Adam Lambert On The Justin Lee Collins Show

This is a fantastic, laid back, and funny interview where Adam also happens to look absolutely gorgeous.
There are the usual questions that he always answers and then there are some fun things as well.
First he tells a lady in the audience, that wants to “change” him, that he won’t be changed by HER unless she’s hiding something under her skirt!!! Unfortunately for her, she isn’t hiding anything and is out of luck.
He is also asked by a gay man, if he would be willing to re-enact the onscreen kiss from the AMA’s and when Adam declines, people start making some noise to which he yells, “I am not a whore”. All in good fun, of course.
Take a few minutes and relax by watching this video…


video via:gemmabro2008



  1. tweeterpie says:

    AWE! He is always so gracious and funny too. Just a few of the many reasons I adore him so much. Thanks for sharing this video, it’s one that slipped past me.

  2. libraglam says:

    Oooh….i love this interview… btw, the first time i saw Adam get kinda embarrassed when someone’s kiss him (when Justin kissed him after pinching Adam’s butt). LOL !!

  3. Adam is very personable in his interviews because of his great personality. His sense of humor must have gotten him though this interview as the guy who wanted to kiss him appeared to have had a stage mike on his back waistband… so me thinks the kiss question was a set-up and possibly unknown to Adam beforehand based on his reaction. I also find myself unconsciously spinning my earring when uncomfortable. He handled himself perfectly for the situation… Adam must be an interviewer dream guest.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      He is so adorable. And those girls or ladies, they were hot!! and they are all crazy for him. Oh. I love when that girl challenge to turn him. I might say the same thing if I was on the audience. They might call the security because I will not take no for an answer!!! hahaha!!

  4. Too cute! He always gives a good interview.

  5. AW! He is so adorable and so hansome! He is so comfortable in any situation, even in other country with srangers. He is so much fun to watch and listen. I just love him more everyday. So sweet!!!!!!!!

  6. How freaking cute is it when Adam hugs that guy?? I love it!!!!

  7. cheryl 334 says:

    WHAT A WONDERFUL INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):) ….I LOVE IT!

    Now he can’t say he hasn’t been ‘hit on’ by any guys!! hahaha!!!! Too damn cute!

    He has such manners, polish, unfearing of the fans, humble, too sexy for this world charisma, etc!
    I smilled all thru this vid!

    Thank You so much, Sue! Another job well-done! ………………………………………..:)!!!



  8. Princessshakeitup says:

    Yes, thanks Sue for a great start to my day! Loved this fun Brit interview and Adam is such a natural!
    Hey, Sue, Sister Mary Mad World and ALL you GLAMBS going to Milwaukee tonight…I am chartreuse with envy and am praying for a GREAT show for all of you!!!

    Big Love from the Princess
    p.s. I am going to go see if I can get one of those attachments for “under my skirt”…

  9. kat23morg says:

    Funny…love his interviews….he is just so amazing.

  10. How fun

  11. PaulaGlam says:

    You got Love him…even on interviews he is good!!!! WOW
    What a sweet heart, the more I see this man the crazier I get, I will eventually have a break down.

  12. OMG! He is such a good sport.He has to be ready for anything,people are so weird.Couldn’t the guy at least have been cute?? and how many times is the hairy guy going to kiss him? How about giving poor Adam some personal space!

    • I so agree, LisaB. Why do they think it’s ok to cross into his personal space? I wish they wouldn’t take advantage of his good nature.

  13. Adam needs to be made the “Ambassador of Feelin Good” for America.”

  14. Why can everyone see the videos and I can’t? GRRRRR. I have to get a new computer.

  15. Can our Adam always come through????????? I would want to kiss him too!! Thanks Sue, you make my day everytime I turn on my computer. The first place I go it to Adam’s Home of Glambs!! Adam’s Lady Elly

  16. Watched this for the second time. I really love how these European interviews keep him kind of on his toes and he handles it all so well. Just look at him, he just beams love and trust. So wonderful how handled the girl and the guy who fancy him. He blows the woman a kiss and gives the guy a hug.
    This is why so many woman love him because really do you know any other man in your life right now, who is that good looking, that kind, that smart, who shows his emotions, who cares about others, who has a great sense of humor, who is physically attractive, who moves his body like he was born to make love, who has such beautiful eyes and an incredibly powerful voice……. well we all know the answer. We can’t think of anybody else.

    I do love his giggle when Justin grabs his ass. I think that really took him by surprise.

    • libraglam says:

      Oh shut up!…….. You are so Damn right ! Same here, I have not seen ANY in my whole life !!
      LoL…The more i talk about how wonderful he is… husband is walking away! so i
      have to keep it for myself. Thanks for this site…. we can share the same feelings !! I got
      to talk otherwise i am going to explode one day !! LoL !!

      Adam is so charming in this interview….i don’t know how many time i looked back
      on this video !!

      • JoAnne T. says:

        Irena & Libraglam you are spot on with this one. Sometimes I feel bad for my own hubby. Poor thing comes home from work and I’m glued to the latest Adam whatever, then for the next hour telling hubby how amazing,beautifu, talented, and GORGEOUS he is. Hubby likes Adam too but I am the one that’s NUTS about him. I DOstop once I realize what it must sound like to him….somewhat. Its all part of the fun of being an Adam fan and thankfully hubby doesn’t take it TOO seriously lol.

        JoAnne T. (Glamb #497)

    • Jane Parker says:

      Go girl!! You have taken the words right out of our mouths!

    • KO's smiling says:

      My fiancee has threatened an Adam intervention! So now I obsess on my own! 🙂

  17. rhymingrealtor says:

    OMG I have never laughed out loud so much at any Adam interview as much this one. My favorite line of the whole interview was when he told the girl who wanted to convert him that unless she had a surprise under her skirt it wasnt happening.!! The best line ever ever.
    Also girls , he cant be converted. You want to change an integral part of him He is not Adam if he is hetersexual.. He’s gay.. girls , love him as he is, please stop trying to change him.

  18. What is wrong—there is no video there—-just a blank space… anyone know what’s wrong????

  19. had to close out and come back again… and there it is… well those Brits really give him a run for his money don’t they. and Justin just says what’s on his mind.. is he gay? anyone know?
    Adam handled it awesome. like a real pro.. because he was put on the spot quite a few times.. not fun.. and did someone in the audience call him a whore? Unbelievable!

  20. No one called him a whore, he was just trying to let everyone know that he wasn’t going to make out with that guy or anyone else who is thrown in front of him…I wish people would stop trying to force themselves on him. How would we all feel if someone said the same thing to us on probably a daily basis. I think that was such a great comeback from Adam!

  21. Vocalsrule says:

    I am happy now. Thanks Adam.

  22. Oh my, Justin. Here in the Philippines, you’ll be called a D.O.M. , and what you did was sexual harassment, not the kissing, but the ass-grabbing. Yes, Irena, I do agree with you that “Adam moves his body like it were made for making love”. And maybe many in his audience felt like they want to make love too. It doesn’t matter what their ages or sex were, proofs are Justin and the 2 in the audience had those “excitation”. Adam’s sexy moves and singing is good for foreplay.
    But the sexiness is only one side of Adam. He is deeper than that. I most especially love that side, that wrote the song BROKEN OPEN. However, I just accept Adam as the total person.
    I love Adam’s humor and wit. I guess he is trans-cultural too, and can adjust to any culture, being open-minded, flexible and gracious.

  23. JoAnne T. says:

    This was such a great interview!! I just love Adam’s sense of humor and grace under fire. It had me laughing and I just wish the U.S. would get as liberated as the U.K. is! At the beginning when that guy said “I’ll f*** u up” I was kinda shocked. No way would anyof the talk show hosts do that here! On grabbing Adam’s bet a few of our talk show hosts woulda luved to be that liberated withot any repercussions! Adam just seemed so…FREEto be himself.

  24. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Wow, that was fun! I’ll have to remember the butt pinch during the hug… He got quite a pelvic thrust out of it! (hehehe)

  25. Is it possible to love him more, he is God’d gift to the world.

  26. AdamAddict says:

    This has to be one of my absolute favorite Adam interviews EVER!!! I also love the European interviews because they are clever, funny, etc. They are much more easy-going and Adam seems a lot more comfortable. Adam rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! What a hot babe he is!

  27. Mardella says:

    This interview is hilarious. Adam’s facial expressions are as funny as the comments. He always knows what to say and doesn’t seem to be bothered by anything whether it is a comment someone makes or when someone gets a little touchy, feely like the interviewer at the end. Adam’s laugh after “the pinch” is adorable. He never looks uncomfortable. He’s the best when it comes to interviews. So funny, cute and always looking HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

  28. AllaboutAdam says:

    Could he look more perfect? Could he BE any hotter? Could he exude more grace and humor? Every time i think not… he brings it, and brings it BETTER! I’m 9 days away from his concert and I’m starting to freak with anticipation; I can hardly concentrate on anything else! And it gets worse, the closer i get to THE DATE. ahhhh….Adam.