Adam Lambert Pays Tribute to His Inspirations on the IIHY Video Shoot

Adam Lambert spoke directly on his MySpace page about the video shoot for If I Had You. This was clearly written a while ago, but with Adam’s claim of the number 1 spot on this weekend’s VH1’s Top Twenty, it’s extremely relevant. Plus, you just feel so good reading directly what he had to say!

The “If I Had You” video shoot was something I had anticipated for some time. In addition to the fantastic beat and melody, the song’s lyrics are what really stand out to me about this uplifting jam. It explores all the glitz of life in celebrity culture but reveals how it can all be a facade without true connectivity to others. The message is one of Love. Over the past year, in addition to my unbelievable opportunities, I have also been faced with the unique challenge of staying positive in light of some critics and closed mindedness. My friends, family, and my devoted fans have been a key force in keeping me grounded. I wanted to make a video that paid tribute to the wonderful people who’ve inspired me to become the artist and spirit I am today.

Director Bryan Barber’s video treatment fit so perfectly with my intention! His vision was so clear! I was a big fan of his previous work and he was so easy to collaborate with. The type of gathering he wanted to re-create was one similar to the Burning Man Festival I have often cited as a major artistic turning point in my life. The impact of this experience has mostly to do with the eclectic community that it draws. About 5 years ago, after growing bored and unsatisfied with the cliché Hollywood “scene” I discovered this fascinating counter-culture of underground designers, performance artists and various bohemians. So we agreed to invite my real-life friends to be a part of the video!

To ensure an authentic representation of unique individuals, instead of using one stylist, everyone was asked to dress themselves however they desired. All we told them was: “Psychedelic tribal party in the forest!” One of the main themes I wanted to get across is that no matter your race, sexuality, age, or religion, we can all come together in the spirit of peace and love and have fun!

We shot overnight near LA’s Griffith Park and had a blast. I had way too much fun in my trailer getting styled. I was dressed in Galliano, The Blondes, and Skingraft. We fused high Glam rock with a boho-tribal-world traveler vibe. I’m lucky to work with such a creative glam team! I was also thrilled to feature my band, dancers and a special guest all of whom will be appearing on my upcoming Glam Nation Tour.

I believe that this video is the perfect follow up to the angst of Whataya Want From Me. If that song begged to ask the questions, this one joyfully gives the answers. Enjoy!


Oh Adam, I certainly do enjoy watching you have so much fun and getting to do things the way you want! Please keep giving us pure entertainment joy like this. And just in case you haven’t seen it enough, enjoy it again and again here!!

~ Carol – Glamb #7 ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. luv u

  2. If I had you adam that you’ll be the only thing I ever want

  3. I grew up in an age of counter-culture in Northern California, which sadly is all mostly gone now. We all kind of knew we were on the cutting edge of something bigger than all of us. The world Adam speaks of is unique in that people can be themselves– not many places left today. Adam’s video gave us back a moment in time, and perhaps gave younger people a taste of what it was like. I read where he likes London and hopes to live there someday. Perhaps, the warm reception he is getting on his tour, makes him feel more at home in America. We love you Adam and the things you represent. Just know that you are, unconsiously, breaking down barriers. A little counter-culture is good for every single one of us. Your video is one of the best I have seen in a good many years!!!

  4. I grew up in the 60’s and experienced all of the variety of life at that time. At lot of new thinking was developed back then and it still with us today and it is a major part of our music today. This is a great video…something different and so well done. The song is amazing and I am so glad it is #1 on Vh1 Top 20.

  5. its blocked 🙁
    wonder where i can see it

    • libraglam says:

      Where do you live? Why it is blocked? your internet blocked (some companies don’t allow people to access outside internet, esp, yahoo) ? and is it why you don’t have access to YouTube? send email to me at, i will help you to see it ( i have a way….. 😉

  6. Tondelao says:

    Is it my imagination but is that Alison Iraheta dancing with Adam towards the end of that video. An awesome piece of work.

    • libraglam says:

      Yeah ..if you look carefully she appeared 3 times in the video….she i s such a sweet girl…she loves Adam very much….and Adam also loves her.

  7. LatinaAdamLambertLover says:

    If I had u Adam– that would be THE only thing I’d ever need– honestly!!!
    U rock- I’m so thankful for your beautiful person, soul, personality and great looks!!!! Glamfan 4-ever!


    While I love watching the vid on youtube nothing compares to the bid hd flat screen. I taped the countdown as I new he was number one. Its a keeper!

  9. I haven’t been on myspace in ages and never would have seen this!! Thanks for posting this. It means so much coming directly from Adam, and you can tell he wrote it himself. Every time I watch this video, it moves me more and more. Thanks again!!

  10. Adam, We our so very very proud of you and this wonderful video that you made to share all of life’s differences and still have LOVE for others. You rock my world everyday!! I’m honored to be one of so many who love, admire and even worship you and all that is Adam Lambert!!!! I and my daughter get to actually see you in 9 days, we can hardly wait. Then my life will change even more so for the positive that energy you have given back into my life. I’m a “older” fan and so proud to be your fan!! Elly Glamb# 640 AdamsLady Forever

  11. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    Like I said before, ya gotta love him in the white jeans!! Yummy!

  12. leilani Aloha says:

    Heading to BALI for a few days from Singapore

    Here in Singapore they are playing Adam’s No# 1 hit ” IIHY” everywhere in malls, local village shopping centres, just AWESOME!!!!
    When we asked the salesperson if they liked ADAM<, they chorus & says ” YES! ADAM”S GREAT! SO SO SEXY & WITH A FANTASTIC VOICE” coming from kids to middle age!!!
    Yeh! Our Adam is world FAMOUS!!! & LOVED BY THE WORLD
    The Singaporeans are very excited he’s coming back to perform this time!!!

    Congrats ADAM!

  13. Leilani says:

    We’re off to BALI for a few days from Singapore:)

    Here in Singapore they are playing Adam’s No# 1 hit ” IIHY” everywhere in malls, local village shopping centres,
    just AWESOME!!!!
    When we asked the salesperson if they liked ADAM, they chorus &
    says ” YES! ADAM”S GREAT! SO SO SEXY & WITH A FANTASTIC VOICE” coming from kids to middle age!!!

    Yeh! Our Adam is world FAMOUS!!! & LOVED BY THE WORLD
    The Singaporeans are very excited he’s coming back to perform this time!!!


  14. Boy, does he understand what it is all about…..
    I am still reeling from two concerts last week. New visions, revelations,understandings, connnections, about myself and my work as a healer, they have all been magnified by seeing Adam perform life.
    His incredible Life Force Energy is beyond anybody’s who I know or have met.

  15. Off Topic. 11 minute Radio interview of Adam in Florida with 97.7
    (At the top of 97.7 web page)

  16. glambertgirl37 says:

    Awwwww…that is so beautiful!!I mean the whole concept of the video-brilliant!Just so simple and complex at the same time!One of the most powerful and most positive messages that one has ever put out there!!!!Adam, you’re a genius!!!

  17. I think Adam has known, since Idol and even before, just what he wanted to do once he got the platform. He is so grounded , but I can understand why he loves Europe. They love him for his voice, etc. Being gay does not even enter into it. We love talent, it’s as simple as that. That we witness
    Talent Extraordinaire is a big plus.
    Adam, thanks for not selling yourself short. We love you!!

  18. Marilyn says:

    Love my Adam…can’t wait to see him in Costa Mesa !!!

  19. Love you Adam 🙂