Adam Lambert On The Jonathan Ross Show

Are you ready to laugh out loud?? This show was hilarious!
What a great way to start the weekend with lots of laughing and joking, and Adam singing his favorite lyric(and mine) from WWFM.
Baby you’re beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with you… it’s meeee, I’m a freak, but thanks for loving me cuz you’re doing it perfectly!!! Oh Adam, you always do it perfectly…


On Wednesday, right before he wrapped up his international promo tour, Adam Lambert taped a segment for Jonathan Ross’s late night talk show.




  1. alobsession says:

    OM….I want a bite of adam.

  2. That was entertaining. I thought Adam was wonderful as usual, so quick with his wit. Though maybe not quite his bright self ? Maybe a bit tired by now. Will he be home now? I think he is doing his IIHY video this week. No rest for our BB.

  3. Very interesting to see both Adam Lambert and Jake Gylenhaal on the same show, Jake played in the movie Donnie Darko where Adam’s version of Mad World come from.

  4. LYNNE HEAD says:

    I think it would have been hard to understand Jonathans sense of humour…. I thought he looked gorgeous and his suit was SUPER cool!!! Jake was funny in his interview too….. I love the fact that we can be so open in the UK about being gay makes him feel relaxed. Wonderful man, simply the best singer and entertainer for a long, long time, so over due!!! x x

  5. melody says:

    I think Adam was on his toes ,didn’t know what to expect, waiting for that ball to be pitched by wiity Jonathan Ross. Adam hit a home run, standing toe to toe in the humor & charm department.

    I’ve watcched this interview over and over again and think it’s brillant!

  6. sorry I missed this show on the telly! Might as well get into the spirit of England. It was really wonderful.

  7. The suit was spectacular! After seeing the pictures of it before this article was posted, I was really looking forward to seeing him in it! Thanks Sue – you’re great!!


  8. i think Adam is the best talent currently. America’s pride – witty, beautiful inside and out, rare genius and charming. The best ambassador of goodwill, peace and hope of the world.

  9. The English are so droll. Sometimes their humor bites, but not on this show. Adam gave as good as he got… Loved the banter between the two and the last part where he included the other gentleman, Lord ? missed the name. Is this show like our late night shows? Adam keeps upping the voltage in looks and manner on the Adammeter. Loved the suit and this new calmer look he is displaying–enhances his beauty! Probably not the best word for him, but beautiful he is!!!!!!

  10. beaglewoman says:

    God I love British humor! “I’ll take the fifth” – “No, we only sell it by the gram”. LMFAO!!!

    Glamb #611

  11. glamitup says:

    He is just so cute! FYI my daughter was watching The Hills on MTV the other night and at the end the song that played was WWFM!!!! It was so exciting and I started screaming Adam Adam!!!!!! The obsession continues……

  12. Adam was fantastic, I watched the show from London, I am glad that Jonathan Ross invited Adam on his show, perhaps next time Adam will perform as well. The more TV appearances Adam makes in the UK the better for him. The one thing that always comes through is that he is such a gentleman, never rude, always ready with his answers, and intelligent answers, this man has it all.

  13. Always looks great but this suit is the best! Wow, what a hunk!!

  14. hey friend that was really good u made me small to nite thank you you r ready know one love from my heart 2 urs

  15. FlamingoLady says:

    Thank you for this incredible site…and for the fantastic quality of the Adam clips you provide. I am constantly delighted with his talent, of course, but also his intelligence, his kindness, his sense of humor, and then there’s his looks! He is so amazing!

    • YES – THANK you!! It’s like one-stop shopping here. Up to date, last minute, all yummy Adam all the time. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

  16. I can only sit here dreaming that he was singing to me LOL

  17. patricia Pearce says:

    when Jonathan is talking to Lord—- about Cuban cigars Adam seems to shift his head and lift his eyebrows in a questioning way that made me believe he was trying to make a connection with Jake Gyllenhal who played the gay cowboy in Brokeback mountain. Did anyone else notice this?

    • They are about the same age, both live in L.A, single and sexy, they could make a cute couple. Only problem….One of them is straight…..LOL

      I noticed when Jake stood up and passed Adam when he was walking to the show room, Adam gave him the ‘check this guy out’ look.

      • Well have you girls seen the posters yet for Jake’s new movie “Prince of Persia”, he looks hot! I am sure Adam will probably go see it. And OMG that was one of the most intense movies that I ever saw. Brokeback Mountain…….goosebumps.

        • Brokeback mountain…..a must-see movie. It makes me appreciate Adam’s honesty and being open. You’ve come a long way baby…..

  18. tweeterpie says:

    Adam looked stunning as usual and his suit is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. I noticed him wear it when he performed in a Stockholm bar a while ago but I couldn’t get a really good look at it then. He was also very charming and funny in his interview but the green room clips were also very humerous. Adam is a star even when not performing but I still wish he would have been able to sing more than a couple of lines from WWFM. HOPEFULLY NEXT TIME!

  19. Amazing as always! I just found this on the Perez Hilton site: I thought it was cute.

  20. magsmagenta says:

    This was a major coup for Adam, as Wossys show is the UK equivalent of Opera in it’s influence, there was an immediate major boost in sales after this interview aired. Us UK fans have been tweeting and emailing and begging Wossy to have Adam on his show for a year now, Lady Gaga had to wait untill she’d had two hit UK singles before she was invited on. We all knew Wossy would love Adam.
    The show can get pretty wild though. This is what happened when John Barrowman was on:

  21. magsmagenta says:
  22. JennyH says:

    It was an honour to be in the audience at the recording of this show. Adam was the best guest by far, as he always has something intelligent and interesting to say, and manages to be funny and adorable at the same time! That was a one-off, as the Jonathan Ross show finishes this summer – am so proud to have been there!

  23. JennyH says:

    The first guest was Alan Sugar, who is now ‘Lord Sugar’ but used to be known as ‘Sir Alan’ – he’s a British businessman who started his own business at the age of around 17 and is a self-made millionaire. (Just for anyone who didn’t know him!)

  24. Jonathan’s show is always incredible but Adam really held his own , we love Adam here in UK and I did feel he was tired but still had his sparkle, Its lovely seeing Adam being able to be relaxed in his interviews , Jonathan tweeted him after the show and said thank you for being a charming guest.

  25. dainty says:

    The irony is, Adam seem even more masculine than Kris, as also shown here in the picture. And even when compared to Jake. He just has that masculine aroma. Hhumm… quite a dish !! Love the outfit, and he’s also upbeat.

  26. So beautiful, so funny, so cutie, so smart, ——————– just love you! ADAM.

  27. sun-n-stars says:

    Loved it, loved it, loved it – the show, the suit, the Adam Man himself!!!! Wonderful!

  28. buffy522 says:

    When I first saw the suit, I thought he was at a photo shoot. very hot. And the boots rock. I thought the “professional makeup” person went a bit harsh on the eye makeup, especially the bottom was like a line. Okay for a performance but not typical for his interviews. But he was adorable and funny as always. I love the look he gives when someone says something off color or risque, it’s like, really?, and I get it, all at the same time. Very clever boy!


  30. I want to bite Adam’s face off!!!!

  31. Adam handle himself so well. He’s smart , beautiful and most of all his reaction so quick. Great fun interview.