Adam Lambert On The Scottish TV Show-The Hour

TA-DA!!! Your wish is my command, you guys wanted an interview and here you go! It has only been a few days without an interview and I think we are ALL having withdrawal symptoms. You know what I’m talking about, checking the site for new info, watching old videos just to see his face, and especially playing his cd just to hear that boy sing!!! That is Adam-Addiction to the MAX, and I’m proud to say we all have it. This is his first interview in the UK so go ahead…


video via: magsmagenta



  1. Judy Lushman says:

    Adam is just so gracious and sweet here in this interview. Can he get any sweeter? The interviewers just love him, can’t you tell?

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Judy, you were asking about AdamAddict awhile back, have you been reading the recent threads she has posted on some of them. She heard you were asking about her and made an appearance like the sweetheart she is.

      I can’t see this video clip yet as I am at work and I can’t wait to get home to watch it. He is so sexy in that kilt. The interviewers aren’t the only ones that love Adam, I can safely say that I think we ALL love ADAM. He is such a sweetheart.

  2. Carol Glamb #7 says:

    Sue – great job on getting this posted so quickly! I loved this interview – he had such good comments on subjects that are so old for him. But, we have to remember he’s brand new to the rest of the world, and this is their first chance to ask him about everything. He did an amazing job understanding the strong accent and eating the tester food! So adorable. I know he’ll continue to WOW the world, but I hope he comes home soon! We miss him!!
    Love ya,

  3. C. Wilson says:

    Wow – as usual a chameleon. Keeping it fresh. Way to go Adam.

  4. LYNNE HEAD says:

    Awhhhhhh wish I was home in Scotland to see the man himself! Would have checked out UNDER the kilt to see if he was wearing it properly!!! 😉

  5. oh, was so ready for that interview, Have been doing as exactly what you said above Sue, listening and watching all the old stuff over and over, watched the Idol performances yesterday, he is so far ahead of this years contestants. I know I havent followed Kris at all but has he had even a few of the experiences Adam has had I just cant imagine him handling things so well. Tho I do like Kris he is Adams friend.
    Having Scottish blood, (even tho I ama New Zealander) I loved the kilt. Have printed it off to take to work and put up.

    Dianne am waiting for you to see Adam eating the marmite on toast, and licking his lips. Yum!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Damn, I can’t wait to see that Jan. I will lick his lips for him. Good on him for loving our Marmite, way to go Adam.

  6. Another great interview. I just love watching him in his interviews. He is so sweet and well spoken. Is there anything he can’t do?

  7. jahs #376 says:

    So well spoken and kind…..What a wonderful representative he is of our country, even if he thinks of himself as “just an entertainer” and not a role model or spokesperson for anything or however he phrased it.
    Look how many people throughout the world he has made happy. He seems to treat everyone he meets as though they are the only thing on his mind.
    Graciousness personified!

  8. love2adams says:

    I love Adam’s kilt. But I wonder if he is just being polite about the marmite !! I have tasted it once and hope to never do so again !! No offense to the UK….. 🙂

  9. magsmagenta says:

    @love2adams Marmite is something you either love or hate, that’s why the man said there was a spitoon there ready, if Adam didn’t like it he would never have taken a second bite even to be polite. I happen to like Marmite, but my Dad hates it even in small amounts and won’t touch it.

  10. Libraglam says:

    Thank you Sue! You know us so well. I have been…so looking for this ! 🙂
    Love this interview ! He is always sweet, humble, articulate and polite !

  11. Thank you,Sue so much, been waiting and watching everything of ADAM I can find, especially his AI performances, they are so great, like no other, ever. But a great interview as usaually, so sweet and charming. And I assume he needed some rest, he has been so non stop for over a year. Thanks so much, couldn’t wait to get up to check for something new. And you lucky people, to have the fan gathering in Vancouver,before the concert! I wanted to go there so bad, I live in Seattle, but am disabled, and too hard to get there, I think one day ,he will come to Seattle! Love, Love, ADAM, Maybe I well buy the book from Amazon, sounds great! THE MEANING OF ADAM LAMBERT?! Thanks again!

  12. Marmite!!!! Poor fella, I am sure there was something more appealing to offer Adam. However, Adam proves once again to be such a gentleman the whole reason we LOVE him so MUCH!!!!!!!!!

  13. cheryl 334 says:

    Only Adam can make a kilt look sexy! Another articulate interview.

    Too cute for words! He is fearless when it comes to interviews. Who else is like that? NO ONE!

    love-peace-light-truth-fun-music-intelligence is Adam!

  14. I agree with you Libraglam. And this interview feeds our Adam hunger. I like it best when he seem so fresh and natural. When he gushes about the beauty of the place, I couldn’t really agree if the place is more beautiful than him.