Adam Lambert Paints The Town, Twice!

Hello everyone, I finally have some time to get you your daily Adam fix!! I apologize for the delay, but with Adam being on a totally different time schedule than me, his night life falls smack into my actual “real” work time. This website is my “playtime”, so it sucks when my “real-life” job interferes with my playing time. Unfortunately, it technically messes it up for you guys as well. So, without further delay, allow me to present Mr. Lambert at play…
The first few pics are from his first night out. He was seen heading out with Samantha Ronson and her brother Mark, in Central London. Be sure and check out his outfit which included a leg-purse. Is there an official name for that?

pics via: JustJared



Take a look at these shots… can you say…GORGEOUS!!!! You guys know me by now, and I saved my favorite one for last… I guess it is because he lost the jacket, but it seriously took my breath away! Maybe it was the make-up, the eyes, the blue in his hair, the complete outfit, the jewelry, the silver nail polish, the face… maybe everything put together?? MUST BE!! Things like this make me sooo happy after a long days work… have I mentioned how much I LOVE THIS MAN?

The following excerpt is via: mj
~ Tonight, he and Boy George glammed it up for the cameras at Boy George’s new single launch party at the Merah Club in London.
After the epic meeting, Boy had some lovely things to say about Adam via twitter:
~×9na – With Adam at my party at some dreadful nightclub which pales into significance against meeting Mr Lambert!
~@adamlambert Hope to see you again before you leave! Enjoy our lovely land and knock em dead!







  1. Ask Cassidy Haley what the man leg bag thing is actually called, because it’s Skingraft! 🙂
    Adam looks soooo amazing and gorgeous! I’m so glad he met Boy George! That’s awesome!

  2. gorgeous!

  3. Libraglam says:

    Thnk you Sue, you do such a good job of giving us updates and pictures. I LUUUUV his “leg purse” and the pant. It looks very “scottish” !! Beautiful ! No need to say, his outfit at BG party is fabolous ! It’s COOOL !!

  4. I agree, best one for last! Thanks Sue for sharing.

  5. AdamAddict says:

    Adam In Oprah just aired yesterday in Malaysia.My sis and dad LMAO when who were surprised when Adam came from behind you.And my sis said that you looked happier&thrilled than your daughter!Go mommy 🙂 Dad actually laugh hard when you told story about how you got cramp neck coz calling with four phones!LOL!
    p/s:Love Adam’s plaid tight pants,very sexy!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Haha wasn’t that funny?? It really was a HUGE surprise, we had NO IDEA that he was going to be there. My poor girl was so shocked that she had tears running down her face the entire time! Adam even wiped them off for her and told her she was messing up her make-up! We both were in a complete state of shock the entire time because never in a million years would we have ever dreamt of something like that. He was simply gorgeous. I’m glad you finally got to see it!! Tell your dad, it was a TRUE story, lol!! Thank you for the kind words!!


  6. lamberghini says:

    I think I read that Cassidy Haley designed the “leg purse.” We could call it a glampouch, glamtote, glambag, glampocket, or the thigh-high carryall???

    • AdamAddict says:

      Is it really?I love it.I want to say I love that thing but I don’t know what that thing called so I just keep it to myself. 😛

      • AdamAddict says:

        Oh wait,U put ” to leg purse so U don’t know what that calls either!LOL! But I think it look cool! 🙂

    • Ima Ramorah says:



      quickdraw 😉

  7. DEE #458 says:

    THANKS SUE! Loved the pics….I agree….you saved the BEST for last! ADAM looks gorgeous, as usual! When does he ever not look fantastic ???? Love the peacock feathers….reminds me of his Indio Concert (I was lucky enough to be there) !!! Can’t get enuf of him !!!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      I think because his shirt was something different and new, it caught my attention. Granted he ALWAYS catches my attention… xoxo


  8. Judy Lushman says:

    I love how Adam always changes it up, keeping his look fresh for all his fans. Thanks Sue for posting these gorgeous pics and we all love you Adam.

  9. Cool,Adam is having a blast.

  10. Thank you again, Sue. I hope you know how much we all appreciate you for making it possible for us to see and keep up with Adam on his travels. Weall miss him so much.


    • lovemyadam says:

      To Judy, Lorraine, and Robin…
      YOU’RE WECOME!!!
      XOXOXOX. I can feel your love from here, so yes I know Lorraine!!


  12. thanks for the super images and updates.. Love idea of Adam meeting all the trailblazers..
    can you imagine when he meets with Bowie?
    He is so fun to watch here.. I check most eves..super with bedtime tea and chocolates!
    Rock on Adam!

  13. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Love the pink hat on Boy George! Adam looked totally handsome as usual. Hope he is having fun living out his dreams and meeting the great greats!

  14. Reem alamiry says:

    Thanks sue 4 everything for the big heart 4 all the things u do 4 us that makes our heart happy I love u xoxo

  15. I was watching the broadcast of the NASCAR race yesterday and it was mentioned that one of the drivers had dyed his hair black with blue highlights. I told my husband he must be an Adam fan. I hope Adam finds fans in NASCAR since that is a community that has always been known for being a good ole boys club. With a new generation of driver, including woman, like Danica Patrick, it is time for that image to change.

    • lovemyadam says:

      I wonder what driver it was?? I’d love to see if they’re on twitter!! I’d ask in a heartbeat!!


  16. Sue, the last is definately the best. In my opinoin it is because he has no “Boy George Distraction”. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Boy George back in the day, however next to Adam, I found him distracting. I seem to always love Adam by himself in all his own aura, no distractions, no one else to look at!

    Thanks for these!

  17. Sue, thanks so much for the photos. I also read via BG’s Twitter (finally signed up so I could follow Adam lol!) that he said Adam was “lovely,” the Brit way of describing someone’s charming personality, and also called him “a beauty.” Thanks BG for agreeing with us! You have excellent taste!

    Sue, do you know what his schedule is in GB? I’m surprised we haven’t seen any interviews yet, but I know I’m impatient – as usual when it comes to my Adam fix! Also, will he meet with Bowie?


  19. Hi Eileen , David Bowie has lived for some time in the USA in New York!
    As much as they have let known so far about Adams schedule, can be found on The Lambrits site w’s then (thelambrits . com )
    he is in Scotland from today promoting to radio stations working back down towards London . then off to Germany ! his single and C.D wont be on the shelves in UK until late April and early May. Imports from Japan are now breaking into the UK charts! ( so i heard)

  20. buffy522 says:

    Thanks for the post. But I am dying here on Monday CST, was expecting major great Adam coverage in London and all weekend is Samantha and Boy George photo. And a lot of negative comments, so it’s nice to be among friends at this site!! I have checked the UK fan site, but not much help. Where are videos? Radio interviews? I am confused and need a fix!!

    But I was reading a diet book, YOU on a Diet by Dr. Oz and Dr.Roizen. It is revised and been a #1 New York Times best seller for ages. So there is this Q&A section. Someone asks, “I have to watch American Idol, Lost and The Office in order to be in on the water cooler talk. How can I still lose weight?”(paraphrase) The Answer is, “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying Adam Lambert performing or Michael Scott goofing,…(they go on to say do some exercise during the entire commercial breaks). It was just another example of Adam’s mainstream pop culture status. They are assuming that everyone knows him and will get it. Love that. It was a refreshing pop in this “bleak weekend” of little Adam news.

    He is tweeting now. In Scotland already! And doing his usual shout out for new favorite music. So unselfish! Love y’all!

  21. Adam wowing the Scotts in a KILT !!!

    is he following the true tradition and not wearing underwear ????…..
    cue a strong gust of wind !!!!!

  22. ianaleah says:

    The last photo is my fave too, Adam is jaw-dropping gorgeous. I’d love to have a poster of this.Adam has more sense of style than any artist I’ve ever seen, bar none.

  23. Lovinlambert says:

    You are as good to us as Adam is to his fans! Thanks for the fix! I loved how he looked and I agree he always changes it up and looks so hot and current! And that makeup! Perfection! Adam has it down to an art and always looks impeccable! I thought the UK would have wonderful coverage for us but haven’t seen a whole lot yet which really surprises me. Japan and Singapore were great for helping keep us posted on things. Hope we see more soon and bless you and any others that help keep us supplied with our Adam drug! You rock! Thanks much!

  24. Evette #419 says:

    Wish I was as confident and cool as George & ADAM! They look fantastic!

  25. Hi Sue: Love the pics of course and all your articles of Adam. Thanks for all the hard work so all of us can have the enjoyment. I would like to know how I can get a glam #. I saw it once.

  26. sun-n-stars says:

    Sue, do you have any input to getting Adam to release more posters? I agree with ianaleah that the last photo would make for a fabulous poster. Thank you so much for always sharing with us. Also, Lady Gaga is coming to Charlottesville, VA this fall. Any word as to whether Adam might appear with her?

    • lovemyadam says:

      I would save it to a stick and then go to your local photo store and have them make you a poster!!
      I am glad you enjoy the info i’m giving you!! I love doing it, I hope it shows. There is no news as far as I know about him joining her. It would be a great show though, wouldn’t it?


      • sun-n-stars says:

        It definitely shows that you love what you do and I sincerely appreciate your efforts and dedication. I live way out in the country. The local photo stores (within a 50 mile radius) in the nearby major cities have all closed due to the economy so my hopes of obtaining a poster from them would be laughable! I agree with you that it would be a great show – off the charts if the two of them got together! I just hope that Adam will grace the East Coast with his presence.
        Thanks again!

  27. cheryl 334 says:

    Adam looks great, esp., my fave pic is the one with the silver shirt on and no jacket. Hot! Boy looks ridiculous, in my opinion. Why does he wear those fedoras when they are so unflattering??? He’s a joke, to me. Adam is the only reason for the pics. I saw these pics the other day on Gossip Candy. The thing with that site is that they are always pushing Kris at you and I do not care for Kris. He is no Adam, that’s for sure!!! But, thanks for the pics, anyway, Sue.

    peace-love-light-truth-fun 4 Adam.

  28. I would call that purse a ‘thigh-sporran’ 😉 Fantastic pics!!! Thanks xxxx

  29. Patricia Rose1 says:

    I like thigh-huggar myself but I might not be talking about the purse …
    Yes, I never stop being affected when I see his picture. Mind you, his voice does the same thing to me.

  30. Christine Douthirt says:

    Sue, Thanks for all you do for us!! I am glad you got to meet Adam, I didn’t know that was you until the comment above. I too got to meet him at Jingle Ball in Tampa. Somehow I managed to get a few minutes alone with him, got a hug, an autograph on my Rolling Stone and told him I loved him. He was so sweet and kind and really does make you feel like you are the only one when you talk to him. I got to stare in to that beautiful face from two feet away, a time I will treasure all my life. I am also older and have met Elvis Presley – Adam really is cuter. Again, Thanks for everything.

    • Wow, Christine! You got to meet Adam AND Elvis??!!! How lucky are you? That’s unbelievable!! I’ve seen Adam twice. Once at the meet and greet after Idols concert (had 8th row seats for that). Then the
      Ford Day Kradam concert on Sep.18th…no ticket, just went to venue and waited at the back door. He came out and got right in their van, so I followed him. Wanted him to sign my Rolling Stone also, but he apologized and said they were running late for the airport. So I just leaned into the van and asked if I could shake his hand and he obliged. Thanked him and wished him luck with his album. After they drove off, I realized I was shaking like a leaf!! Was so weird…like I’d met Elvis or the Beatles! I’m 55 and don’t totally understand the effect this beautiful boy has on me, but I LIKE IT!!! (And agree with you about Adam being cuter!)

  31. Iyleneidol09 says:

    Here’s a link of an article about the meeting of aging Boy George and our fresh as a cucumber Adam… I’m so happy that they are acknowledging the presence of the new Prince of Pop and Rock and Roll!!

  32. ADAM always so darn stylish……..Check for the dictionary defination of BEAUTIFUL….and you’ll
    come up purely with ………A D A M Genius Megastar of sheer and utter perfection…..continually
    known to cause massive explosions of glitter worldwide!!!!!!!…..causing an extememe High Blood Pressure warning!!!!!!!
    (and that is being conservative!!!!!) Ha!!!!!!!!

  33. So happy to see Boy George with ADAM. They’re like peas in a pod. I love Boy George’s “Love is love” song. His regard for Adam, is an affirmation of Adam’s status, like his equal or successor.

  34. sexi sexi me lo quiero comerrr

  35. I love Adam lamberts dress and his voice…and this picture of him with Boy George is awesome…I have Boy Georges records (from the 1st one) when he was with culture club, and I thought he was beautiful in those days, long ago…..
    I am a grandmother and great grandmother but still love to watch Adam and I plan on going to see him when he goes on tour…Seen him in K.C, Mo last year on the AI Tour…..He is like Elvis was pure sex……and they gave Elvis a hard time for a long time……
    I am waiting for Adam to be on the AI show, and beleive me it need it…..

  36. boy goerge is obviously a big influence on adam. they both enjoy looming good. maybe the whore who hacked boy goerge’s computer was adam……….. well cheers to two defiantly sucseasful ppl.

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