Adam Lambert On the Tonight Show~Sleepwalker

Hello everybody!! I am going to apologize for the delay of posts, I have been in California for the Fantasy Springs concert and The Leno Show and I just got home. I have honestly NEVER travelled farther than an hour to see anybody in concert, so this was a huge adventure for me. Now, I can’t imagine NOT going far to see him!! I would like to say HI to all of you that I met along the way in California!!! I also want to say Thank You for the generosity of all of you that contributed to my trip, otherwise it would not have been possible (airport rides, shared hotel rooms, and plenty of sightseeing).
For those of you waiting on these videos, I promise to get everything up today from Leno and SYTYCD in Australia!! He was spectacular, beautiful, and larger than life! I cannot wait for ALL of you to get to see him “live” someday because the experience is breathtaking. ENJOY:



  1. great performance! awsome outfit & makeup;p Welcome, Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce! yipee, cant wait to see the Aussie performances…

  2. Glenda #1946 says:

    OMG!!! I think this is his best performance since IDOL…he was brilliant!!!!

    • Loved the face rhinestones and the outfit! Always interesting to see what he will wear next.

  3. Glenda #1946 says:

    ME AGAIN…juist watched video again……in my opinion this is his look ….sorry guys just had to share again. Best vocals… the high notes like on IDOL!!!! LOVE ADAM!!!!! from one of the #1 grannies!!!

  4. leilani aloha says:

    Arwsome Arwsome perfomamce!!!
    Adam is so so talented, incredible vocals, great makeup & a “Maharaja Prince” look alike jacket so fitting for our Rock God!!!
    Excellent! Yes More of Adam Lambert ” Live performances ” on TV plssssssssssss

  5. Libraglam says:

    LOVE it SO MUCH…..he is soooooooooooooo Handsome in this BEAUUUUUTiful Outfit !!!
    Yes that’s righ leilani…he is like a Maharaja prince !!! Look at his rings !! I kept rewind to have a closed look at them !! Beautiful ! i have to slap my face of keep repeating th same things ! Just can’t help ! Thank you Glamb#10 for posting it !

    btw, Jeno is really a great fan of ADAM !

  6. “Sleepwalker” really showcases his awesome voice. Wish there would have been a sit-down interview. Really enjoyed watching Adam on Leno the last time.

  7. Jane Parker says:

    Awesome performance!
    But that is what we expect, right…
    That is our Adam!!

  8. Adam is incredible! My only problem with his appearance is the dark eye makeup. His eyes are beautiful and the darkness covers the beauty. I want them to shine like him.

  9. Stephanie says:

    YEAH!!! Love how he can change the mood and tone of his voice so effortlessly. Great beat to this song – definitely one that rocks in your head way after the song is over.

    It must’ve been so awesome to be in the audience with him rocking it on stage. WOW!

  10. Definitely best performance since Idol. Why? It had more of a rock feel! This Pop kinda stuff he’s been doing lately just isn’t cutting it imo

  11. OOhh yeah.. love the performance and the outfit. The outfit is to die for – the militancy and discipline from the Hitler design plus the boots, combined with the free spirit of the artistry in the beads, sequences and rhinestones. Hitler, glam it up – and this only from Adam Lambert. Can almost see Hitler and company marching, with Adam in the lead singing, SLEEPWALKER.

  12. Glenda #1946 says:

    You can watch this performance even after it’s been pulled…..just type in “adam lambert on jay leno” in the U-Tube space….