Adam Lambert – On The Gay Thing, American Idol And Taking His Place With Queen

By Carol Hagey            Since May 2009

By Carol Hagey
Since May 2009

Did you know that @adamlambert auditioned in Las Vegas for We Will Rock You in Las Vegas, using Bohemian Rhapsody? Do you know where Adam stands on partying these days? Do you know where Adam thinks he’d be if he auditioned for earlier seasons of American Idol ?

I didn’t know any of these things, until I came across the following interview by Caroline Frost at from July 27, 2012. It’s from a British publication, and you’ll catch some flavour in the words! 🙂

It starts off with the predictable gay stuff, but click the link at the end and keep reading – it’s worth it!

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“Like it or not, the words ‘openly gay’ are ALWAYS going to precede my name in the media. But I don’t carry that heavily. Everyone else does.”

Adam Lambert is incredibly relaxed about dealing with the question he must be tired of answering, especially after he made history as the first ‘openly gay’ singer to top the US Billboard Chart with his second album Trespassing earlier this year.

Adam Lambert can carry controversy easily on his shoulders
“What’s the big deal? I came out of the closet when I was 18, went through all the necessary struggles, and after that I didn’t talk about being gay, I just was.”

“I don’t know what came over me”

He admits, though, that part of his growing fame and success has meant working out how much responsibility he has to less confident gay people watching what he says and does.

“When it first started, I didn’t know where to go with it. I didn’t know if that minority group even wanted me to be their representative publicly – it seemed almost… presumptuous.
“Then I worked out you can’t please everyone, so you’re better off being you, ultimately, and it was important for me to assert myself as an artist first and foremost.”

“’Openly gay” always precedes my name in the media, but that’s not the public. They objectify and sensationalise it much more than anyone else. I understand. It’s a hot topic. We’re in the middle of a civil rights movement, so I understand why it’s important, but not to everybody.”

If Lambert is sanguine about his position, he has also been mischievous, not least the 2009 AMA Awards, when he couldn’t help but stun American viewers with his racy performance, including a lip-lock with a male dancer (following Britney and Madonna’s previous clinch) and a bit of crotch action that got edited out of the delayed broadcast. So was this a planned headline-grabber? He chuckles…

“The choreography was planned, but the two things that everybody freaked out about were definitely spur of the moment.

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    • Eliane Brasil says:

      Hola! / Oi
      Eu também desejo que ele continue fazendo sua ótima música como ser humano.
      Besos / Beijos

  2. Ya think ya know everything about Adam until Carol comes up with something like this. Thanks for keeping us up on the latest & newest with Adam!

  3. sun-n-stars says:

    Thank you for sharing this article. It was an excellent interview and refreshing. I miss seeing Adam. I wish he would do a television movie/performance or appear on a series where we could see him every week. I prefer to see him in person or on TV. Beggars can’t be choosers though. Thanks again Carol for keeping us updated. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Very interesting ! I wonder how acceptable it would be to introduce “And here is the black Johnny Leggen” why do we have to announce “now here is the Gay Adam Lambert”. there are plenty of people on Stage, Screen and TV and they are not announced this way. Plenty that swing both ways I am tired of Adam being singled out. I just want everyone to reconize him for the great voice and of course those looks.

  5. Is Adam really blond? If so I think its great that he can be himself. He was born with blond hair and its only natural that he be a blond. Can you imagine how much time and money he must spend on keeping his hair black.? I think he needs to be himself for a change.

  6. Actually,Adam was born STAWBERRY blond..or ginger,as some people call it..He looks fine with the platinum hair,but I think I prefer him back to black,with lighter highlights on top in the front, like on the Trespassing album cover.When he gets tired of the current color,he’ll change it again.