Adam Lambert performing Black Dog by Led Zeppelin at the Zodiac Show

Adam comes in a 1:30, great performance:




  1. i LOVE his hair like that!

  2. Jajaja do you noticed the first singer? he is wearing the same shoulder shield adam used when he performed with kiss 🙂

  3. Wow what a voice….in this one a loved the first black guy’s voice so groovinggggg….adam’s was to high but still love him although i dont prefer taht image for him.

  4. You gotta be kidding me Lola, Adam’s part in that song was designed to be sung super high just like he did, and Adam knocked it out of the ballpark. The way they put the whole stage show together was brillant and showcasing the different singers like they did was an awesome way of really getting the “story of the song” across. Now, had he sung the whole song by himself in that range it would have been overkill and I’m certain he wouldn’t have done it that way. Adam’s “Whole lotta love” performance is a good indication of how he would have approached Black Dog as a solo. I also think that Adam is hot as hell no matter what “image” he is sporting. I have really noticed that “his look” or as you refer to it, “his image” is almost always designed to be specific to the performance he is doing and I actually think that’s what helps make him so EXCITING.

  5. Oh to turn back time just abit…..I had never heard of the Zodiac Show until ADAM. I’ve been in LA several times, and just wish I had known about it then. I definitely would have gone. The Zodiac performers are all so talented, both voice and dance wise. Just think, I might have seen ADAM then. The Zodiac Shows are absolutely fascinating and spectacular! Just wish I had known about them.

    ADAM looked wonderful, sounded wonderful….but wasn’t on long enough!!! I could hear him in the background with his powerful voice, but wanted to see more of him. I’m soo grateful that he decided to audition for AI, and look how far he’s come. He can do anything…any style of music and appearance. ADAM is perfection!!!!

  6. Mr adam lambert is a succesful guy.I wish best things for him.