Adam Lambert on The Wendy Williams Show

@adamlambert appeared on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday full of excitement, grace and beauty. Not too much was made of the gay thing and only slight mention of American Idol. When Wendy commented that she didn’t remember who won on Adam’s season of Idol, he quickly chirped, “Kris Allen! Kris is great! Kris is great!” Adam then said Kris wasn’t “an attention whore like me” when Wendy said she just couldn’t remember who won what season. That comment got bleeped when shown later on BET.


The first segment was provided by The Wendy Williams Show, but it was slightly edited. misskathryn17 provided both segments in full, shot directly off her TV.
You’ll find it here.

During the second segment from misskathryn17, Adam started the first day of Wendy’s 4th annual Holiday Gift Grab by walking to her tree filled with presents and picking a stack. The audience would all go home with whatever Adam selected, so he listened really intently to the audience’s direction, including the die-hard fan that got a from Adam earlier in the show. He opened the boxes with such excitement, calling out “Happy Hanukkah” while ripping the paper off the first present. Adam’s excitement really added to moment for the audience. What a perfect guest!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Part 1

Part 2 (Holiday Grab)

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  1. loved the show and seeing adam having fun. He is still sexy as hell but I like him better with no facial hair

  2. Loved the show and Adam as usual was very charming and articulate. He should have his own show someday. Only he’d sing a song to open the show each day.

  3. Love to hear him interviewed!

  4. I watched the show and I wish just once the interviewer would NOT mention about him being gay. We all know it and we don’t care but it always has to be mentioned. I think the only thing she asked him is when he came out. Why bother even mentioning it? He always handles himself with dignity to this question but I just really wish they would stop asking. Just my opinion. Love to see and hear him. I too am not crazy about the facial hair, he is too beautiful to hide that face.

    Glamb 616

  5. I agree, I really feel that is why he is not more popular in the main stream—too much about lifestyle and not enough about his amazing voice. majority of my friends don’t even remember who he is–not enough exposure on regular tv–we only seem to hear about a few singers.


    There are a lot of good comments. I agree that Adam would be amazing with his own show. I also agree that they should focus on Adam as a musicican and entertainer. He is such a sweet wonderful person.

  7. When Adam was first interviewed on Idol, he said it’s about the music…..only about the music.
    Now, it seems it’s more about the lifestyle and being openly gay. I think one of the chief reasons we don’t hear his music regularly on the radio can be dated back to the AMA Award Show when he came close to committing career suicide. I think the mainstream media was completely turned off by that performance. And for quite awhile, we haven’t seen Adam very much on TV, promoting his music, especially his second album. His current music just doesn’t showcase his beautiful voice. I love to listen to his Idol and pre-Idol music on YouTube. I realize this isn’t the type of music Adam wants to produce, but I sure would love to hear an occasional song that sounds like the Adam that totally captivated me. I also loved his recent guest appearances with Queen. Am I the only fan who feels this way? .

  8. ko’s smiling says:

    You’re definitely not the only one, Margie. What attracts us all to Adam is his voice – and he’s not displaying it enough. Anyone can sing pop music… Hopefully he’ll grow out of this soon.

  9. I really think his management better start scheduling concerts in the US or he is going to become more popular in foreign countries than he is here(like David Hasseloff) We all love Adam but he is promoting his album in other countries not here. Not to compare him to David Hasselhoff but he(David) has a great career just not in this country. I hope I am wrong but lately that’s how I have been thinking.