Adam Lambert (Original Song): Pop Goes the Camera (Radio Edit)

This is definitely something I would dance at a club. Shows how versatile Adam can be.



  1. richelle Barker says:

    Hey all, Here is what I think, I have a million and One words I could type. Adam Lambert, Is the best ever! He is the real deal. I knew from his audition that he was gonna win.. As, soon as I heard him sing, I said to my family he is the one.. I did it with David Cook as well.. Adam is just , well that much better.. He has personality, he is original and he can entertain.. At work we call him the Elvis of the future! To top it off.. he is drop dead gorgeous! So, His brother was typing a Blog and I was reading it and he said that everyone else might as well just go home.. and I totally agree.. I watch it just to see what kind of amazing performance he can belt out.. GO ADAM.. A huge fan In Canada!