Adam Lambert Performs At G-A-Y, London 4/24/2010

Hello everyone!!
This is all I could find as far as videos go from last night. I am sure there will be more and I PROMISE to update, but for right now I have to go to work, BOOOOOOO….
I cannot wait to get home and I haven’t even left yet, makes for a looong day. I hope you like what I have so far and keep checking back for more…
***I am home but there aren’t ANY better videos out there. I will keep checking though. Plus they are doing another show tonight so hopefully we can get some better videos from there!!***


















IIHY: Audio only…




  1. Hi everyone, it was definitely a night of highs and lows… After a few trips back and forward between G-A-Y bar and HEAVEN, we finally started to queue at around 22:00 only to be turned away by the security. BUT… We weren’t going to admit defeat that easily…
    So we started to wait… and wait… and wait… hour after a long hour… while people in their hundreds were allowed inside… it was heartbreaking.
    We were told that Adam would be on stage around 2am, but when it got to 1:30 we heard that Adam’s performance had started and again… it just felt so unfair.
    But then suddenly… the security guys who knew that we have been waiting there for hours decided to sympathise with us and LET US INSIDE!!!! I don’t remember ever running as fast down the stairs, throwing my 3 pounds at the doorman and bolting through the crowds as a torpedo… BECAUSE ADAM WAS THERE ON THE STAGE… SO SO SO CLOSE… !!!!

    It was amazing… The best feeling ever!!!

    The letters on my hand from the stamp are slowly fading away but this was a memory to treasure. We have two tickets for tomorrow as well, so hopefully our luck is turning…

    • EternalGlamNation says:

      Wow! How exciting! Is that a normal time for acts to perform, at 1:30 a.m.? You guys must be hardcore to wait that long! Then again, it is Adam. Lucky, lucky you — and tickets for tonight, as well. Awesome. Enjoy!

      Thanks, Sue. I was going through withdrawal!

    • Wow……..thanks to that person who let you in. EXCITING to see Adam. I hope and pray one day I shall see him live……..have NOT yet had that pleasure……..had tickets to the Dallas Idol Tour but hubby couldn’t go and the drive was 3 hours to get there and CAN you believe I couldn’t find one person to go? I live in a small town and I think I am the only Adam fan. Now I know some from Dallas so next time ADAM here I come…………:)

      • Trish….I drove by myself to see ADAM (AI concert) which is about a 4 hr drive one way from my house, and when I got there I met so many wonderful people and some have become good friends now. Don’t let a drive by yourself scare you from going. Everyone has the same love for ADAM and there are no strangers!!!!

      • KO's smiling says:

        I drove by the idol tour after my night class – one of the security guards gave me his comp-ed ticket and I got in in time to see Adam perform. Waiting outside I met a bunch of cool people, too. You won’t be alone!

    • Have fun, I’m so glad for you. Please come back and tell us more. And thanks.

    • I hope for the Glamnation tour Adam sings a few different songs or adds some different spin. I love him and For Your Entertainment, but I’m ready for something new as well.

  2. AWESOME!!! He looks and sounds amazing as always. Just waiting for tickets to go on sale so I can finally see him perform live. Good luck tonite UKforAdam! How cool is that, 2 shows in a row. Good for you! Enjoy and have a blast!!!

  3. Hi all
    I am an HMV ‘winner’ and have a ticket for monday evening at heaven- do you know if he will be as late as he was saturday? 01.30 is worrying as I need to get home by train — starting to panic !!!

    • They said that he will be performing around 22:00, and I really hope that this is the case because I’m working on the following day, plus so many people are also travelling from all over the UK to come and see him. I met two girls from China last night… Can you believe it? Adam fever is spreading quicker than the ash cloud :-)) Have a safe trip to London xxx

  4. ianaleah says:

    Thank you,Sue,Glam #10 for the videos. really appreciate it., wanted to see hes performance.Happy to see them. Adam wonderful as usual.

    • Hearing about these concert frenzies, the excitement, the pounding hearts,people traveling from all over the world, the elation of finally seeing him live, this is the living breathing phenomenon of Adam Love. No idea where this is all going to take us but I am on for the whole crazy damn ride!

    LET’S DO A MEET UP PARTY!!!!!!!!!

  6. Naturally Adam is always awesome, i know that,;yet, everytime I see a new performance, I get blown away all over again. Wow! I just wish the ‘crotch grab move’ was for the sexy lyric ‘ I’m gonna give it to ya till you’re screaming my name’ -gasp – instead of the to the masochistic’ I’m gonna hurt you real good ‘ lyric.That one line in entire song takes me from bliss to repulsion, so I mentally have to tune it out each listen.The song is fantastic though, so I listen, and only Adam can sing it. The ‘house singer’ on DWTS butchered it.Adam is so superior, its obvious.

  7. as much as i am excited for adam’s performance in the UK, i was reading the other blog and the glamberts were criticized and even using foul language to describe us. so sad!

  8. The pictures and the videos were great but the audio was bad. I hope Adam adds some
    concerts in Texas, whereever! I would drive to see him in concert.

  9. OOhhh, Lola, they should leave us alone — if what makes us happy doesn’t make them happy. To each, his or her own. What if we found Paradise, and they couldn’t get in ? It is their misfortune ! I don’t know that we’re that important to be given that much attention. They couldn’t stand these energy and electicity that we have that’s spreading worldwide. They don’t know that Adam is also more than just a singer. Inadvertently, without meaning to, he is also the voice of the oppressed, even suppressed – — and he found expression in his songs. He is treading the pathway where the BLACKS have trodden before. He may not be a politician, but he is a powerful voice in both his words and songs. The detractors’ criticisms and foul language, doesn’t even make me sad —- for it now means that even Adam’s fans is starting to be ” a force to be reckoned with”. We can only say, “Thank you for all the attention !”

  10. Evette #419 says:

    This is a little off topic but I need your HELP! I signed up for ADAM’s official fan club to get the password to buy a ticket early to the Wilkes-Barre performance on June 4, but I neglected to check the correct box so I won’t be getting the e-mail. Does anyone know how to go back in and check the boxes on my sign in or does anyone have the password? The Kirby sells to members first and then Wednesday fan club members get to purchase there tickets. I’m afraid by Friday when tickets are sold to the public they’ll be all gone…..I NEED a ticket to this show!!!! Thanks!

    • Post a new thread and ask for help, I think it is RMGED who takes care of all these things.
      As always with email it i not waterproof. I got the email as most members did but many others didn’t. I sure hope I will get it this week as I am planning on going to the Norfolk Concert

  11. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Wow, the audio quality sucked, but the video rocked. It was fabulous getting a sneak peak at his dancers and choreography… and that walking stick… it’s a little bit like a replacement for a pole dance. Wow, the way he moves. AUGH!!!

  12. G-A-Y means the GAY ???.. or it’s the short form of something else ???