list. Like you said, there will be no way he can get in the Hall of Fame if we don’t. So, for some reason, I have him in the VH1 Top 20 Countdown on my iPhone (in first place with 430,000 votes cast), but he’s not even listed on my regular computer. Something definitely is up. Thanks for blogging to get him back on. And, thank you both for bringing this subject up. I hope to see his name on the list soon! Pretty frustrating…

          • Friends i really think it is because he has been on it for 20 weeks. That is the limit then the video gets retired. So we did great to keep him for so long. Rest up your fingers and get ready for IIHY!!!

            • Adamisamazing says:

              Thanks for the explanation. I feel relieved to know that. So, maybe this means he will be in the VH1 Hall of Fame after all. Now, I will go request IIHY on the radio and wait for the video.
              I just want to thank all the supportive, wonderful and kind people (and fans) on this incredible Web site. Thank you for all the responses regarding this matter.

              • So true, what a cool bunch of friends. It makes me so happy to read everybodys comments. Its like my mind is being read! Dont you wish we all lived near each other and could do lunch, that would be so much fun!!! IM STILL LOOKING FOR SUSE 1701 GLAMB(197) AND SANDY(METROGAL 44) GLAMB 333 THAT MAY LIVE IN RIVERSIDE PLEASE E MAIL IF YOUR OUT THERE REMAVINEYARD@AOL.COM

            • buffy522 says:

              but why is he showing up on the phone? One of my daily rituals is to vote for him on that show. They have no way that I can find on the website to contact VH1 They should have explained! But we know about vh1 with no help for FYE!

              • adamisamazing says:

                Yes, I vote for him all the time on my iPhone but he isn’t on the home computer. VH1 is impossible to contact. What a strange mix-up. Should be interesting to see if he will even be on VH1s countdown on Saturday. I wish Time For Miracles had been a contender when it came out. That was a beautiful video/song. FYE came and went, too. IIHY will hopefully be a megahit on that show just like WWFM.

  21. Darlene says:

    I said it before and I will say it agian, “WOW”. i never get tired of watching and listening to him. I can’t wait to see him in Bethlehem, PA.!

  22. Orianthi’s replacement of Michael Jackson on Tour, is Adam Lambert. Adam takes up where Michael left-off. Hey, Adam’s no- discrimination even to our ages rubs- off, but how about to…….. how about he adds….. to our varied WEIGHTS ? He- he- he !

  23. Tommy is not only cute but plays keyboards (AMA)

    bass and lead guitar……..Love the band…adore ADAM

    • KO's smiling says:

      You’re right, blu. I love how Tommy’s improvisations (probably in spots he didn’t bother to learn the “right” notes) changed the songs and made it a little special for those of us who have heard them all a bunch of times. Lisa was playing keyboards and bass, but who was doing back up vocals? Usually Monte does them, and Adam pre-records some, I guess. What happened at this show?

  24. HE WAS SOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??? im still speechless!!!!!!!! . . . . . . Tommy can do everything!!! . . sooo cute too!!!!! :’)

  25. I know this is crazy but thanks to all of you that pointed out the little show of skin during Sleepwalker. It is insane how the smallest little flash gives us such a thrill. I will never understand what it is that does this to us.

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  27. SisterMaryMadWorld says:

    Hey Princess, it’s me: love your idea to benefit so many; count me in for A LOT of money . . .

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      LOVE YOU LIKE THE BIG CRAZY…Like a Sister!
      How can we get the word out more!?

  28. Adam was perfect as he always is! The introduction was right on and muchly deserved. I love him and have since I first set eyes on him on AI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to Monty & Lisa. The twins are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. carrie-lee says:

    I was at the concert it was a LONG wait to see adam… and boy was it worth every minute.. so good i am seeing him twice more this summer and I can not wait… we even got to meet some of the band…Talk about a great weekend !!! Can’t wait to do it again… TWICE !!

  30. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    I too felt that little twinge of sadness and also so much pride when I heard the roar of that crowd all for Adam. His world is expanding rapidly and the small venues he will be playing this summer will soon be a thing of the past (or so expensive us ordinary folk won’t be able to afford the tickets!) I feel like we are stepping into a fantastic future with Adam. History is being made with every concert. And oh yes, I do indeed LOVE him in black leather!

  31. I want a number also but Idont know how to go abou. I have been comentint since last year. Can someone help me?

  32. Oh I also wanted to say I am so proud of Adam. He had to over come so much to get here where he is today. He is strong,resilient and so very brave. LOVE YOU ADAM LAMBERT!!!!

  33. SisterMaryMadWorld says:

    Only 21 days to Adam overload (if there is such a thing) at the Riverside in Milwaukee. Breathe, Mary, Breathe . . . . The “Glamberts for Adam’s Ark” team donation site works beautifully on the Heifer International site. Let’s get going group! I’m proud to support this wonderful charity in his name.