Adam Lambert On X Factor

The crowd goes bananas for him especially after the song is done, the host seems genuinely happy to be interviewing him, but the judges… eh maybe not so much.
I think he was fantastic, and how awesome for the ENTIRE gang to be a part of it…

Adam Lambert – Australia – Xfactor/ KI55andTELL



  1. He looks delicious as always .I JUST LOVE HIM A LOT MY BABY ….KISSES

  2. love adam lambert-so handsome -he has great voice.

  3. Adamisamazing says:

    Very appropriate to have Adam on “X Factor” when he has that X factor himself big time! He gave a great performance. He was hot in many ways during the show! Glad the audience and host appreciates him. They were really excited to see him perform. He looked great. He’s so quick on his feet when asked questions in every interview I’ve ever seen. Beautiful man…oh, my. Wow!

  4. I thought he did a wonderful job!! He seemed so relaxed and I loved how he changed it up a bit. I know the song by heart and how he makes subtle changes etc,
    Didn’t quite get the reference to the judges though. Sue you said the judges “not so much” That the host and audience loved him. Did I mis something?
    Thanks for posting this…love it

  5. Another Adam video that I can’t stop watching. It’s just so up beat and of course beautiful. I think that Sue was seeing some very vanilla “looks” that the camera was picking up from the judges. But we really don’t know when those were filmed. I saw three of the four giving him a standing ovation, which is purty good to me! And the crowd knew what was going on!

  6. Amazing! That audience was screaming for him! Did you see his smiles to them? There is nothing like the excitement of him on his World Glam Nation Tour, but do you remember how exciting it was watching him every week on Idol? Thank you GLudwig for reminding me of that! I still can’t believe he was ever in the bottom 2!
    ~ Carol, Glamb #7 ~

  7. peggy Glamb #345 says:

    I watch every new Adam lambert video over and over again….always come back to this site….Great job sue…..

  8. He did amazing he changed a lot. I think he is starting to get tired and I think he voice is like on the brink of giving out. He been working so hard. Hopefully he will hold out till the end. What am I saying he will get threw if

    • JoAnne T. says:

      Hey Courtney! Yah, I did hear a bit of tiredness in his voice but he will pull thru. Gosh the travel times alone would exhaust me much less having to use vocals as much as he does. But he IS a true professional and tired as he may be; I can tell he’s having the time of his life!

      JoAnne T. (Glamb #497)

  9. He did look tired, and that’s certainly understandable getting in at 5:00 in the a.m. His face looked haggard and a little bloated–not surprising with all that flight time and that totally insane schedule. His management is trying to kill him. His voice was strong, but his overall performance was subdued, possibly intentially. He know this is going to be viewed all over the world, and everything was super conservative. His dancers certainly didn’t make the kind of moves we’re use to in his concerts, and Adam never did even one thrust, darn it. He has, what, 5 more concerts, and then a 2 week break before heading to Europe. How anyone can keep their focus, equilibrium and sense of humor with that type of schedule is amazing.

  10. Glamourclamor says:

    The judges were all probably thinking, how are we going to judge the talent after this. They did give him a standing ovation at the end of IIHY. Watching this performance, I was thinking about Paula’s remark about not watching the stage as your eyes are riveted on him. Even after watching this numerous times, I kept trying to watch dancers, band, etc., but eyes kept coming back to the golden boy on the stage. The announcer was very much an Adam fan, and a sweetheart. I think he keeps going because when he get on stage and hears the love it drives him. Besides he had ten years of busting his butt to get recognized. This has to be the best time of his life up till now.

    • I agree with you, the judges were probably hoping for some competition. Just don’t wanna be on after Adam Lambert. Love him so much xxx

  11. Lamchops50 says:

    SUPERSTAR! Amazing performance, as always. So happy you posted this!

  12. waveridergal says:

    Thanks LOVEMYADAM!
    What a great, clear video with super audio. Awesome. I’ve watched it over and over again!

  13. FlamingoLady says:

    His schedule is grueling, no doubt. He’s used to doing 8 or 10 shows a week with Wicked and other musicals, but adding the constant travel to that is exhausting just to think about. He’s young and strong and obviously loving performing, but I hope he gets some rest soon…especially so he can work on that new album!
    I was thinking today how I’d LOVE an Adam Christmas album, too….oh, that voice on those beautiful songs!!
    Thanks for the great video!

    • Glamourclamor says:

      Looking at his schedule, there seems to be about a ten day gap between Hawaii an leaving for Europe. Married band members can visit with families and the rest can have fun in Hawaii or California.

  14. It was an amazing video. So clear in picture & sound. His face did look a little fuller, but considering all the time he has spent on this tour & all the time changes he has gone thru, he is still the same amazing, captivating person that we all look forward to seeing. His upcoming 2 wk. vacation is well deserved. He has given his all for so many months, he does need some down time to sit back & relax. Can’t wait till he gets back in the states & starts recording a new album – once he has rested first of course. Go Adam!

  15. Leilani Aloha says:

    Adam Awesome as usual!!!
    A great natural born Entertainer!!!

    love love love his voice!!!

  16. I did see the judges standing when Adam was through singing….I wonder if they have any personality??

  17. Sue, this wide-angled and pristine video is the best so far of the Glam Nation videos. Even the striped jacket we have seen so many times seems extra dynamic . I always love seeing Adam strut briskly down the protruding extension of the stage to greet his fans who usually scream even louder.
    The birthday kiss Adam gave to Tommy ( NZ ) is a historical moment because this time is for real ! Not an act as in previous times.

  18. american and austrlia has diffrent perosnality. american is more empahsize and feel overhwelming australia are more keep quieter-a bet reserve. but the judges three of them standing up. styanding ovation for lambert.

  19. LuvAdam476 aka Gloria476 says:

    Thank you LoveMyAdam for this amazing video! The picture is crystal clear and Adam’s voice sounds perfect! I have watched this over and over again. Like Adam has said in a previous interview, he is LIVING HIS DREAM…the man is a TRUE PROFESSIONAL and always gives his all.
    I think the reason he (and the dancers) were a little more subdued was not from being tired, but performing on an Australian family show like AI here. Did you all notice the kids in the audience.
    As for the judges, who knows and I particularly don’t care what they were thinking. Their lack of enthusiasm just made the audience scream even louder. So far Adam is getting a lot of love from Down Under.


  20. cheryl 334 says:

    Oh, our beautiful baby boy, Adam……would you be ma-ma-mine?!:) God he is unbelivable:! He sure looked rested and relaxed. I love ya man!:))

    Peace-Love-Light-Truth-Fun Fun Fun-happiness…………..

  21. He was indeed a bit subdued. Can’t blame the guy, he has been working so hard for the longest time. I’m surprise he could still do those energetic moves in every concert. I’m sure he does this for the love of his fans. I did watched the Glamnation tour here in Manila, BEST concert i have ever been to. one hour and thirty minutes seems to fly by in a snap. Magnificent vocals, Energetic dance moves, Full of energy. LOVE LOVE ADAM! I sure look forward to his next album. I think a christmas album is also a great idea. I hope Adam will get to have his well deserved rest and vacation. want him to be fully recharged for his next album.

  22. Is there any special reason he’s singing in a much lower key than the original?
    Does he have a cold or something?

  23. He seemed almost breathless or maybe nerves and you can see extra weight in his face. I didn’t care for that performance. I’ve seen him a lot better. I know his plane almost crashed and had had flown in that morning and must have been exhausted. He is by no means heavy in any way. The problem is he’s just right for his height. Television uses wide angle lenses which tends to make a person look larger than they are. That’s why when you meant some of these people in real life you always end up thinking they are smaller than you thought.

  24. i hope he dont release it on fall because susan boyle and taylor swift and gaga release album is there.

  25. This is glam galore and Adam fits right in ! Like Paula said , ” My eyes are transfixed on you ! ”
    His jacket is really one of a kind, glamour, glamour ! He looks Elvis at certain angles . Can anyone enlighten me ? How can he not be nominated for all the upcoming awards ? My only conclusion is he has surpassed all these awards, light-years ahead of them .

  26. KO's smiling says:

    He hasn’t forgotten how to play tp the camera. 🙂

  27. Hi i’m from australia we are not quiet and reserved or bigots i went to the melbourne concert last night it was packed out 2000 plus hes not your boy hes the worlds boy you americans think back when on the ama awards and other performances when he could’nt get on tv a lot of you yanks did was throw shit
    I am saying NOT THE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE ARE now hes doing alright he’s not just your product GET OVER IT the worlds his stage and we are all putting him where he deserves to be on top by going to his concerts and buying his albums and loving his voice and music and loving him for what he stands for at least we did’nt trash him when he performed on the ama awards

    • vocalsrule says:

      We all violently agree. Can there be too much LOVE? I think not!

    • Glamourclamor says:

      Neither did his fans, but your point is well taken. We have many countrymen who don’t care for him or any gay person. We appreciate the love you show and yes, he is an international star now–the world owns him.

  28. I feel really sorry for the contestants coming right after this glamnastic performance ; he upped the bar to the stratosphere. Adam smashed AI to smithereens, even the judges have all gone, except one . Only Adam can bring it back to life.

  29. vocalsrule says:

    ADAM belongs to the universe! He arrived from Planet Fierce to invade us all and he has succeeded! Yay world!

  30. ” We all violently agree . ” Very interestingly and hilariously put, made me laugh .
    This is getting to be a rather exciting writing corner !

  31. cycoblitz says:

    Adam is our gift from the universe. Those that are resisters just will miss out. Their bad. “Our” just means “all of ours.” It’s just that he had us here at “I’m not skeered.”

  32. My intuition tells me Adam is letting us have a glimpse of what’s to come in his next venture in stage mastery . This XFactor performance marries fashion with music, quote Paula. The way he moves away from the band and dancers and stands alone in the middle of the glammed-up stage gives him an overpowering aura. He walks straight down the stage isle as if it was a catwalk ! Well, mark my words,a singer fashion icon is emerging next year !

  33. My computer has been down and I have had Adam Lambert withdrawals. It is wondereful to see him perform and give the interviews. He Is HOT.

  34. guy sebastian (a judge) was envious i think! great performance by ADAM