Adam Lambert performance on Letterman (Full on High Definition)

Just please don’t give up on him Jeanette, he won’t let you down:


Sorry if I sound like a broken record but this is what he does best, fronting a band.

I’d like to feature a comment from colorforadam below: “If I understand the schedule right, last night on Letterman was taped about 2pm on Monday, less than 24 hours after the AMA’s. Adam had probably just had a plane ride and and a shower, thus the soft, fluffy hair) and was in front of the camera. He probably had no clue how that audience was going to respond to him (they were great!!!) and CBS was probably not ready to have anyone interview him. Letterman has been very “flat” and hesitant lately since his life has been rudely filet dissected on the media. Adam’s strength and delivery of that beautiful song was even more amazing, considering the time, than what we saw on Wednesday morning. That incredible song has served him well and he delivers it with such passion.”

Thoughts? Comments?



  1. Adam looked and sounded great on Letterman. (Love it when his hair is down.) I liked the overall look of his band too. “Whataya Want From Me” was the perfect song considering the past couple of days. I thought that David Letterman was especially nice to Adam. Often times he seems so disinterested and robotic when he thanks a group for performing….not tonight!

    • All I could think about was how hot, but vulnerable, he looked when singing on Letterman. It was before he knew exactly what the fallout would be, so no matter how unapologetic, rightfully so, he is, he’s new, his future is on the line, and he literally sang his heart out. He looked fabulous. I, also, love this look. I always wish I had a TV that had multible screens so I could put him up with different looks……….. this look, the LMEY video, something like Ring of Fire, and If I can’t have you. He is a man of many faces and looks, but the voice, that is the same.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I think ADAM’s cd has got to be the best music of all the idols that has ever come out of AI. Of course, he is the best idol to ever come out of AI. I could watch his performance over & over, but I take it one at a time, because the effect he leaves me with after one performance, lasts forever! I am truly indebted to this man because of the happiness that he instills in my heart.
        I am forever an ADAM LAMBERT fan, I will support him w/ whatever decisions he makes. ADAM entertaines me & I thank him for it.
        These recent performances are truly amazing nothing can top them. It’s because of the meaning behind them. I think Mr. Letterman actually enjoyed ADAM’s performance. Whoever didn’t, from that audience, is an idiot.

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          My love for Adam was put to a test this past weekend. I thought that was the last time I will be a crazy fan. But here I am still here, continued to follow him on show appearances wheter it is early or late night show. my loyalty and love for him is real! First love never dies!! Lol! I picked up his first CD with my son Nd his family. My son openly told me he is a homophobic which my daughter in law confirmed, but guess what? He was so impressed with all the songs in that CD. he said they were all different range and style. Adam was right, his CD was for everyone to enjoy. My granddaughter who is almost 4 y.o was singing and dancing the “what ya want from me” my son love it too. Ahh! Adam, now that you got everyone’s attention and the topic of most talk shows, then focus now on showing them your talent. Stop mow, you made us, the Glambs, so nervous and hysterical!

          • Me too. I was so scared after the AMA. I thought, “Oh, Adam, WHY?” I was afraid Adam had duped us into making him famous and was now exploiting our love for him for some agenda. I was so scared because I am a DIEHARD Adam fan. I was disappointed, but now I see the effect and I almost think it was ingenious. This antic puts him on the map and now so many people other than us will start paying attention to him. So, now that they are looking, he will get back to his music and talent and hopefully they will grow to love him too. But, I was devastated after the maso-sadistic performance. I thought, “this is not the Zodiac, this is America.” I feel so much better now. All of his interviews have been PERFECT and you are right, this song is so PERFCET to make a re-entry into our hearts. I love this guy.

      • open multiple windows on your computer, then pull up a bunch of videos 🙂

    • Re: Dave’s warm reception of Adam and his song, consider what Dave’s been going through lately in his personal life. Adam’s song surely resonated with Dave. You know Dave’s been asking his wife (and maybe himself as well), “What do you want from me?” every day for weeks but not as passionately or plaintively as Adam poses the question in this beautiful song.

      Adam’s performance was perfect but I think Dave was smitten by the song’s lyrics as well as Adam’s performance. “Whataya Want From Me” just became the anthem for relationships in trouble regardless of whether the partners are gay, straight, old or young. Gotta love it!

  2. puteri abdul says:

    oh dear… after 2hours of sleep the night before,
    and less than 3 hours last night, I need my energizer drink, but meanwhile I think I will let do with my adam’s theraphy..

    after cbs, love, love, love …….. the letterman…. whatdaya want now is confirmed to be in my list of favourites of adam’s song, and I just love how he delivers the song….adam is always best in giving his facial expression, and it just show on how he gets into character in every single lyric of his song.. vocal wise, beautiful… I FEEEEEEL it adam ..
    and after watching several other videos from youtube where adam was interviewed on mtv, and, I can rest myself assured that adam is A OKAY with all that has been happening to him..
    now maybe after this I can get proper sleep ?
    oh adam, you don’t know how much you have made people even half way across the world to get worried sick because of you..

    • puteri…you said it best! I was SO NERVOUS for ADAM on Sunday I couldn’t eat! Then after the performance I thought I was going to THROW UP! Was Up ALL night long on the internet trying to make certain he didn’t commit career suicide! Was not liking what I was reading! All day Monday & Monday night was phyciallly ill! Was SO mad @ ABC I wanted to strangle someone there! Thank GOD for CBS! I might have been charged w/ MURDER! Upon seeing some interviews from ADAM & the CBS performance I was feeling much better! Still surfing to find any interview I can from ADAM! Just need to know that he is O.K. w/ all the scrutinizing and hating out there! He SEEMS fine w/ everything…Like Michael Sarver said,”this isn’t his first rodeo”!
      Sending lots of LOVE & LIGHT to my incredible :”GLITTERY NINJA ALIEN FROM PLANET FIERCE”!
      I ADORE him w/ every fiber of my being!

      • Hi
        Thnak God for your words i thought i was the only person this upset it was my birhday yesterday but i spent last 4 days all night up reading if adam is /will be ok after AMA. I love him he is a star and a talent he could use a better PR person but i am forever faithful too.
        take care
        suzy from canada

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Adamsminsky, I has the same emotional reactions! Didn’t sleep at all that night. I was so bothered and disappointed! I am glad to find out I am not alone, you described exactly how I felt. I think most of us are slowly recovering from that harrowing experience. I’m also glad to see his mom was with him in NY. At least she’s there to give him emotional support for some extreme detractors. Did you see her when she was asked to come up the stage at the Today show?

      • I’m so glad it’s not just me…I have not been able to leave my computer. I could hardly get my Thanksgiving meal prepared. I had to know how it was going with our Adam. I feel so much better now.

  3. Waiting for Adam, waiting for Adam, waiting for Adam, c’mon Letterman, get with the program????!!!!!!!

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      ok..sorry, i am breaking line here i know. plz excuse the typing, remember, i am having to do this w/one hand for a while. i’ve tried hard to keep up w/all of you this wk thru the haze of pain meds. i’ve watched all tv interviews, u-tubes, anything ya’ll have submitted, and appreciate it so much. but, i found this site a few minutes ago. it is a potpourri of things happening w/adam this wk. you guys may have seen it already, for those who haven’t, like me, you will love it. it seems to be adam at his most comfort level i have seen thus far this wk. it is Adam Lambert with SIRIUS XM’s Larry Flick…adam is in the studio live w/him….my heart could not go out to him more…..i luved the ama performance, after i shook my head, and picked my jaws up off my chest…received my cd on 23rd, love it…happy turkey day e-one…blessings 2 all…nancy

      p.s. theresa, i was too…felt safe jumping in your space…hope all is well for you dear.

      • Yes, Nan, I am a happy camper. Adam’s AMA performance did not affect me quite as much, maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s because I’ve heard and seen it all, over my 67 years.

        He’ll be just fine. He was gorgeous as usual on Letterman and I am sure will win over more hearts and minds the more he interviews. Also the album is so good, even the music critics say so, so it’ll carry him in a positive way all through 2010.

        Amazon is pokey with my three cd orders so I am still relegated to listening online, can hardly wait for a cd for the car. I’ve heard the factory made music is even better with his voice much clearer, good!

        Also we Canadians are still hoping to be able to order a deluxe editiion. If not we may have to ask our American neighbour Glambs to help us out.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          It is clearer Terry, amazingly so. Same in my IPod, cause I had to put it on there straight away. I just love it, oh so much. Are you surprised? He has just Strutted right through my head, I love it and now Soaked, oh I am that alright.

          Love to you Terry.

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Do you know that he is #4 on iTunes download in US and # 1 in Fiinland, hey US, we have to move him up to #1!

        • I have an extra collectors edition cd with exclusive photo book — I accidentally ordered two online. If you are interested, I paid $29.99 with shipping — will sell to you for what I paid. please email me @ if interested. BTW — the CD is so fantastic – I listen every minute in my home and car. I love ADAM!!!! He can do no wrong in my book! He is honest and a true artist — and such a sweetheart!!

          Glambert #2397

  4. Would someone please shut that Brooke Anderson on Showbiz Tonight up! She has a problem if she thinks that what Adam did on AMA is so bad. She should take a look at other shows on TV and in movies these days. I don’t even watch them they are so graphic and violent. Most kids would not even know what was going on with the show if people didn’t make such a big stink about it. It seems to me that they are purposely condemning Adam because they are jealous of his overwhelming talent and his sudden popularity. Adam’s true fans wll recognize that talent and stick by him no matter what.

    • she is 100% STUPID !!!!she said ” the other people on the ama’s ,had been singing longer than ADAM, so they earned the right to be nasty and over the top !!!!STUPID !!!!!!

      • Yes, she is stupid – Adam will overcome all this crap.

      • What a stupid comment to make, how on earth do this people earn the right to make such stupid comments. Fortunately there are a lot more people that love Adam, and loved that performance.

      • Maryann I also do not compute this “past experience, earn the right, sucessful career, sold lots of albums etc” stuff that is bandied about this week. What does an entertainer’s past experience or successes have to do with whether something they do in the form of entertainment is worthy, proper or acceptable anyway?

        Even that stinks of hypocracy, if you are a ‘good, long-lived ‘ entertainer, then your behaviour can be anything you wish it to be, but if you are a newby it cannot???? crazy!!

        This in itself will be a topic batted around along with the whole duble standard thing, and keep us buzzing for months to come. Thanks Adam!!

        OH and Maryann, if you go to and follow the steps there you should be able to set yourself up for a Glamb #. then return to that page a few days later and scroll down and your number should be filled in.

        Good luck!

        Terry in Vancouver

    • AdoringAdam says:

      GAYLE, you can write to ShowbizTonight and voice your complaint. It is very easy. I wrote last night after hearing Brooke Anderson go on and on about Adam as if he had murdered someone on the stage that night. I think she is trying to ruin his career. As a parent I agree with Adam that shows like the AMAS should be screened before young kids watch them. The entire show was loaded with a lot of sex and some violence. I wonder what children thought watching Janet Jackson grabbing a guy’s crotch. I wasn’t crazy about what Adam did but it’s time to move on.
      Adam was great on Letterman.

      • I had to laugh when one lady at work said that crotch grabbing is a Jackson thing so it’s to be expected! HELLO! So that makes it OK? Gimme a break!

    • Penny Curtis says:

      I agree. What has happened to so called family hour, it`s full of swearing sexual talk, come on people lighten up..

    • I was so pissed off last night watching ShowBiz Tonight, and listening to Brooke Anderson … OMG It was totally uncalled for….She must have some real hangups because she just won’t let up on ADAM. There was a guy there (can’t remember his name) that was trying to stand up for ADAM, but Brooke’s screechy, shrill voice kept talking over the guests. She just wouldn’t let up to the extreme! I tried to let off some steam by dumping my feelings in an email to Terry! Why can’t this furor stop over ADAM…it’s been 4 days and it seems as though the haters are getting the voice on tv instead of ADAM lovers. We know that ADAM is loved….why isn’t that focused on more! I’ll bet that some of the tv people/shows are afraid that the haters will turn on them too….and these people are trying to stir the pot to get ratings up for their show (or so they think).

      I am going to contact ShowBiz Tonight and request that they move on and shut up about ADAM! I’d rather hear nothing than hear this crap! CBS had ADAM on 2 different shows, and ADAM was wonderful! ABC definitely wouldn’t give him the chance to show himself other than that AMA show, and I think I’ll contact them also to say what hypocrits they are…….I’ve said this before, but they have a soap that has a gay male couple that kiss (not a peck) each other, and there is sexual suggestions when they take their shirts off and the suggestion of bedroom scenes goes on! This soap is on afternoon daytime hours (2pm) What does that say about ABC? Soaps contain nearly naked people in bed making love like there’s no tomorrow, but that’s okay? Also during the daytime hours!

      My personal feeling is that ADAM is a human being, and I can’t believe that this negativity isn’t bothering ADAM, and maybe even scaring him. He has feelings like everyone else, and had expectations of great publicity and a wonderful step to a career that he was so hopeful for.
      ADAM is a sensitive, loving person and this just isn’t what he anticipated. Yes, he said he is different and believes in free expression and wants to entertain us, but feelings are feelings.

      Look at all of us….we all love ADAM, we get ADAM, but we never expected this backlash! I’ll stand by ADAM, still love and respect him, and spread the good word about him

      • Jaberone, I don’t think the debate will settle down for a long time. It has now evolved to being an issue for all viewers, that of the hypocracy regarding various TV shows and what is allowed, not allowed, and the so-called family viewing time. I thought that ended at 10 pm anyway? Jay Leno’s show is now at 10 and it has a few riskee moments like it used to at 11:30, I dont see much change.

        I plan to contact Showbiz right now!


        • AdoringAdam says:

          I think all of Adam’s fans should complain about Brooke Anderson and ABC. We should let them know how we feel. My daughter told me there were many complaints to ABC about cancelling his appearance. I wrote to ABC and called them Hypocrites. Has anyone ever watched the award winning show THE VIEW and listened to the ladies talk about sex? The show is on at 11AM!!!! I no longer watch it. In fact I am boycotting
          all shows on ABC. It might not do much but it is my way of showing support for Adam.

    • Gayle, now THAT got to me far more than any of the other kerfuffle going on this week. She and her show love to stimulate responses but you are right, she has not done her homework. Maybe it’s her homones as she gave birth not long ago and is likely still in her ‘protective mother’ mode.

      This issue of equal rights for men and women, the whole double standard thing will be raging all through the year to come IMO. Adam in his own way has spearheaded this debate. Many American viewers need to grow up a bit and develop broader minds.

  5. LOVED Adam’s band on Letterman – really wonderful energy, fun song, lots of extra meaning for me too. Thought he handled all the interviews today REALLY well, and he is just so adorable. Especially enjoyed The Early Show, and Sleazak interviews. Can’t wait for his concerts! Still can’t decide my favorite song on FYE…gotta go listen again…

  6. AdamAddict says:

    OMG,I want to throw up!No no, not because of Adam.I’m not feeling very well today but I know Adam in Letterman and know they already post in youtube.So,wake up and look for it.Watching him singing make me feel better.I think I swallowed my vomit once just now.LOL!!He is so awesome.The look,the voice…beautiful!I’m going to have panadol and then google Adam some more. 🙂

  7. Did he change the lyrics? I don’t remember the opening lyrics to have ‘Yeah I’m a Freak’

  8. OMG…He’s so amazing… did you see when he sang “I’m a freak, but thanks for loving me” he was so intense…I love him also as an actor…I’m hoping he’ll be on Glee soon…and maybe in some movies…

    • Me too…..I’d love to see him on Glee or ANYTHING !!!

      • Glee cast love him! Ryan Murphy, the series creator, would love to have Adam on board…and Adam loves Glee…Fingers cross!

        • I LOVE GLEE!Cindy recomended to me and I’m hooked.If Adam be in it…..OHH EMM JEE!!!But I don’t want him to play as himself,I want a character maybe funny one make for him.I love what he did in Best Week interview.OMG,please be true!!! 🙂

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      That is my favorite line in WWFM! Absolutely a very stunning man! Even if I didn’t know who he was, he is still incredibly gifted & very handsome. Just beautiful!! Top 10 most fascinating people, with an interview w/ Walters, how incredible is that ?! DEC 9th !


        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          found it on twitter, I don’t know how to download links & paste. Sorry!

        • The Barbara Walters Special is 12/9 at 10/9C and sorry to say on ABC!!!! Barbara on the View made a remark about him being such a pleasant young man…or something like that. Joy is also a fan..wonder what Elizabeth thinks…but who really cares!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        I love what ya want from me song! Will be lover’s quarrel theme song.
        “don’t give up on me. . .” my son starting to dig it. He and his wife had a little spat and he always say to her ” what do you want from me?” now he seemed relating to the song.

    • I loved when ADAM’s eyes rolled and the look on his face when he sang….soooo cute and sassy!!!

  9. leilani aloha says:

    Bravo Adam!!!
    Fantastic vocals & great band too!!!
    Love this song, Adam sang with so so much feelings, love it , love it
    just AWESOME!!!!

  10. jahs (Glamb #376) says:

    Adam and his band looked and sounded great!
    David Letterman was very gracious and seemed genuinely glad to have him on his show.
    Also, was great to see Adam’s mom showing her support on The Early Show. Such a great mom! I relate to her age-wise and in the fact that I have sons Adam’s age and can only imagine how hurtful it would be to have a child picked apart the way some have done to Adam.
    I am not saying people shouldn’t have their own opinions of the AMA performance, but some of the things being said are so very cruel.
    Hope the fact that there are those of us who love him for the wonderful talent and kind human being he is will be a comfort to Adam and his mom. Actually, comfort may not be the right word, but that we support him through all this controversy.

  11. If I had kids, I would much rather them watch Adam than the violent movies that are on today–even on TV. Do parents think their kids don’t know about this stuff??? Come on, now!! Keep it up, Adam, great performance!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Yea , kids are into sex as young as 12. Local area, kids portraying sexual acts on a school bus ,acouple of years ago. It’s sad!!!


  13. LOVED ADAM on Letterman, he looked great and sang great and the band looked great….just wish Dave had talked to him for a little bit …..

  14. Silvana/Argentina says:

    As I always say, I have to wait till after work to see this performance, but I’m sure it’s awesome as always.
    But I’m posting just to thank you Dreamsound for the amazing job you are doing all these days, with so many things going on. Love your faith in our Adam. Never doubted him, not for a second.

    Love to you, besos,

  15. i already got the HD version of the show. so cool! loved his performance!

  16. AdamRocks! says:

    Adam Rocks!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  17. Beautiful performance and lyrics to follow up the AMA’s. Still adoring me some Adam.



  19. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    does anyone know how to complain about Brook Anderson, I agree with all the things u guys said about her, she needs to just shut up, she is ignorance gone to seed!!!!

  20. If I understand the schedule right, last night on Letterman was taped about 2pm on Monday, less than 24 hours after the AMA’s. Adam had probably just had a plane ride and and a shower, thus the soft, fluffy hair) and was in front of the camera. He probably had no clue how that audience was going to respond to him (they were great!!!) and CBS was probably not ready to have anyone interview him. Letterman has been very “flat” and hesitant lately since his life has been rudely filet dissected on the media. Adam’s strength and delivery of that beautiful song was even more amazing, considering the time, than what we saw on Wednesday morning. That incredible song has served him well and he delivers it with such passion. UIMA,babe

  21. Penny Curtis says:

    Adam does rock and i love him, the letterman performance was awesome, i really like that song.I wonder when they will start playing his videos on tv? I seen the video FYI and loved it.

  22. oh, ok;p i thought they were supposed to chat… anyway that performance was more than enough and truly heartfelt… love ya, adam!

  23. What a fantastic performance. WOW. He is just amazing. Simply amazing. To all the doubting Thomas fans, I hope that you can all see that Adam isn’t going to apologize for being himself. He is going to rock this joint and I, for one, admire him for his strength and sincerity! GO ADAM!!!!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Me too admiring his strength and courage. Always by his side. GO ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Great performance…ADAM looked great and loved the band!

  25. Love Adam’s performance here…this is the Adam I love! After the AMA shock, I am falling in love with Adam all over again!

  26. Okay, I am not one of the inner circle on the website, but I feel the need to have my say to any of those who have deserted because of the AMA’s. First of all, I am OLD, so I’ve been through the Elvis, Stones, Tom Jones, Bowie times. Yes, perhaps our “angel” did not live up to our every expectation, but if he was your pregnant daughter, would you throw her out? If your son got a DUI in is 17th birthday, would you disown him? I certainly hope not. I used to teach high school and saw this happen too many times. Adam is his own man, not our puppet. He will make mistakes, or at least in our eyes they are mistakes, but 99.5% of the time, he WILL live up to our expectations, even though that is not his job. You have every right to bail out, but if you did so on the basis of one performance, you need to do a reality check. Have you never disappointed someone,not lived up to someone’s expectations? All I want to say is that Adam is more honorable, honest, and dedicated to his craft than any performer I have ever seen, so maybe think again about giving him a break. Even he said that he learned from this experience. Can we all say the same?

    • So well said, Carrie J – and that is why our kids go on being amazing and inspiring to us even when they are grown, because we loved them even more in the tough times. He has that from his parents and IT SHOWS!!

      • I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to write a letter to his parents and tell them what a fabulous job they have done. We all like to hear that once in a while.

        • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

          Carrie, I am old also….LOL I love Adam and would love to commend his parents on their wonderful job of acceptance, guidance, unwavering support. Is there a way to write to Liela?

        • CARRIE, ADD ME TO THAT LIST! It’s too bad we don’t have access to Leila’s twitter, as we do for Drakes’ and Kris’s moms. One person we can access is his brother Neil at negative neil.

          Like you, Carrie, I had a long teaching career, mostly high school, and worked with teens in trouble as well. You are right, we all need to step back a bit and look at the wider picture. It puzzles me, those who said, now they would not buy his album. Why not?

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      ADAM has always given me FAR more than I could imagine or expect, as a performer and as a person. The truth is, and I’m not trying to start any kind of arguments here, still can’t see any mistake from him so far. I’ve replayed his performance last night, and I still find it not offensive comparing it with other performances of the AMA, and what anyone can watch onTV, nowadays. And I’m not a girl, I’m 53.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Carrie, you are saying what I have been (spouting sometimes) saying since the AMAs.
      But come on, don’t say that you are old. Old is a state of mind and by the sound of it you don’t fit into that category. I am 56.

      As a side note, I have just received an email from a friend, an article in one of our newspapers, here in New Zealand has an article about Adam’s performance on the AMAs and how he is not going to apologise, good for him, he has nothing to apologise for. But the reason I am telling you this is because ADAM IS IN THE NEWSPAPERS HERE IN CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND. Fantastic. Plus there have been ads on TV for his CD. Haven’t seen any of the others including Susan Boyle advertised here, but Adam is. Cool.

      Okay, sorry about that I got completely sidetracked. Anyway Carrie, stop saying you are old, because you don’t sound old to me. And welcome to our site by the way, it is lovely to have you here.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      So well said Carrie. You have brought tears to my eyes.

      • Hi Helen, where have you been??? I was just about to send out an SOS – hope you’re okay! Mmmmmmmmmmwah

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Ingrid
          Still here sweetie, just been really busy, but trying to keep up with all the news–boy what a week!
          Love ya!

  27. I love how he looks straight at his band mate that he KISSED on the AMA’s and says the lyrics “Just don’t give up on me” ……..that was cute, like it was directed towards him saying sorry for possibly embarrasing you on national tv with an unrehearsed “shock factor” kiss.

    • Cheryl my dear friend,

      I am speechless, it is sooo goood see ADAM on TV, listen to him on radio interviews, in all media…it is really a dream come true not only for ADAM but for us too.
      He is so , so, so, so EVERYTHING, is not it ?
      Did you pay attention on the lyrics of the songs A LOADED SMILE ? and PIC U UP? They are so beautiful and sensitive as all the songs in his CD, it is really really difficult to choose a favorite, they all are my favorites… ADAM IS PERFECTION AT ALL.

      Best Regards

      Evelize – GLAMB 80

  28. it’s right after 2:41 ish

  29. waveridergal says:

    Loved Adam’s performance on Letterman. Well, and it was an Adam day. Early morning Adam and late evening Adam. Pretty cool. Actually I was glad that Letterman did not interview him. That way, the FOCUS of the appearance was Adam’s incredible voice and performance.

    • Exactly right. No interview necessary. Adam’s performance of this song speaks for itself.

      We need to put the AMAs behind us and move forward. I think Adam knows he let his performance get the best of him. If anything, the AMA performance definitely split Adam from the American Idols group. We will never look at him and think of Idol, that’s for sure.

      • Exactly, but Adam saved American Idol, and their heads are probably spinning around in a foggy mass of confusion now.
        Albert Einstein said:” Life is like riding a bicycle, you have to keep moving to keep your balance.” Just got to let Adam know we can’t wait to see what he will do next.

  30. This was awesome, Adam Looked Great, outfit, hair, jewlery – everything flawless – Adam sang this perfectly. Adam and the Band AWESOME. I didn’t like David’s response to Adam. Almost like he purposefully didn’t want to say anything to him on the air. Not even good job, or u guys sound wonderful. Yes Adam everyone falls prey to the Marketing Media. Boo for Letterman.

    • te_amo_adam Glamb #75 says:

      I’ve watched Dave long enough to disagree with you here. When Dave doesn’t care for the band he doesn’t even get up from his chair. Here he said, “it’s a pleasure to meet you and held up the CD, mentioned the title and wished everone a Happy Thanksgiving. ” Adam will be back and then Dave will have no choice but to talk to him ‘cuz Adam will be too hot then. Just give it time. We Glambs want everyone to be as hyped as we are and America is very slow to catch on. Go over to Europe, and they’re miles ahead of us with enthusiasm!

    • Oh no, Letterman got off his ample ass.esst to go over to Adam-he was impressed.

  31. te_amo_adam Glamb #75 says:

    OK the derailment is over…we’re back on track with this one. Keep moving forward Adam and heed the lesson! Thank you CBS for being above and beyond the nonsense!!

  32. Loved this performance!!!! So heartfelt & moving in the wake of the previous nite’s brouhaha. Sure hope lots of viewers stayed to the end of Letterman to experience this! Thank you CBS for giving us this & The Early Show performances (eat your hearts out GMA & ABC!)….The haters will never be satisfied…some are tone-deaf, some are jealous, some are homophobic…& some secretly CRAVE ADAM & just can’t admit it…IMHO!!!!! Cut ’em loose, Adam, cause they’ll never be your fans…WE HERE ARE your TRUE FANS…and will be WITH YOU on your journey where ever you lead us!!!!

    ADAM, YOU ROCK!!!!

    Candace Glamb#388

  33. Kudos for Adam and the band! I love this kind of performances, when he is just pouring his talent and soul. Another thing I notice is how different the lead he is taking as a pop rock band. Most of the lead singers similar to this genre often lean on a guitar or other instrument( like matthew bellamy or david cook) and Adam is just pretty awesome working the stage with nothing else but his vocals and charm 🙂 Keep it coming Adam!

  34. Another thing…In retrospect, I think if they’d released this song, WWFM, or Pick U Up if they’d wanted a dancey-club song, as Adam’s first single, we wouldn’t be having all this controversy & overblown hypocritical “outrage”. The sexually charged lyics of FYE left Adam with a pretty raunchy choice of video (which I think is FABULOUS, BTW!) & racy AMA performance as his “debut” to his post-Idol career. By choosing FYE, Adam WAS making a very strong statement..”Be prepared, I’m nobody’s angel” & “it’s gonna get rough for you!”

    I’m sure he knew exactly what he was doing with FYE & was prepared to take the heat..though I do think some of the hotter moments of the televised AMA act were “in the moment” & not pre-planned or rehearsed. He’s stated that he got carried away & forgot his TV audience…realizing right at the end that “Uh-oh, what did I just do?” I’m sure he’s learned from this whole thing & won’t repeat THAT on national TV…BUT, anything can & will happen at concerts, I’m sure….probably NOT a venue for the kiddies or closed-minded prudes. Let’s leave the AMA thing in the rearview mirror…Like road-kill, it’s a dead issue.

    Our boy has handled himself so beautifully in his interviews…he’s so intelligent & articulate, charming, open, funny, insightful, strong, gutsy & charismatic…not to mention just GORGEOUS & too yummy for words! Am so proud of him…as his adorable Mom is, too! He will be FINE!! GO ADAM!!!! The universe awaits you & you will TRIUMPH!!!

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Oops..I meant “If I Had You” for a dance/pop/club sounding single. Realized my error while listening to FYE CD in car on the way to New Orleans for T-G dinner yesterday. Also realized that SO MANY of the songs on this album could have WOWed the AMA audience…Can’t wait to see Adam perform the…ON TOUR in 2010!!!!


    This link from the Chicago Tribune (hopefully not already posted?) talks about previous history of entertainers ‘pushing the envelope’ or shocking the viewers… history is merely repeating itself.

  36. ABC is in trouble because of ADAM!
    A Lynchburg non-profit is going after a TV network for broadcasting what it calls a “lewd and filthy performance.”

    Here is a press release issued by Liberty Counsel:

    Washington, D.C. – Liberty Counsel has filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission against the American Broadcasting Company (“ABC”) for airing an outrageously lewd and filthy performance by Adam Lambert on November 22, 2009 during the 2009 American Music Awards. Among other things, Lambert simulated oral sex, simulated digital penetration, simulated sadomasochistic conduct and engaged in homosexual open-mouth kissing.
    read in full:
    after 3w:

  37. He is Incredible!!! I respect and trust his artistry. Never be shocked but PROUD!

    Thank You Adam Lambert!

  38. I am from the Philippines and I am listening right now to your video of Adam in the Letterman show. Love him so much and my heart aches for him. I am so touched and moved by how he sang the song and I feel like he is reaching out to us and telling us something. I cant help it but I am crying right now . I have read all comments about how he is being criticized for his AMA performance by tv newscasters. Pls, pls, pls, go and complain about this …they should stop doing this to Adam…so hypocritical of them. Adam needs his fans now, more than ever…

  39. Adams performance on Letterman was superb! He displayed so much passion in his singing. It was wonderful. The words in the song say it all. He’s working it out and I wont give up on him. Never did. He’s human not perfect. Good God people move on. Let him entertain us.

  40. Sherry K GLAMB # 444 says:



  41. OhSweetOne says:

    Glam # 534 I so love Adam too. I always will. He ranks up there with Jon Bon-Jovi for me. They are the two best singers around. No one else compares. Well for me Elvis is in the mix, but he is deceased. But living in this day and age. Adam is top notch. His performance on Letterman was great. He is great in all he does. As long as he has us, he will b OK! We will keep writing and letting him know we are all behind him. I also didn’t mind his ama performance. I knew his stage act, fit the song. Just wish he hadn’t slipped like I do. I do it a few times a year. Man I always seem to get hurt a little when I slip. Of Course I am a tub o’ Lard and I make big thud when I fall. ( lol ) No kidding. Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! Happy Black Friday to all.

  42. Gina, Glamb #552 says:

    I was at the taping for the Letterman show. I was there around 2pm to see if I could catch him arriving through the side door where the guests enter. Adam was already inside rehearsing so I was deflated that I missed him. There were 2 tapings that day. Adam’s show was the second taping which started at 6pm. His mother was sitting behind me and we briefly spoke in the lobby afterwards. When I left the building to go to my car I was very lucky that Adam came out. He came over and took a picture. Security had fans across the street behind a barricade. After I took my picture which I look horrible because my eyes are so wide open in shock, Adam went across the street and signed autographs. He was extremely nice and humble and constantly said thank you to everyone regarding whatever they told him. I must say that I am still in shock as he made my birthday that day the best! He has such an aura that I cannot describe. Never in my dreams did I think I’d have met him in person standing arm-in-arm to take a picture. He truly impressed us New Yorkers. All people were saying after he left was how nice he was.

    • Dreamsound, please help Gina – want to see how she went gaga when she saw Adam! Gina, you are one lucky lady! Mmmmmmmmmmmmwah

      • Gina, Glamb #552 says:

        Ingrid – You will crack up when you see me – My eyes are popping out of my head. I look like Marty Feldman!

        • Gina, I understand completely – Adam has that effect on one! I would probably lose my speech. Mmmmmmmmmmwah

  43. So glad to read that all of Adam’s true fans have put the past to rest and are looking forward to the future. I was also so dissapointed in the AMA performance but when I hear the new cd, all of the dissapointment just left me! How can I stay mad at Adam for this one thing? The fact is that I can’t. His album is all that he promised and more. The true Adam was on display at the Early Show(didn’t they do such a fantastic job?) and again on Letterman. I just fell in love all over again! He has put so much joy into my life and Yes Adam, you DO make me want to listen to Music Again! He is truley fantastic!

  44. Rember Elvis Presley? The same silly banter was said about him after he shaked his booty and wiggled his legs–it is the same wackos who are now talking about one of the BEST vocalist that has come onto the music scene since the front runners like Elvis, The Beatles, Freddie Mercury & now ADAM. STFU you winers who are talking about Adam..

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Elvis posed a bigger threat to the establishment (white!) of that time than just the hip-shaking…His biggest “crime” when he first started out, & what kept him from getting airplay on a LOT of radio stations, was that he was singing music that he’d heard in the Mississippi BLACK bars & blues clubs he loved….”Rock ‘n Roll”. He was breaking the COLOR barrier, a huge taboo especially in the South, & exposing white teenagers to that very earthy, sexual beat & rhythms. The “powers that were” back then tried very hard to ban his music & blacklist him from the radio, but his fanbase kept growing & growing til the Elvis “tsunami” engulfed the opposition. This is what will happen with our ADAM…his talent & charismatic aura WILL NOT BE DENIED….Watch out world…CATACLYSM ADAM is rolling your way…Nothing you can do can stop him or his adoring fans!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Very good point! I can see what you are saying. In ADAM’s case, a breaking down of a sexuality barrier, dunno, just thinking.

      • LIBRALAMB…..YOU SAID IT ALL….I’ve been a life-long Elvis fan and I remember all that controversy surrounding Elvis back then…”a white guy that SOUNDS like a black man”….OMG…..what are we going to do with him???? Newscasters even called Elvis “the devil” back then….luckily I had a Mother who also loved Elvis and she let me watch him on TV….lots of my friends were not allowed to watch him….

        ADAM will have us fans backing him ALL THE WAY TO THE TIPPITY TOP OF STARDOM !!!!

        ADAM has the same humble, likeable, sweet personality that Elvis had with a sexiness and appeal that can’t be matched…they’re two of a kind….they’re CHARISMA IS UNDENIABLE !!!

    • Laguna Deb
      You are so right…… your explanation. AND definitely STFU to those a******* outhere with absolutely no idea. Go boil your head guys and leave the fun to us.

  45. Did anyone hear Kathy Lee Gifford call him a “liar”? Can’t recall exact words but the big mouth said “with all the rehearsals he knew exactly what he was doing”. Wouldn’t you think, with what she went thru with her husband’s affair she’d keep her big mouth shut????
    I agree with ADAM the only change I’d make in the performance was “he’d sing it better”.

  46. Rock GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Simple……
    We love you in the UK Mr L. Keep on doing your thing. God bless.

  47. Okay ADAM, after assessing all the aftermath, yes you’re a freak but we stil love you.
    This is one of my favorite songs on FYE album.
    WDYWFM is more relevant and meaninful now.
    Enjoyed this vulnerable, expressive, and almost emotional performance.
    It’s the most replayed on my playlist along with Music Again.

  48. Need/want/lust after a DVD of ALL his performances so I can feast my eyes and ears.


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